2015 Celebration Preview: Grand Prize

Zenyatta can't wait to meet you! Photo by Kyle Acebo

Zenyatta can’t wait to meet you! Photo by Kyle Acebo

Happy Tuesday!

We’re so excited about the days ahead. Not only are we heading into Breeders’ Cup weekend, but we’re also two days away from the beginning of the 2015 Zenyatta.com Celebration. The Celebration will be right here on Zenyatta.com, and you can participate as much as you’d like over the course of the four day event. Chat with fellow fans in the comments, share your photos and memories with us, browse our auction of Zenyatta memorabilia and most importantly, help Thoroughbreds who need second careers. All proceeds from this event will be donated to Thoroughbred Rehab Center, Inc.

If you’ve been waiting for a chance to meet Queen Z, this is it! For the third year in a row, five lucky fans will win the grand prize. Entry details will be announced with the launch of the Celebration, but here’s a preview:

Grand Prize: An Invitation to Meet Zenyatta
Each winner will be invited to travel to Lane’s End with one friend to meet Zenyatta and receive a tour of the farm. Photos from the visits will be featured right here on Zenyatta.com.*

See photos of the 2013 and 2014 winners in these galleries:
2014 Zenyatta.com Celebration Winners Meet Zenyatta
2013 Zenyatta.com Celebration Winners Meet Zenyatta

Remember, you can only enter to win during the 2015 Zenyatta.com Celebration. Visit Zenyatta.com Thursday, October 29 (9 am PT) through Sunday, November 1 (11:45 pm PT) for details and instructions.

Team Z

*Travel and lodging is not included.


  1. I would absolutely love to meet you, Zenny!!!

    We’ll see what happens.

    Love you.

  2. Dear Sheena,
    I did not realize Frosted was on the other side of AP, he is after that boy, I know Gleneagles will be quite the gentleman, but he is in the US so he better “wrangle” with
    these tough guys. Ryan is in the middle of the pack, I hope Gleneagles makes sure AP knows his credentials when they are in the stalls as he is a champion !!! and I hope he is
    not to polite, cause those American boys (horses) are not going to be. !!!! Remember Mandella said he thinks they were telling sexist jokes and Beholder got mad and took
    off and I bet they were in the Pacific Classic !!! I wonder what they will be saying about her in the BCC, maybe nothing because they maybe too on the muscle after AP !!! They are funny boys and they do talk to each other !!!
    Love and hugs

    1. Dear Tizgood.Oh,Ryan is quite used to riding in the US!!Weather promises dry over the 2 days.All Aidan’s horses arrived yesterday.Gleneagles has settled well.Hugs Sheena.

      1. Dear Sheena,
        GH is so very laid back, seems like all the Euros went to the synthetic training track. A couple went to the main track. Can’t wait to see Gleneagles, he is gorgeous. GH is a little plain, but so was Seattle Slew, plain brown, but a speedy guy. Frankie was funny, he said he heard he had some speed next to him, he has a rocketship next to him in the turf !!!! Frankie has such an interesting accent a blend of Italian and English. All the trainers are glad he is here, he has quite a few mounts. Jamie Spencer also has one. Glad Ryan can handle those american boys. AP was funny talking about Ryan and what he contributes to racing; he says he goes around the world winning big races and always does that same wave. AP is so funny. BC is really going to be great. Just watched the 2009 BCC Zenyattas win; great video on TVG. Have to check racing post for jumps racing.
        Love and hugs

  3. Dear Debbie S.Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.Enjoy your special day.Love and hugs SheenaXOXO

    1. Happy Birthday Debbie! Pray God’s many blessings for your day and upcoming ‘new’ year. with love, Elizabeth
      PS Thank you, Sheena, for letting us know so we can all celebrate Debbie’s ‘day’ with her. God’s many blessings as always – with love, Elizabeth

    2. 🎂🍨🍰🍨🎂
      Happy bday to u 🎉
      Happy bday to u 🎉
      Happy bday dear debbie 📦
      Happy bday to u 😇
      Luv/hugz💚prayerz, vamp

    3. Dear Debbie S:

      Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday. Love and Hugs, JB

    4. Dear Debbie S.
      A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! Best Wishes for a lovely year, too.
      Hugs and Love

    5. Happy Birthday, Debbie S. Have a great day!!!!

  4. The ‘Fly’ is parading at Down Royal for his fans on Saturday October 31st.Hugs SheenaX

  5. If you don’t want to be judged harshly by other people-then don’t continually condemn yourself. You have to tell people who you are, and you do it by action, by words, and by attitude. If you intend to compete with everyone, it will show in your manner.
    If you believe no one likes you, they will believe there is a reason-and not like you. If you believe social status is power, you will see the day when it breaks down. Individuality is not competition, not painful separation, but sincerity and genuine caring. These things are evident-and the person that deliberately sets out to hinder someone is headed for out-and-out loneliness.

