Cozmic One Is Off To Florida

Cozmic One. Photo by Alys Emson/Lane's End

Cozmic One. Photo by Alys Emson/Lane’s End

Happy Monday!

Zenyatta, 13Z and Cozmic One were visited by Jerry and Dottie this weekend. It was a particularly special visit because they were there to see Coz off as he departed Lane’s End for Mayberry Farm in Florida. At Mayberry he’ll follow in his mom’s footsteps and focus on his new routine—learning to be a racehorse. Alys captured video of his departure for the fans.

Jerry and Coz. Photo by Alys Emson

Jerry and Coz. Photo by Alys Emson

The team spent time with Zenyatta, who is looking great and in foal to War Front. They also said hi to 13Z, who’s having a blast this fall with his buddies.

Jerry and Dottie say hi to 13Z. Photo by Tyler Matson

Jerry and Dottie say hi to 13Z. Photo by Tyler Matson

Zenyatta grazes as Jerry looks on. Photo by Tyler Matson

Zenyatta grazes as Jerry looks on. Photo by Tyler Matson

We’d like to thank Lane’s End for all of the time, enery, and love that they have put into Coz. For that, we are very grateful.

-Team Z


  1. RIP Hoofit Graham Motion ‏ tweet Monday Oct. 14 2013
    Hoofit lost his life today due to a leg infection. He survived an earthquake, hurricane & shipping across the world but this was too much.
    Michelle Jackson ‏tweet with Photo
    #RIP Hoofit Taken 10/4/13 at Keeneland

    Hoofit (NZ) B , G, foaled September 1, 2007
    ( Mossman (AUS) – Chuckle (AUS), by Danehill)

    1. Very upset about this. He was a wonderful horse, and his name was perfect for a racer. RIP Hoofit.

    2. RIP Hoofit

    3. Oh how terrible, to have survived so much and lose your life to something seemingly so minor. RIP Hoofit.

    4. This is so sad. RIP dear Hoofit — you are much too young to leave us.
      Condolences to all connections. This is a huge loss.

    5. So sad to see this news. He was one that I enjoyed following. May he rest in peace.

  2. @Vicki B. and TC, GP–I had to print out that Alydar article so I could read it at leisure. He is so closely related to our Money. That is something else. We do have a Kindle, and I will be ordering. We have been cheated out of lots of money by a crook, so I can only imagine the depth of depravity. These guys need their own special punishment.

    @Sandy–say it isn’t so about our boy Dullahan! Are the BC winners going to be the “last horses standing”? Something is clearly wrong, and I think a lot of us suspect what it is.

    1. Barabra–The combination of A Wild Ride and the article will tell you all you need to know. After you finish reading them both, I would appreciate your opinion. By the way, congratulations to Baylor on another win .

      1. @TC, GP–thanks! It wasn’t a pretty win, but it counts as a “w”. Pretty scary.

        Kindle is actually hubby’s, but I ordered the book and will commandeer it to read myself after I let him see it first. Will be glad to let you know.

        1. The book actually starts out with the death of Alydar but very little is said about him after that. And, since you also have the article, you know that Alton Stone is actually a part of the plot. I will continue to vent about this as long as there are people out there who don’t know this story.

    2. Barbara, they do indeed deserve what hasn’t come to them yet. And probably a lot of Texans should be p’o’d at First City Bank’s involvement in the swindle, and the casual arrogance of Cihak in using the bank as “his personal piggy-bank”, as the prosecutor put it. But it takes a special kind of perversion, to choose to simply disregard the torment inflicted by forcibly breaking a horse’s leg, in order to kill it, in order to collect the insurance money — I thankfully can’t even comprehend it.

      1. To think that Lundy is already out of jail is mind boggling. I am glad that you checked out this article. All people who love horse racing should be aware of what these crooks did. If you read A Wild Ride, I would like your opinion of it, knowing what you know now.

    3. Barbara, I cannot stand to read about what was done to Alydar. He was one of my loves and I always picked him against Affirmed. There is a special place in Hades for those people who betrayed him.

