2013 Zenyatta.com Celebration Announcement

Zenyatta and Mike Smith, 2009 Breeders' Cup Classic.  Photo courtesy of AP Photo / Jae C. Hong.

Zenyatta and Mike Smith, 2009 Breeders’ Cup Classic. AP Photo / Jae C. Hong.

Team Z is pleased to announce the first ever Zenyatta.com Celebration!

On Saturday Nov. 2, we will hold a special online-only event in honor of Zenyatta’s fans and her legacy. The event will go live on a special section of Zenyatta.com that morning, and everyone is invited.

There will be a celebration discussion, a live feed of fan photos, and the opportunity to bid on exclusive items in an online auction benefitting racing-related charities.

The auction will include items such as a limited edition mug, signed prints and memorabilia, and an invitation to meet Zenyatta at Lane’s End. We will release a detailed description of all auction items in advance of the event.

We hope the Zenyatta.com Celebration will be the perfect compliment to Breeders’ Cup weekend for Zenyatta fans all over the world. We can’t wait to see you there!

-Team Z


  1. Dear Sheena,

    So glad you’re safe! Prayers for everyone who is suffering.


  2. So thankful for your mostly good report, Sheena. Prayers for the grieving families.

    @Debbie G.–the fact that the Wildcats have come close is a good sign of a team on the rise. It’s taken us 4-5 years to get where we are now. Hugs.

  3. See Steve Haskins blog on Bloodhorse.com. He likes my Muchie!

  4. Dear Kathy Thank you for a lovely post and your kind thoughts. Wales had a lot of rain(not unusual) but the worst of the Storm was further south.A lot of disruption on rail and road. Boo’s followers are still rising!How are your fur babies ? hugs Sheena

  5. Dear Sheena,

    Do stay safe and dry! I hope Hovis is okay.

    I check on Boo and Buddy every day right after I check on Zenyatta and our beloved Z-nation. I’m a huge fan. Cutest Poms ever!

    My furbabies are doing great! Thanks for asking.


  6. Injury puts Graydar out of Dirt Mile
    Published: October 28, 2013 By Sports Network — The Sports Network
    Elmont, NY (SportsNetwork.com) – Leading sprinter Graydar will not race in Friday’s Breeders’ Cup Dirt Mile due to an injury. The gray 4-year-old has a quarter crack in his left front hoof.
    “We believed Graydar had a huge chance in the Breeders Cup,” said trainer Todd Pletcher. “This is a setback but hopefully he can be 100 percent for the Cigar Mile.”
    Read more here: http://www.kentucky.com/2013/10/28/2899447/injury-puts-graydar-out-of-dirt.html#storylink=cpy

    1. OH! That is so sad, he is really good….
      Thank you for the link.
      Hugs Ingrid.

  7. Debbie G-the madness has begun–BGG
    John Calipari on Facebook on Mon. Oct. 28
    You people are CRAZY! 24,000 show up for a practice, most of them staying in a tent for four days to get tickets. Tomorrow we have a scrimmage where 14,000 of you have bought tickets. Can we break the 2009 record and get to 15,000?

    1. Do you think that perhaps Kentucky fans are starved for a winner? Hope basketball makes the faithful forget about football.

  8. any idea what “body required” means? I get that when I try to comment on the forum.

    Glad there will be a online event.

    1. I get this when I accidentally click on the bar to submit a comment, but I haven’t written a comment. “Body required” I assume means you need to have a message (or body of a message) in the box before submitting.

  9. @Sheena and all Kauto fans. Nice photo of Kauto after a haircut. Neigh!


    1. Thanks, Max. Mr. Handsome! Clip, clip, neigh!

  10. Congrats to John, the Moss’, and Mr. Farish. John is the best.

    Rip Pointsoffthebench. Gone too soon.

    Just watched the TVG Zenyatta’s Classic which had lovely commentary and ended with wonderful photos of Zenyatta and the boys.

