Cozmic One Is Off To Florida

Cozmic One. Photo by Alys Emson/Lane's End

Cozmic One. Photo by Alys Emson/Lane’s End

Happy Monday!

Zenyatta, 13Z and Cozmic One were visited by Jerry and Dottie this weekend. It was a particularly special visit because they were there to see Coz off as he departed Lane’s End for Mayberry Farm in Florida. At Mayberry he’ll follow in his mom’s footsteps and focus on his new routine—learning to be a racehorse. Alys captured video of his departure for the fans.

Jerry and Coz. Photo by Alys Emson

Jerry and Coz. Photo by Alys Emson

The team spent time with Zenyatta, who is looking great and in foal to War Front. They also said hi to 13Z, who’s having a blast this fall with his buddies.

Jerry and Dottie say hi to 13Z. Photo by Tyler Matson

Jerry and Dottie say hi to 13Z. Photo by Tyler Matson

Zenyatta grazes as Jerry looks on. Photo by Tyler Matson

Zenyatta grazes as Jerry looks on. Photo by Tyler Matson

We’d like to thank Lane’s End for all of the time, enery, and love that they have put into Coz. For that, we are very grateful.

-Team Z


  1. Wow! Thank you so much for the update. Wishing Cozmic One the best! He’s a big boy now. Can’t wait to see him race!!

    1. I agree with you except I can wait a long time to see him race. Here’s hoping for 2016. :-)

  2. How exciting!

  3. I’ll be they are going to miss him at Lane’s End and give him a big welcome at Mayberry Farm.

    1. He sure looks fabulous!

  4. Thank you so much for the great pics and video, I’m glad Jerry and Dottie got to see him off. Have fun in Florida Coz! Best of luck in your early training, you’re a special boy and we all love you so much. <3

  5. Still growing into those!Love the updates.Thank you so much!!

  6. Coz is looking more and more like Bernardini!!! He is so beautiful!!! brought tears to my eyes watching that video!! It seems like only yesterday that we were waiting to hear if Zenny had foaled!!! Thank you guys so much for continuing to let us know how Zenny and her boys are doing!!! Hope Coz does well in training!!!

  7. I know this is a business, but I would have been in tears! It was almost like he was “whinning” goodbye as the trailer drove off…..”I’m off to the races”! We will hear good things about this boy! He’s in excellent hands with John!

    1. That’s what I was thinking Marilyn.

  8. Makes me tear up just a little. I wish him all the best in his training and in his new life as a race horse. May all of your travels be safe, Cozmic One!

  9. My GOD he is so beautiful, WOW!!!!!!! look at him AWESOME You run to your looks Baby Boy you have it all. Georgous

  10. What a big and handsome boy he’s become!!!!! Good luck, Coz!!!!!

  11. Wow, I’m sure Coz will be missed at Lanes End. Thanks so much for sharing with the fans. Will pray for Coz safe travels and training.

  12. So excited to see this young man race! I have followed him since birth and certainly appreciate all the updates! We really have alot to look forward to the next couple of years seeing Lady Z’s sons enter the Track!

  13. Oh he’s all grown up! My Stella is moving closer to me this week as she heads out to get started on her own road to the races. Hard to believe it’s been this long since the 2 of them were born, watching them grow into themselves… *sigh*

  14. Wow Coz is so big now and all shiny going off to school. I sniffled the first day of Kindergarten and I sniffled just now. I know he will be fine and will be in very good hands.

    13Z looks so cute and Mom, Zenyatta, looks glorious as always. And it was great to see Mr. Moss and Dottie, as well.

    Thank you Team Z for always thinking of us and thank you, Alys for the video of our handsome boy heading off to school.

  15. Wow, what great pictures! Thanks so much for letting us be a part of this special experience. I can’t imagine that Ann was not there but I am sure that she was there in spirit. Cozmic One has grown so much and looks so handsome. He certainly does his mother proud. What a great looking son of Z! I have to chuckle at the picture of Z13. He reminds me so much of Prince Harry-the heir and the spare. He gets to be a kid because big brother has the pressure of being #1. Z of course is doing what she does best, graze and look beautiful. She is always so laid back and calm. I hope that she is still with LIS, would love to see some pictures of them together now that they have spent more time with each other. Thanks again, I always love seeing updates from Z’s Team.

  16. He is just gorgeous and I, too, teared up a little seeing him leave Lane’s End. I’m a little surprised that they didn’t wrap his legs in shipping wraps. I hope we get upates on him from Mayberry’s.

  17. Wow, Coz looks so grown up now. It is hard to believe that he will be Two in a few months. He’s looking good too, all filled out and such a pretty color ! Thank You for the video and the pictures of “Z” and 13Z too. Good Luck “Coz”. We can’t wait to see you race. :)

  18. Be safe, run true Sweet Boy; we’ll be looking for you.

  19. Beautiful

  20. Name the War Front foal World War Z!! ;)

    1. Cute!!! Love ♥ it :-)

  21. Thanks for the video and pictures.

    Sending my prayers and best wishes to Coz as he
    enters the next phase in his life. Be safe and I will be thinking of you everyday.

  22. Thanks for sharing . I’m sure he will do great with the Mayberry’s

  23. So thrilling to be in from the start watching this story unfold. Thank you for taking us along for the ride!! Looking forward to learning more about this phase of the sport, as well. Hugs to all….

  24. This post absolutely made my day! It’s so good to see that all is well with the Zenyatta Dynasty. Wishing everyone great success in the bright future ahead! I truly believe that horses are God’s gift to mankind – seeing the beauty in Zenyatta and her offspring brings me great joy!

    Safe travels to John and Dottie! You rock our world in Kentucky!

    Blessings always,
    Sandra Frey

  25. He certainly has filled out and definitely looks the part of a race horse. I only have one question–Who is going to play jolly ball with him now?

    1. Exactly! He prob’ly wondered where he was going, as he was a bit reluctant to enter that van.

  26. The beats :)

  27. Bye Coz and have a safe trip. You are a big, beautiful boy and I hope I see you racing soon. I hope you’ll be just like your mama.

  28. I will never forget waiting with many people across the country for word of his birth, a night and early morning I will never forget. You all take very good care of that PRINCE. Love to you all, give Z a hug. Thank you everybody

    1. A memory many of us will never forget Cindy – the birth of our prince. Amen to your comments!

  29. Good luck Coz. Can’t wait to see you run.

  30. Wow did he ever grow up and he looks fabulous!!! Such a handsome boy! You must be very proud of him….It was a little sentimental I will have to say…..Seeing him go in that trailer and leave “his home” caused me a few tears also…Good luck Cosmic one and do your momma proud!!!
    Thankyou for sharing this amazing moment…..

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