A Little Ziconic Update

Ziconic at Lane's End Farm. Photo by Alys Emson.

Ziconic at Lane’s End Farm. Photo by Alys Emson.

Happy Thursday!

Alys sent over new conformation shots of Ziconic, now two months into yearling prep at Lane’s End. Also below, Todd Claunch captured a special moment between Ziconic and his feline buddy Linda.

-Team Z

Photo by Alys Emson.

Photo by Alys Emson.

Ziconic with Linda. Photo by Todd Claunch.

Ziconic with Linda. Photo by Todd Claunch.


  1. Sheena. Just read that Australia will get a new rider if he runs at Ebor. Young Joe cannot make the weight. No word on who will get the mount.
    Free the Moose!

  2. Dear Nancy.You can access the live streaming on the Dyfi website and the videos on their you-tube channel.
    I’ll post the link for you.Glesni is still at the Dyfi with her chicks.Hugs Sheena.

  3. Dear Max.That’s good news.As you know I’ve never been a great fan of young Joe.I hope it’s Ryan Moore.I just don’t understand how such a tall young man can do the weight for flat races,he would be more suited to national hunt.Free the Moose,Niss4Senate.Sheena.

    1. Sheena. Agree with you. Trying to make the weight at his height has to be difficult. He’s over 6 feet? Like Ryan Moore. I also like Sammy. Frankie would be good. He’s ridden for Ballydoyle before now.
      Free the Moose!

  4. Dear Max.I forgot Ryan is on Telescope and Aidan has said that it’s not certain that Australia will run now!!Maybe Hefferman he rides for Coolmore.Who is riding Magician this weekend?Dave has returned from Portugal so all is well in the UK again!Free the Moose Niss4Senate.=^..^=Sheena.

    1. Sheena. Yes, you’re right. Moore is with Telecope. Don’t know who has the ride on Magician. Good thing that your Dave is back, although I seem to recall that he made some announcements about UK relief for those poor souls on Mt. Sinjar. He was still doing work. No US President could take holidays in a foreign country like Dave, although FDR had a summer home in Canada. Obama even got nailed by his critics for playing some golf while staying at Martha’s Vineyard.
      Free the Moose!

    1. Like this story. Sounds like Mo and Maria, although in this case the Princess seems to like PM in return.
      Free the Moose!

    2. Dear TH, Max and Z Fans:

      Might be something to it or maybe he just felt like being Moose. Love and Hugs, JB

      1. JudyB. Ha! Ha! I thought the same thing. But we all know that Moosie likes the ladies too.
        Free the Moose!

        1. Dear Max:

          Yes, indeed. Loose The Moose! Love and Hugs, JB

  5. Dear Judy.Goodnight God bless you LM PC HT Little Cap Hercules and all the Sweeties.Love and hugs Sheena.X

    1. Dear Sheena:

      Goodnight. Love and Hugs, JB, LM, PC, HT, Cap, Herc and all the Sweeties

  6. Dear Z, COZ, ZI and Z Princess:

    Goodnight. Sweet Dreams. Love You. Hugs, JB

  7. Dear Judy
    I haven’t seen these two photos,thanks so much.Any time I can see Tasty I am so happy,miss her and will always remember the bond and happy times she and Z shared.
    I hope her half btother goes to a good owner in the Sept. yearling sale (HP 140).

    1. Dear debbie s:

      Me too. Love and Hugs, JB

  8. Just in case anyone’s missed it!!! I can watch this over and over and never get tired… they need to name Z14 something along the lines of Zenyatta Junior or something – man they look so much alike!!!!!!! Ears, marking on the face, when they turn and look at something in the same direction… Mini Z lol.


    1. Dear TH:

      Twins. Love and Hugs, JB

  9. Dear Max

    Just another little note about the loss of Carole Lombarde. Did you know that Clark Gable actually went to the plane crash scene to try to recover her body. I knew I always liked him. That just made me like him more. That crash was a mystery why it went right into a mountain peak.

  10. Dear Terry Crow,
    Hope you are okay. Haven’t heard from you in the last few days.
    We miss you when you are absent. Check-in soon!

