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Photo courtesy of Alys Emson/Lane's End

Is there something you’ve always wondered about Zenyatta, Baby Z or Lane’s End?

For the next few weeks we will be collecting questions from Zenyatta’s amazing fans—questions about thoroughbred breeding and life on the farm.

Zenyatta will help us pick some of your questions to use in upcoming features on the the website. We’ll collaborate with the expert staff at Lane’s End to answer your questions.

To send in your question, please fill out the form below.

We look forward to hearing from you!
-Team Z

Edit: We have receieved so many great questions from all of you! Submissions are now closed for the time being. If you didn’t get a chance to ask your question, don’t worry, there will be more opportunities in the future.


    1. Thanks, Karen, I did not know all that!

  1. The carnation blanket for the Belmont.

    1. Karen. Excellent article with lots of interesting information.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, to you Stacy, and many, many, more. Hope you have an extra special day.

    1. Yes! Happy Birthday! Great work you do – KUDOS!!

  3. My adorable Zenny and baby Z12 I am back please do not think I left, I will never do that without saying good-bye, the reason that I was gone for almost two weeks is that I moved, you know how much work we have when we moved…
    I have to tell you one thing, I am very sad with my fellow fans, they forgot about me, not even one asks where I was. My love for you is endless. Ingrid.

    1. Awww …. yes we did! So sorry Ingrid. My mind has been wrapped around the upcoming Belmont news and IHA. Hope everything is back to some normalcy!

    2. I also noticed you were absent, but I’ve been absent myself due to work and personal things. Moving is very, very stressful and I’m surprised that you were only gone two weeks. Hope you are getting settled in.

    3. Ingrid. I THOUGHT about you too. You are very special to us, dont ever think you are not. Glad you are back and hope your move was an easy one and you get settled back in soon. Love Darlene

    4. @Ingrid….hope you get settled in soon… girlfriend calls it “nesting”…I have been in and out with checking on Z and WeeZee lately….I don’t always have time to read thru all the posts….I am guilty of assuming everyone is there…Zennys site is filled with wonderful and loving people….you are one of them…

    5. I did notice that you had not posted in a while, Ingrid. I’m glad that everything is OK with you. I know how stressful moving can be.

  4. @Ingrid A.– when any one of us goes missing, we all notice, but it seems in the summer everyone is missing at some time or other. We’re glad you’re back!
    We need to move into a smaller house, but the thought of the physical work involved is too daunting!

    1. @Barbara wood…we have been trying to downsize for yrs….started with realtor then just with us….we are little by little de-cluttering….need to move for hubbys health issues… but nothing is moving here…good luck if you try

  5. We just noticed Zenny has almost 109,000 FB friends. WOW!

  6. Dear Dawn Conrad,
    Where ARE you? We miss you terribly — I think it has been at least a month. Do hope you are okay. PLEASE let us hear from you!
    Love and hugs!

    1. Yes, speaking of missing persons, we need to know. I hope it is nothing that could be wrong with her health or her mom’s. Does anyone know?
      Hugs to all, especially Z. and Baby Z.
      Hoping all the horses weather the detention barn well. Excitement is building for Saturday!

      1. Marshall and Barbara,

        I have also been worried/wondering about Dawn, but Shari Voltz keeps in touch with her e-mail and I figured if anything were seriously wrong Shari would let us all know. Hope I am not wrong about this. Dawn, make a visit soon, please.

  7. This is one of the toughest interviews of Doug O’Neill by Bob Costas on NBC.

  8. Hi Princely and Mama Zsters: what great posts I have been catching up with, but first I must send condolences to Susan in TN and Sharon Carothers about Chester. I am so sorry, but as has been stated here, so pleased you had your time together. Thinking of you both, along with Chester of course.
    Terry Crow, belatedly, yes Mel Stute just talked and talked –to Roger and to us..what a delight. And signofthetimes: your redneck “pictionary” defintions made me LOL. Not to worry TC, you are THE MAN for talking horse jokes,(hee haw) and of course the original rednecker jokester.
    To all: Karen and I will be local, cheering our lungs out on Saturday. I do know one local person who will be in attendance there, though. He’s been there before and knows the ropes. Gets walk up G.A. and wants to be there “just in case.” Was there for Smarty Jones. I think Linda in NJ is going, right, Linda? D0 TELL ALL!!! Hope there are no plumbing problems!
    Nighty night, sleep tight…..yaw nnn :-) GO IHA!!!! GO TEAM O’NEILL!!!!!

  9. Lava Man want be in stakes barn with I’ll Have Another. I was hoping they would be together. Sounds like the Man is getting a little worked up. I hope it will all be ok.

    1. Oh No! We cant have Lava Man worked up. Stay cool Lava Man! Everthing will be fine! Our beloved IHA is going to do just fine. Pacing, Pacing, Pacing!!!!! This is hump day and the Triple Crown winner is just 4 days away!!!!

      1. ((((((( IHA )))))))))))) (((((((( Lava Man )))))))))

        1. Ditto! Ann!

  10. Tonight is the night Dottie receives her Bobby Frankel award at the Belmont Ball. I’ve been wondering if Kentucky is on the itinerary. I do hope David is able to be there to see his mom be honored.

    The second installment of the behind the scenes jobs is up in Thoroughbred Times.
    This time it is the track announcer job being featured.