    We first knew you as a feeble plant which wanted a little earth whereon to grow…
    Red Jacket

  6. Just saw on Bloodhorse.com that The Big Beast has been retired to stud and will stand in Florida. Happy Retirement Big Guy. Glad you are retiring in good health.

    1. Dear Shirlee, Max and Z Fans:

      Just read that too. Wishing The Beast a happy, healthy retirement. Love and Hugs, JB

  7. Lady Z I followed from day one. Stunning, the beauty Queen of the track.

    Would be a dream come true to see her in person.

    Good luck to the 5 lucky winners.

  8. Thank you, Team Zenyatta, for providing us another opportunity to have a chance at winning a visit with our Queen. That you continue to provide us with access into her life at Lane’s End by giving us this web-site is definitely something to be grateful for, but you always go a step above and beyond by giving us more. Thanks so much!!

    1. Dear Debbie,
      So well said. God’s many blessings to you and everyone here in Zenny’s family for a wonderful Wednesday and especially for you, Zenny. with love, Elizabeth

    2. Dear Celeste,
      Thank you for these comments. So well said. With love, Elizabeth

  9. Dear Kathy.Thinking about our Angel Princess today.Can hardly believe a year has passed.Her life was brief but sweet and for that we must be happy.It’s not for us to ask why or when God calls us home only to treasure her memory.
    Such a great devotional today.All Aidan’s horses have arrived at Keeneland.I am wary of Gleneagles on dirt but he’s out of a Storm Cat mare so?The King arrived yesterday too!!!It’s lovely to see how quickly Treve has settled in at her new home I sent you some pics on FB.Kate was also out and about last night.As Diana bloomed in her 30’s sadly same cannot be said of Kate.The Queen Letizia of Spain in in her early 40’s but is a very modern,sharp dresser.
    Poor Grandpa is failing fast with Judy he has a urinary infection now and pneumonia they are leaving on sunday.Mango got a beautiful blanket as a gift and a lot more cards.The ratties are well prepared for Halloween it’s turned back pretty mild over here again.We have some great chasing over the weekend.Ray has lost more furiends again and got photobombed by Jack O!Horrible news of the bear cull in Florida killing nursing mothers.When will people learn to live alongside wildlife they were on this planet long before us!!!.Enjoy your day.Love and hugs to you,Kisses for Holly Nikko and Sugar.SheenaXoxo

    1. Dear Sheena,

      Hard to believe it’s been a year. The anniversary brings everything back so vividly. Taken from us way too soon. RIP beautiful Angel Princess. Glad all of Aidan’s horses have arrived safely. The excitement is certainly building. Very best wishes for all the horses and jockeys taking part this weekend. Loved the pics of Treve, what a knockout she is! Thanks for the pics of Kate, too. I agree with you, that dress wasn’t a very l=good look for her. I have seen pics of Queen Letizia. You’re right, she’s very stylish and modern. Sad to hear of Judy’s dad’s decline. Mango is always receiving really nice gifts. She deserves them. What a wonderful mission. Have enjoyed all the pics of the ratties with their pumpkins. Always enjoy Ray and Jack O’s antics. Sorry they’ve lost more furiends. Sad news about the bear cull. So very disturbing, breaks my heart. Have a good Hump Day. Love and hugs from me, kisses from Holly, Nikko and Sugar. Kathy XOXO

  10. morn zsters :)

    todays devo:

    When you come to God in prayer, you don’t come to a stranger who needs an introduction, or to an enemy who is against you. You come to your Father, whose heart reaches out to you in goodness and kindness, who knows every detail about your life, and who wants you to come and welcomes your company.

    He wants you to come as a child who is loved…who is accepted…who is cared for…and who is secure. He wants you to come in openness…in confidence…in truthfulness.


    So let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. There we will receive His mercy, and we will find grace to help us when we need it most. Hebrews 4:16

    hugz & prayerz, vamp

    1. Dear Vamp Sue.Indeed,God knows us all and loves us no matter what we do or say.He teaches us love and forgiveness always.Hugs Sheena.

