2013 Zenyatta.com Celebration Details

Zenyatta loves a party! Z's 2013 birthday celebration. Photo by Kyle Acebo.

Zenyatta loves a party! Z’s 2013 birthday celebration. Photo by Kyle Acebo.

Happy Thursday!

The 2013 Zenyatta.com Celebration details are finally here!

The Celebration will go live on Saturday November 2 at 12:00 am PST. We will publish a link to the special party page on Facebook, Twitter, and our homepage here at Zenyatta.com. At that time, bidding will be open on the items detailed below.

The Celebration page will also have the following features:

1. A live feed of fan photos. We welcome all photos that show us how you’re celebrating Zenyatta this weekend, from the races or from home! Add your photos to the feed by sharing them on Instagram with the hashtag #zenyattaparty2013. Read about setting up and using Instagram here. If you do not wish to use Instagram, email your photos to fans@zenyatta.com. We will post select photos throughout the weekend.

2. An oversized comment section for all-day discussion.

3. A Zenyatta Shop promo code for a discount on purchases made November 2nd and 3rd.

4. Most importantly, we’ve designed this special event to raise money for a wonderful cause. All proceeds from this weekend’s auctions and sales of our Celebration Stickers—available now at the Zenyatta Shop!—will be donated to Thoroughbred Rehab Center, Inc.

Thoroughbred Rehab Center, Inc. is a CA Non-Profit and a Federal 501 (c)(3) Publicly Supported Organization operated solely by volunteers. They retrain horses for second careers and do an amazing job! Read more about their work at www.tbrci.org.

With this in mind, read on about the items we’re offering in the Celebration Auctions. Bidding will be open until 11:59 pm PST Sunday, November 3. Leave us a comment below if you have any questions about this weekend’s events.

-Team Z

Grand Prize: An Invitation To Meet Zenyatta (Enter Now!)

Zenyatta at Lane's End. Photo by Kyle Acebo.

Zenyatta at Lane’s End. Photo by Kyle Acebo.

This invitation to visit Zenyatta at Lane’s End Farm will be extended to the winner and one friend or family member. The pair will receive a private tour of Lane’s End, where they will meet Zenyatta and 13Z and learn about their barns, paddocks, and routines. They will be photographed with Zenyatta by Alys Emson* and be featured in a blog post on Zenyatta.com.

Travel and lodging is not included, and is the sole responsibility of the winner of this invitation. The visit must take place between November 15, 2013 and January 14, 2014 and must be scheduled with Team Z at least two weeks prior to arrival.

The winner of this prize will be selected in a random drawing on Tuesday November 5th. Those who purchase our Zenyatta.com Celebration Sticker from the Zenyatta Shop will be automatically entered to win. The Celebration Sticker is available now, and will remain in the store until 11:59 pm PST November 3. All proceeds from Celebration Sticker purchases during this event will be donated to Thoroughbred Rehab Center Inc. Please read the Terms & Conditions for complete entry details.

*subject to Alys’s availability.
Click here for Rules, Terms & Conditions.

Celebration Auction Lot 1: Zenyatta’s Halter

Leather halter with brass “Zenyatta” nameplate. Worn by Zenyatta in 2013. Donated by Lane’s End Farm.

Lot 1: Zenyatta's halter. Photo by Tyler Matson.

Lot 1: Zenyatta’s halter. Photo by Tyler Matson.

Celebration Auction Lots 2-6: Limited Edition “Z” Mug

Limited Edition "Z" Mug

Limited Edition “Z” Mug

Limited edition mug featuring a “Z” in the Moss’s silks.

The signatures of Team Z are printed on the reverse side:

Jerry Moss—Owner
Ann Moss—Owner
Dottie Ingordo-Shirreffs—Racing Manager
John Shirreffs—Trainer

Only five of these 11 oz. mugs were made, and each of the top five bidders will receive one.

Celebration Auction Lots 7-11: Signed Zenyatta Breyer

The top five bidders will receive a Zenyatta Breyer horse signed by Zenyatta’s owners, Jerry and Ann Moss. It will ship in the original box, with the signatures located on the horse itself. Zenyatta is Breyer model #1478 and traditional 1:9 scale.

Zenyatta Breyer. Photo by Tyler Matson.

Zenyatta Breyer. Photo by Tyler Matson.

