Christmas at Lane’s End 2018

Zenyatta with Charles Campbell at Lane’s End Farm, Christmas 2018.

Merry Christmas!

Zenyatta’s stall was decked out for the holiday with her favorite cookies and candy canes. Thank you to the staff at Lane’s End for taking such great care of her and bringing so much cheer. We wish everyone a joyous and peaceful holiday.

-Ann and Zenyatta’s Web Team

Zenyatta’s Christmas, 2018.

Zenyatta’s stall, decorated for the holiday.

Holiday decorations from the staff at Lane’s End.

Merry Christmas!



    David Ingordo talks about Accelerate.

    Dear Judy.Strange to wind and rain at SA still cold over here.Goodnight God bless you LM PC HT and all the sweeties.Love and hugs SheenaX

    1. To see I meant!

      1. Dear Sheena:

        Nice video. Thanks for sharing. David I. really has an eye for picking Champions. Accelerate is just gorgeous. Love and Hugs, JB, LM and all the Sweeties

      2. Have you not heard of the song; It never rains in socal it pours”? And it snows and jails too. A horse had to be put down after the race yesterday. Last year, they cancelled four days of racing due to rain.

  2. Dear Z Fans:

    Wow, congrats to Harvey Wallbanger AND ken McPeak. Won the Holy Bull today and paid $61 change. Everfast finished 2nd and paid $81 in the middle. Favorite Maximus Mischief finished third. Looks like we’re in for a wild ride in the preps to the Triple Crown this year. Love and Hugs, JB

    1. Judy,
      Saw the video of Harvey Wallbanger’s race. Amazing. Another one to watch for the Derby. Everfast looked good too. Tax, a son of Arch, bred by Claiborne and raced by Muchie’s owners won his race too.

      I am so happy for Mucho Gusto! He is quite the man.

      Be interesting to see Steve Haskins Derby Dozen this week.

      Enjoy watching the Super Bowl. I do have to say it would be hard to bet against New England. As for me, I am going to watch the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet.

      Our high today is supposed to be high 50s!

      1. Dear Shirlee:

        Happy for Gusto and Muchie too. Also for Kenny McPeek; good trainer and man.

        Read about Tax. He was a $50,000 Claimer. Happy for him.

        We’ll see if the Pats can do it again. Love and Hugs, JB

        1. Dear Shirlee and Z Fans:

          I was reading about this year’s Puppy Bow on AP. Senior participants are up for adoption and one of them is a 16 year old Poodle mix named Karlie. Hope they all find loving homes. Here’s the article. Love and Hugs, JB

        2. OOPs: That’s Puppy Bowl. Sorry. Love and Hugs, JB

      2. Dear Shirlee,

        I always choose the Puppy Bowl! I watched the Dog Bowl last night, and I will see the Puppy Bowl at least a couple of times this evening since they repeat it.
        Go Puppies!

        Congrats to Mucho Gusto!

        Hugs and Love

    2. Wow. Starting off with a bang!
      Love those names, too. Congrats to those three. Maximus Mischief could be related to your Charlie, JB?

      1. Dear Ann:

        Too cute. Not in ancestry, but definitely “into mischief”. Love and Hugs, JB

  3. Dear Z, COZ, ZI, ZEL and DC:

    Goodnight. Happy Dreams. Love You. JB

  4. I am glad that Zenyatta’s filly finally has a name. And not to be negative or anything, I am not big on the name but I think calling her Zel for short is cute. I am glad they are taking it slow with her.


    My boy Kauto with his famous stablemates Denman and Neptune Collonges plus Paul of course.Legends all.

    1. Dear Sheena:

      What a wonderful photo. Thanks for sharing. Outstandingly beautiful boys. Love and Hugs, JBJ

  6. Gordon Elliott confirms Apple’s Jade will run in the Champion Hurdle and take on reigning Champion Buveur D’Air.Only 5 weeks to go!Stay safe my beauties.

    1. Godspeed Jade. Love and Hugs, JB

    1. They are in love with one another. She has such a cute smile and clearly loves riding Stanley. Blessings to both of them.

  7. Adorable. Mini-mother’s smile just made the day! Too cute- right Zenny?!
    Thanks Sheena.

    1. Dear Sheena:

      Agree with our Ann; adorable Mini Mum and Stanley. Love and Hugs, JB, LM and all the Sweeties

  8. Dear Z, COZ, ZI, ZEL and DC:

    Have a restful evening; comfy and cozy. Happy Dreams. Love You. Hugs, JB

  9. I am glad Zenyatta’s filly finally has a name even though I am not a huge fan of that name(not to be negative) but I do like the option of calling her Zel or Zella for short. She reminds me so much of Zenyatta.

    1. Sorry about this being posted twice. I don’t know how that happened.

  10. Dear Judy.Hope the dogs find a home.So many elderly find themselves unwanted.Sad.Stanley loves admiring himself in the mirror now and mini mother may be jumping soon!A real chip off the block.He is about 12hh and 6yrs old.Still coldish here.Goodnight God bless you LM PC HT and all the sweeties.Love and hugs SheenaX

  11. Paul Rhodes has just posted Annie Power has a fine colt by Galileo.Both mother and son ‘doing well’Congratulations AnnieX

  12. Bummer. Someone called it the worst Super Bowl ever.

    Love to see pictures of those babies they are so precious.

  13. Dear Judy.Milder here today.We are all waiting for a photo of Annie’s colt.I cannot imagine they will sell him but what do I know!Goodnight God bless you LM PC HT and all the sweeties.Love and hugs SheenaX


    Remembering Annie’s Champion Hurdle win in 2016.She powered up that hill!!!

