Ask The Experts #15


I always hear that the large Kentucky farms (and others, too) have their horses in the barn during the day and turn them out into paddocks/pastures at night. What is the reasoning behind that schedule?

Debra Medlock

Fall River Mills, CA

Zenyatta in her stall. Photo by Kyle Acebo.

A:We bring them up to the barns in the daytime for a number of reasons. We like to monitor their feed intake, so feeding them inside ensures that each horse is getting their fair share of feed and the right amount depending on the individual. We also like to check temperatures and make sure each horse is healthy and free of any kicks, bumps and bruises.

Handling the youngsters is an essential part of their education and makes them much more manageable for the farrier and vet. It also allows them to relax and rest for a while and have a break from the weather. We put fans on them in the summer whilst in the barn so they can cool off. We also have automatic fly spray systems installed in the barns so they are all quite happy to come in during the heat of the day. In the winter they enjoy bedding down in the straw for a few hours and warming up.

Our Expert

Charles Campbell

Broodmare Manager, Lane’s End

Originally from England, Charles has traveled the world working with horses. He has been the Broomare Manager at Lane’s End for four years, and he was with Zenyatta the night she foaled.


  1. Dear Sue Fredrick,
    So very sorry about Cisco. I sure hope that the progression is very slow so Cisco can adapt to the loss of vision more easily.
    Cisco has the best mama and buddy — you both make a great team!
    Take care and hugs to you and Cisco!

    1. Dear Sue: I have a friend with a blind dog – she was amazed at how well he coped – just knew his way around her house and the garden, and was a happy chap – so just think positive! Hugs.

      1. The nose knows, I’m thinking! Maybe his sense of smell & hearing make up for it, more than we would be able to.

    2. Dear Sue,

      It is amazing what animals and children do when they lose their senses (vision, hearing).
      It is really not a handicap it is an adjustment and they go on.

      Claiborne Farms had a mare Duarte, she was born with one eye, and the elder Mr.
      Hancock was sooo upset that she was a mare (he wanted a colt) and she then had
      one eye. She was a fairly successful race horse and amazing as it is she


      1. I like that story, sign.

        1. Thanks, Vicki B.

  2. Dear Sue,

    So sorry about Cisco. I have had him in my prayers also. I know you will do a good job of taking care of him.

  3. Dear Peggy N.:

    Here’s Bernie’s photo from the Stallion Directory. Definite resemblance to QA. What do you think. Hugs, JB

    1. Judy

      Yes it is quite a resemblance. Remarkable. I guess you just think first about Indy’s side with Seattle Slew. But, I think he even more looks like Quiet American.. And especially Ebby with her face. She’s just a little darker. Love looking at these pictures. LOL, Peggy

      1. Dear Peggy N and Judy B,

        “E” is definately “Daddy’s” girl. Zenny looks and is built more like her sire
        Street Cry. Then of course they both have “V’s” size and her wonderful temperment, which Eric Kronfeld bred into his family.

        She is such a doll.

        1. Dear Sign and Z Fans:

          You’re so right, Ebby favors her sire, Bernardini and Z, her sire Street Cry. Both sisters have the wonderful temperament of Vertigineux. This is so exciting. John S. is a great trainer. He gave Ebby time to grow into her frame, just as he did with Z. Now it’s her turn to fulfill her destiny as a beautiful Thoroughbred race horse. Go Ebby. Hugs, JB

      2. Dear Peggy N. and Z Fans:

        I love looking at photos of ancestors of horses. I especially love checking out those in Bernie’s line and Zenny’s line. I found a horse in Z’s line called Prince Rose. He’s also in Papa Charlie’s lineage. Although you can find similarities to Z in a lot of the horses in her line, Prince Rose has long ears and long legs. Made me think of The Prince. Here’s a photo of him. Hugs, JB

        1. Dear Peggy N.:

          Posted a better photo of Prince Rose below. Hugs, JB

  4. Black Caviar v Ortensia:
    The connections will have to ready themselves for this sort of thing: the opposition will be licking their lips in anticipation of beating Nelly (which is why I think they should retire her with honour – maybe I should sent them the details of the Zenyatta site?) – they could see how it’s done with class.

    1. Dear Kathy R,
      Oh no, the big guns are coming. Don’t know if you remember, Zenyatta was going
      to run in a race named for her, but The Mosses would not let that happen. They
      wanted the race to be named after her AFTER she retired.

    2. *sigh*

      Yea, the Shackleford fans are having similar arguments pro his retirement that you have for Nelly; to let them both retire with honor. One undefeated, a queen of the sport, and the other a hard-knocking champion. Neither with anything to prove.

  5. Bath Racecourse‏ tweet
    Frankel Fact
    No.1 Frankel is the first horse in history to run an official rating of 140 twice!

  6. Come One Come All and enjoy all reposting
    Of everything Zenyatta and More.

    We don’t need permission, just join together as
    The family we are and in the place we live, where
    Freedom abounds !!!!!

    Thanks to all for being You and all that Zenny wants
    Us to be.

  7. All you wonderful Zsters,
    Thank you all for your caring, kind thoughts, and suggestions, they are appreciated so much. I told Cisco not to worry because “mom” will be his eyes when the time comes, after all his “kind” have been the eyes for so many of us.

    Love and hugs back

    1. Dear Sue:

      Cisco has the best possible thing going for him and that
      is you. He can feel your love, he will never need to see it.

      Many hugs your way.