Celebration Auction Lots 12-16: Signed Print

Zenyatta and Tapit colt. Photo by Kyle Acebo

Zenyatta and Tapit colt. Photo by Kyle Acebo

Win an oversized glossy print of the iconic first photo of Zenyatta with her second foal. This foal, dubbed 13Z, is a chestnut colt by Tapit born at 11:47 pm on Zenyatta’s ninth birthday. This image was captured just an hour later on April 2, 2013.

Photograph by Kyle Acebo.

Zenyatta Shop’s best-selling print is available only here in this 20″ x 30″ size.

The top five bidders in this auction will receive prints, and they will awarded in numerical order.

-Edition of 5
-Signed by Kyle Acebo and Zenyatta’s owners, Jerry and Ann Moss
-Printed on archival Kodak Professional Supra Endura Glossy paper


  1. I thought we would have heard the winners of the visit and auction items by now. Can’t we all see Zenny????

  2. I am so relieved and pleased about Ebby still continuing with good training and sounds like good caring owners. Now if someone could find out what happened
    to Balance ? I would be so grateful. Sheena, do you have any way to find out if she is still in the UK? She should have had a foal in the spring and be bred to Frankel. Did she ever come back to the US? Good to read about everyone’s trip to the BC. Glad SueNoel made it ok. Was worried about the airport trouble. Keep up all the good info.

  3. Irish Bloodstock ‏@irishbloodstock 36s

    Dual GR1 @BreedersCup Filly & Mare Sprint winner, Groupie Doll is purchased by Mandy Pope @keenelandsales for US$3.1 million.

    YAY! My two favorite mares are staying here!

    1. Esther Marr ‏@BH_EMarr 3m

      Mandy Pope’s broodmare band now includes Groupie Doll and HOY Havre de Grace. Pretty amazing.

      She also has Betterbetterbetter, and Plum Pretty. She is starting to resemble the American Jewel Box instead of the Japanese Jewel Box. Tehehe.

      1. DRFBreeding ‏@DRFBreeding 25s

        Pope: My plans right now would be to retire her…We obviously wouldn’t want to take any undue chances with her at this point. #KeeNov

        1. So glad Mandy Pope has her and that her racing days are over. She deserves a long happy retirement.

  4. So nice to see that everyone that went, had a fabulous time together. One day, we’ll get there.
    I’ve been over the Moon happy for MMM, Stevens and Kathy! They need to make a movie about there stories.
    I hope everyone has a great hump day!

  5. hi Zsters & queen Z

    im glad every1 had a great time at the bc for those who went :)

    God is a Redeemer & Restorer
    Your Redeemer is the Holy One of Israel; He is called the God of the whole earth. Isaiah 54:5

    God is a Redeemer;
    He bought us with a great price,
    He rescues and breaks the chains of bondage,
    He finds us and brings us home.

    God is a Restorer;
    He returns what was destroyed and
    replaces what was stolen.
    He removes the stain of sin,
    and brings beauty out of the ruins of our lives.

    God is a Renewer;
    He rekindles the flame
    which flickers in the heart grown cold.
    He takes away the old things
    and makes all things new.

    God is a Refresher;
    He sends the cooling wind on a summer’s day,
    brings rivers to the desert place,
    and sends seasons of refreshing to the soul.

    -Devotion by Roy Lessin, from his blog Meet Me In The Meadow.

    love the links especially mmm video

    @terry crow – appreciate the info on bill shoemKER.
    i didnt know he died. may he RIP. now i def want his books :)
    he was a GREAAAAT jockey i agree.

    god bless my z family
    hugs/prayers, vamp

    1. Sue-I have read his books, pretty good if you like the genre. You can probably pick them up for a song on ebay.

  6. I watched Groupie Doll in the sales ring. Toward the end, the auctioneer said something like, “young lady, you will be joining a nice group of broodmares.” My heart sank and I thought she was going to be going out of the country. When he said she had been sold to Mandy Pope, I hollered “YES”,pumped my fist and was happy my doors and windows were shut.

    I would like to thank everyone for your warm wishes and for welcoming me back to the blog. Things seem to be falling into place, so I will try to participate more often.

    I’ve been enjoying the comments of those who were at the Breeders Cup. Wonderful memories for you all.

