Hanging Out With 12Z

Photos by Kyle Acebo

12Z, left. His best friend, right. Photos by Kyle Acebo

Happy weekend!

We went over to the yearling barn to visit 12Z this morning after the fog lifted. He was turned out with a group of lazy colts, grazing and napping in the morning sunshine. They were all quite interested in the camera, especially 12Z and his chestnut friend (Heather from Lane’s End told us they’re best buds).

Enjoy the new photos!
-Team Z

Photo by Kyle Acebo

Photo by Kyle Acebo

Photo by Kyle Acebo

Photo by Kyle Acebo

Photo by Kyle Acebo

Photo by Kyle Acebo


  1. Happy Birthday beautiful Zenyatta. Love you lots and lots…

  2. Z Peeps:

    A cute post Easter story to start the week off!

    Went on twitter and this site to check if we had a new addition to our “Z Family” all day, asked my daughter to set up a tweet alert on her fancy phone, because I was the driver to the Easter dinner destination about a 35-40 min ride! With a roll of her eyes, she did it for me, every time her phone dinged or beeped or chimed, I got excited, she would reply “no it’s not for you”. Lol! At one point we were in the kitchen chatting, and snacking and the phoned played a little music, I thought for sure that was for me, again nope! Finally, my daughter looked at me and said ” You do know that this is not your baby” (referring to 13Z) I promptly replied ” Don’t you know anything about me yet, this is my baby, and her mother is mine and Rachel is mine, and the horses we faithfully ride every year in NY are mine”! She just looked at me and laughed, as to say you are NUTS! She then replied “Oh I forgot that every horse you come in contact with is yours”! We all had a good laugh, because everyone knows I would much rather be around horses then people!

    Happy Birthday my dear girl Zenyatta, still hoping for an April 3rd birthday for your new little one! In any case whatever day he/she is born will be a great day, whether it be someone’s birthday, anniversary or just a plain old regular day, because which ever day he/she is born will then become a celebration all it’s own!

    With Love Always,

    P,S. Has anyone heard how Little Mike did in Dubai? and how Gary Steven’s son is doing?

    1. GirlSaratoga
      I understand. Great story!
      Recognize those eye rolls : )
      Hugs, Keta

      1. Keta:

        Got to LOVE those daughter’s of ours! They keep on our toes, and a reality check every so often!

        Hope you beautiful girl is doing well in NY!

        Hugs always

    2. GirlSaratoga

      Cute story!
      Little Mike ran 8th in his race. Started well, then
      he faded. I was thinking if Ramon had been on him
      things may have been different, but with Ramon sidelined
      it just was not meant to be. Guess we can only what if.

      I have no clues on Gary Steven’s son.

      1. Janet Newman:

        Thanks for the info! Was so focused on Z that I forgot to try and look for myself! Sometimes the regular jock just knows what to do with them! Hope Ramon will be back in the saddle soon!

        Fingers and Toes Crossed!

      2. Umm,her foals are colts……………………….not fillies……….please read it right

    3. Hi Girlsaratoga,

      Just read your story today and it is really good!, just too cute. Love your daughter, she is precious!. May you be Blessed with your entire family. Much love with your Z nation sister. It is well.

  3. Happy Birthday Zenny,you big beautiful mare you!!!!
    MWAH!!!!!…that is a big kiss.

    I just laugh at your 12Z when this blog comes up on the screen and those cute faces greet us!!! Double Trouble. Bet they can be big April Fool Pranksters…watch out,Alys!!!!

    Cute story,GS! I get the feeling too!

    1. Ann NC:

      So glad to hear I am not alone! When my family tunes me out I can always come here and talk about my true love of horses and their sport!

      No one else is a horse fan except me, kind of lonely, my dad was a BIG racing fan, but unfortunately, he ‘s been gone for 26 years now. We would go to the harness races almost every Friday nite during the summer when I was little, just the 2 of us, my other siblings we NOT interested, neither was my mother, they thought it was a punishment to drive 2 1/2 hours one way to watch horse racing and then drive home another 2 1/2 hours at the wee hours of the morning! But not me! Back then the season was shorter, so we tried to go almost every Friday night before it closed until the following year!

      I now drag my daughter, so I don’t have to go alone! Since I pay for everything, she is more than willing to go! LOL! I think she secretly enjoys it! Because we all know kids don’t do anything they don’t want to do! (Especially once they are over 18!)

      Happy Monday!

  4. Dan Illman Daily Racing Form tweet Monday April 1
    Undefeated EBLOUISSANTE, half-sister to Zenyatta, worked 3F in 39.00
    this AM at Hollywood. Missed some time with a bruised foot

    Jay Privman Daily Racing Form tweet
    Game On Dude on cruise control going 4f with Smith.
    Officially :47.40, could not have looked better. CT Classic next.

