2013 Zenyatta.com Celebration Details

Zenyatta loves a party! Z's 2013 birthday celebration. Photo by Kyle Acebo.

Zenyatta loves a party! Z’s 2013 birthday celebration. Photo by Kyle Acebo.

Happy Thursday!

The 2013 Zenyatta.com Celebration details are finally here!

The Celebration will go live on Saturday November 2 at 12:00 am PST. We will publish a link to the special party page on Facebook, Twitter, and our homepage here at Zenyatta.com. At that time, bidding will be open on the items detailed below.

The Celebration page will also have the following features:

1. A live feed of fan photos. We welcome all photos that show us how you’re celebrating Zenyatta this weekend, from the races or from home! Add your photos to the feed by sharing them on Instagram with the hashtag #zenyattaparty2013. Read about setting up and using Instagram here. If you do not wish to use Instagram, email your photos to fans@zenyatta.com. We will post select photos throughout the weekend.

2. An oversized comment section for all-day discussion.

3. A Zenyatta Shop promo code for a discount on purchases made November 2nd and 3rd.

4. Most importantly, we’ve designed this special event to raise money for a wonderful cause. All proceeds from this weekend’s auctions and sales of our Celebration Stickers—available now at the Zenyatta Shop!—will be donated to Thoroughbred Rehab Center, Inc.

Thoroughbred Rehab Center, Inc. is a CA Non-Profit and a Federal 501 (c)(3) Publicly Supported Organization operated solely by volunteers. They retrain horses for second careers and do an amazing job! Read more about their work at www.tbrci.org.

With this in mind, read on about the items we’re offering in the Celebration Auctions. Bidding will be open until 11:59 pm PST Sunday, November 3. Leave us a comment below if you have any questions about this weekend’s events.

-Team Z

Grand Prize: An Invitation To Meet Zenyatta (Enter Now!)

Zenyatta at Lane's End. Photo by Kyle Acebo.

Zenyatta at Lane’s End. Photo by Kyle Acebo.

This invitation to visit Zenyatta at Lane’s End Farm will be extended to the winner and one friend or family member. The pair will receive a private tour of Lane’s End, where they will meet Zenyatta and 13Z and learn about their barns, paddocks, and routines. They will be photographed with Zenyatta by Alys Emson* and be featured in a blog post on Zenyatta.com.

Travel and lodging is not included, and is the sole responsibility of the winner of this invitation. The visit must take place between November 15, 2013 and January 14, 2014 and must be scheduled with Team Z at least two weeks prior to arrival.

The winner of this prize will be selected in a random drawing on Tuesday November 5th. Those who purchase our Zenyatta.com Celebration Sticker from the Zenyatta Shop will be automatically entered to win. The Celebration Sticker is available now, and will remain in the store until 11:59 pm PST November 3. All proceeds from Celebration Sticker purchases during this event will be donated to Thoroughbred Rehab Center Inc. Please read the Terms & Conditions for complete entry details.

*subject to Alys’s availability.
Click here for Rules, Terms & Conditions.

Celebration Auction Lot 1: Zenyatta’s Halter

Leather halter with brass “Zenyatta” nameplate. Worn by Zenyatta in 2013. Donated by Lane’s End Farm.

Lot 1: Zenyatta's halter. Photo by Tyler Matson.

Lot 1: Zenyatta’s halter. Photo by Tyler Matson.

Celebration Auction Lots 2-6: Limited Edition “Z” Mug

Limited Edition "Z" Mug

Limited Edition “Z” Mug

Limited edition mug featuring a “Z” in the Moss’s silks.

The signatures of Team Z are printed on the reverse side:

Jerry Moss—Owner
Ann Moss—Owner
Dottie Ingordo-Shirreffs—Racing Manager
John Shirreffs—Trainer

Only five of these 11 oz. mugs were made, and each of the top five bidders will receive one.

Celebration Auction Lots 7-11: Signed Zenyatta Breyer

The top five bidders will receive a Zenyatta Breyer horse signed by Zenyatta’s owners, Jerry and Ann Moss. It will ship in the original box, with the signatures located on the horse itself. Zenyatta is Breyer model #1478 and traditional 1:9 scale.

Zenyatta Breyer. Photo by Tyler Matson.

Zenyatta Breyer. Photo by Tyler Matson.

Celebration Auction Lots 12-16: Signed Print

Zenyatta and Tapit colt. Photo by Kyle Acebo

Zenyatta and Tapit colt. Photo by Kyle Acebo

Win an oversized glossy print of the iconic first photo of Zenyatta with her second foal. This foal, dubbed 13Z, is a chestnut colt by Tapit born at 11:47 pm on Zenyatta’s ninth birthday. This image was captured just an hour later on April 2, 2013.