    1. Dear Marty:

      Glad to see a post from you. So happy Groupie Doll will be staying Stateside. Love and Hugs, JB

  7. Dear Vampress Queen Thank you for your lovely prayers. Do pray your health is a little improved. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs Sheena
    @pati Great news about Groupie Doll.Hugs Sheena

  8. Dear Nancy I’m sorry I cannot find out anything about Balance,of the 133 mares Frankel covered about 6or 7 miscarried,she may have been one of them.Whatever happened, I think she’d be back in the US by now.Sorry I cant be of more help.Hugs Sheena

    1. Dear Sheena:

      I have been unable to find anything confirming whether balance is is foal to Franklin. I have checked off and on for quite a while and couldn’t find any articles. We’re so blessed that we have info on Z and her babies all of the time. Love and Hugs, JB

    2. Sheena, Thanks so much for answering my question. Please post right away if you hear anything. I have asked a UK friend to try to get me the first Hovis book – hope she is able to bring it when she comes to visit. Seems so far away from the ROTW. Guess I will never get there but have always felt close to Britain. Love hearing from you on the blog. Nancy

  9. Dear Mama Z, COZ, Red Prince and Baby Z:

    Goodnight. Sweet Drams. Love you. Hugs, JB

  10. Dear Judy So glad Ebby and Groupie Doll are staying in the US, especially Ebby with John. Have tried To find out about Balance over here,such a lot of mares go off the radar when they retire, you are right, we are so blessed with this website, Team Z and,of course Ann and Jerry Moss.Goodnight God bless you,Lola Mae, Charlie, Hudson and all the Sweeties.Love and hugs SheenaX

    1. Dear Sheena:

      Me too. Thank God, things worked out just right. Love and Hugs, JB, LM, PC, HT and all the Sweeties.

  11. So happy about Groupie Doll going to Mandy. Just couldn’t have been better.
    Soo very happy

  12. Ron the Greek sold to overseas interests. Hate to see the USA lose such a great athlete.

    1. Allie,

      I was so sorry to read that he was going overseas too.

  13. Dear Cathleen

    Thank You so much for telling us about MMM’s “Air Horse One” just loved that.
    He sure was loving his song, wasn’t he. Such a Ham…………………………………….

  14. @Peggy N – Oops! I misspoke in my post yesterday. You’re right about Awesome Maria, it was Coolmoor that bought her. There was a horse at Fasig Tipton on Monday that was bought by someone from Japan and I got them mixed up. My brain is still on vacation!

    @Terry Crow – It was a pleasure meeting you too. I just wish we could have spent more time together.

    @Sandy – I want to echo your comments on the previous page. I met Sue Noel and Vicki B last year, but I didn’t get to spend much time with them. It was so nice getting to spend time with them this year and getting to know them. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together. As far as Sue getting the most travelled award, I second that! Her journey reminds me of the movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles. And as far as Trina goes, her sweetness, kindness and generosity astounds me. She’s too sweet for words. And of course I loved spending so much time with YOU, dear Sandy! I’m sorry if I wasn’t a better navigator while you were driving through LA (yikes!), but I tried! I wouldn’t trade our time together for anything in the world.

    I’m soooo happy that Mandy Pope bought Groupie Doll. I guess you could say I’m a Groupie Doll groupie. She’ll be in good company at the farm with Havre de Grace and Plum Pretty.

    1. We did have a great time, Debbie, I wouldn’t have bet without your unflagging encouragement, and yours and Sandy’s tips. Thanks for being a great roommate, too — you and Trina, she was very kind. We’ll have to wait for Sue Noel’s recounting of events, and I’m still hoping Trina will talk about her “bucket”, it makes me smile.

    2. Debbie–The pleasure was, indeed, mine. If you make it out next year, I promise things will be different. I tried not to let it show how disappointed I was that I could spend so little time with everybody. And, you are right. Trina is one of a kind. I am anxious to find out just what her “bucket” is.

  15. Zenyatta, I am so happy to learn your half sister Ebby is staying here in the states and still has John Sheriff as your trainer. YA HOO!!

