2017 Zenyatta Celebration: Fans Meet Zenyatta

Winner: Judy Gadwood

Winner: Judy Gadwood

Last fall we held our fifth annual Zenyatta Celebration, raising over $20,000 for Thoroughbred Rehab Center Inc. Five participants were chosen in a random drawing to win the grand prize, An Invitation to Meet Zenyatta. Each winner was invited to travel with a guest to Lane’s End Farm to meet Zenyatta and receive a tour of the farm. These photos document their visits. Photography by Alys Emson.

View the complete set of photos from these visits in our 2017 Zenyatta Celebration Photo Gallery.

Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow for a special birthday blog post!

Winner: Kelly Davis

Winner: Kelly Davis

Winner: Jodi Sheridan

Winner: Jodi Sheridan

Winner: Pati Szpyra

Winner: Pati Szpyra

Winner: Debbie Pofelski

Winner: Debbie Pofelski


  1. Wow Thunder Snow showed he always had it in him to win a big race.He is well remembered for his antics on the slop in the US last year but was fantastic in the Dubai World cup today with Papa Christophe on board.Congratulations to Godolphin and all the team..

    1. Sheena,
      Thank you for sharing info on the races in Dubai. Thunder Snow will always have a special place in my heart. He knew he shouldn’t be out racing in all that mud. Made the 2017 Derby memorable.

      Congrats to Biscuits! Wonder if he sold any of his grooming products to Forever Unbridled?

      1. Dear Shirlee:

        Too cute. Forever ran 5th, not too bad. Was worried about Gunnevera’s foot; hope he and all of them came back OK. Gunne finished 7th I think. Love and Hugs, JB

    2. Dear Sheena:

      Congrats to Thunder Snow and Mendelssohn and Biscuits. Love that come from behind win by Biscuits. Goodnight. Love and Hugs, JB, LM and all the Sweeties

    3. Dear Judy B.,

      Thank you again for this most beautiful and touching card.
      Wishing you the same special blessings of this season, too. 🐇 ❤️

      Hugs and Love

      1. Dear Marshall:

        💛💜💛 Love and Hugs, JB

    4. Dear Sheena,

      Thunder Snow was indeed magnificent at Dubai! So happy for him.
      Big Congratulations to him and all connections!

      Hugs and Love

  2. Zenny looks gorgeous as always. Isn’t Ziconic’s birthday on April 1 also? Here’s hoping that since nobody is getting the message that he’s had enough of being whipped for running his best with an incompetent jockey perhaps before its too late he too can be given something to do that he really likes. Coz certainly looks happy now. It would seem that what he’s doing now was just made for him.

  3. Oops! I forgot to mention Yay and congrats to Biscuits!

  4. Oh dear not my day. I also wanted to congratulate Beholder for the lovely name bestowed on her foal.

  5. Dear Z Fans:

    Here’s Biscuit’s amazing come from behind win. Wow!!! Love and Hugs, JB


    1. PS: Great ride by Joel R too.

      1. Judy,
        It did not appear that Joel got “whip crazy.”

        1. Dear Shirley:

          You’re so right. Joel asked Biscuits and he answered. Love and Hugs, JB

    2. Dear Judy,

      Thanks for posting the replay of Biscuits’ win. What a great race he ran!
      So happy that he did so well — Congratulations to Mind Your Biscuits and to all connections! Well done.

      Congratulations to Hawkbill, Mendelssohn and Thunder Snow, too! Great wins by all.
      Stormy Liberal came in a close second in the 5th race, a sprint — not bad, congrats.

      Hugs and Love

  6. My Dear Z Family, Team Z and Lane’s End:

    Wishing all of you a Blessed Easter/Happy Passover and hopes that we all meet again some day. Love and Hugs, JB


    1. ❤️🐣

  7. Remembering our Easter Lily; born Easter Sunday April 20, 2014. Z’s first Beautiful Baby Girl, Z Princess. Love and Hugs, JB


    1. Yes always remembering our PrinZess at Easter.Thank you for sharing her photo.She was a little cariad.Love and hugs.

    2. Just an Angel, Judy Thank You so much. Love her Always

    3. Judy,
      I always remember little Z Princess around Breeders Cup each year as it was then that we learned of her loss. It is so sad to think of her and the little War Front boy who was lost. She had such spirit and personality. And we didn’t get to know him.

