A Day In the Life of Cozmic One

Omar holds Cozmic One while he is groomed in John Shirreffs Belmont barn. Photo by Bob Moyers.

Omar holds Cozmic One while he is groomed in John Shirreffs Belmont barn. Photo by Bob Moyers.

Happy Thursday!

Back in June, while on our way to Lane’s End, we stopped at Belmont to see Cozmic One. Coz, Zenyatta’s 2012 colt, is now in training with John Shirreffs. So far, we’ve followed Coz from yearling prep at Lane’s End and breaking at Mayberry Farm in Florida to his arrival and training at Belmont. (If you’ve missed anything, you can read it all here.) Today you’ll meet Omar Velez, who walks us through a typical day for the two year-old colt.

Since this video was filmed, Shirreffs has moved his barn and crew up to Saratoga. Watch the video below and then scroll down for photos. At the end of the post, you will see a glimpse into Cozmic One’s new life in Saratoga.

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-Team Z

The Barn 41 schedule. Photo by Bob Moyers.

The Barn 41 schedule. Photo by Bob Moyers.

Photo by Bob Moyers.

Photo by Bob Moyers.

Photo by Bob Moyers.

Photo by Bob Moyers.

Photo by Bob Moyers.

Photo by Bob Moyers.

Photo by Bob Moyers.

Photo by Bob Moyers.

Coz on the track. Photo by Bob Moyers.

Coz on the track. Photo by Bob Moyers.

Bath time! Photo by Bob Moyers.

Bath time! Photo by Bob Moyers.

Coz gets a post-workout treat from Ann. Photo by Bob Moyers.

Coz gets a post-workout treat from Ann. Photo by Bob Moyers.

Saratoga, July 2014 — Photos by John Shirreffs

The barn at Saratoga.

The barn at Saratoga.

Coz in his stall.

Coz in his stall.

Coz in training at Saratoga.

Coz in training at Saratoga.


  1. gorgeous boy!!! can’t wait to see him in his first race;) thank you! love the photos and video! xoxoxoZ,Coz,Ziconic&ZPrincess

  2. Coz is so handsome. I can’t believe how time flies I remember when Mama Z was carrying him in her belly. Thanks for the update.

    1. he sure is

  3. thanks for the update. The excitement “mounts” (pun intended!)

  4. Dear Team Z.Absolutely wonderful to see Coz’s new lifestyle.He looks so happy and well cared for,only to be expected as the first-born prince and having John looking after him.Great photo with Ann,the love for Zenyatta and her babies shines through this lady’s eyes.Thank you as always.Love and hugs SheenaX

  5. He’s a beauty! Just makes me sad that 2 yr.old horses have to be broke and ridden so hard! A thousand pounds on baby bones! I guess thats why so many break down ! I hope he comes out alive!!!!!

  6. Wow what a handsome young man he has become!!! Mind you he was such a sweet foal! He appears to be a great height, how tall is he?

  7. He is so beautiful – love seeing all your updates, pictures and videos!!

  8. Will Cosmic one race this year? If so, where?

  9. He’s very beautiful. If he doesn’t want to race, there’s always Hollywood!

  10. Nice….it’s good to see him with John! Looking good Coz!

  11. Thank you so much for the video! Love to see him doing so well…..
    My question is WHY WHY must the grooms allow the horses to bite? Why do they not reprimand them in some way?? I love TBs and have adopted several off the track and ALL of them bite at first…it seems such a simple thing to do, to say AHH or a slight jerk on the chain…..for the ones who go on to riding careers it would make life so much easier for those of us who adopt them…just a thought…. Thanks again for the video he looks wonderful!!!

    1. They need that natural aggression and dominance on the track.

      Racing is as much psychological for horses as physical. They need the drive and dominance to push their head in front of their competitors. It’s basic horse herd psychology, the strongest and most dominant personality puts their head in front, no one else.

      Also a “simple jerk on a chain” to a stud colt can escalate if that colt takes offense and strikes, bites harder, rears, etc. Then you have a fight on your hands and a much harsher set of consequences for both horse and handler.

      Stud colts are not gelded riding horses. and a horse on the track is not a pet. You can’t treat them the same until their career is over.

      1. Well said.

  12. Again, Team Z….thanks SO much for sharing Coz’s activities with us. He looks to be maturing very nicely. Hard to believe he only 2; he looks more advanced in some pictures.
    Good luck to him and his buds!

  13. Thank you! I love the posts and the information about the “Prince”.

  14. Cozmic gets me thru my humdrum day at the office his newborn picture is on my wall right over my boring computer. I do not live far from Saratoga, if you are going to try him out in a race I would luv to go to NY and be there as a Z support team.