  3. Happiest of Birthdays to our Debbie G. Hope Leroy gets a treat too! Hugs.

    1. Thank you, Barbara! Leroy’s already had his treat today. He thinks every day is his birthday! Love and hugz, Debbie

      1. Happy Birthday Debbie.

        1. Thank you Shirlee!

  4. RIP Hoofit Gone too soon. Hugs Sheena

    1. Sheena. This is not the UK racer, Hoof It. He’s still okay. Very sad news that this one with similar name is gone.

      1. Max & Sheena
        I posted his info because of possible confusion with GB one.
        This Hoofit is from Down Under- NZ & AUS.
        It is a sad loss. BGG

  5. Dear Max George Scott has been tempted back to the UK for the plum role of assistant to Lady Jane Cecil.He started out as a lad at Ditcheat with Paul Nicholls and ended up in California with Simon Callaghan,very excited about his new job Hugs Sheena

    1. Sheena. Glad to hear that Lady Cecil has good support. Training with Paul Nicholls and Callaghan will prepare him for this role. It’s bound to be tough for Jane Cecil to keep Warren Place going. Henry Cecil was brilliant and had incomparable experience, but even he went through bad patches and stayed the course. Good luck to her. I think that it’s great that she plans to keep with it.

  6. Dear Max I well remember Sir Henry’s hard times, and Light Shift’s emotional oaks win in 2007.A lot of us shed some tears that day, he was on his way back and the best was to come.I hope Lady Cecil will do well. Laura is on the ferry to France now, that girl has too much energy!!! no news is good news about Steve.Hugs Sheena

    1. Sheena. Bravo to Laura for heading to see Steve. I have crossed the English Channel myself by water and it is always exciting as in scary. No wonder your island kingdom has not been successfully invaded since 1066. I am hoping that Steve does not have to stay in Europe too long to recover. He needs to be near his pal Kauto. Steve is a very handsome horse. He advertises himself on Twitter as “cheeky”. That characteristic seems to be rather prevalent among UK horses. They are also all talkers. Love talking horses with ipads.

