Guess 14Z’s Birthday!

Photo by Kyle Acebo.

Zenyatta. Photo by Kyle Acebo.

Zenyatta’s War Front foal is almost here, and we thought we’d add a little fun to the wait. From now through April 1, we invite you to guess the date and time, to the minute, that 14Z will arrive. The person with the closest guess (without going over) will receive an 11″ x 14″ print of the new foal signed by the photographer and Zenyatta’s owners, Jerry and Ann Moss. The winner will be announced following the birth of the foal.

This official contest was inspired by the unofficial contest that is taking place in the “Zenyatta’s Waiting Room 2014” Forum discussion.

Enter your guess below. Upon entry you will receive a confirmation email from us. This contest is open to Zenyatta fans worldwide. Please note that we will only accept one entry per person. Multiple entries will disqualify you from the contest.

Happy guessing!
-Team Z

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We are no longer accepting entries at this time. Thanks to all who participated. The winner will be announced following the birth of Zenyatta's foal.


  1. Judy the Beauty Sharpens Speed for Run in Madison
    Judy the Beauty, winner of the Thoroughbred Club of America (G2) here last fall, worked five furlongs in :59.60 on the main track in preparation for the $300,000 Madison (G1) to be run Saturday, April 12. The work was the fastest of the morning at the distance.
    Trained by owner Wesley Ward, Judy the Beauty has won all three of her starts at Keeneland. Saturday’s work was her first since winning the Las Flores (G3) at Santa Anita on March 9 in her 2014 debut.

  2. Jockey Kayla Stra Out With Thumb Injury
    By Blood-Horse Staff March 30, 2014 6:15 PM
    Jockey Kayla Stra is expected to miss up to 10 days with a dislocated right thumb suffered when her mount, Russian Silk, broke down passing the quarter pole in the ninth race March 29 on the Santa Anita Park turf.
    “I’ll probably name her on mounts a week from Thursday,” agent Richie Silverstein said. “I won’t be taking mounts this Friday and Saturday.”

    1. Mr. Silverstein is being a bit ingenuous. Kayla Stra does not get so many mounts that she can pick and choose. She is a competent rider, though.

    2. Dear BGG:

      Wishing KS a speedy recovery. Do you know how Russian Silk fared? Love and Hugs, JB

      1. Russian Silk’s injuries were extensive and he had to be put down.

        1. Dear TC GP:

          Oh no. Another one gone too soon; this was only her second start. RIP beautiful Russian Silk. Hugs, JB

        2. You are right, Judy. Too many gone too soon.

  3. Mike Smith Results
    March 29 – Fair Grounds
    Rare Penny Scratched (Off-Turf) Race 5
    Eriugena (IRE) finished 1st by 3 1/4 lengths Race 6
    Fiftyshadesofgold finished 2nd beaten 7 3/4 lengths Race 7
    Amira’s Prince (IRE) finished 2nd beaten by a neck Race 8
    Palace Malice finished 1st by 4 3/4 lengths Race 10
    Intense Holiday finished 2nd beaten 3 1/2 lengths Race 11

    1. The Fair Grounds is a very nice track. I try to visit it every time I see my daughter, who lives near New Orleans. Used to have the longest stretch in America. I guess it still does until the new title holder hosts its first thoroughbred race. The new title holder is Los Alamitos.

  4. Dubai World Cup 2014 Results: Winners, Top Payouts and Order of Finish

    By Jason Pettigrove , Featured Columnist Bleacher Report Mar 29, 2014
    The Dubai World Cup, the richest day of horse racing in the world, has taken place at the Meydan race course. And what a day of racing it was.

    1. G ‏ tweet on Monday March 31 2014
      GENTILDONNA connections plan to retire her at the end of the year,
      one more priority target remains : Japan Cup number 3 #goDonna

      1. The Japan Cup is in December. There was talk of G going to the Arc, which means at least one or two races before then. We’ll see what they have planned as it is a long way to December.

  5. @TC,GP–am so glad to hear that you are ok. Even when you are used to experiencing those, I’m sure each time is shocking and unexpected. ( I started to say “jarring”, but didn’t want it to sound like a joke).

    @Judy Berube–thanks for the photos and account of your visit. I think I’ll never learn to do all that photo stuff myself.

    @Sue Fredrick–I am so glad your Badgers won again. That makes our loss not seem so bad and elevates our status in our loss to you. I’m already pacing about our girls’ game tomorrow. Hugs to all.

    1. Barbara-I was watching ESPN and saw the most remarkable feature. It seems that a member of the Baylor team has an eye problem and has struggled to cope with it. A most unusual young man.

    2. Dear Barb W.:

      Glad you like the photos. Will be happy to try to help you through the process of posting photos when you have the time. Good Luck to your Lady Bears. Hope all of you and Money are doing well. Love and Hugs, JB

      1. Thank you, Judy! We play Notre Dame tonight for the Final Four and I’ve had the jitters since yesterday.
        Money doing great. Such a character.

        1. Dear Barb W:

          Would love to hear some updates on what Money is up to. Rooting for your Lady Bears. Love and Hugs, JB

  6. Dear Mama Z, COZ, Little Big Red and Baby Z:

    Goodnight. Sweet Baby Dreams. Love all of you so much. Hugs, JB

  7. March 31 Cherokee Devotional

    Be strong, be of good courage-so much we worry about will never happen. Put things in order, change what needs to be changed, but begin at once to count the wi tsa to li gi, the blessings that the Cherokee knows must be told again so we will not forget. Forget the past by which so much of life is marked. Painful things happen-and we take a little of all of it with us. This is a new day, i ga, a new time to be renewed. The more we let yesterday’s unhappiness slide away, the sooner we come into the fullness of the present. Sorrow will fade. The new hour will bring new experiences, new jobs to do, and even a few negatives may line up to be counted. Don’t do it. We can begin at once to call for what we want. We will coax all the sweetness out of every hour and it will sing for us like a bird.