Photograph by Kyle Acebo.

Zenyatta Shop’s best-selling print is available only here in this 20″ x 30″ size.

The top five bidders in this auction will receive prints, and they will awarded in numerical order.

-Edition of 5
-Signed by Kyle Acebo and Zenyatta’s owners, Jerry and Ann Moss
-Printed on archival Kodak Professional Supra Endura Glossy paper


    1. Dear Vicki B:

      I hope the horses found it refreshing. Must have come as quite a surprise. Love and Hugs, JB

    2. Vicki B. Wow. This is like Dan in the Firecracker but without the lightning. Didn’t seem to bother those horses all that much.

    3. Vicki-Thanks for posting this. The Aussies did something that I doubt would happen here. The winning tickets were paid off and the losers were given a refund. Mow that is treating the horse player right!

  1. Goodnight Sweet Zenyatta. A big game is on tonight, the Packers vs Bears and I must watch this rivalry. GO PACK GO!
    lovenkisses on your soft nose and to your Coz and 13z

    Auntie Sally B

    1. Born in Wisconsin…lived Chicago ….Da Bears…..who are probably too beat up to win

      1. Carol,
        Born in Wisconsin and your a Bear fan! OMG!! How does that happen, ha, ha. I’ve got news the Packers are playing with their second string and now Aaron Rodgers was hurt so it doesn’t look good.

        1. Moved to Chicago about 3rd grade….grew up there….no worries …half the family wears that green and yellow….WWIII breaks out about twice a yr…usually

        2. The Packers back-up quarterback is less than adequate. Reports this morning indicate that Rodgers will be out about three weeks. Hope he has done his discount double check.

  2. Dear Judy Goodnight God bless you, Lola Mae, Charlie, Hudson and all the Sweeties.Sleep tight. Love and hugs SheenaX

    1. Dear Sheena:

      Rooting for Moosie. Love and Hugs, JB, LM, PC, HT and all the Sweeties

  3. Dear Max Yes , Kauto and Denman were the great pals. They used to share their polos on the wall between their stables.. Denman could be a bit of a grump,Kauto was always the more easy-going.Race is on over here at 2 50pm.Nigel could always stand by the rail,if needed.hugs Sheena

    1. Sheena. I’ll take my iPad to work. Can’t miss this news. Run Moosie run.

    2. Sheena. I read that Nigel had planned to use blinkers with Moosie. Hope Moose is not really sick. Get well, Moose, and don’t let Tidal Bay depress you.

  4. Dear Mama Z, COZ, Prince 2 and Baby Z:

    Goodnight. Sweet Dreams. Love you all so much. Hugs, JB

  5. Dear Max

    Thank you so much for the article on Wise Dan and Power Of The Wolf. Just love the family

    So glad Lisa Danielle is in foal. Can’t wait to see her little one.

    1. Peggy. I love the Dans. Our Danny’s going to send the winter in his own paddock at the farm with his brothers. Lopresti says that Dan is probably done with handicaps. Next year they will pick their races carefully. Read that Dan likes Woodbine because the long straight stretch like European turf courses allows him to extend his stride. They can run a mile on one turn. He may go back there because no handicap and the prizes are good. Dan also seems to like it there, and they love him, the Titan of the Turf. His Woodbine exercise rider this year was a woman from Toronto. Dan was very nice around her. Charming ole chestnut.

  6. Huge congrats to Ed Dunlops’s Red Cadeaux on another remarkable performance in the Melbourne cup!Hugs Sheena

    1. Max,
      Thanks for posting this cute story, great way to raise awareness for medical issues. Just love how cute he looks. hugs

    2. Dear Max:

      What a Sweetheart. Didn’t mind the officer twirling his moustache at all. Too cute. Thanks for sharing this. Hugs, JB

    Mad Moose ‏tweet Tues. Nov. 5 2013
    Good morning fans. I’m afraid I wasn’t feeling 100% this am so won’t be going to @ExeterRaces to race @CueCard99.
    Sorry 2 disappoint u all.

    1. Dear BGG:

      Thanks for this update on MM and for all the great posts and links. Love and Hugs, JB

  8. Melbourne Cup: Fiorente beats Red Cadeaux and Mount Athos
    By Frank Keogh BBC Sport 5 November 2013
    Fiorente won the Melbourne Cup for Australian trainer Gai Waterhouse as
    British-trained runners Red Cadeaux and Mount Athos finished second and third.
    The 6-1 favourite, who was second last year, swooped late under Damien Oliver to beat the 2011 runner-up Red Cadeaux.
    Former Dr Who actress Waterhouse is the first female Australian trainer to win the race, while Oliver is back after a 10-month ban for a betting offence.