    2. Dear Vamp Sue:

      Beautiful. Love and Hugs, JB

    3. Dear Sue, Wonderful words. Thanks so much and pray God’s blessings for you today. with love, Elizabeth

  11. Remembering Little Curley Mane. Love You Always, JB


    1. Judy, Thank You so much for this.

      1. Dear Peggy:

        You’re so welcome. She was so beautiful. Love and Hugs, JB

  12. I am in a terrible perdicament this morning. I dearly love American Pharoah, so hope this does not sound UnAmerican. I have 5 other horses that I love so much in the Classic. Wow. Really would be over the moon if one of them won. Just believe American Pharoah is set already and a good deal awaiting him. My dear loves in no particular orderI have different reasons for loving all of them. Beholder, Frosted, Hard Aces, Honor Code, Keen Ice. Just flat love all of these. Beholder is just fantastic, Frosted, love this boy so much. Hard Aces, such a give it all horse. And would love to see John Sadler win. Honor Code, Oh Dear Lord what can I say. Sure would love to see him do it for my love AP Indy.
    And Keen Ice, just love this horse and sure would like to see Dale Romans win. Zenyatta, see I can’t pick a favorite.

    1. Have to say though, Wish above all Safety to everyone. God Speed and love you all.

      1. Dear Peggy:

        Amen. Love and Hugs, JB

    2. Dear Peggy.I think a massive photo finish would suffice for you!Including our Gleneagles,Enjoy all the races.Hugs Sheena

      1. Yes, Indeed. Love Gleneagles too and including him.

  13. Matt Carothers love what you said this morning.
    My Boy Red Rifle is in the Breeders Cup Turf. Yah……………………………………..
    Matt, I so agree with you. He could be an Upsetter. Love Ya Red Rifle. Love Golden Horn too, but Red you got my heart. And you got one of my favorite jockeys on Board. Javier. Sorry, Frankie. Frankie I’m rooting for you on Judy the Beauty.

  14. Dear Shirlee, Good luck to your Lea in the Dirt Mile.

  15. Sentient Jet Juvenile Mile, Go Brody’s Cause. Love to PaPa

  16. Dear Debbie, Hope you have a wonderful Happy Birthday. And many many more

  17. Dear Baby Curly Mane. Words cannot express my sorrow. Tears for you this morning. With all the times and still I have prayed for you at the Alter on Sundays. You always feel very close. Hope to see you again one day. Loved what RJ Wagoner said once to Larry King. Larry King asked him if he thought we would see our loved ones again one day and RJ said I believe there out there somewhere. I believe so too.

  18. Dear Max, we sure miss you here. Even though your not posting. I’m still going to post to you . I am going to try to get to see The Big Beast next year. Hear he’s going to Ocala Stud. Ocala Stud ( I believe it was them) bought a Giant’s Causeway Colt that I just fell in love with. Hope maybe I could see him too. Bet they have him in training though. Anyway Max, I’m sure going to try. Don’t know if they allow visitors, but am sure going to try.

  19. A Very Important Shout Out.

    Go Go Go “Heza Dasha Fire” Can’t wait till l0.30 Eastern Saturday Night. I am as excited about your race as I am the Breeders Cup Races. So hope you win. GodSpeed.

  20. Another Z Fan I miss. Maureen, sure have missed your posts.

  21. Zenyatta, sure hope I didn’t take up to much of your space this morning . Just so excited about all you horses and this weekend. Love ya Zenyatta and I apologize if I took up too much space.

  22. Thank-you to everyone for your birthday wishes.
    I am remembering Little Curly Mane with much love today.
    Last year I was so sad on my birthday,of all the days,how would it ever be a good day again going forward.
    Now I am reflecting on her bright spirit and the gifts she brought to the world. She brought endless joy, wonderful energy and such a zest for life. I have a beautiful picture of her in my home,her lovely soft,curious eyes and her Momma’s ears, and of course that lively mane.Looking back over the blog I see her and feel her again. Her gift to me is to treasure each day and jump for joy, play with friends,live life fully and really see all the love and beauty around me .She was pure love. We miss you little one .God bless you Z Princess,you live on forever in our hearts. I have made a donation to a wonderful TB rescue called New Strides today,remembering you. xo D

    1. Very well said, Debbie. It’s still hard to believe that she’s gone. I hope you enjoy your birthday.

  23. Dear Sheena:

    Goodnight. Hope we hear from Max soon. Love and Hugs, JB, LM, PC, HT, Cap, Herc, Frank, Bentley and all the Sweeties

  24. Dear Beautiful Mama Z, COZ, ZI and Montey:

    Goodnight. Happy Dreams to all of you. Sweet Baby Dreams Z. Love You. Hugs, JB

    Z Princess, Dubai, will always love you.

  25. Ok ITs oct. 29th 2015…… 3:05 am i dont see anywhere to sign up for the meet Zenyatta contest!!! im heart broken….