  6. Eblouissante (4-Year-Old Filly)

    Date: April 1, 2013
    Distance: Three Furlongs
    Time: 39:00 Handily
    Track Condition: Fast
    Surface: All Weather Track
    Rank: 13/13

    1. Dear Due:

      Thanks for this info on E. Nice work. Hugs, JB

      1. Oops. Sorry for the typo Sue. Hugs, JB

  7. Dubai World Cup Day 2013
    SLIDESHOW The Blood-Horse Monday, April 1, 2013 12:00 AM
    Read more on BloodHorse.com: http://www.bloodhorse.com/horse-racing/slideshows/slideshow/dubai-world-cup-2013/dubai-world-cup-day-2013#ixzz2PEcj5JC7

    Keta Note: Great photos of the race winners. The Gold Cup begins at slide 42

    1. Dear Keta:

      Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos of AK. Hugs, JB

  8. Happy Birthday Zenyatta!

    What a true beauty you are and your very looks
    mesmerize me. You are a horse photographers
    dream. I know you are being lovingly spoiled today on this
    special day.

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZENYATTA! Sending lots or love to you!

  10. Channel 4 Racing ‏tweet Grand National news:
    Watering started in earnest YESTERDAY MORNING on all three Aintree courses. Determined not to have ground too firm.

    Thinking of you on your special day! :)

    Sending good thoughts to everyone out there in the Land of Zen!
    A foal today, perhaps? ;) Happy Spring!

    Peace, Love & Blessings,
    Kathy from SoCal xoxo

  12. Zenyatta, Happy Birthday….and just wondering….are you pulling a “Tasty Temptation” on us?

    1. good one !!

    2. Dear Especially Horses:

      That thought went through my mind too. Hugs, JB

  13. Happy Birthday Queen Zenyatta! Have that baby today, please! Sending you all my love.

  14. Come out, come out, don’t make your Mama wait! You will relievingly be Mama Z’s best gift.
    love, kisses on your soft nose, Auntie Sally B

  15. I love prince Z’s forelock and the way it falls over his eyes. He’s going to be such a hunk! He looks to be a very sweet boy, too. His Mama is such a sweet girl. These two are precious creatures, aren’t they?

  16. New post up folks (no – not a foal announcement), but there has been a Birthday party, and pictures are promised for later!

    Gary Stevens ‏tweet
    Prayers work. Thanks. “@KetaHagen: @HRTVGary Welcome back! Glad you are safe & sound. How is your son doing? Sent prayers his way.”

    Gary Stevens ‏tweet
    He is a Stevens. @work after long surgery PHOTO

    1. Thanks Keta. Any news yet on how Royal Delta came out of the race?

  18. Janet, I posted the Gary Stevens/Little Mike info here rather than the
    Birthday Blog. Hope you read it. Keta

    Gary Stevens ‏tweets Good to be home. Appreciate Dullahan and Little Mike. Wasn’t our night. Congrats to The Animal
    I hit the gate. Came out sideways. What an Athlete!
    Little Mike, thanks for saving my a @ @ @!

    QUESTION TO GARY Pat Cummings ‏@DubaiRaceNight tweet
    Gary, did he hit the gate on jumping? Thought I saw that.
    Good job hanging in when Spencer cut across, he got 5 days for that, fyi

    ANSWER FROM Gary Stevens ‏tweet
    @DubaiRaceNight left shoulder, mine still feeling the bad jump.
    No comment on the suspension. A lot of $$ on the line for placings.

    Gary Stevens ‏tweet response to comment
    Good observation.
    Rt“@mac90x: Gary Little Mike looked like he was cruising early, but those were some talented horses behind him.”

    1. Dear Keta and Z Fans:

      A lot went on at the start of that one. Thank God GS and LM came out OK. Hugs, JB

      1. Judy B
        I was glad to find out the story.
        And, even more glad that Gary & Little Mike are okay
        Hugs, Keta

        1. Dear Keta:

          Love the way GS gave credit to LM for keeping him safe. So many things can go wrong at any point in a race without a jockey deliberately crossing in front of your horse. LM stayed on his feet, thankfully. GS, always, the consummate gentleman, had no comment on the suspension of Jockey Spencer. Classy guy. Hugs, JB

  19. a very happy birthday beautiful!! glad your mom and dad are there to share the day with you. thank you team Z, you always make us feel like family!

  20. Fantastic news congratulations Zenny
    from a fan in Australia

  21. what is the name of 12z’s friend? who are his parents?

  22. 12Z is growing up so fast and getting more beautiful by the day.

  23. BeZe is so Big & still growing :) I adore his markings on his left front foot. It looks like Freckles on his little white sock !! Congratulations to the Queen & her new TapZen Colt. He is precious !! That was the Best Birthday Gift From Zenyatta to her Connections and to think, Mom & Baby share the same birth date :) AWESOME !!

  24. When is 12Z going to be named??

  25. Boy he has really grown…..
    He’s got those racing legs like his momma and daddy !!!!

    Handsome fellow….the little fillies will be nickering his name.


  26. Hi!

    He is so cute.

    Looks a lot like Zenyatta.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  27. I clicked one this post and was greeted with two horses noes in my face. love u 12z and Z your the best

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