    1. SHARON CHAPMAN ‏@FastTrackPhotog tweet with PHOTO
      Fiorente and Red Cadeaux fight out the Cup

      1. Sebastian Weiss ‏tweet Tues. Nov. 5 with PHOTO
        MONSUN 2013 now resposible for fastest ever King George winner Novellist as well as Melbourne Cup hero Fiorente

  9. Juddmonte Farms ‏tweet Tues. Nov. 5 2013
    In Lingerie becomes Frankel’s first in-foal mare to sell at public auction –
    sold for $2.4 million to Shadai Farm @FasigTiptonCo

    1. Does the stud fee for Frankel include standing and nursing guarantee?

      1. TC. British call it – no foal, no fee – which appears to be the same thing.

        1. Thanks, Max.

  10. Dear Max SOOO disappointed about Moosie!!!!Hope he’ll be feeling better soon, maybe It was the thought of running in the cold wet weather.Hugs Sheena

    1. Sheena. What can be said? Moose is better off in his barn if he’s not 100%. There are other races. Maybe he’s getting a head start on Guy Fawkes Day?

    2. Dear Sheena and Max:

      Just reading your posts, realized Moosie did not race today. As Max said, better not if he wasn’t 100%. Hoping he recovers quickly. Love and Hugs, JB

      1. JudyB. Tidal Bay who just won at the age of 13 gave the gears on Twitter to Moosie for using a ” sick note”. Moosie doesn’t care!

        1. Dear Max:

          Wow! Thirteen and still winning. Moosie will get ’em next time. Love and Hugs, JB

  11. November 5 Cherokee Devotional

    When time is short and there’s a lot to do, don’t say you can’t do something. Start out in faith, and when you get into the flow of what needs to be done, strength and wisdom come.
    Starting out in faith is the most important step. If you wait until everything is right, you can forget 95% of what you were going to do. There’s never a “perfect” time to do anything, and there’s never a flag that tells you when to start running. So, just take a deep breath and start out in faith-and ignore all the signs that tell you you’re never going to make it. You will make it. Those who start out in faith end up with the prize.

    Formerly, when we lived in ignorance, we were foolish; but now, since we listen to the voice of the Great Spirit, we are happy.
    -Tenkswataya, Shawnee

    1. Dear Kathy:

      Another Gem. Love and Hugs, JB

      1. Hugs to you, Judy.

  12. my husband and I went to CA to the Breeders Cup . We had a great time but it is very tiring. Bet on John’s horse Rookie and won. Bet on Mike Saturday and he won back to back races. Went to Betfair Hoollywood Park on the way to LAX Monday morning and got a stable pass to see Barn 55 and Zenyatta’s stall. Very emotional. Part o my bucket list done. Now I just need to see the Queen in person and I will be done.
    Santa Anita is lovely. We were enlightened. Go picture taken with Zenyatta’s stature, SeaBiscuit and John Henry. .
    Love to all
    Love hugs and kisses

    1. Dear Trisha V.:

      Sounds like an ideal visit to the BC and winning races too. Wonderful memories. Hope you get your wish to meet Z some day. Love and Hugs, JB

      1. Dear Trisha and Judy,

        I, too, would die happy if I could ever meet Z. When the day comes that Lane’s End allows visits from the general public I will pack up that RV with Steve and the dogs and be KY-bound in a NY minute!

        1. Dear Kathy:

          Hope it happens for you. Love and Hugs, JB

    2. Trisha–Sounds like you had a great time and I am glad you visited HP before it goes away for good next month.

  13. Dear Kathy Moose should read your post and have faith!!Did you see Boo in his cute new booties? Have a lovely day and Holly, Sugar and Nikko. Hugs Sheena

  14. Hi Sheena,

    I’m sure the horses already know what we frail humans have to be told. I did see Boo. So ADORABLE! Enjoy your day. Puppy kisses from Holly, Sugar and Nikko.

    Hugs, Kathy

  15. moose dont breeze, stay in barn, wait convenient race like bc nelly, autumn, zenny lil 13z coz in florida kiss your soft noses

    1. Very wise advice.

  16. Dear Max Congratulations to Somersby who ,in the absence of the mighty Moose, won the Haldon Cup at Exeter.He used to be trained by the wonderful Henrietta Knight and is now with Mick Channon.Loved your link about the Movember horse,wonder if Hovis has ever thought of becoming a drum horse. That would be one Birthday Parade I’d give my eye teeth to see.!hugs Sheena

    1. Dear Sheena and Max:

      I think Hovis would be a great Drum Horse, unless he considers it “poncing about” like Michael Flatley. Ha, ha. Still laughing at that one. Love and Hugs, JB

      1. I always enjoyed the Riverdance. It takes a real man to do what Flatley does. I know your comment was meant in jest, Judy.

