Friday Photos

Coz with his new favorite toy. Photo by John Shirreffs.

Coz with his new favorite “toy”. Photo by John Shirreffs.

Happy Friday!

John and Dottie sent us these photos of Coz having fun at Belmont. The box he opened was a gift from students at Westgate Middle School. Thank you Homeroom 215!

-Team Z

Photo by John Shirreffs.

Photo by John Shirreffs.

Photo by John Shirreffs.

Photo by John Shirreffs.

Photo by John Shirreffs.

Photo by John Shirreffs.

Photo by John Shirreffs.

Photo by John Shirreffs.

Photo by John Shirreffs.

Photo by John Shirreffs.

Photo by John Shirreffs.

Photo by John Shirreffs.

Photo by John Shirreffs.

Photo by John Shirreffs.

Photo by John Shirreffs.

Photo by John Shirreffs.

Photo by John Shirreffs.

Photo by John Shirreffs.

Photo by John Shirreffs.

Photo by John Shirreffs.


  1. Bob 3 arrived in the dyfi at 8.53pm!!Croeso mawr i’r bach.Ma’r towydd fod I wella o fory ymlaen.Hugs SheenaX

  2. HRTV Belmont Stakes ‏@HRTV · Tuesday June 2 2015
    American Pharoah JUST arrived at Belmont Park!!
    Check out the video here:

    1. BG, Thanks so much for this link. Loved watching the video just below the first one on the link also. In my remembrance, I don’t believe I’ve seen any horse run like American Pharaoh. His legs and feet are so like a ballet dancer’s. He seems to barely touch the ground, as if he were weightless. There is nothing ‘plodding’. He doesn’t ‘force’ any movement. He does remind me of Zenny, who also looked as if she defied gravity. I think every race was part of her ‘dance’. Both she and AP look as if they ‘loved’ running. Many blessings and thanks again, BG with love, Elizabeth

      1. AF also has big ears like Zenny even though I don’t see Roberto in his family. He also runs with ear plugs.

  3. This is silly and a salute to Terry Crow.
    When I look at the photo of Coz with the cone in his mouth,
    I keep wanting to caption it
    Who let the dogs out?

    When the cones are placed on the track, they are called “dogs”

    1. How funny. Did not know that.

    2. BGG-You are correct on all counts. The”dogs” are used mainly on the turf course

  4. Dear Allie in Texas: I was heartbroken to hear of the passing of Vertigineux last year,with no announcement or tribute which she so richly deserved.Thank-you for persuing avenues to find out what happened and to make us all aware that she has passed,sad as it is. It is very important to know and to give her our respects and recognition for who she was and the huge legacy she leaves behind.
    Sheena,your message to Coolmore also helped to encourage them to make an announcement on their facebook page(June 2) and now Blood Horse has posted also.
    (See Allie’s post on the last page re announcements)

    Max, I just loved watching the race you shared with us of Vertigineux’s amazing win. Zenny is her Momma’s daughter.RIP Vertigineux, always loved,always remembered.

    1. Itis very sad to hear of Vertigineux’s passing a year after the fact. She was an amazing broodmare…one of the best ever. Her legacy will live on for generations but it is disturbing to learn of her death in this manner. It makes me think her life was unimportant to those entrusted with her care.

    2. Thanks to all the Dumplings who helped to get the word out. Zenny’s blog being a voice for good.

      1. Yes I too, Thank those who where persistent in getting the information on Vertigineux & her passing. I think it is sad that, if Zenny’s fans hadn’t pursued the facts, we probably never would have found out the truth. For those who like to visit Thoroughbred Farms in Kentucky, check out WinStar Farm who appreciates the fans & does farm tours. Also Old Friends is another Farm where the Retired Race Horses Live out their days and they Welcome Visitors Every Day :) Both Farms do require an appointment for farm tours.

  5. Dear Judy.Thinking and praying for you and Lola Mae.Hope you enjoyed the pics of Summer,she had a great time in Nashville.Goodnight God bless you LM PC HT Cap Hercules Frank and all the Sweeties.Love and hugs SheenaX

  6. Good luck to American Pharoah on saturday in your great Belmont stakes!I thought it only rained in the UK!!!!Hugs Sheena.

