Friday Photos: So Many Peppermints!

Photo by Alys Emson

Photo by Alys Emson

For Zenyatta, it doesn’t get much better than peppermints and cool water on a hot summer day. Zenyatta received this peppermint “necklace” from her friend Tiana, and she absolutely loved it! After wearing it around for a bit she politely asked Charles if she could try a few bites.

Happy weekend!
-Team Z

Photo by Alys Emson

Photo by Alys Emson

Photo by Alys Emson

Photo by Alys Emson

Photo by Alys Emson

Photo by Alys Emson

Photo by Alys Emson

Photo by Alys Emson

Photo by Alys Emson

Photo by Alys Emson

Photo by Alys Emson

Photo by Alys Emson

Photo by Alys Emson

Photo by Alys Emson


  1. US Marine Corps horse honored for Korean War valor
    Houston Chronicle July 27, 2016
    LONDON (AP) — A U.S. Marine Corps horse who served during some of the bloodiest fighting of the Korean War has been posthumously decorated for bravery.
    Sgt. Reckless was awarded the Dickin Medal during a ceremony at the Korean War Memorial in London on Wednesday, the 63rd anniversary of the end of the war.
    A serving British Army horse stood in for the late Reckless at the ceremony.
    The chestnut Mongolian mare served as an ammunitions carrier for the marines’ anti-tank division. She made repeated strips to supply ammunition and retrieve wounded troops under heavy bombardment during the battle for Outpost Vegas in March 1953.

    1. Thank you to the British for honouring SSgt. Reckless
      FYI The PDSA Dickin Medal
      Awarded for Conspicuous gallantry or devotion to duty while serving in military conflict.
      Country United Kingdom
      Well done!

      1. Dear BGG.That is wonderful news.Thoroughly deserved.I have just been reading about Judy the dog one of the first to receive the Dicken Medal.She was a POW(official)Hugs Sheena

        1. Wonderful to hear that Sgt. Reckless is being honored! Great book about her story…her bravery and her life after the war is a must read. Race mare conscripted off the race track into the Marines and war.
          Noble horses – love them all.

    2. Dear BGG,

      Thank you for posting this. I am deeply touched by this news.

      My gratitude to the United Kingdom for recognizing Sgt. Reckless with the PDSA Dickin Medal — the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross. She is still remembered and honored for her brave service after 63 years. Simply remarkable!

      Hugs and Love

    3. Dear BGG:

      That’s great news. Well deserved Sgt. Reckless. RIP Love and Hugs, JB

  2. Dear Mama Z, COZ, ZI and DC:

    Goodnight. Happy Dreams all. Love you. Hugs, JB

    Z Princess, Dubai, Baby Z, will always love you.

  3. July 28 Cherokee Devotional

    Mark Twain said that noise means nothing-when you hear a hen cackle you would swear she just laid an asteroid, and you know it was only an egg. Most of the time when we hear someone exploiting some great deed, you can figure they just laid an egg. When people do something really great, they don’t have to insist on others taking notice. Others notice on their own.
    Truth needs no shouting. It can whisper along as surely and quietly as deep running water. It has endured from the beginning of time. Isn’t it a wonder then, that when we discover truth for the first time, we call it miracle?

    All of life is Spirit.
    _Laflesche, Osage

    1. Dear Kathy,

      Love today’s devotional. It is so accurate that “Truth needs no shouting.” One doesn’t need to brag, or blow his/her own horn. Your accomplishments will speak for themselves.
      I wish Mr. Trump (& others) would heed this advice. Apologies if I have offended anyone’s political sensibilities. I will try not to do it again – I really do try to avoid politics.

      I love Mark Twain’s sense of humor — there is wisdom in the wit.

      Thank you!

      Hugs and Love

      1. Except that the worrying truth is, this is not the case anymore.

        In this new digital age, where over sharing of information is the norm, rather than the exception, it’s the noise makers who get noticed, while those who are quiet, even dignified about their accomplishments get lost.

        An example of this is in Horse Rescue. There was recently a very stark and telling conversation on the Forum side of this website that posted a letter from the person who has run the Thoroughbred second chance rescue CANTER for years. She writes how donations to foundations like hers, Re-Run and Our Mims have dried up in favor of the rescues who post on Facebook, using real time urgency “At the slaughter auction NOW and need funds!!” as well as pictures, videos, anything that SCREAMS FROM THE ROOFTOPS!

        So while organizations like CANTER, RE-Run, Our Mims, who have worked for years to raise awareness of the plight of Thoroughbreds, who have made changes within the Industry about where these horses go after their track or breeding days are done, are now going broke and closing, these louder, shouting rescues get the funds.

        No. It no longer pays to be quiet about your accomplishments, to try to let your work be seen for itself. We are watching rescues who have done all the right things, for years, from their financials to the horses, get squeezed out and shut down by the flashy rescues who can make the most noise but maybe aren’t as on the up and up.

        1. Sorry.
          I was thinking on a personal or individual level.
          Organizations function in a different realm.

          I promise to be more circumspect in future.


  4. Dear Kathy.Sooo late todayI slept through 2 alarms but still needed to get to town.Shopped in a dream and supermarket was so busy!!Very humid and damp here today even at Goodwood spoiling ladies day!Glesni has caught a massive mullet take a look.She will soon be preparing to leave us worse luck.Mother Theresa has been in Rome so Larry has had the run of the place.I missed Obama last night and didn’t get to see the news earlierGrumpy cat is running for President now at last an honest politician running for the Friskies party.She used JFK’s famous lines but asked what the country could do for her!So you all an excellent choice now Mr Fibbs or Grumpy no more Trump or Clinton.Now I am getting to visit the furbabies Hope you have a better morning than me.Love and hugs to you,kisses for Angel Holly.Nikko and Sugar.SheenaXOXO

    1. Dear Sheena,

      You must be exhausted missing 2 alarms. I hate shopping when it’s super busy. Too bad for the ladies attending Goodwood. That’s good Glesni caught a big fish. She’ll need a lot of protein for the trip ahead. Lucky Larry having the place to himself! Obama was much more upbeat than what we heard from the Republicans. It just depends on which side we all buy in on in November. I’ll bet there will be some who would prefer Fibbs or Grumpy! Widget leaves tomorrow. Zoe will be lonely! Have a good Friday Eve. Love and hugs from me, kisses from Angel Holly, Nikko and Sugar. Kathy XOXO

  5. Big Orange wins back-to-back Goodwood cups.Jamie Spencer on board.Congratulations.Sheena.

  6. How lovely you are, Queen Zenyatta!!!!
    Mary in Boone

  7. Alys these photos on 7/22 are fabulous! Xoxoxo to Zenny.


  9. The picture of Zenyatta sticking her tongue out in anticipation of the peppermints is priceless! Hope she is in good health and enjoying her pregnancy!

  10. Bonjour Zenyatta,

    Lovely necklace!

    It looks very nice on you. Love the photos, too.

    Lots of love to you.

    Lise from Maine

  11. Zenyatta…..what a beautiful lady! She’s far more than a thoughbred
    she’s an entertainer, a Queen and above all she’s a sweetheart and a perfect Mare and mother in every way . ” The People’s Favorite ”
    Love You Zenyatta

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