  7. A Birthday Poem for Debbie G
    (October 14, 2011– revised)

    Born and raised in Lexington,
    In the heart of Thoroughbred land,
    It comes most naturally
    To our dear Debbie G.
    To find the Thoroughbred grand.
    In the spring of 2009,
    The stars in the East did align
    For a three-year-old filly, so fine,
    Rachel Alexandra by name,
    All the colts in the Preakness
    To beat—
    ’Twas a great feat
    Which brought Rachel well-deserved fame
    And made Debbie feel giddily silly.
    With her win,
    This lovely filly,
    Truly gifted,
    From bleakness
    The racing scene
    Soon Debbie did confide
    To her dear stepdad Jim
    Her joy in Rachel’s run
    And in all the great filly had done.
    He to her replied,
    “Out west in the California sun,
    There’s another fabulous filly
    Who really can run…”
    Then in awe he repeated,
    “A filly who has nine times won
    And never once been defeated–
    She’s known as the Queen!”
    And that’s how Debbie G.
    First learned of the great Z.
    Next came the Milady,
    And Debbie herself did glue
    To the TV
    To get her first view
    Of Z.
    One look
    Was all it took,
    And Debbie was on Z hooked–
    She would forevermore be
    A Z devotee!
    For 2009 Horse of the Year
    Some for Z would cheer,
    And some
    For Rachel A.
    It was Rachel in the end who that year won,
    But another day
    For Z would come
    To get her due,
    And I’m glad to say,
    For 2010 they her did name
    Horse of the Year,
    Above the vaunted Blame.
    When, in November 2010, Z,
    So highly admired,
    Finally from racing retired,
    Debbie followed the beloved retiree
    On her engaging Diary,
    And when summer again had come,
    Debbie by Dawn’s entry was inspired
    To visit Claiborne,
    Where Dawn had had such fun.
    ’Twas early on a Sunday morn’
    When Debbie with her mom and Jim
    Arrived at that breeding farm
    Which is cloaked in the fame
    Of the great Secretariat, Swale,
    And now Blame.
    Not a soul was about,
    So they paused to take stock.
    Jim looked all around him
    And then, meaning no harm,
    Headed right in
    On the first door to knock,
    When who should step out
    Them in person to hail
    But Seth Hancock!
    Oh my, just imagine their shock!
    Jim, an ardent horse-racing fan,
    Had long idolized the man
    Who now shook his hand
    And who told him a guide
    Soon would come by
    If they a moment would bide.
    Jim, a little-tongue tied,
    Searched for some way to reply.
    What came to Jim’s mind
    After all that time
    Of being in awe
    Of the man he now saw?
    What could he find
    To say
    That very day?
    Before Seth Hancock strode away,
    Jim blurted out,
    In nearly a shout,
    “Your horse broke
    My daughter’s heart!”
    That gave Seth Hancock quite a start!
    Debbie’s heart was sinking—
    What had Jim been thinking!
    She felt the situation dire,
    For just a few months prior
    Hancock had lost to Z
    The award
    That had been his most fervent hope
    And deepest desire
    As Blame retired to stud:
    The Eclipse Horse of the Year.
    Debbie could hear her heart thud!
    Had they with those words their welcome outworn?
    Would Seth Hancock find Jim’s remark untoward
    And react with blazing scorn?
    She his reaction did fear,
    For she was remembering then
    How after Breeders’ Cup 2010,
    Seth Hancock in celebration
    Had made the declaration
    That Blame’s Breeders’ Cup Classic run
    Had the contest decided
    For Horse of the Year!
    He had himself on Blame so prided,
    Scant praise for Z passed his lips.
    Many felt he
    The prowess of Z
    Had in fact derided.
    Then the night of the Eclipse
    He felt humiliation
    To hear
    What he most did fear—
    That Zenyatta had won
    The ‘race’
    For 2010 Horse of the Year!
    That night
    He certainly lost the fight
    To hide his pain
    From public sight–
    It was all too plain
    To see there on his face,
    Though he might.
    But now on this sunny day
    In mid-July,
    He no longer did seethe,
    But did stay
    Gracious and calm–
    Perhaps the passage of time
    Had been a balm
    That helped him to cope.
    Before politely taking his leave
    From Debbie’s party of three,
    He Debbie’s mind did relieve
    With a simple remark, quite kind,
    That it was his hope
    She might change her mind
    After meeting his horse….
    And she did, in a way,
    Of course,
    For when Debbie came
    Face to face
    With Blame,
    She truly felt sorry for him–
    He’d given his all to win,
    But who now spoke his name?
    Since those days
    The words of praise
    Are all for Z—
    In the end hers is the victory.
    Although the race
    That day Blame won,
    When all was said and done,
    Z had shown on that Churchill course
    That she was the better horse,
    As all at last could tell.
    Her perfect record fell,
    But not her fame!
    Though in that race
    She’d started so slow,
    Leaving herself much too much to do,
    When at last
    She took up the chase,
    She came charging through,
    Surging so fast
    That with her closing burst
    She very nearly took first!
    When she stormed from last to close
    And lose by just a nose,
    Her acclaim rose–
    Her final race made her
    For sure the Queen
    Of the racing scene.
    And so on that visit to Claiborne,
    Not a year later,
    What did Debbie in the end do?
    Was her heart still torn
    In two
    By Z’s second place
    In her final race?
    Or did Debbie maybe choose
    Blame to stroke
    On the soft nose
    Which had given him
    That win?
    I’d like to quote
    What Debbie once to us wrote:
    “No one likes a sore loser.”
    That can cut both ways
    I these days
    To myself propose…
    And Blame’s visitors say
    That he, for his part,
    Is a sweetheart,
    Who, like our Z,
    Will gratefully savor
    Peppermint candy.
    Perhaps, dearest Debbie,
    You found it in your heart,
    Though that loss still may smart,
    To do Blame a small favor
    And kept a mint for him handy
    When him you did see.

    Happy birthday and many, maany more, Debbie!

    1. I can’t thank you enough for this fabulous poem, Trina. To think that anyone would take the time to write something this beautiful for me blows my mind. You’re a rare treasure and I love you dearly. Love and hugz, Debbie

      1. Happy Birthday to you, DebbieG!! Sorry I’m a day late, but there have been many birthdays on this site that I have missed completely. Hope all have been happy ones – :)

        1. Thank you Celeste!

    2. Thanks bunches, Trina! One of your great epics — beautiful! Hugs

      Again, Debbie G., Happy, Happy Birthday! Cheers

      1. Thanks again, Marshall! :-)

    3. Trina-I know how hard you work on these poems. Kudos on an epic about a special person.

      1. Aww, thank you Terry. You’re too sweet. I hope I get to meet you this year at the BC!

  8. High hoof, Trina! I just love this poem. High hoof to you both. Evidently many agreed that that day when our Zenny “lost”, she cemented her legacy in her greatest race ever. I wish she could have realized just how many hearts she won that day. Hugs to you, precious Z. Love you always!