        1. One if the hubbys favorites….always makes him feel better to watch our tape of it

        2. Dear TC GP:

          I was quoting Hovis. He often uses the phrase “ponce around” in his diary. This is the last paragraph of his Diary from last week. Cracked me up. Love and Hugs, JB

          But first, before I can make any more moves, I’ve got to get through this weekend; being scrubbed within an inch of my life, wrapped in bandages, mane in rollers and told to sleep whilst levitating to avoid any possible particle of muck falling anywhere near my manly frame. Only to be hauled out of bed at some ungodly hour on Sunday and made to ponce about like Michael Flatley wearing ant-infected undercrackers. I can’t wait. Honest…

          Yours dejectedly


      2. JudyB. By the sounds of it, there is a fair mount of grooming involved for a horse in having that kind of job. You know how Hovis feels about that, not manly. He thinks that the rugged look attracts the mares.

        1. Dear Max:

          Our Hovis is very “macho”. Soooo funny. Hugs, JB

  17. Dear Kathy R, Girl Saratoga, Marty, Susan in TN, Zenyen, Ensign and all the Z’sters that have not posted in a while, thinking of you. Miss hearing from you. Love and Hugs, JB

    1. Dear Judy,

      I know I’ve been very quiet for a while, but was actually coming here to share some good personal news. Yesterday I had my last Oncology appointment. Going forward I’ll be monitored by my primary care doctor in my yearly checkups. It hasn’t been quite five years yet, but feel I can exhale anyway.

      I loved the pictures you posted of Papa Charlie and his friends. Those Stud Muffin treats must be great to get a voluntary bow like that.

      Right now I’m checking every so often for Ebby’s turn in the Keeneland sale ring. So hope she stays here in the U.S. and will run again.

      Thanks for thinking about me. Marty R.

      1. Dear Marty,

        So glad to hear from you and so happy for your good results.

      2. MARTY!!! So happy for you!!!!

      3. Great news Marty

      4. Wonderful news, Marty.

      5. GREAT news Marty – will be in touch soon. Head still spinning from BC :-)

      6. Marty R
        What great news! Glad you are back
        Hugs, BGG

      7. Dear Marty,
        So very glad to hear from you! Thanks for sharing your good results with us!
        Many blessings to you and warm wishes for continued good health!
        Love and Hugs

      8. Dear Marty:

        Excellent news. So happy for you and I’m glad you liked the photos. Love and Hugs, JB

    2. Yes, I mentioned recently that I had not seen any posts from Zenyen.

    3. Yes, I mentioned recently that I had not seen any posts from Zenyen for a while.

  18. Fingers crossed Ebby stays in US. My heart sunk though because yesterday on DRF.com there was a picture of Ebby with two men that appeared to be from Japan looking at her. I just wanted to scream Go Away! I know that is not nice of me, but that is what I felt like.

    Stonestreet are you listing.

  19. The Absolutely Beautiful “Awesome Maria” sells for 4 Million. In Foal to Giants Causeway. Awaiting Results

    1. Purchased by M.V. Magnier.

      1. Coolmore will take care of her. Hopefully she will go to Ashford, where her biggest admirer lives, Uncle Mo.

        1. We will never forget the video of Uncle Mo showing his love for Maria. So glad she ended up in a good place. Always loved the beautiful, talented Maria.

        2. Max

          I hadn’t thought about that. You are so right she will be close to Mo. That is just wonderful

  20. How about Blazen Virtue as a name for Littlen Red?

  21. Just the most Beautiful “Eblouissante” sell for 2.1 Million.

  22. Ian Banwell of St. George Farm buys Eblouissante, and the filly will remain in training with John Shirreffs. #KeeNov


    1. Whoops, some of this was cut off. This is a DRF breeding tweet.

    2. Good news for Ebby! She will remain in the hands of the best trainer in the business and have the best groom, our Mario, to care for her.

      1. I am so happy that Eblouissante is coming home! What terrific news! Everyone at John’s barn must be all smiles.

    3. So Happy, Just Wonderful……………………..I’m over the moon happy for her and Awesome Maria.

      1. Oh my, meant to reply that to Pati. So happy for Eblouissante

    4. ME TOO! But it’s too early to pour a drink…..

      1. Abigail, I agree too early to celebrate yet. We’ve got a lot more to go through the ring. Praying so hard for Groupie Doll, Miz Direction and all to get good home.

