2015 Celebration Results

Zenyatta.com Celebration fan photo winner: Karen Klein

Celebration fan photo winner: Karen Klein

Happy Thursday!

We’re so happy to announce that the 2015 Zenyatta.com Celebration raised over $23,000 for Thoroughbred Rehab Center Inc! Thank you to everyone who made a donation of any size.

The winners of our auctions and prizes are as follows:

Grand Prize: An Invitation to Meet Zenyatta
Barbara Spencer—Tarzana, CA
Brian Helton—Scottsboro, AL
Taylor Wyss—Golden, CO
Wendy Slater—Puyallup, WA
Don Lindburg—San Diego, CA

Auction Lot 1: Zenyatta’s Halter

Auction Lots 2, 3: Zenyatta’s Shoe

Auction Lot 4: Breeders’ Cup Classic Saddlecloth

Auction Lots 5, 6, 7: Collector’s Magazines

Auction Lots 8, 9, 10: Signed Photograph

Bonus Auction: An Afternoon with Zenyatta

Zenyatta Shop gift certificate: Our favorite fan photo
Karen Klein—Califorina

Zenyatta Shop gift certificate: Celebration participant from our mailing list
Kimberly Butscher—California

Thanks fans, we couldn’t have done this without you!

Team Z


  1. Dear Mama Z, COZ, ZI and Monty:

    Love all of you so much. Happy Dreams. Sweet Baby Dreams Z. Hugs, JB

    Z Princess, Dubai, will always love you.

  2. November 27 Cherokee Devotional

    Those who have always been self-sufficient find it going against the grain to accept help from someone else. They have become the caretakers and giving over that responsibility is clearly unacceptable.
    But they can come to realize that leaning on someone else can be a sign of strength. Not everyone can do it-not everyone is willing.
    It takes a special strength to ask for help. But who knows what part this plays in the healing process. A time can come to show kindness and to be cooperative and to make it easy on someone else. This may be the proving time-the time that gives us a new understanding and compassion.

    My brothers, a power which I cannot resist crowds me down the ground. I need help.
    Chief Srandingbear

    1. Dear Kathy,
      It is always good to accept help from others although it may
      be difficult at times, wondeful devotional.
      Love and hugs

  3. Poor Hovis a week of winter and stressage doesn’t mix does it?Mother even gave him a new hairdo.Safe trips to all horses and jockeys this weekend.Hope you all get some bargains in the sales!!!Sheena.

    1. Dear Sheena,

      Thank you for our Hovis update. Hovis, I think your hair looks fine! Mum just doesn’t understand him at all. Happy weekend everyone. Safe trips for all the horses and jockeys.

    2. Dear Sheena,
      Love this Hovis update, he is such a good boy,
      letting his mom giving him a new do and keeping
      himself supple with stressage, even though it
      so hard for a big boy like him.
      Keep it up Hovis
      Love and hugs

    3. Dear Sheena:

      Thanks for our weekly Hovis update. Great photo of the big guy. Love and Hugs, JB

  4. A very Happy Birthday to our Sandy from Ohio.Enjoy your special day and wishing you many,many more.Love and hugs SheenaX.

    1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sandy!

      Hope you are having a lovely day and are enjoying every second!
      Best Wishes for today and for many more wonderful birthdays to come.
      All the Best, Always.
      Hugs and Love

      Thanks, Sheena, for the heads-up about our Sandy’s birthday!
      Hugs and Love

  5. Happy Birthday, Sandy. Hope you enjoy your special day. Keep dry.

  6. Happy Birthday, Sandy!

  7. Dear Sheena,

    TGIF! The FB furbabies I’ve visited so far are doing fine. No news yet on Wookie. I pray he’ll be okay. His surgery was just short of 3 months ago. I had hoped that would take care of his health problems. We are having lunch with Steve’s aunt in Palm Desert and then dinner with some friends tonight. We are just eating our way through the weekend, apparently! lol Have a good day. Love and hugs from me, kisses from Holly, Nikko and Sugar. Kathy XOXO

  8. Wishing the’phenomenal athlete’Rock On Ruby a wonderful retirement with his family the Frys in Dorset.He sustained a tendon injury when back to winning ways at Ascot last Saturday.Only unplaced once in 27starts his moment in the sunshine was at the Festival in 2012 when he won the Champion Hurdle beating previous winners the’Fly’ and Binocular.There were many tears in the tack room when Harry announced the end of his fabulous career,Ruby was originally with champion trainer Paul Nicholls.It’s great to hear he will remain with the Frys and his namesake baby Ruby.ROCK ON!!!Sheena

    1. Thanks Sheena for this news. I’m glad to see him retire with his peeps. He was a very great hurdler, a terrier like The Fly. His sire Oscar has many jump winners. Oscar was bred by the same guy who has a lot of Big D’s progeny, such as Locarno. I think that Oscar is still at Coolmore in Ireland.