    1. The jump races scare me a bit, but she was very powerful and made it look easy.

  15. Dear Sheena;

    From the deep freeze to Summer; was 61 degrees here this afternoon. Congrats to Annie on her boy. Would love to see a photo. Goodnight. Love and Hugs, JB, LM and all the Sweeeties

  16. Dear Z, COZ, ZI, ZEL and DC:

    Goodnight and Happy Dreams, JB

  17. Hi Zenny
    You look wonderful!!!! You look so alert, and not sluggish. You are as beautiful as ever. Wishing you an awesome day.

    Love you!!!

  18. Hi Sheena
    Thanks for sharing. Just love Lava Man.


    Hope this link works Annie has the most cutest foal and she looks a very proud mum.

    1. Precious! Simply precious!
      Congrats to Annie Power and Galileo.

      More congratulations to Simple Verse and Frankel, too!

      Thanks for sharing, Sheena.
      Hugs and Love

  20. Dear Judy.Such a lovely pic of Annie’s foal.All over social media tonight.Simple Verse has a lovely Frankel colt too.Glad you have warmer weather.Goodnight God bless you LM PC HT and all the sweeties.Love and Hugs SheenaX

    1. Congrats Bobby. Love and Hugs, JB

      1. PS: Congrats to Simple Verse and Frankel on their boy. Love and Hugs, JB

  21. On this day in 1952 Princess Elizabeth ascended the throne.She was just 25yrs old.67yrs later Her Majesty is the one constant in our ever changing troubled world.She is an example to us all never putting a foot wrong.Unlike the younger members of her family there is still an air of mystery about her as it should be.We know the Queen yet we don’t.Long may she to continue to reign.God bless you Ma’am

    1. Dear Sheena,

      Thank you for posting this reminder. I agree with you completely. Congratulations on this outstanding accomplishment — a matchless role model and representative of her country.

      Continued good health to Her Majesty!

      Best Wishes always.

      1. Dear Sheena:

        God Bless The Queen.

        What a little cutie Annie’s babe is. Congrats to her and G. Goodnight. Love and Hugs, JB, LM and all the Sweeties

    2. Best Wishes to the Queen. She is the most admired woman today. England has been blessed with two great queens, the two Elizabeths.

  22. Dear Z friends,
    Amy passed over the Rainbow Bridge this morning aided by the caring hands of her Dr. Mike.
    I decided to forego the x-ray I had planned on having him do because she had been continuing downhill. I felt that even if we did find something else causing her decline (possibly a tumor) that there was nothing else we could do to help her.
    When I talked with her this morning telling her how much I love her, she gave me a look of complete trust, which let me know that I was making the right decision for her.
    Cappy & I will miss our very special girl, but I feel better knowing that Amy is no longer suffering and is enjoying all the happiness of heaven with all of our other fur babies who we have allowed to go to the better place we call Heaven.
    I am very thankful for the special gift and blessing of Amy that God shared with me for almost ten years and my life is much richer for being able to share that time with her.

    1. Dear Donna Z,
      I’m so sorry for your loss! It is so hard to lose our beloved furry companions. You gave Amy so much love and she absolutely trusted you to do right by her. She will be waiting for you in Heaven!

    2. Dear Donna Z:

      My heart goes out to you and Cappy. Rest In Peace beautiful Amy; pain free in God’s care. Love and Hugs, JB 😢

    3. Dear Donna Z.,

      I just read your post, and I am so sorry for your loss. You loved Amy and did everything you could to make her better — Amy knows that. The memories you two created will comfort you, and she will be waiting to greet you and Cappy when the time comes. Meanwhile, please know your friends here on Z’s blog share your sorrow and send loving thoughts to Cappy and you. RIP, sweet Amy.

      Hugs and Love ❤️

  23. Dear Z, COZ, ZI, ZEL and DC:

    Have a pleasant evening and Happy Dreams. Love all of you so much. Hugs, JB

  24. Dear Donna Z.I am sorry to learn that Amy has died.RIP.I know you had 10 wonderful years with her and those memories will bring you great comfort.Love and hugs.


    With Cheltenham only a month away this is extremely bad news.


    Some really gorgeous foals this year.SO-MI-DAR and her Galileo filly born on the 5th February.

    1. She’s a beauty!
      Congratulations to So-Mi-Dar and to Papa G. What a lovely little face!

      Thanks, Sheena.
      Hugs and Love


    No racing until February 13th at the earliest.Horses affected were from Donald McCain’s yard and they had been vaccinated,Racing continues in Ireland.

    1. Dear Sheena,

      I hope all the horses will be okay and that the flu will be contained.
      Thoughts and prayers for return to health for all involved.

      Hugs and Love

    2. Dear Sheena:

      Praying for containment of this outbreak and complete recovery for all the horses affected.

      Another gorgeous Galileo. Congrats to him and So-Mi-Dar. Goodnight. Love and Hugs, JB, LM and all the Sweeties

  28. Dear Z friends,
    Thank you so much for your kind words; they are a comfort to me. Someday we will all meet in heaven and I will be able to give each of you a hug for understanding and caring.

    1. Dear Donna Z.,

      Sending love and comfort to you and Cappy. God bless you. <3 <3 <3

      Hugs and Lots of Love

    2. So sorry for the loss of your sweet pup.
      Love to you and Cappy.
      RIP, Amy.

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