    Cried happy tears all the way through it. What a blessing the Queen has been in my life.

  11. Dear Max Thanks a million. Does’nt he look super, taking a leaf out of Hovis’s book with the haircut.Have you heard the news about Tom Queally leaving Warren Place and going freelance?It was to be expected, I suppose,after Khalid Abdulla chose James Doyle as his regular jockey.He always said anything he did after Frankel would be an anti-climax,I really hope he does well ,one of our nicest jockeys. A crane toppled on to some cabinet offices with the storm and Nick had to cancel his meetings,I,m not being cruel but is a pity it hadn’t knocked some sense into his head!!!Hugs Sheena

    1. Sheena. When I saw that photo, I thought of you immediately. Kauto always looks very well tuned out. He has a quite remarkable tail, reminscent of Whirlaway. Lots of charisma too. Neigh!
      Yes, agree that Queally is a very nice person. I read that he had wanted to be a priest before turning to a career as a jockey. I too hope for good things for him.
      Hate cranes. When I see them towering over buildings, I head for the hills.

  12. Dear Max The express says there,s supposed to be another storm coming in later this week!but then it’s a paper obsessed with the weather.I am the same with ladders never walk under them.Did you hear about Brown Panther’s groom who has been sent home from Australia for breaching the quarantine rules,was caught jumping over the wall into Werribee and coming out again.Many commented there was “jiggery-pokery” going on!Kauto always looks beautiful, Kauto Stone is running at Down Royal on Saturday,usually does well first time out. Hugs Sheena

    1. Sheena & Max, I read your comments on the last page about the storm on the coast, but I checked my Colchester friends, and they were posting on FB this afternoon, so they’ve clearly got power, I’m glad. Thanks.

    2. Happy groom, happy horse! Cute story, Sheena.

  13. Sounds like fun. I will be at Santa Anita for Breeder’s Cup. I really miss seeing Zenyatta. I always cruz past her beautiful statue. She truly is a SUPER HORSE!!!

  14. MMM halter for auction at he Trott Legends Event 10/29. You can bid by phone if you make a donation. Lots of other racing memorabilia and lots of racing celebs to meet. Mikey will be there for a while. Liza G. Fly will be singing the Zenyatta song. Last year the Moss’s even stopped by. Proceeds go to retrain OTTB’s for a second career. If only they could all have the retirement Zenny has. Trottusa.org If you are going in person, put your game face on, there’s a photo booth : )

  15. October 29 Cherokee Devotional

    Time, time, time. Everyone worries about time: When is this due? How much time will it take? How long will we have to wait?
    Ironically, despite all our rushing around, we seem to do a lot of waiting. It’s the old hurry-up-and-wait syndrome. Waiting takes up so much of our time, and it seems like a terrible waste. But in reality, all those times of waiting are just as important as all our rushed attempts to be somewhere or do something on time. Times of waiting, of shifting into neutral, are times we can call our very own-time to think out a problem, time to watch events unfold, time to pray, even if we have not prayed before.
    So the next time you have to wait, take a deep breath and thank Spirit for waiting. open up to your waiting and see what gifts it gives you.

    We believe that WankanTanka is everywhere.
    -Chased-By-Bears, Santee Sioux

  16. Dear Kathy I adore these Native American names, although I wouldn’t like the thought of being chased by bears. Everyone seems to be in a mad rush these days, we should all stop “to smell the roses”Hugs to you and the fur babies Sheena

    1. Dear Sheena,

      Speaking of “rushing,” I guess it would really make you rush if you were being chased by bears! lol

      Hugs to you and kisses from Holly, Sugar and Nikko.

  17. Hi All Am concerned about Judy B. Have’nt seen a post since Saturday and she’s not replied to my emails. Know she’s been busy moving but???hope all is well Hugs Sheena

  18. okay it’s 12:11, where do I go from here? Anybody home?

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