    We can’t go back. The bridge is gone.
    Strong Eyes

    1. Dear Kathy:

      Beautiful. Thank you. Love and Hugs, JB

  8. @TC<GP–yes, you are right. That would be sophomore Isaiah Austin, from Killeen, TX. He had an injury in junior high (torn retina). He wears a prosthesis in that eye and is a legit. NBA prospect. What he has done is amazing. We always kid that we have a 7'1" one-eyed center, but it's actually not kidding. We couldn't kid about it he weren't so successful. The story never came out until about 3 weeks ago. Even we Wacoans didn't know.

    1. I was dumbfounded at this. I couldn’t imagine how he could possibly play with this type of condition. When I saw him talking to young people with eye problems and encouraging them I became a fan of this remarkable young man. The good things he is doing in this regard will last long after his athletic ability has waned.

    2. Dear Barb W and TC GP:

      Wow; strong, determined young man. All the best to him. Love and Hugs, JB

  9. Dear Kathy.Yes,time is always a great healer,we should live in the moment.I’ve just seen Boo and Buddy in their shades,love the way he copes with a rainy weekend.Poor Fubu has stopped eating his dry food again,he will be losing more weight.I always thought if a cat was hungry they would eat anything wet food would be easier on the mouth.Joey gets his yearly check up tomorrow,hope all goes well for him loved his Fanimal video!Zoe has lost another friend,she enjoyed herself yesterday though.I can’t seem to access Stewart but found a welsh Pembroke corgi called Sheena De Corgi! Am patiently waiting the Ospreys to return to the Dyfi, any day now.Hugs to you,Kisses for the Puppy Pack.Sheena.

    1. Dear Sheena,

      Glad you liked Boo and Buddy’s “look.” I’m very worried about Fubu. That whole situation is just so heart-breaking. Prayers that everything is okay with Joey. Sorry for Zoe’s loss. That is the downside of Zoe’s “work.” It was tricky getting Stewart. I think I found him on one of the other furbabies’ page and clicked his link a few times and then after a while I was able to just type his name in the search box and he came up. Will look for Sheena De Corgi. Happy waiting for the Ospreys…and Zenyatta’s foaling! Have a good day. Hugs from me, kisses from The Pack. Kathy

    2. Sheena. Read Nissy’s blog about Bloody Wednesday and saw that photo of Primrose. 14 bites! Do not ever mess with that cat is the message. Prim is a tiger.

  10. Dear Sheena,

    Went back and watched the Fanimal video. So precious! I liked the iguana and the cat! Also the frog and the turtle. If the animals can get along so well, why can’t we people?!! Looked up Sheena De Corgi. She and her brother Max are just adorable. Hey! We have our own Sheena and Max right here in Zenyatta Nation!

    Hugs, Kathy

    1. Kathy. I would like to be Max de Doberman, de Scottish Deerhound or de Bernese Mountain Dog. Don’t quite see myself as a corgi. I just hope that this dog is handsome.
      Free the Moose! Neigh!

    TVG ‏tweet Monday March 31 2014
    We’re delighted to announce that starting this Sat night you can watch Hong Kong racing on TVG & bet into their giant pools with us!

  12. @TC,GP and Judy Berube–yes, you are right about his influence after basketball, He has chosen to make it a character-builder.

  13. Dear Judy. Goodnight God bless you LM PC HT Little Captain, Hercules and all the Sweeties.So glad you’ve got “Call the Midwife”and “Mr Selfridge” to watch, they’ve just finished over here.Nissy was soo funny this week!Hope the ladies had a great birthday.Love and hugs Sheena.

  14. Dear Max.Bloody Wednesday will go down in history!It’s still pouring in Nova Scotia according to Nissy, the ducks should be out walking not the dogs.Sheena and Max de Corgi are quite a handsome pair!!Free the Moose.Sheena.

    1. Sheena. That Bloody Wednesday scenario sounded so very true to life. Prim is lucky that her peeps love her. She’s sort of a feline Big D.
      Alas, I googled and learned that it is freezing rain which is plaguing Nissy now. Don’t know if you get much of this stuff in the UK but it is very nasty. You get blackouts because of ice build up on trees that then fall on power lines. Poor old Nissy is having a tough go of it.
      Glad to hear that Sheena and Max are lookers. Had to be.
      Free the Moose! Neigh!

  15. My guess for Zenyatta’s War Front foal is April 17 at 1:05a.m.

  16. Please give her a year off now.

  17. A horse broke down Saturday, 5 April near the end of the Santa Anita Derby as California Chrome won, I can’t find any mention of the incident, rider/horses condition. You could not miss it as it was live. What gives?

  18. Fingers tapping, toes tapping….April 13.

    I love you, my Queen.

  19. I have been thinking of you this week and talking about how you
    applied your technique in racing. It’s hard to believe that you are
    10 now and a foul coming! Exciting times for you! The door of Racing
    closes but the door of Family opens. Just like us, people go through
    the same adventures apply and if you spoke there probably would
    be photos and scrapbooks of all those wonderful memories to look
    back on. But, anyway, Happy Birthday and many happy returns of
    The day.

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