Hi, From Z and Friends!

Photo courtesy of Alys Emson/Lane's End

Happy Wednesday!

We thought we’d share this video of Baby Z relaxing in the paddock with Mom and friends. 12Z and his buddies certainly enjoy growing up in their beautiful home.

Don’t forget to check our Watch Baby Z Grow photo gallery. We update it regularly!

We also made a small change to the website that some of you may have already noticed. Comments on the blog are now split into multiple pages. This will make posts load faster for everyone.

Have a great week!
-Team Z


  1. Will you ever get a race named after you? You deserve it for sure! God bless and love you and little Z!

  2. Dag I never knew for sure but now I know I am a red neck. When I was smoking I would have used anything to fire up a cig and pardon me but doesn’t everyone use old underware to clean their furniture? I thought so.
    Love hugs and kisses

    1. no, i never used old underwear to dust…i used my husband’s? doesn’t everyone(?!)

  3. A very beautiful Scat Daddy filly just sold at the last of the Ocala Sales. Those nice Scat Daddy offspring just keep on coming. Who knew he was going to be such a great sire. The last horse to sell was a filly by forestry and I believe they said a half sister to Shackleford. I believe I heard that right. Only sold for 3000.00. Ran in 10.2 also. So did the Scat Daddy Filly. I think its so nice that they all don’t sell for those huge million Dollor price tags. I will always believe you can get a wonderful horse for a nice price. Sometimes
    I know Affirmed sold in Ocala and was a Florida Bred. I would love to know what he sold for originally. I am going to have to look that up.
    I didn’t know the sale was going to go this late tonight on Bloodhorse, was glad to see a little bit of it.

  4. I know the European horses are great. But I just believe ours are the best. I know I am parcial Don’t get me wrong I love the Euro races too. But Golly look at our Secretariat…… Who could hold a candle to him……………………….
    I completely believe we will have another Triple Crown Winner one day. I know we will.

    1. Peggy (N). The last English Triple Crown winner was Nijinsky in 1970, which is an even longer period of time than our Triple Crown drought. Nijinsky was a son of Northern Dancer, himself the grandson of the great Native Dancer. He was born in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, trained in Ireland and retired to stud at Claiborne Farms in Kentucky where he is now buried. Thoroughbred horses really know no nationality because their bloodlines contain the genes of great horses from North America, Europe and elsewhere, but it is interesting to note that only American bred horses have ever won a US Triple Crown.

      1. Max Thank you so much for this information. I don’t know just seems like our great American Horses have been forgotten lately on the world view.

  5. Affirmed was the Great Great Grandson of War Admiral and The Great Great Great Grandson of Man O War. I didn’t know this. Love learning about the bloodline. Still looking for the price tag that he sold for originally.

  6. Hi All:

    You will enjoy reading this about Black Caviar and Zenyatta. Quote from the article

    “It was Zenyatta’s sheer heft, Shirreffs said, that made her uncomfortable in the gate, and similarly, Black Caviar barely can squeeze into a gate stall.”



    1. Marilu. I really enjoyed reading this article about Black Caviar. She looks so sharp in her custom body suit. I think that Zenyatta would look exceptionally good in one, maybe in her racing colors. For Z, they would have to find one in XL to cover her gorgeous 17 hand curves, one truly fit for the Queen of racing.

  7. Baby Z is so big!! Isn’t there a way to squish him up a bit, squeeze him together, and make him small and furry again?

  8. Jockey Guild tweeted
    Retired Hall of Fame jockey Eddie Delahoussaye will be honored
    with a stakes race in his name at the Santa Anita

  9. Hopefully our own Z12 will be the next TC winner. If he is anything like his amazing mother, we can expect to see great things from him. I would love to live to see it, but I would rather he be healthy and safe.
    Love hugs and kisses
    Have a great weekend ya’ll

  10. Oh but he loves to run! and squeal! He’ll be a racehorse for sure albeit a noisy one! LOL

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