    2. Dear Sue,
      Such a very sweet, heart warming post
      About Cisco.

  8. dear sue cisco is very fortunate to have a mom like you he’s going to be just fine with your love it’s really amazing how animals adapt lots of love to you both hugs sheena

  9. Horse racing: Dettori faces inquiry over “positive test”
    LONDON | Tue Nov 13, 2012 10:56am EST
    LONDON (Reuters) – Italian jockey Frankie Dettori, one of the biggest names in flat racing, is to face an inquiry by French horse racing authorities after a ‘positive test’ at Longchamp in September, the rider’s legal representative said.
    “On behalf of Frankie Dettori I can confirm that, as a consequence of a positive test at Longchamp on September 16 2012, he will be the subject of an inquiry by the Medical Committee of France Galop next week,” said Christopher Stewart-Moore in a statement.
    “In compliance with, and out of respect for, the regulations of France Galop, he will not be commenting further until the France Galop procedures have been completed.”
    The statement did not specify what the positive test was for.
    France Galop was not immediately available for comment.
    The 41-year-old Dettori, who enjoys celebrity status in the sport, announced in October that he was ending his 18-year stint as retained jockey for the Godolphin stable of Sheikh Mohammed, for whom he has ridden more than 100 Group One winners around the world since 1994.
    Dettori memorably won all seven races in one afternoon at Ascot, England, in 1996, costing bookmakers millions of pounds in payouts to gamblers.
    (Writing by Justin Palmer, additional reporting by Gregor Blachier in Paris; editing by Clare Fallon)

    1. Oh No !!!
      Such a big change for him even though he
      Is still in big demand.

    2. Dear Keta: Now that the Spring Carnival is virtually over, all the talk is about Damian Oliver and the betting scandal, which seems to be getting messier by the minute – the papers are now charging the stewards with knowing more than they claimed before the Cup. And then there’s the matter of the murder of a “colourful identity” who was the ex-father in-law of a jockey who has been scrubbed for allegedly threatening the chief steward in Victoria. Not to mention all the issues with buckets and tubing found in stall, illegal injections to some horses before a race. Very “colourful” indeed! Oh, and just to muddy the waters further, harness racing and the greyhounds are also popping up with “issues” of their own.

      1. Dear Kathy R,

        Oh my, this situation is very sad.

  10. 10 Irish-trained jumpers to set pulses racing
    By Richard Forristal Irish Independent Tuesday November 13 2012
    The annual 10-to-follow lists are inevitably defined by those that you choose to include, but sometimes as much can be read into those you can afford to leave out. As the new campaign quickly gathers momentum, here we compile an assortment of exclusively Irish-trained horses that have the potential to enthral jumping enthusiasts in the coming months.
    While you could accurately describe each as unexposed, they are just a minute selection from a deeply promising crop of National Hunt horses that is spread quite evenly between some of our most skilled handlers.
    Everyone will have their own opinion on the merits of the chosen 10, but few would argue that each wouldn’t warrant its place in a horses-to-follow compilation of some description. And yet, consider some of those not present.
    Established stars such as Hurricane Fly, Sizing Europe, Big Zeb, Quito De La Roque, Quevega, Voler La Vedette, Thousand Stars and Unaccompanied are notable absentees. Some or all of those brilliant servants might still have plenty to offer, but it wasn’t that hard to leave any of them out, either. That is some indulgence.

    1. The list in this article includes:
      1 Sir Des Champs
      2 Flemenstar
      3 Dedigout
      4 Alderwood
      5 Don Cossack
      6 Waaheb
      7 Monksland
      8 Sizing Rio
      9 Si C’Etait Vrai
      10 On His Own

  11. Good heavens! I was just on the site, looking up Zenny’s sire. Street Cry. Under his “Progeny” listings, there is NO record of Zenyatta’s ever having raced! Who keeps this site up to date? Someone definitely needs to. Unbelievable! She’s not even listed in “black type”.

    1. Pedigreequery is user-based, so there is no one person responsible for maintaining the entries. That’s why anything there should be regarded as possibly incomplete, out of date, and/or inaccurate. It is not in any way “official.” The best places to get up-to-date information about North American horses are Equibase and Equineline (both of which use official Jockey Club registration information and race results), information contained on the Jockey Club website, and stallion pages maintained by the stallion farms.

      That said, there are two entries for Zenyatta on Street Cry’s progeny list. The one is a misspelling, “Zenytta” without the “a”. You probably clicked that one by mistake. If you click the correctly spelled link, you will find complete information.

  12. Well, there goes another one. According to the Bloodhorse, Summer Bird has been sold to Japan.

  13. I know. Summer Bird to Japan and Afleet Again to Korea. I could not believe how little AA went for!! $30K?!!!!! Unbelievable!

    1. I hope we are over these guys. I do not trust the Japanese and Korean farms. I hope they both went with a Ferdinand clause in the sales agreement. These sales really upset me.

  14. We plan to be there for her debut Friday. Vivere, Eblouissante!

    1. Dear Kennedy’s:

      Lucky you. If you get up close, please give her a hug for me. Hugs, JB

  15. This is off topic but is Zenyatta going to make any further entries in her diary? I would love to hear how she reacted when her son left and how she is feeling now. (I know it is actually Dottie speaking for her, but I would still like to have some updated info on her status.)

  16. ♥ Zenyatta’s half-sister makes long awaited debut

    ♥ Eblouissante by Vertigineux-Bernardini (VIDEO)


    1. Do you know if Ebby’s race will air in TVG!!!!

  17. Pllease pardon me for eaves dropping but who is Cisco and what happened to Cisco? I couldn’t find reference to an incident just all the good wishes which I send too. Just alittle out of touch..
    thanks to anyone who can update

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