Celebration Extended!

Photo by Kyle Acebo

Photo by Kyle Acebo

Happy Sunday!

The 2015 Zenyatta.com Celebration has been extended through Monday, November 2. Celebration Stickers will be available in the Zenyatta Shop through tomorrow—everyone who purchases one of these stickers will automatically entered to win An Invitation to Meet Zenyatta.

Based on your feedback we have added a very special auction for an opportunity to meet Zenyatta. The 2015 Celebration Bonus Auction: An Afternoon With Zenyatta is now live! This auction will end Monday, November 2 at 11:45 pm PT.

Important: Celebration auction Lots 1–10 will end as originally scheduled tonight at 11:45 pm PT. The high bid will be posted for each auction at 6:00 pm PT, and this will be the final update. Good luck!

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Thank you to everyone who has joined the celebration!
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  1. Great photos and videos of AP at Coolmore- poor guy is confused. Glad
    BB brought a big bag of carrots. His wondered what he was doing standing
    around for the first time in the stallion ring: and finally said lets go. But the handler
    had other ideas. Great photo of Magnier, and irishman, giving him a kiss.

    Oh to have seen him at 4 yo.

    Curlin’s fee is $100,000 at Hill-n Dale.

    Got Lucky – AP lndy’s last filly/mare was purchased by Hill-n- Dale to join their
    broodmare band. Her offspring will be raced and kept by the farm.
    A nice ending for AP Indy’s last offspring.

  2. Praying so hard for “Sam’s Sister” Beautiful Girl so hope you stay stateside. Respect the Japanese a lot now with their horses, but just want you to stay here. Sure wish I could send a message to Mr Dedominica and Jerry Hollandorfer. Love her dearly and sure hope she stays home. Your so in my prayers Sam. Love Ya.

    1. Dear Peggy

      Feel the same way about Stephanies Kitten; Ramsey was expecting an
      offer for her after he bought her back; sad his family wanted to keep
      her. Business took over and she is going to Japan. The Japanese are very
      smart they do but some of our really good stock. Hope your girl stays in the
      Love and hugs

      1. Dear Tizgood, yes I was so upset about Stephanie’s Kitten. I do understand the Japanese are trying to build their Broodmare Band. But, its so hard seeing them leave.
        I checked on the outs just a few minutes ago. Sam’s not there. So I guess she’s still a go for sale. Mark, Jerry please don’t sell her.

        1. Maybe Stephanie’s Kitten might be bred to I’ll Have Another(Big Red Farm) in Japan.

  3. Melbourne Cup 2015 jockey gets $20,000 fine
    Jockey Frankie Dettori has received a 1 month suspension and a $20,000 fine
    for interference in the 2015 Melbourne Cup.

  4. Payne becomes first female rider to win Cup
    By Andrew Dietz Racing Post 3 NOV 2015
    MICHELLE PAYNE made history in the 155th Melbourne Cup by becoming the first female jockey to win Australia’s greatest race after steering Prince Of Penzance to a famous victory.
    Max Dynamite finished an excellent second for trainer Willie Mullins and Frankie Dettori, with Trip To Paris faring best of the British contingent in fourth.
    Trip To Paris’s stablemate Red Cadeaux, three-time runner-up in the race, was pulled up near the winning post and later transferred to Werribee veterinary clinic where he has been stabilised and treated for a fetlock injury.

  5. Red Cadeaux sustained a fractured sesimoid and has been retired from
    racing. He has not had surgery yet. The Aussie vets are consulting vets
    across the world to decide on best surgery. So glad it is not life-threatening.
    He is one of GB longstanding globetrotters-he will be missed on the turf.
    Love and hugs

  6. November 3 Cherokee Devotional

    Most anything has some distortion. Living today is a little like standing in front of a trick mirror that stretches the legs to the size of sticks and puts knees where ankles should be. What is real? What can we believe?
    Even nature affords some illusion. Arid desert has mirages of water standing in pools. It looks real, but approach it and it disappears.
    We must be aware of illusion-of distortion, because some businesses practice it. When our own eyes squint against truth we are creating distortion. If we can’t trust ourselves to recognize the truth, who can we trust?