      1. Dear Max.Lovely to see a post from you!!!I am SOO happy for Ruby.You know more about the horses families than me.The owners gifted him to Harry’s wife.I wish Clive had done the same with Kauto but hindsight is a wonderful thing.Annie Power is out of the race on sunday am not sure if Faugheen is running.Hugs Sheena

        1. Dear Sheena,
          Don’t give up your power; you are the expert on UK racing, jumps, flat and pedigrees etc… on this site. Royalty is not a part of life in the US, we do appreciate, admire and love the Royal family and all they stand for, though.
          Love and hugs

        2. Dear Sheena and Max:

          Thank you both for keeping us updated on Euro horse news. Love and Hugs, JB

    2. Happy retirement ROR. Love and Hugs, JB

  9. Fence jumper over the White House fence recently made it farther into the White House than originally thought. There was no attempt by Secret Service to shoot the jumper, let the dogs out and they did not lock the front door of the White House. The jumper had a knife in his posession and multiple rounds of ammunition in the car he was dropped of in. He had been convicted on weapons charges in the past.

    The Secret Service has been question on their ability to protect the White House and the
    President a hearing will take place on this recent event and a second fence will be erected in front of the single fence in front of the White House. Fortunately, the President
    and his family had left for Maryland before the jumper got on the property of the White House.

    God Bless America !!!

    1. Addendum;
      Above situation was last year- spikes were added to fence.
      Recent situation occurred when Presidential family was eating Thanksgiving
      dinner yesterday, connecticut man drapped in a flag with a manila envelope
      in his mouth was able to scale the wall and get onto white house property.
      He was there for two hours and apprehended by SS and a hearing will be
      held today.

      God bless America

  10. Dear Kathy.Enjoy your weekend of eating!Leave enough room for Christmas!Hovis’ladies just don’t understand this ‘manly man’.It’s still mild and wet over here crowds at the sales.There was a memorial service for the terrorist victims in Paris today.
    Thanks for letting me know about Wookie and the gorgeous link of the 3 of them.Jill is opening a new hospital for little critters in Gilbert Arizona.Kimberly had to leave Fubu alone yesterday while she went to dinner with her mum.Not a good idea really??The festival owners have gifted Ruby to Harry’s wife.A great ending for him!Enjoy your day.Love and hugs to you kisses for Holly,Nikko and Sugar.SheenaXOXO

  11. To Sandy

    Happy bday to u 🍰
    Happy bday to u 💛
    Happy bday dear sandy😇
    Happy bday to u 💙
    Have a greaaaaat day! 👌🙋
    Luv ya😘

    1. Happy Birthday Sandy. All the best to you for a wonderful new year.

    2. Happy Birthday Sandy!
      Love and hugs and cake and ice cream! Yippeeee!

      Great greeting, Vamp. Looks like a party.

  12. Just got this in email from a bro in Toronto.
    Momma Er Shun looks after each baby in turns. Care givers distract her with food offerings in order to retrieve the baby. Apparently she’s on to this ploy and is insisting on better food before reaching for the goodies.
    Don’t open this if you are over your daily cuteness level. It’s extremely cute.


    1. Dear Max.Wow that’s just too much cuteness even for me!!I heard about while you were MIA.So happy to see them doing doing well.Hugs Sheena.

    2. Dear Max:

      Thank you so much for this adorable video. Love them both; especially cute the little one with his paws over his ears.

      Have been thinking of The Beast and Danny a lot. Hope they are both enjoying life.

      You’re back; everything’s right on the Blog. Love and Hugs, JB

      1. JudyB. They have not yet said if the cubs are related or if they are boys or girls or one of each. No names either yet but they both look like they could be called Big Bruce and Little Bruce.
        Good wishes to The Beast, The Fly and Danny for good retirements.

        1. Dear Max:

          They are just adorable. Yes, like the names.

          If I find any recent photos of The Beast or Danny, I will post them here. Wishing them and Fly happy, healthy lives. Love and Hugs, JB

  13. Morn Zsters☺

    Poor hovis. Lol

    Today’s devo:

    I will praise the name of God with a song; I will magnify him with thanksgiving. (Psalm 69:30)

    There are two kinds of magnifying: microscope magnifying and telescope magnifying. The one makes a small thing look bigger than it is. The other makes a big thing begin to look as big as it really is.