    1. Agree Barbara.

      I feel sorry for Blame, he ran his race, but will forever be connected
      to our Queen for many in a negative manner. I did everything to muster
      up my own negative thoughts towards him, but I was being unfair.

      After all he is a Claiborne horse and I have always respected them and the rich history they have. And I can never really dislike any horse because I love them so much.

      Love the poem Trina!

      1. Yes, I can’t hold a grudge and would love to meet him. Never met a horse I can’t like. Hugs.

        1. I saw Blame last year at Claiborne. He is such a tiny guy, almost a cutting style Quarter horse looking guy. I couldn’t believe that he beat our Zenyatta!

    2. Amen, Barbara. As crazy as it may sound, I think Z’s fame and the affection everyone felt for her grew after her last race.

      Janet, I feel the same way. I tried to be mad at Blame, but I just couldn’t. I love horses too much to ever get mad at one. I may get upset with a trainer or jockey, but never a horse. I love Claiborne. I’ve been there 4 times and never get tired of it. Blame and War Front are my favorites there. Blame is a total sweetheart. I always take plenty of peppermints for him.

    3. Thanks for that poem, Trina. I also wasn’t fond of Blame, mostly for the reactions at the time from some of his connections and fans — those who just couldn’t see how great Zenyatta was. But whenever I think about her “loss” that day, I think how Zenny doesn’t care at all about that. Like I think John Shirreffs said at the time, “She probably thinks she won.” And she’s right.

  9. Dear Trina Such an epic verse ,have come to know you all through the poems Love and hugs Sheena

  10. Dear Judy Goodnight God bless you, Lola Mae, Charlie and all the Sweeties. Sleep well. Love and hugs Sheena

  11. Congratulations to the Moss’s and John Shirreffs as Blingo won the Banker’s Stake at Belmont today.

    1. YAY! Congrats to our Mosses and John S. Well done!
      Cheers for Blingo!!

    2. From Backside 55
      Here is Blingo’s race chart. The caller at Belmont is awesome in his summations!

      And here is the video of Blingo’s SUPER win. ENJOY!

    3. Congrats! Way to run, Blingo.
      Thanks for sharing the good news.

      It is beyond me how those Uk cheeky horses tpye on their ipads?
      Kauto, any tips?
      Hope all have a nice day!

      1. AnnN C. Kauto is always smashing up his iPads. Moose said once that it is not easy to type with hooves. I think that Moose uses his phone. Hovis also has his own phone.

  12. Debbie, A very Happy Birthday. Sending a big hug!!

    Trina, another wonderful bio-poem. Well done!
    A chance to learn about Debbie & her family & her love of RA & Z.
    Not to mention she is a fellow Kentuckian.
    Hugs, BGG

    1. Thanks BG Girl!

  13. On Mon. Oct 14 J.J. Hysell ‏tweets Mike Smith rides in Breeders Cup
    Mike Smith’s @BreedersCup : Game on Dude, Royal Delta, Points Offthebench,
    Little Mike, Fascinating, Mizdirection

    1. Wow. This could be a huge day for Mike Smith. I wouldn’t bet against him adding to his already record breaking win total at the BC.

      1. Terry, The Classic should be some race with Mike on GOD and Gary on sweet Muchie. Great story no matter who wins. Of course, you know where my money is going to be. Love me some Muchie.

        1. shirlee-How can one not root for MMM?

  14. Updated listing of ♥ EBLOUISSANTE: Racing OR Broodmare prospect. Good luck and God bless Ebby XO

    1. Still going to be on pins and needles to see who gets her.

    2. It’s such a comfort to see that amended to racing or broodmare prospect. While I know she will likely be a terrific broodmare with fantastic genes, I’d love to see her race again. Thanks for sharing!