  11. Dear All. I have missed Terry and his jokes recently.Hope all is well with him.Hugs Sheena.

    1. Agree Marshall and Sheena it’s been way too long since we heard from Terry. Then again, he’s often said he’d like to visit Downunder, so maybe…….? Whatever, just hope all is well with you Terry. Hugs KathyR

      1. Dear Marshall, Sheena and Kathy R:

        I miss TC too. Will email him and let him know we need some jokes from him. Love and Hugs, JB

        1. Thanks, Judy B.!
          Just hearing from him would be enough; although, the stories and jokes would certainly be icing on the cake!!
          Hugs and Lots of Love

  12. Dear Sheena
    Three silhouettes on the perch in the pouring rain last night.One little one there in the light of morning Glesni and her chicks are still on the Dyfii..I am confused about whether Monty is there or not..Monty was seen when the intruder was near the nest-the sight ,said “It must have been serious as Deri let Monty fly off with an uneaten mullet!”.That was Mon the 11th.I saw an osprey with no band come and give the chicks a fish on Tues the 12th in early am-must have been Monty as the others are tagged..After that ??? I was so happy when the wind died down, now I hope the rains stop.Soon there will be chicks in the nest with fish-,let’s hope.They have been eating alot which is good!!
    Goodnight and sending hugs from Canada.

  13. August 14 Cherokee Devotional

    We have heard that all things come to those who wait-which may be true to some degree. But it seems more sensible that all things come to those who expect them, who get ready and work toward having them. Far too many wait for happiness to run them down and force joy on them. But having the right to something doesn’t make it happen. Joy is like a bubbling spring that pushes its way up through layers that would keep it from flowing. And joy is the essence of life, the s du i s di, the key. When something is presented to us, we can’t pick it apart and find fault with it. We don’t look around and see if someone else is interested in it before we decide-but we take it by the hand and walk with it, learn about it, bless it, and find that we have waited long enough.

    I fear no man, and I depend only on the Great Spirit.

    Found this tucked away under the “most popular” stories on Blood-Horse. A great article about Coz and his training. Two pictures and lots of insights from “our John.” Enjoy!


    1. Thanks, Sandy! Lots of good insight!

  15. Mr Willie, Good Morning to ya, you beautiful, beautiful man. Hope your day is going wonderful. Will you follow your Bro to Belmont to be with John? Will your sister then follow you? So much excitement your Mama brings us. Be careful, love you, Darlin’. Aunt Lisag.

  16. Dear Kathy.There’s a new post up!!I have no idea what happened to FB last night I couldn’t access any messages or photos not even on Boo!!I hope it’s not a sign of things to come.The dyfi osprey said today FB had changed the settings for videos but I still can’t access them.Gosh, we had heavy showers this morning when I was in town the chicks must have got a soaking.Fubu isn’t eating again vet said his tummy was upset after the seizure.I often wonder how long she will leave him suffer?
    Poor Joey didn’t feel too good after his shots am sure he will get thoroughly spoiled.Marty was having a good rest from bizness!Wonderful Zoeism today,she is a delight.It’s already getting cold with Miss Kitty and the leaves are falling!Have a great day.Hugs to you,Kisses for Holly,Nikko and Sugar.Sheena.

    1. Dear Sheena,

      Yes, the new post is wonderful! We can never get enough Zenyatta! Wow, I hope your FB woes get straightened out. Oh, I hope the chicks are doing okay. Very upsetting about Fubu. I know she loves him so, but how can anyone make a beloved pet suffer??? Sometimes the right thing to do is to let them go. You know they will spoil Joey. He’ll be feeling good again in no time. Marty as cute and entertaining as ever. Loved his egg impression. Zoe is just precious. Always makes me smile. That was crazy hearing about the leaves falling in Miss Kitty’s neighborhood. It’s still hot here. Have a very good day. Hugs from me, kisses from Holly, Nikko and Sugar.

  17. Wow look at the boody on Ziconic! Wahoo! You go guy, you have to be able too run with a boody like that; how I pray you are your mother’s son!

  18. Queen Z… Did you see your Ice water bucket challenge for ALS by LITTLE SILVER CHARM at Old Friends Thoroughbred Retirement Home???? He is really trying to get your attention. A pic of you too together would be just so awesome….He is smitten!!!!

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