Cozmic One at Mayberry Farm

Cozmic One during his workout. Photo by Kyle Acebo

Cozmic One during his workout.

Happy Wednesday!

As most of you know, we went to Florida at the beginning of the month to check in with Coz who has been at Mayberry Farm in Ocala for two months now. Jeanne Mayberry established the farm in 2000 and now runs it with the help of her daughters Summer and April. Today they are teaching Cozmic One the skills and routine that Zenyatta learned in 2005.

Coz in his stall.

Coz in his stall.

Coz on his way to the ring.

Coz on his way to the ring.

In this video from our visit you’ll see Ann, Jerry and John Shirreffs observe Coz’s morning from stall time right through to his post workout bath. Video and photos by Tyler Matson and Kyle Acebo.

Trainer John Shirreffs watches a group of yearlings on the track. Photo by Tyler Matson.

Trainer John Shirreffs watches a group of yearlings on the track.

John and Jerry.

John and Jerry.

Ann chats with Coz's rider.

Ann chats with Coz’s rider.


Post workout walk

Bath time.

Coz enjoys bath time.





We look forward to interviewing Jeanne about the process of breaking yearlings and her experience throughout the years. And in the next few weeks, the staff at Mayberry Farm will be answering questions from the fans in our Mayberry Farm Edition of Ask The Experts. Submit your questions below!

Happy Thanksgiving!
-Team Z

Edit: Submissions to Ask The Experts are now closed. Thanks to all participants!


  1. Coz looks like his Mama, hope he can run as well. Can’t wait to see him!

  2. truly thrilling to see the 5 min video, I cherish being a part of Coz’s upbringing, thank you Team Zenyatta, you are the best

  3. Coz, i dont see video, move lightly and quick like in snow paddock LE with mates, dont rush and dont breeze on dry hard ground, when you will be stallion i will think that you are lil foal that Zenny sniffing and licking, be carefull with back and legs, high hoof

  4. coz, smile tail, someyearago at our was tallthinwhitearabian mare bjasha bystraya with cruisespeed of 40 km ph, when i walked on her, she turned head lil back and looked how i seat, i belived to her and was not frightened that i claimed on her back, while she very quickly unmounted not onetime girljockeys that wanted full control her moving, some like this you can see in youtube “eegdevelopmentcorp may 13, 2012 race 7 botbo ” , botbo want jockey to unmount from him before race :-) , coz dont breeze on hard course, have rest in paddock, care of back and legs

  5. Glad to see he has a bit of an attitude. Love to see him in John’s hands. The potential is there, it just needs to be steered in the right direction. God bless you Coz, here’s toasting you will completely be your mother’s son!

  6. It is so apparent how much Coz is loved. The way Ann was kissing him, he so loves her!! This video brought tears of joy to my eyes! Thank all of you!! Tell momma Zenyatta Hi! Happy racing for her future babies!!

  7. cozmic 12 is such a gentle boy, soooo handsome looks like resemblance with the mama.

  8. You have big shoes to fill having the queen for your
    Mother I think you will fill them just fine . I hope you run in the east so this part of the country gets to enjoy you . Saratoga would be nice

  9. watta a gorgeous boy. will be looking for him in his races

  10. Cozmic One is such a gentlemen and what a little sweetheart he is such a hard worker he is so beautiful and so handsome I just love Cozmic One he was born on my Birthday March 8th I Just love Cozmic One GREAT GRANDSON OF THE GREAT SEATTLE SLEW. I met SEATTLE SLEW GREAT HORSE AND COZMIC ONE IS GREAT TOO.

  11. He looks absolutely stunning. I remember seeing the pictures of him when he was still a little one. I can’t believe how much he has grown.

  12. I can’t wait tout see how this young horse does and see if he gets to be in the triple crown races next year. He has some great horses in his pedigree. He could be the next Triple Crown horse.

  13. not sure if this is the appropriate place to ask but would it be possible to use the photo of Coz in his stall for a graphite pencil drawing? I am not a professional by any means, but it is such a beautiful photo and I would love the opportunity to capture it in a drawing, with permission of course

  14. Does anyone know how many hands Coz is? He looks like he is about 16+ hands. He is so beautiful and elegant, just like Mom.

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