    When David says, “I will magnify God with thanksgiving,” he does not mean: “I will make a small God look bigger than he is.” He means: “I will make a big God begin to look as big as he really is.”

    We are not called to be microscopes, but telescopes. Christians are not called to be con-men who magnify their product out of all proportion to reality, when they know the competitor’s product is far superior. There is nothing and nobody superior to God. And so the calling of those who love God is to make his greatness begin to look as great as it really is.

    The whole duty of the Christian can be summed up in this: feel, think, and act in a way that will make God look as great as he really is. Be a telescope for the world of the infinite starry wealth of the glory of God.

    This is what it means for a Christian to magnify God. But you can’t magnify what you haven’t seen or what you quickly forget.

    Therefore, our first task is to see and to remember the greatness and goodness of God. So we pray to God, “Open the eyes of my heart,” and we preach to our souls, “Soul, forget not all his benefits!”

    HugZ❤ prayerZ, vamp

    1. Dear Vamp Sue.Great devotional today.Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving.Hugs Sheena.

  14. @Sandy
    HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS…..have a great day!!

    1. My Dear Sandy:

      Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday. Love and Hugs, JB

  15. Sadness in Chicago- a 9 yo boy- son of a gang member was murdered
    in an alley way; by an adult gang member with a grudge against the father.
    So very sad; he was going to play basketball and was crossing the alley

    RIP little one; all of Chicago is mourning.

    1. Dear Tizgood.Very sad.RIP Sheena

      1. Dear Sheena,
        The police have found the killer he is a convicted felon of multiple
        violent crimes; violating parole. They picked him up last week with
        weapons. The Chicago police detectives have
        been working on this tirelessly, have found and charged him with first degree
        murder. He is a 27 year old man.

        Sadly the little boy is gone.
        Thoughts and Prayers to his family and the city of Chicago

        1. The Chicago police are going to put away both gangs permanently-most likely in prison.

  16. The funeral of legendary jockey Pat Eddery will take place at St Mary the Virgin in Thame,Oxfordshire on December 8th.A private cremation will follow for family and friends,In lieu of flowers donations can be made to the BHF and the rehoming of racehorses.Dress code is for a touch of pink his favourite colour.Pat died after a long battle with alcoholism on November 10th.RIP Sheena.

    1. RIP Pat Eddery- British Champion Jockey – we will miss you.
      Love and hugs

  17. Hopefully this link comes up.Lovely pics of Denman enjoying life in the Cotswolds.Sheena.

  18. Sorry seems no longer available but it.s on my FB timeline.He looks magnificent.Sheena

  19. Congrats to Ms. Banke and Stonestreet. Union Jackson, or Chili and he is better known won the 3rd at Churchill today. Beautiful chestnut son of Curlin who was the paddock buddy of Taco, Jess’s Dream.

    1. Good work Chili !!!!

    2. Dear Shirlee:

      Thanks for this info. Congrats Jackson. Love and Hugs, JB

    3. Thank you, Shirlee. Way to go, Chili.

  20. Dortmund’s next race the Native Diver at Del Mar on November 28 with Gary Stevens
    aboard for the first time.

    Good Luck; big boy – show your daddy proud !!!

    Love and hugs

    1. Dear Sheena:

      Goodnight. It’s good to know Denman is happy and doing well. Love and Hugs, JB, LM, PC, HT, Cap, Herc, Frank, Bentley and all the Sweeties

      1. Dear Judy.I’ll try again with the link tomorrow.He’s really loving his life in Gloucestershire.Are’nt those pandas adorable?They will soon be as big as Bruce-Bruce or Bei-Bei.Lovely pics of Treve up today as well very happy bunny!! Goodnight God bless you LM PC HT Cap Hercules Frank Bentley and all the sweeties.Love and hugs SheenaX

        1. Dear Sheena:

          Yes, those Panda babies are too cute. Will look forward to the Denman link and the photo of Treve. Love and Hugs, JB

    2. Dear Tiz:

      Godspeed to Dortmund. Hope he’s healed. Love and Hugs, JB

    3. Dear Sheena and Judy,
      Looking forward to the Denman link and new photo of Treve.
      Bei Bei is getting to be a big boy, walking and getting big
      hugs from mum.
      Good night, love and hugs

  21. Simon Callahan has a nice 4 year old filly Taris by Flatter- a 2 + million dollar fasig tipton purchase for Tabor, Maginer and Smith- won the Go For Wand Grade III easily after coming in third in BC Filly and Mare Sprint- beautiful talented filly.

    Congrats to Simon and the Tabor team.