  7. Hi there everyone!

    Here’s the latest from THE VAULT (thoughts on the upcoming Belmont):

    I hope you enjoy it.
    Hugs & love to all and peppermint kisses to my Big Girl

    1. Thank you Abigail!
      Another superbly written, informative read
      Always look forward to The Vault

      1. Carol: So glad you enjoyed it! And many, many thanks for giving the encouragement I need through your support. Hugs

    2. Abigail, Thanks for another interesting and informative post. You always give us a lot to think about and add to our horse history knowledge. Many blessings from above, with love, Elizabeth

  8. Dear Abigail,
    Thanks bunches for your timely Vault post. Another great article!
    Hoping that American Pharoah can pull off the Triple Crown thus breaking the long drought.
    Hugs and Love

    1. Marshall: thank you. I’m hoping for the same. In fact, I don’t know how I’ll get through Saturday until the race….I mean, you can’t start drinking @ 9 a.m. can you????? Hugs & love sweetie

  9. June 3 Cherokee Devotional

    The search for peace of mind has reached into areas grown dangerous. But like nearly all pursuits for peace, there is a hook on the end of many remedies. Too much sinks its claws in and will not let go-even to our destruction.
    Most people do not want to hear there is a spiritual answer to their dilemmas They prefer “other” ways that have side effects. The spiritual way is totally free of interference and very personal, as any Indian will tell you. Ha dv da s da-listen. Listen and hear.

    Possibly you may be looking for someone with a strong heart. Possibly you may be intending to do something for me better than I know of.
    Black Kettle
    Principal Chief of the Cheyenne

    1. Allie: I agree. It was beautifully done.

    2. This is the best, most informative article I’ve seen. I don’t think Coolmore is bad, but they totally underestimated the interest in Vertigineux and loyalty to Zenyatta her legions of followers have. Vertigineux was honored herself as Broodmare of the Year, she has left her own legacy. She was important.

      I’m still extremely upset that the agreement with Mr. Kronfeld that V. be returned to Winter Quarters Farm wasn’t kept. I won’t beleaguer the point, though.

      I do appreciate that Coolmore has finally announced the passing of Vertiginuex. I appreciate the efforts of all who were persistent in their quest for answers so this happened.

      I do hope that the breeders and farms realize that the racing fans are as interested in the great mares as we are the stallions.

      1. It is amazing that in this day & age there is still dismissal of the mare’s genetic input! I’m tempted to say it is because too many are uneducated (stupid?) about genetics and/or too lazy to learn. Certainly a LOT more should be written on this topic.

  10. RIP Vertigineux

  11. World war 3 at the Dyfi BUT the sun is shining!!Sheena.

  12. Here’s some inspiration for American Pharoah. for Saturday and also for Cozmic One and Ziconic as they continue their training:

      1. Sorry. Anyway, the song is called “Go the Distance” from the Disney animated film Hercules and I felt it was appropriate as AP makes his bid for the TC and Coz and Zi dream of what their futures hold. Here are the words:

        I have often dreamed
        Of a far off place
        Where a great warm welcome would be waiting for me
        Where the crowds will cheer
        As they see my face
        And a voice keeps saying
        This is where I’m meant to be.

        I will find my way
        I will go the distance
        I’ll be there someday
        If I can be strong
        I know every mile will be worth my while
        I would go most anywhere to feel like I belong.

        I am on my way
        I can go the distance
        I don’t care how far
        Somehow I’ll be strong
        I know every mile will be worth my while
        I would go most anywhere to find where I belong

  13. Dear Kathy.Great devotional!We have sun woo-hoo!!3 naughty little chicks on the dyfi can you imagine when they grow older?Gosh,the temps in Arizona are high 104F I’d be dead for sure no wonder Zoe needs her little boots.Such a beautiful portrait of the old lady and a cat.Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.Miss Kitty’s mum has a new kitten a tomcat!She really is foolish taking on another cat when she cannot afford to look after the other 2.Maybe I sound harsh but she should be practical.He will need special food too.I know her heart is in the right place but…Fubu had a good check-up at the vet he’s put on weight and got his rabies shot as well.I saw the video on Joey’s page of the duck.How cute was that!Ray is having a bad hair day we can all relate I think.Alan Sherman and Raul are arriving in the UK today to see all the abuse CC has had to endure here in the UK!!!These peeps are not a good advert for US racing.I enjoy visiting though just to see their daft comments!Did you hear about the controversy surrounding Matisse the dog’s win in BGT?Seems Jules used a stunt double when he was crossing the ropes.It doesn’t really bother me but think there is going to be an investigation.It was a great act though.Hope you have a wonderful day.Love and hugs to you,Kisses for Holly,Nikko and Sugar.Sheena.XOXO

