2018 Celebration Preview

Photo courtesy of Alys Emson/Lane’s End Farm.

Happy Halloween!

Alys caught Zenyatta in a playful mood and sent us these photos.

We’re counting down to the start of the 2018 Zenyatta Celebration, and it’s just two days away! At noon Pacific Time on Friday, November 2 we’ll begin the event with a blog post unveiling the 2018 Celebration Sticker and this year’s auction items. If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to visit Zenyatta, this is your chance—we give away five invitations each year.

Don’t forget that tonight is the deadline for entry into our t-shirt design contest. We’ve seen so much great Zenyatta art over the years. If you’d like to see your work printed on a shirt for sale at the Zenyatta Shop, email your entry to fans@zenyatta.com. Full details of the contest can be found here.

See you at the Celebration in a couple days!

Photo courtesy of Alys Emson/Lane’s End Farm.

Photo courtesy of Alys Emson/Lane’s End Farm.

Photo courtesy of Alys Emson/Lane’s End Farm.


  1. Zenyatta looks wonderful, she is so happy!
    I love her. Ingrid.

  2. Good to see Zenyatta looking so magnificent! Anyone know what happened with her filly or with Ziconic?

  3. Love seeing her looking so happy and frisky. Sure would love to see her in person. Thanks for the pictures. Been missing her.

  4. Zenyatta is so beautiful! I love that she flags her tail when she gallops. I am so glad she is doing great. I love her so much.

  5. Great to see Zenyatta frolicking.

  6. Our Queen is truly magnificent. Thank you, Alys, for sharing her playful mood on a beautiful Bluegrass Day!!! Even in play, she is regal!!
    xoxo to Our Zenyatta and to ALL who love her,
    Mary in Boone

  7. She looks so beautiful and happy. Makes me feel good to see her frolicking with her tail in full flag.

  8. Zenyatta is truely a magnificent horse. I am soo happy that she is doing well and I pray for her continued good health. I would love to see her once again in person.

  9. I saw a blurb back in June that John told someone he expected to get Zenyatta’s filly for training. Don’t know if it happened but am surprised Team Z doesn’t tell us her name and where she is.

  10. Zenny looks wonderful!!!!!!! I am sure she is feeling good not being in foal.

    Love you, Zenny!!

  11. She looks fabulous!

  12. She’s enjoying not being pregnant all the time!

  13. Hey just wondering how the 2 yo Medaglia D’oro filly is doing? Is she backed yet or are they waiting with her?

  14. Zenyatta looks very happy and beautiful.

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