    1. Dear Marty, I second your sentiments.

      Congratulations Dottie, We love you and miss you here on Zenyatta’s site. It is still great, but not the same without you. Please talk to us soon! I hope you see Zenyatta and her beautiful 12Z soon and share with us your visit. You are so precious to all of us!

  11. Well, here we go again….so sorry (this is getting to be a theme for me)

    If this doesn’t work, go to Thoroughbred Times and the story is easy to find.

    1. Marty,

      I got the link just fine. Thank you so much!

  12. To All my Zenyatta Friends,

    I have had a very sad revelation, I think. I will tell you all the scenario and you tell me if I am over reacting to this situation.
    As many of you may know I live in rural Central Indiana, I am a nurse who works midnights. My drive to work is across rural county roads to the nursing home I work at. I pass several farms and several Amish farms on my to and from work. Well about a week ago I noticed at a farm several new horses showed up in the pasture/paddock area. One that really caught my eye looked liked a gypsy/clydesdale mix. It was a medium size horse with the long hairy hooves. Beuatiful coloring. Anyway, all these new horses were rather scraggly looking. After several nights driving to work I noticed they still had not been bathed or brushed, but seemed to be well fed. This morning coming home, I did not see any horses in this paddock area!! What do you all think? Am I reading something very ugly into this? Help me. What is your first thought? Am I wrong? I hope! And if my assumption is right, what on earth can I do?

    1. Linda Beard went through this same situation last year and handled it beautifully. No two situations are alike, but when I hear the word Amish I start to worry. As you all may know, they are infamous for their puppy mills in PA and any other state where they have a colony. They call it their most profitable crop, and the way the dogs are housed and kept is horrible. Ask neighbors and friends if they know the farmer. Check the animal laws in your area. Are others seeing what you see? If you only go by at night, could they have been in the barn, if there is one? Has anyone seen horse trailers enter the farm?

      I don’t think you are jumping to conclusions. I think we are all seasoned enough to know that when something looks like it could be wrong, it’s better to investigate than ignore the situation.

      I’m sure others on this string can advise you much better than I just did, but my bottom line is—when in doubt, check it out.

      Good luck.

  13. Good morning , all: Will check the links later, but for now, I have an update on the Salt Lake horses from one who has first-hand knowledge. Go to, and THANK YOU! Hugs.

    1. Getting hot in the kitchen!!!!
      Thanks for keeping us posted.

  14. Well, I read about the Salt River horses, and I am not the least bit suprised. The BLM does not care about our wild horses, and never has. Their aim is to get them off the range and turn it over to the livestock and extractive industries. Go to the Cloud Foundation website if you want to help.

    1. You are so right! Thanks for the support.

  15. I’ll Have Another drew PP #11 for Belmont. Perfect!

    1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IHA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. !!!!!!!!YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Eblouissante (3-Year-Old Filly)

    Date: June 6, 2012
    Distance: Four Furlongs
    Time: 49:80 Handily
    Track Condition: Fast
    Surface: All Weather Track
    Rank: 31/40

  17. Awww, Mrs. Bob Lewis, and some karma for IHA.

  18. What could be stranger than fiction?
    RIP Ray Bradbury.

    1. Karen, I didn’t know about that, yet. I heard him speak once, many years ago. We read Farenheit 451 in school.

  19. To all my wonderful Z-friends: I cannot express how much all your kind words and support mean to me (and Sharon, too, I’m sure). It warms my heart to think of the people all over the country who had affection for a humble, funny, tough, sweet pony named Chester. He was and is something special. So are all o you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love to all-Susan

    1. Susan and Sharon – It was great hearing about Chester, over the months. I’m sorry you lost him.

  20. WOW! What a fantastic site this is! Be sure and click on ALL the headings – especially the scrapbook.

  21. Hey all! There is a Wonderful post today in “The Rail”, the NY Times Horse Racing Blog, titled “In Zenyatta’s Transition, a Life Lesson”, by Julie June Stewart — she could be ONE OF US, she sees Z and 12-Z pretty much the way we do:

  22. Is there a kit to test the blood sugar for a horse…? and adjust there nutrition accordingly. Have normal glucose levels been established?
    I would love to see an end to Laminitis….thanks,Bill

  23. Dear Sweet Zenny – You are looking so well! I have a new and a bit different of a question for you; I am hoping you can help me with somethig. I am going to visit Milyone this weekend, one of your previous stablemates at Barn 55. He, like you, is now retired. Can you please let me know your thought about him, women to woman? :) Sending hugs and love, Linda and George

  24. Question for Lane’s End, and Zenyatta’s family;
    Will Zenyatta’s average fan ever get to see her at Lane’s end?
    A fan who is not winning a contest, not famous, just a Zenyatta fan.
    Hugs and Prayers to Zenyatta and baby Z

  25. We are 2 10yr old girls and we love Zenny! We both ride and have been called ‘horse crazy’. We think all those people are crazy for not loving horses as much as we do. We follow all your updates and love love the pictures and videos. Our favorite Breyer horse is her! We are taking her with us to Breyer Fest!!! :-). We have one question…. Can we visit her? Thank you. Gabrielle and Cate

  26. I think this is a real great article.Thanks Again. Awesome.

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