  15. I miss seeing our Red Prince! Please, can we get a video of him, please!!!!

    1. Yes, a new video or more pictures? Please?

  16. Just got a reply to question I asked on Stonestreet’s facebook page-Taco and Chili were on the last truck to Florida. There is a description of the trailer/truck etc. on News. I would post it here, but as y’all know, I am computer dumb. Promise I will learn how one of these days.

    1. Thats “electronically challenged “… me

    2. @shirleeinindy,

      I think this is the page you wanted.

      1. ♥ Fasinating! Thanks for sharing the link :-)

    3. Thanks for sharing that news. Florida will never be the same. Taco and Chili are something else, along with The Coz!

  17. Wow, so much to comment on this morning!

    Trina, your poem takes my breath away. What a great talent! Happy birthday Debbie!

    Mosses, congratulations on Blingo’s win. He is new to me. What a handsome boy!

    Please God, we want the best for Eblouissante. Someone who will take good care of her and love her. She is so gorgeous.

    Thinking of Coz and Jess’s Dream in FL and Z13 growing up at Lane’s End. We look forward to any information we can get on them.

    Happy Tuesday everyone!

    1. Thanks Kathy!

  18. Dear Max Hovis’ friend Mr Beauty Pageant (Jock Paget)has been suspended immediately. His horse Clifton Promise, on whom he won Badminton and Burghley, tested positive for a banned substance. Laura was talking about it on her twitter,She’s in Le Lion!!!hugs Sheena

    1. Sheena. Like Laura said, let’s hope that there is an explanation. Horses trust their people to keep them safe from this kind of thing.
      Here is a nice photo of Steve before his accident. Get well Steve, and come home.

  19. Thinking of Coz today and hoping he is doing well.

    Would love to be there and see him.
    I am hoping for some pictures of our 13Z soon.
    Sending lots of virtual hugs and kisses to Zenyatta, 13 Z and Coz.

  20. Happy Birthday, Debby G.!!!!! Hope you had a special day.
    Trina’s poem for you was Tops.

    1. Ann-Glad to see you posting.

    2. Thank you Ann! Yes, Trina’s poem is fabulous. I honestly don’t know how she does it. Hugz, Debbie

  21. In my mind Coz, Taco and Chili will always have a special connection. Hoping they all thrive. Wouldn’t it be grand to see the three of them on Kentucky Derby Day thundering toward the finish line.

    1. And don’t forget the Maggy Hawk filly, full sister to Afleet Alex. 2012 might go down as a banner year. Hopefully, we will be talking about the greatness and soundness of these 4 for many many years.

  22. For those who have been praying for little Capona, who could barely get up not long ago, look at this!
    One of the horses taken in with her has already been rehomed. Capona and her mom, Sweet Mary, are both doing so much better.

    1. ♥ WOW! This is beautiful sight!!! ♥

    2. Thanks, Barbara W., for this happy update! Capona is wonderful!!!!
      What a change! Love and Hugs

  23. Barbara,

    This is so great to see!

  24. Even more bad news about Dullahan as reported today on

    “The day he set the record at Del Mar…beating older horses, including Game On Dude, was a thrill we will never forget,” Crawford said. “But it was also his final winning moment. He was right that day, but I’m not sure if he was ever himself in a race after that, and it’s too bad that we won’t get to see the best of him.”

    According to Crawford, an early retirement was never previously considered for Dullahan. “Our plan had been to continue to race him as opposed to retiring him to stud right away,” said Crawford. “We think that too many horses get retired young and we really believe in racing. That had been our hope and our plan, but that was not to be.”

    Dullahan is currently residing at Kenny Troutt’s WinStar Farm near Versailles, Ky., as Donegal explores options for his stud career.

    “We’ve had considerable interest in him, including overseas interest,” said Crawford. “At this point it’s probably 50-50 whether or not he will leave the country.”


    1. I hate to hear this, Sandy. I know how fond of him you are. I love him too. Maybe if they keep him at Winstar here in KY you can come down again and we can visit him.

  25. New Blog “Coz in Training” has been posted!

  26. Great video of Coz. I showed the children : )

  27. 1st foal from Zen is Coz by Bernadini,right?
    2nd is 13z, by Curlin,right?
    and now zen in foal with war front, right?

    pls. answer because im one of her real fan also :)


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