And His Name Is…

Jerry Moss with newly named Ziconic. Photo by Kyle Acebo.

Jerry Moss with newly named Ziconic. Photo by Kyle Acebo.

Team Z is proud to announce that Zenyatta’s chestnut colt by Tapit has been named.

Inspired by the iconic Zenyatta herself, Jerry Moss has chosen the name Ziconic for her second colt.

Ziconic = Iconic with a Z! (zīˈkänik)

Portrait of Zi, now available in the Shop.

Portrait of Zi, now available in the Shop.

To celebrate the new name, we are releasing this portrait of Ziconic in the Zenyatta Shop.

Enter ZICONIC at checkout for free shipping to the US on all prints. This promo code will remain valid as long as Team Z is at Lane’s End awaiting the new addition to the Z family.



  1. Dear Tiz Herself. Great to see her up on her feet and already has 144 friends ,the sky’s the limit for our little princess!Hugs Sheena.

  2. Dear Team Z, and dear Z fans.

    Happy Easter!

    Hugs Ingrid.

    1. Dear Ingrid:

      Happy Easter. Every Easter now, no matter the date, we’ll always think of Z’s Princess. Love and Hugs, JB

  3. Tiz Herself — Thanks for letting us know about Z14’s Facebook page! It’s great to see her white blaze–larger than her mom’s, I think.

    Thanks to Janet Newman, too, for posting the link to the story on Zenyatta. I haven’t watched it yet, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.

  4. Dear Mama Z, COZ, ZI and Princess Z:

    Z, she’s just beautiful. Goodnight. Sweet Dreams. Love All Of You So Much. Love and Hugs, JB

  5. Willie, Congratulations on your beautiful baby sister and congratulations on your beautiful name. Love you, Willie..Lisag

  6. he looks great! and so does the new princess– maybe you should call her Front and Center (or Front and Zenter) ;)


  8. Jerry , a great name for the chestnut colt by Tapit. I hope the references to Zenyatta continue for all of her foals.
    thanks for all the special memories and sharing Zenyatta with her fans.
    Love to all
    love hugs and kisses

  9. Baby girl has great definition for a new foal! Zen and little gal rock. Check out those straight strong legs………

  10. Happy Mothers’s Day Zenyatta. and to all who love and ake care of our Queen. She is truly meant for motherhood, so kind and patient.. \
    Love hugs and kisses to all on this special day.
    Love Zenyata for all time

  11. Just roaming around the site for any additional updates. I like to view the videos, we’ll check again tomorrow, to see if any updates are available. Have a great Day

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