    Love and hugs

  22. Dear Beautiful Mama Z, COZ, ZI and Montey:

    Stay comfy and cozy. Happy Dreams. Sweet Baby Dreams Z. Love You. Hugs, JB

    Z Princess, Dubai, will always love you.

  23. Dear Z Fans:

    Found a couple of photos I thought you would like. The first one is Groupie Doll filly by Tapit born this Spring and the second is a photo of Pharoah’s mama, Littleprincessemma.



    1. Dear Judy. AP’s mum is gorgeous!And the little filly so sweet.Thank you for sharing.Hugs Sheena

      1. Dear Sheena:

        You’re so welcome. Love and Hugs, JB

    2. Judy, They are just beautiful. Thank You so much.

    3. Dear Judy,
      Love Groupie Dolls filly- she looks so much like mom. Looking forward to seeing her on the track.
      AP mom is gorgeous and so muscular for a mare; no wonder he has such great
      Chestnut heaven !!!!
      Love and hugs

    4. Dear Judy,
      Love the photos !!
      Thank you.
      big hugs Ingrid.

    5. Thanks, JB. Look at those socks! She looks like a force.
      AP’s Mom is so pretty. Such a kind face.

      1. Dear Peggy, Tiz, Ingrid and Ann:

        Groupie’s filly is a little Doll (pun intended) and AP’s Mom, Emma is a true beauty. Love and Hugs, JB

    6. Dear Judy B.,
      Thanks for these two links. Groupie Doll’s little filly is quite precious, and Littleprincessemma is gorgeous — AP’s mama is a looker!
      Have a good weekend!
      Hugs and Love

      1. Dear Marshall:

        You’re so welcome. Two beautiful Chestnut girls. Love and Hugs, JB

    7. Judy,
      Really cute little filly and APs mother is beautiful.

      1. Dear Shirlee:

        Beautiful girls! Love and Hugs, JB

  24. Dear Sandy. Happy Happy Birthday. Hope you have many more too.

  25. Dear Sheena,
    Did you know Michael Dickinson was Tapit’s trainer? Was just watching some of his
    races. He won nicely in the 2004 Wood Memorial and was a gorgeous flea bitten
    grey. Love his little white ears.
    Love and hugs

  26. Dear Max:

    Had some catching up to do reading posts and just now saw yours on the previous page. I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend. He shared a love of horses and animals with all of us and sounds like a lovely, caring person. RIP. Love and Hugs, JB

    1. Ditto from me Max. I’m several rounds behind here so went back to look after reading Judy’s post – I’m so sorry for your loss. Thinking of you.

  27. Dear Sheena, Marshall, Shirlee, Kathy, Vamp, Max, Ann, Carolinarkansas, Judy B, and Peggy – thank you SO much for the Birthday wishes. I’m very grateful to be part of this family.
    Love and hugs,

    1. Sandy
      Add another Happy Birthday to your list.
      And, many more.
      Sending a birthday hug, BGG

    2. Dear Sandy:

      Love and Hugs, JB

  28. Churchill Downs on November 27, 2015
    Effinex and Mike Smith win the Grade 1 Clark Handicap!

    Clark Handicap. (gr. I) The Blood-Horse RACE REPLAY & RESULTS
    Race 11 at Churchill Downs on November 27, 2015

    1. horseracinghl ‏@horseracinghl ·on November 27, 2015
      Mike Smith on Effinex “He’s done some quirky things, he’ll switch leads in the middle of the turn w/you to the right which is very odd.”

    2. FYI-Effinex is the first New York bred to win the Clark

      1. Dear BGG:

        Thanks for this info. Congrats to Effinex and Mikey. Love and Hugs, JB

    3. Congrats to Mike and Effinex. I am a Keen Ice fan myself and think perhaps he needed more distance. I laugh every time I see Effinex’s name. That owner really put one over on the Jockey Club.

      1. Dear Shirlee:

        I love both of these boys too. Effinex was my choice in the JC Gold Cup; he finished third and Keen Ice was my choice in the Travers. Although I would have been happy if Pharoah had won that race, I just felt that KI would close like a rocket and he did. Love and Hugs, JB

        1. Wonder how the ex-wife feels every time Effinex wins?

  29. Great win by Effinex !!!!

  30. RIP Phone Home killed in a fall at Newbury today.Very busy day over here.IdentityThief won the Fighting Fifth at Newcastle.Very testing for horses today.It’ll take a tough horse to win the Hennessy.Sheena

    1. RIP Phone Home. Love and Hugs, JB

    2. Dear Sheena,
      Sad news from Newbury.
      RIP beautiful Phone Home

      Hugs and Love

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