    I could cheerfully hope that those of another age and generation may not feel the effects of those oppressive measures.
    George Harkins
    Choctaw District Chief

  7. Congratulations to Michelle Payne and Prince of Penzance for their victory in the Melbourne cup.Great run by Max Dynamite in 2nd.My thoughts are with the “old boy”Red Cadeaux.Prayers for a swift recovery .He is comfortable and in the best hands.PUR.Hugs Sheena.

    1. Dear Sheena,
      Big Congratulations to Michelle Payne and Prince of Penzance! 100-1 odds, Wow!
      Hope Red Cadeaux makes a quick recovery and will enjoy his retirement. So glad he was not fatally injured. Power up, Red!
      How great it would be to have a female rider win the Grand National — echoes of “National Velvet”!

      Hugs and Love

  8. Dear Kathy.Wonderful devotional.I have been hunting for news of Red Cadeaux and he is out of surgery and comfortable whew!It’s serious but not life threatening.He may stay in Australia now.There’s a pic of Gerard Mosse in tears as the green screens were put up and they say Jockeys have no heart!!Ed is busy on his twitter.I had forgotten this morning about the race I am a real drip in the mornings unlike you!Great news about Michelle winning but bad day for Frankie although a good run by Max Dynamite for Mullins and Rich Ricci.I am determined to live and see a female jockey win the Grand National.Golden Horn’s stud fee has set at £60,000 but Dubawi’s have gone up to £220,000 I think!!AP is settling down well in his new home having a good roll in the hay.He will find life strange for a while no doubt.Not so warm here today and it promises rain.Marty’s minions are going out into the world today to spread happiness and science and fings!I ordered my Dyfi calendar last night it’s beautiful.Still no signs of Mr No Ears!Have a great day.Love and hugs to you kisses for Holly,Nikko and Sugar.SheenaXOXO

    1. Dear Sheena,
      Glad Red had surgery and is recovering.
      Such a sad outcome for him, so glad
      the injury was not life threatening. What
      can be said about Mattress Mac!!! Sorry to hear
      about Frankie-out for a month- Dancing with the
      Stars?? Ashford is such a beautiful place-his
      testosterone will kick in and the ladies will become
      attractive; he does love to run. Hope there was some
      interest to invest in GH from over here; he is a gorgeous boy;
      fit for his stud fee. Wish Stephanies kitten was bred to GH.
      Have a great Tuesday.
      Love and hugs

  9. Dear Sheena,

    Prayers for Red Cadeaux’s recovery. Congrats to Michelle. Better luck next time, Frankie. A woman winning the Grand National would be quite something. The stud fees for the champions is just mind-boggling. I was happy to see AP taking everything very calmly like always. I’m sure the people at Ashford will do everything they can to make him happy. Glad to read that Bob Baffert will come and visit him as much as possible. Those squishy pillows on Marty’s page are really cute. I’m sure they will sell well. Ooooh, a Dyfi calendar! I know it will be magnificent. Poor Mr. No Ears. That’s so troubling. Have a great Tuesday. Love and hugs from me, kisses from Holly, Nikko and Sugar. Kathy XOXO

  10. Good morning Zenny and Z Family,
    We’re going up on the mountain today to look for the wild horses and hopefully photograph them. We’re not always able to find them, but sometimes we’re blessed by them showing up. We’ve been seeing them for almost a decade now. I love them so much, and have given names to a small band we’ve seen the most and have documented in paintings. It’s also beautiful to see the trees turning and there’s snow on top of the mountain. God’s blessings to everyone for a wonderful day.
    with love, Elizabeth

    1. Dear Elizabeth in NM,
      I responded to your post, but it didn’t show up. I re-submitted and got the message that I had already posted the same message. Don’t know what happened, but if it shows up in duplicate, please excuse me.
      Basically, I said that your trip to the mountains to see the wlid horses and autumnal colors sounds like a wonderful event. Enjoy the beauty of nature!
      It is so great that you have captured the horses in your paintings, too.
      Hugs and Love

      1. Dear Marshall,
        Thanks so much for persevering to get a message to me. We just got home – only able to fit about 3 hours (including driving time up and back, which is just over an hour each way). We live a bit over an hour from our favorite herd, but today, we didn’t locate them. They’re a small band, and not many more still are alive up on the mountain.
        Fortunately, there are still quite a few people who live on the Mescalero Apache Reservation that have and care for many of the horses at their homes. The mountain is on the reservation. We’re only about a half hour from the reservation and drive through Mescalero on the way up the mountain.
        It was truly beautiful today with all of the trees showing off their autumn colors.
        Hope you have a wonderful rest of the day. with love, Elizabeth
        PS Isn’t it wonderful that we all get to know each other and share our love for Zenny and her family?!!