        1. Miz is going to Dubai for the connections who are campaigning Treve.

    5. The outcome could not be better for Eblouissante.

    6. A zillion “Woo Hoos” for the best news ever! I tried to look up St. George Farm – is it really in OHIO??? I know she won’t be there in the short term but . . . . . SO, so glad that she is staying with John et al. Some of us were at Barn 55 on Sunday, and it was really empty without her. They must be absolutely over the moon thrilled!!

      1. No, according to the NTRA, he is just outside of Lexington (I think, I’ll find the link to the page.) If I beg enough, I might get to see her when she’s done racing.

        1. Pati,

          I believe you are right. I believe the farm is outside of Lexington. This is wonderful

      2. Keeneland Magazine had an article on Ian Banwell & St. George Farm
        FYI-St. George Farm also owns Mr. Commons

        1. Thanks so very much, BGG. More reassurance that Eblouissante is in very capable, loving hands. I feel certain the Banwells of St. George Farm will do the very best for her. Just the kind of farm and owners I would have chosen for her. Loved Carrie Branwell’s comment, “The Bluegrass is a national treasure.”

    7. Dear Pati:

      Thank you for this wonderful news. So happy for Ebby, JS and Mario. Love and Hugs, JB

  23. I am just over the moon about this news!!!! I woke this morning, here at my daughter’s in California,when it was still dark, started worrying about what could happen to her and ended up in tears. Just signed in to see what was happening and got this INCREDIBLE news!! Of course, I cried again!! Happy tears this time!! Didn’t know how much this mattered to me until I knew she was safe—what a wonderful blessing for her—and for John and Mario—they must all be so happy.

    BC weekend was SO fabulous!! Every moment,except for Johnny V.’s horrible spill, was filled with excitement, happiness, and friendship. I hated to have to say good-bye to everyone. The memories will last for the rest of my life and I am already looking forward to next year, so we can do it all again!!!

    Will write more later, we are about to take off for the beach !! Talked to Sue last night and all is well with Barnaby and Traveller–it was starting to snow when we were talking–glad I’m down here in beautiful Orange County right now!

  24. Didn’t Ebby look wonderful? John and his staff kept her in fit racing form. I’m so happy how her sale turned out. There will be a happy reunion at John’s barn for sure. I’ll bet Jacquline especially is over the moon.

    There were some really nice horses from the Fastig-Tipton sale yesterday that will be heading to Japan. I don’t worry so much about their treatment as I do that we never hear about them, especially the mares. It can be hard to get news here in the states about our favorites. We are so blessed that Mr. and Mrs. Moss make sure we are kept updated on Zenyatta and her growing family.

    Hopefully, there will be continuing good news about favorite horses going forward in the sale.

    1. Marty R,

      I agree with all you said wholeheartedly!!

    2. Marty and Mary,

      I agree, I’m just over the moon happy about Ebby, been praying for days. I absolutely adore this mare her name means “Dazzling” and she truly is. I found out this owner also owns Mr Commons who of course was trained by John. He bought a farm in Kentucky and calls it St George Farm so we know our girl will stay here.
      I was upset about the loss of many good mares to overseas owners, many in foal to our best stallions and some in foal to Frankel. We know how it is and that we won’t hear much about them ever again, which is why it’s so sad.
      Glad to hear those of you that went to the BC had a great time, it should looked like a beautiful track and event. I wish it would come back to Kentucky next year so those of us on the other half of the state would have a better chance of getting there.
      Love to Zenny my best girl and Red, and kisses blown to COZ so far away. Can’t wait to hear updates from school. hugs

    3. Dear Marty:

      You’re so right. We’re absolutely lucky to have this Blog and access to Z’s life. Love and Hugs, JB

  25. Prayers from Canada made their way to Keeneland and were answered. We can sleep tonight knowing that Ebby will be staying with John, Jacqueline and Mario.

  26. This is just the best news anyone could have asked for, Ebby is staying with John. I am sure he has kept her stall reserved for her in hopes she would be returning.

  27. Barbara Livingston tweet with PHOTO Tues. Nov. 5 2013
    The lovely EBLOUISSANTE, sold for $2.1m, will remain in training with John Shirreffs.
    Great news for ‘Ebby’ fans!

  28. The best possible outcome for our beloved Eblouissante! Wonderful news! Truly happy for John and everyone in the Barn.