    1. He works out everyday. If you live close and don’t work on Saturday/Sunday than you should go by and watch him work out. You could get a birdseye view of a star in the making!

  15. LOL first of all I had to laugh watching the video. COZ’s habit of wanting to bite – I do believe his Uncle John Henry is channeling him! Don’t forget, John’s birthday was March 9th and Coz’s is the 8th :-) I had hoped Coz would have been born on the 9th but due to it being a Leap Year he was born the day before. John’s spirit is still with this boy LOL

    I like that he wants to be out and about. Tenacious will be a good trait to keep, Coz!! I enjoyed seeing him on the training track. It sure brings back the wonderful memories of seeing Momma Zen on the training track at Hollywood Park!

    {{hugs}} and kisses to my nephew XO Auntie Judy

    p.s. Nice to see a glimpse of John in the video, too.

  16. So good to see how handsome he is! If he is going to grow up to be Mom’s size, I hope that he is given some time to mature before he does serious work. Why piddle around with small races, just save him for the derby preps!

  17. What a beautiful colt!!! Every time I see a new up date, he seems bigger, stronger, and more mature. He must have a high energy level, and wow, what a fantastic mover. Thank you Team Z for the new update on the handsome Coz! ;-)

  18. Coz is now well into his training
    Can’t wait for his maiden race!
    Thanks for all the great photos/videos & info

  19. Great update. Loved the Saratoga photos too. Thanks everyone!

  20. He looks magnificent. Even having followed along since he was born, it’s hard to believe Zen already has a 2-year-old in race training. I look forward to following his career!

  21. Coz is a splendid colt and seems to be very confident and intelligent. Thank you Team Z for yet another great look into his life. I am amazed at how big he is…he looks so much like mom.

  22. Wow, is Coz a beauty !!!! What a joy to watch him grow up and follow him into his career.
    Thank you Team Z for sharing this beautiful boy with his adoring fans :)

  23. When he stops and stands still outside, just listening and looking intently off in the distance – wow! Mama Z all over again.

  24. he is such a beautiful colt, can see both Zenyatta and Bernardini in him

  25. What a treat to come upon a new post on a Thursday here in Montreal!

    COZ is looking’ good and I just loved the video with Omar, John, Thierry (from France?) and our old friend Frank. His coltish ways are endearing — as long as he’s got something to chew in his mouth! And it was terrific to see Coz on-track with other babies.

    I do love Saratoga….all that history and those picturesque scenes from the shed row. The old wired window reminds me of my Grandpa’s barn in Huntingdon, Quebec, with his horses and (Hackney) ponies peering out to watch whatever happened to be going on.

    Thank you, Team Z! It’s so special to be in Zenny’s and her family’s lives with such immediacy. I’ve been a racing “nut” for over 4 decades and this experience of “sharing” Zenny, her boys and the Princess is completely unique for me.

    But watch out……I’m starting to feel they’re all mine!!!!! (In my heart, they are.)

  26. He is just stunning!! Saratoga looks so beautiful and is on my list to visit one day. I am assuming Mario and Carmen didn’t move with the barn.?

  27. Absolutely love this post. Thank you so much for being so good to update us! Coz is a beautiful mover over the ground.

    As to the biting, I think most horses use their mouths a lot. After all, they are curious and they don’t have hands, Most of the time, they are just being playful and not malicious. They steal caps, etc. Our Money has been known to open a doorknob with his mouth. And he’s 17 years old. Of course, serious aggression would be something else again.

  28. There’s my beautiful boy, you look marvelous!! We had a stud colt, later gelded, and he was mouthy like this, not nasty just playful biting, and Mario said they put that bit in his mouth because he likes to chew. I don’t see any mean, ear pinning at all, he thinks he’s playing with the guys. Gosh he looks good moving and flying around that track, Thanks for the update especially the video. hugs

    1. I remember in a blog post from Charles at Lane’s End that he said that Coz put bruises on the staff as a foal!

  29. Wonderful video and pics. Coz is growing to be quite the man. You are a very handsome and precocious lad. Behave yourself Coz, that biting has to go, or something else might. Wouldn’t want that to happen. Please stay safe, healthy, and happy. Life is way too short. I am anxiously but, trying to be patient, as well, waiting to see you run and sprout wings, oh regal One. You with the wings. Ziconic will be moving like a “tremendous machine”. No telling what our beautiful PrinZess will do. We have so much to look forward to. All because of our Queen. Hope you day is going well Zenyatta. You and your family make my day every day. Luv ya,

  30. Thanks for the swell pics of Coz. Watching him grow is wonderful!

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