  11. Sad to hear Run Happy jogged 2 miles yesterday!!!!Are they trying to break him down for insurance purposes??Very worried for his welfare.Sheena

    1. Dear Sheena, I’m worried too.

    2. Dear Sheena and Peggy,
      I think there was conflicting information about
      swelling, which another trainer said their was none,
      and some heat, which was supposedly normal?
      Concern here also. Wonder if they are prepping
      him for another race; at Santa Anita? Remember
      Seattle Slew went to CA shortly after winning the
      TC, per enticement of Marge Everett, and he lost
      his first race.
      Love and hugs

      1. Maria reported heat and filling in one leg. Hope they, meaning the Mac a doodles had a vet scan the leg. Great way to make a horse pull up lame with a 2 mile jog?
        Heat in one leg is Not Normal!!!

        1. That is what I thought, too.

  12. Dam of Run Happy just sold for 1.6million. Very beautiful mom. Anxious to go back and see who purchased her. Not posted yet.

    1. Hip # 250

      1. Stonestreet Stables bought her.

        At least one member of this family is safe :(

        1. So Happy about this. Was holding my breath. This is a beautiful mare, sure see where Run Happy gets part of his good looks. Stonestreet has a prize for sure.

        2. Just to be clear, I didn’t meant to imply her previous farm did anything but cherish and adore her. You can see by the look of her she’s in excellent health.

          Just hope that her son finds a soft landing.

        3. Hopefully with the eyes of the racing world watching, Runhappy will find a soft landing. Changing hands would be a great thing.

        4. I mean ownership hands!!!

      2. Dear Peggy,
        Runhappy’s dam is gorgeous, so glad Stonestreet
        has her. She is in foal to Cairo Prince. I was surprised
        to hear of the desire for only young broodmares for purchase;
        and less desirable purchase of the older broodmares;
        in their teens. What next? Someone commented Secretariate’s dam
        was 21 yo.
        Love and hugs

  13. Just watched the video of Runhappy sleeping, getting woken up;
    and trying to bite his groom. It is hilarious and on his facebook page.
    What a character he is. Wishing him the best in his next race.
    Love and hugs

  14. Some conflicting info on “Sam’s Sister’s” Hip number. On one of TVG’s add that had her in it listed her as a hip # to sell yesterday. (Unless I heard it wrong) She didn’t sell yesterday. I looked on Keeneland’s site and in one place still conflicting info. But I went to the Sale Catalog and it has her as Hip # 414. That should be this afternoon. If that is right.
    Please everyone keep her in your prayers for her to go to a good place. Her Sire is Brother Derek.

    1. She is only 4 i’m worried.

      1. She was bought by Colts Neck Stable LLC for $1,150,000.00 so seven figures, not too shabby.

        Don’t know anything about Colts Neck Stable though.

        1. Dear Peggy and Z13 Rules:

          Found this old article from 2013 on Colt’s Neck Stables owner, Richard Santulli. I wasn’t aware, but he bred Oxbow, 2013 Preakness winner. Love and Hugs, JB


        2. Dear Judy, Thank You so much. Can’t tell you how happy I am. Sounds like she’s going to a good home. Hmm, wonder who she will be bred to next year. So happy she is staying here. Hope there’s a Little SS here in 2017.

      2. Dear Z13Rulz, So happy have been reading up on them. They sound like a good stable. I had not heard of them either. Several well known horses attached to them.
        So happy, yes she did bring a nice price. Seems they keep their horses in New Jersey and Kentucky.
        So happy for her. I was so afraid to look and see who bought her.

  15. Gleneagles is on Coolmore Ireland’s stallion roster not staying in the US as first thought.Red Cadeaux is a gelding so no stallion duties for him.PUR.Hugs Sheena

  16. Dear Bluegrass Girl; I am late in reading, but had to thank you for the link on the written article of American Pharoah. One could just see that he was such a personal horse.
    The description written about him and his fans reminded me so much of Z!
    hugs, Sally B

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