  8. Here’s hoping for next year! What a great experience for the Fans. Congrats!


  10. Dubai Racing Club
    Racing Info-Results
    Here are the 9 races & results for Sat. 31 March 2018
    The Dubai World Cup is 9th

    1. Hawkbill, a chestnut son of Kittens Joy, won the Sheema. Very happy about this. He’s a chestnut.

      1. Dear Max:

        So good to see a post from you. Love those Kittens. Wasn’t Biscuits magnificent today! Love and Hugs, JB

      2. Dear Max:

        Just watched the replay of Hawkbill’s win in the Sheema. He broke on top and just got better as he went. Wow! Love and Hugs, JB

        1. I read that Hawkbill was fractious in the gate. He managed to get one of his forelegs on the top of the gate, which completely unnerved his neighbors. They removed him and took him to the vet before the race could be started. He then wired it. This is a great horse. He uses chestnut horse psychology and athleticism to win. He’s also a very good looking horse.

        2. Talk about shaking things up. Glad it worked out and congrats to him.

        3. Dear Max and Ann:

          This news makes Hawkbill’s win even more impressive. What a warrior. Love and Hugs, JB

    2. Dear BGG:

      Thanks for this. Love and Hugs, JB

    3. Thank you. It was an incredible race day! Thunder even got the last laugh. Love him! Congrats to all and congrats to our US entries! Great diplomats. Thank you.

  11. Congrats to all the winners!!!! Soooooo lucky to meet THE QUEEN in person!!!

  12. What happens in Dubai, 5 am

    Biscuits: Is that my cell phone again? Listen here, call the New York office if you want products. It’s the city that never sleeps. This horse needs some rest.
    Gun: Biscuits, it’s Gun. I’m calling to congratulate you on your terrific win. I am so proud of you. Chestnuts rule!
    Biscuits: Gun, it’s great hear from you. Thanks for the kind words. It’s means a lot coming from you.
    Gun: I always knew that you were a power horse. You proved it yet again. One thing puzzles me. Why did you take so long to start your run?
    Biscuits: Oh, you know. Cell phone calls can distract a horse every time. Customers expect service even during a race. It just never lets up.
    Gun: I don’t believe this. There had to be something else going on.
    Biscuits: Well, if you must know. I’ve been studying Zenyatta and her racing technique. I watched her DVD over and over. Keep them guessing right to the last and then turn it on. Win by a nose. It worked.
    Gun: For sure. Biscuits, who is that lovely filly with you?
    Biscuits: Unbridled Forever. She dropped by to pick up some parcels for herself, her sister and mom. Making out the invoices to them is easy. They’ve basically all got the same name.
    Gun: She is a real beauty.
    Biscuits: She is also tall like Zenyatta. Impressive in every way.
    Gun: Could I speak to her?
    Biscuits: Sorry, Gun. But you’re breaking up. Bad internet connection. So long.
    Now, Ms Forever. Would you like some breakfast? Try my special custom breakie biscuits. Carrots?
    Forever: That would be very nice. Who was that chestnut on skype? Looks very familiar. Do I know him? Do you want to introduce us?
    Biscuits: Neigh x 10!

    1. Max, So great to hear from you. What a great post. I agree the best yet. Three of my favorite horses. Wow.
      In an interview with Dallas Stuart he sounded like if Forever didn’t catch with D’ Oro she may not be retired. I’m torn, love her so. Know she will have a nice retirement, but will sure miss seeing her. Sure did want her to go to Gun, but will hope for another day.
      Just over the moon about Bisquits. What a horse……………………………..

    2. Dear Max,

      We have missed you! Thanks for the breaking news with Biscuits and Gun Runner. This is definitely one of your very best reports!

      IMHO, any filly would be proud to be with Biscuits. Take note, Ms. Forever! 😊

      Hugs and Love

    3. Max,
      Thanks for letting us know that Gunny called to congratulate Biscuits. What a pair. Wonder if Biscuits is going to retire now and take up his second career in beauty products? Might be a way for him to get to meet Zenyatta since she must use product to keep her lovely red tips on her mane.

      1. His trainer has said that they intend to keep racing.

    4. 😄😂😂 thank you for the Chestnut update. Too Cute!