    I will be gone for four or five days and I will be thinking of you and all dumplings & Zsters, Lanes End and your connections.
    Goodnight my sweet Z,
    lovenkisses on your soft nose and to your Coz and 13z
    Auntie Sally B

  16. Dear Z friends – The Santa Anita Breeder’s Cup 30th edition is now just a memory. But there are so many, too numerous to mention. It was my 2nd and just as amazing as my first. I did not see some of the Z-dumplings this year, but the crowd was huge. My friend and I had very nice seats both Friday and Saturday and I was down in the paddock for much of it to see these wonderful horses. Each one is more beautiful/handsome than the next. One especially comes to my mind Giovanni Boldini ( hope I have his name correctly spelled) Barbara Livingston, the photographer had said he was so very big and handsome and he was! The Fugue was drop dead gorgeous and sweet Ria Antonia was dressed to kill – Her groom won some kind of award. Hard to hear announcements and so much going on. Many moments to bring tears, Groupie Doll’s win, Mizdirection, Wise Dan and of course MMM. And the icing on the cake is hearing that our beautiful EBBY remains in the US with the best trainer of them all. That really caused the floodgates to open. It truly is a spectacular show and now I’m watching the coverage and seeing how much I missed even by being there!
    Hope you are doing well Mz. Zenyatta, you were mentioned many times by many people. You will be forever remembered and revered. Miss seeing you and I put my “hat in the ring” so to speak with a chance to visit you.

  17. November 7 Cherokee Devotional

    When we’re under stress, we think we should know everything. We know that somewhere in the back of our minds we have all the answers to what confronts us, but no matter how hard we try, we can’t find the answer we need. We won’t be able to as long as we’re under stress.
    Ironically, the best thing we can do in situations like this is walk away! Many dilemmas are solved the minute we put them down and leave them. If we let the problem loose, we often find that the solution emerges effortlessly. So loosen up, let go, turn your attention to something totally different. Relax and the answers will come.

    Any one could pray to the spirits, receiving answer usually in a dream.
    -Edward Goodbird, Hidatsa

  18. Dear Zenyatta My name is Dalton Murphy and I’ll like to have a autograph.

  19. Zenyatta I for got to tell you something you’re the best and send it to my school Westgate Elementary school 810 west 8th street East Liverpool Ohio 43920

    1. You’re so sweet Dalton! I’m sure Zenyatta feels your love for her very much. I hope you get your autograph; wouldn’t that be cool?

  20. Dear Kathy The Native Americans were very wise folk,would be a different world if we lived by their standard.Did you see Ray with his dickie bow? he’s so gorgeous and to think his breeder thought of having him put down because he was blind!! Hugs to you,Holly Sugar and Nikko. Sheena

    1. Hi Sheena,

      Yes, the Native Americans are very wise and have so much common sense which seems to be in extreme short supply. I find their wisdom very refreshing. Yes, I did see Ray in his dickie bow. He’s just SO HANDSOME. I’m in love!

      Happy Friday Eve.

      Hugs from me, kisses from Holly, Sugar and Nikko.

  21. Zensters,
    Here is a lovely picture of Ebby taken by Mary Meek at Keeneland. Look at her lovely face and kind eye……stunning. sue https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151795796404843&set=a.73128334842.76512.630404842&type=1&theater

  22. Dear Z family Magic McCoy!! Our greatest jumps jockey rode his 4000th winner today at Towcester, in the famous green and gold silks of JP Mcmanus, and on a horse called Mountain Tunes. Congratulations AP and love to daughter Eve on her birthday, she must be so proud of her Daddy!Hugs Sheena

    1. Very impressive! Congratulations to him.

  23. Ms Zenyatta, How are you and the little one and the little one to be? Guess you heard the news, your baby sister is safe with Your John, thank the racing gods. As always, missing you deeply, truly and with all my love. Kisses, hugs, and sweet dreams of Peppermints, Carrotts, Flowers, and Guiness. I love you. Lisag

  24. Dear Zenyatta I got your message I know I am sweet tell uncle mo I said hi!!!!!!

  25. Zenyatta has loads of fans in Canada, who would love to meet her. I am disappointed that this contest is only available for residents of the USA.

    Greetings to Zenyatta and babies and folks at Lane’s End

  26. So happy that Ebby andf Groupie Doll will stay in USA. Does anyone know if Mizdirection will go to Qatar or will she be bred in US? Sounds like she went to a very prominent owner in Qatar so maybe she will be bred overseas.
    Queen Z….your boys look so handsome! Is Z14 going to be a filly?

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