Ask The Experts #27

Coz at Santa Anita, February 19. Photo by Mike Sekulic.

Coz at Santa Anita, February 19. Photo by Mike Sekulic.


What is the single thing you look for in a young horse that tells you he or she is ready for more serious work?

Sarah McCarthy

Nevada City, CA

A:If a horse has had a hard workout and ‘cools out’ quickly—his respiration returns to normal, he is not overheated or stressed, and he is drinking a normal amount of water—this is a great indication that the horse is ready to do more.

Expert: John Shirreffs


In the photos of Cozmic One in training, what is the white device he is wearing in addition to his bridle?

Paula Adams

Indiana, PA

A: He is wearing a Shur Win bit holder. The purpose of this is to hold the bit higher in the horse’s mouth. It is a great alternative to a tongue tie and allows the horse more freedom with his tongue. Coz is very comfortable with this.

Expert: John Shirreffs


Dear Dottie and John, with the two of you always so terribly busy, did you have time to do something special for Valentine’s Day?

Diana Stuart

Tempe, AZ

A: Thank you for asking. We had a very special dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. Sophie also enjoyed her day. She loved it when we came home carrying a ‘doggie bag.’ All TOO CUTE!

Expert: Dottie Ingordo-Shirreffs

Our Experts


John Shirreffs


John Shirreffs has been around horses all of his life and has always felt it was important to help a horse become significant, to make history. Zenyatta’s Breeders Cup wins helped his dreams come true. Read John’s complete bio.


Dottie Ingordo-Shirreffs

Racing Manager

As the Moss’ Racing Manager for the last 29 years, Dottie has actively been a part of each Moss horse’s life. It’s a family affair, as her husband John trains many of the horses that she manages. Read Dottie’s complete bio.


  1. ♥ If anyone would like to see Chrome’s workout today. Scroll down to find the video.

    Wishing our boy the very best in Dubai ♥

    1. Love this guy and have real fears about him going to Dubai. Safe trip and the best of luck to him there.

      You all must go to and read Cot Campbell’s blog. If it doesn’t make you laugh, you gotta real problem.

      1. Woof!

      2. Dear Shirlee:

        Godspeed Chromie. Love him too. Love and Hugs, JB

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