  13. Dear Max:

    Oh that’s a gem. Wonder how Z feels about Gun’s interest in Forever. Fickle Chestnut boy. Love and Hugs, JB

  14. Great pictures with the lucky winners! Peace & Happiness

  15. Dear Judy.Great races out in Dubai today.Cirrus is so pleased for Papa Christophe.Great to see Smad Place going to a good home with Charlotte Burke his trainer’s PA.He has been staying at Sir AP’s stables for a few days.Goodnight God bless you LM PC HT and all the sweeties.Love and hugs SheenaX

    1. Dear Sheena:

      Wishing SP a long, happy life and so glad Cirrus seems to be happy too. Love and Hugs, JB

  16. Dear Z Fans.
    Happy Easter !!
    Love and hugs Ingrid.

  17. Travel safely all horses going home from your races. Bisquits if you see Gunnevera or if your on his plane, tell him I love him and that i sure hope his foot gets better.

    1. Oh Bisquits if Forever is on your plane too tell her how much I love her too. Bisquits Love Ya.

  18. Get Well, The Player. Power Up. Love You

    1. Dear Peggy:

      Adding my prayers to yours for The Player. Love and Hugs, JB

      1. Dear Peggy and Judy,

        Me, too! 🙏
        Power up, dear boy.

        Hugs and Love

  19. To Everyone, Have a wonderful Easter.

  20. Dear Zenyatta, to you and all your family. Love you all forever. Have a happy wonderful Easter.

  21. OMG, Just can’t forget Mendelssohn . Boy what a race. You were just terrific. Were you flying or what? Congratulations to you and all connections.

  22. Dear Mama Z, COZ, ZI, BBG and DC:

    Happy Birthday Queen and Ziconic. Hope you enjoy your special day with lots of treats. Goodnight and Happy Dreams all. Love and Hugs, JB

    Z Princess, Dubai, Baby Z, will always love you.

  23. Dear Zenyatta and Ziconic,

    Hope you both have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    Wishing you good health and happiness always and forever. Enjoy your birthday treats!
    Love you so much❣️

    Hugs and Love

  24. Dear Max,
    I was glad that you posted . I saw an OBS (Ocala Breeders Sales) commercial today that Biscuits will be in their April sale. Wish I could buy him. I hope he is bought by a great new owner…

    1. Before Dubai his trainer said that they are entering him in the Met Handicap on the Belmont undercard in June. Plan was to keep racing. We will have to see.

    2. Dear Donna Z. The April sale in Ocala is the 2 year old sale. Exclusively, I believe. I got my sales book Friday. Book 1 and 2 is titled the 2 year old source.
      However on the Cover is Mind Your Bisquits, Sharp Azteca, La Coronel, Midnight Bisou. as all former sales graduates. This may be the confusion. Mind Your Bisquits is by Posse as the sire. There is only 1 horse for sale in the books by Posse. He is a Chestnut Colt born March 7, 2016. Hip #905.His Dam is Royal’s Lass. Wow we ought to check him out. If he is anything like Bisquits bet he is gorgeous. Although he has a different dam.
      Ocala does lots of times put their sales graduates on the Cover. Maybe this is the confusion. The 2 year old colt does not have a name yet.

      1. Thank you, Peggy. I believe that you are correct. The commercials on TV go so quickly that I sometimes miss everything that they are saying.

      2. I read that Biscuits was in the 2015 Ocala sale. He did not meet his reserve and so his owners kept him. That was lucky. After the recent win in Dubai, his trainer confirmed that Biscuits will race into 2019. Goal is the Pegasus. Those chestnuts always dream big, and usually deliver.

  25. On a day of records Arc Heroine Zarkava turned 13 with a beautiful STS’s colt by her side born earlier last week.She may visit Dubawi next.Happy Easter day everyoneX

  26. Dear Sheena:

    Congrats to beautiful Zarkava on her little boy.
    Wishing him a long, happy life. Love and Hugs, JB

  27. Happy Birthday Zenyatta and Ziconic! 💓💓
    Looking forward to the birth and Z17’s name!

  28. So good to see Coz happy.

    1. Dear Sheena:

      Thank you so much for this link. Seeing COZ running and kicking out happily in the snow is a beautiful sight. He seems to be enjoying his training in the indoor ring too. What a gorgeous boy he is. Goodnight. Love and Hugs, JB, LM and all the Sweeties

  29. Zenny,
    Happy Birthday, Queen of Hearts,
    I am sending love your way,
    May carrots, mints and juicy pears,
    Be special gifts today.

    Know how much we care for you,
    To me…you’re number one,
    Being a fan for many years,
    Has been a joy and FUN!
    Love you,

  30. Dear Sue:

    Love the poem. Love and Hugs, JB

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