    1. Dear Sheena,

      So glad you’re enjoying some nice sunshine! The 3 Bobs are so cute. They sure love their fish! AZ gets very hot. I was in Phoenix in August years ago and it felt like an oven. They don’t get the cooling breezes from the ocean so it stays hot even at night. Zoe sure walks good even with shoes on. Diane is such a good Mommy to her. Loved the pic of the cat and the old lady. Goes to show our beloved pets love us even if we’re advanced in years! I agree Miss Kitty’s mom shouldn’t be expanding her furbaby family and then ask for help from FB friends. Not cool! That’s wonderful that Fubu has put on weight. LOVED the duck. He was just so happy and adorable when he spotted the kid and then just kept on happily quacking. So endearing! Ray’s bad hair day was very cute. I know I can certainly relate. RE CC…abuse in the UK??? I thought he was really happy over there! I did hear about the controversy about Matisse and the other dog substituting on the high wire part. I’m not bothered by that. It was a fabulous act. I’m sure there will be sticklers that feel it should have been performed solely by Matisse. We’ll have to see how it all plays out. Have a good Hump Day. Love and hugs from me, kisses from Holly, Nikko and Sugar. Kathy XOXO

  14. Dear Abigail.Remember how devastated I was for Smarty Jones!!!Great article.We shall see.Hugs Sheena.

    1. Thank you Sheena. I was devastated too. I love Smarty & am still HUGELY irritated that he has been marginalized as a stallion. Great horse. Great heart.

  15. Dear Max.The Fly is running at Auteuil sunday!!!!And Lady Cecil has had her 1st 2yr old winner of the season at Nottingham.Things are looking up!Big weekend both sides of the pond.Sheena.

  16. Here are the Post Positions for The Belmont Stakes
    HRRN ‏@HRRN ·
    Belmont posts: 1 Mubtaahij, 2 Tale of Verve, 3 Madefromlucky, 4 Frammento,
    5 American Pharoah, 6 Frosted, 7 Keen Ice, 8 Materiality

  17. California Chrome: Perry Martin Lays Out Rest of Racing Career
    San Diego Horse Race June 2, 2015
    Majority owner, Perry Martin, sat down with Frank Angst at and laid out plans for the remainder of the year for California Chrome and thus, the rest of his racing career. Unfortunately for all of his fans back in his home state, they have seen the last of the Derby winner.
    Martin plans to run ‘Chrome’ at Royal Ascot in two weeks. Preparations continue for the Prince of Wales Stakes on June 17th which is run on the turf. This Thursday morning, England time, California Chrome will put in a work over the Ascot surface with rider, Frankie Dettorri in the irons.
    Then Martin plans to bring his colt back to the United States for the Arlington Million on August 13th. That will also be on the turf.
    Next stop will be the Jockey Club Gold Cup at Belmont Park on October 3rd and despite being a Grade 1 race, it is a prep for the Breeders’ Cup Classic at Keeneland on October 31st. That means California Chrome’s final two races will be on the dirt.
    After that it’s off to retirement and, fingers crossed, a successful breeding career. He will stand in Kentucky.

    1. BGG-You know my opinion of this guy.

  18. (((((((((((((((((((S-C-R-E-A-M-I-N-G))))))))))))) Oh Coz so nice to your pics, I’ve missed you so much and you are just adorable playing with your road cone. You’re still just a sweet little HUGE baby.
    But it’s time to stop that biting and playing and race like the champion that I know you are. You’ve always had star quality “look” so let’s see it soon. You can play with your road cone after your big win, k?
    Lord, bless the baby. Love you Coz, my fav forever.XOXOX

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