Lane’s End Video Interviews: Part 2

Happy Friday!

We’re back today with the second installment of our video interview series. This time we’re featuring Donna Vowles, Assistant Broodmare Manager at Lane’s End. She spent some time with us talking about her responsibilities and experience at Lane’s End, including the night Zenyatta foaled.

Donna Vowles: Assistant Broodmare Manager
“I was born in Birmingham, England and spent the majority of my childhood between Birmingham and the neighboring countryside of Worcestershire. My obsession with horses developed around the age of six or seven when I hounded my Dad for riding lessons. From the very first time I got to muck a stall and groom a horse I was hooked for life!

My career began at a young age working and instructing at a riding school, before moving onto managing a Three-day Event yard. I started working with Thoroughbreds professionally in 2002 after a training season in Newmarket.

Kentucky became my home in January 2004 when I first joined the Lane’s End Team. My job title now is Assistant Broodmare Manager and a large part of that role consists of ensuring the health and happiness of all the broodmares and their foals here at Lane’s End, including Zenyatta and her colt.”

Z and Baby Z both love a good scratch! Photo by Alys Emson/Lane's End.

Have a great weekend!
-Team Z



    Wow, it is Mother’s Day and I’m still waiting for my son to give me a call from New Orleans! :)

    I hope all of you Moms have a wonderful day as I’m planning with some dear friends.

    I wanted to take a moment to update everyone on how things are going down at Valley View Ranch Equine Rescue. We have helped Marlene reach two-thirds of her goal toward rescuing the five horses from the Nevada feed lot. Four are very well trained geldings and one is a two-year-old filly. All will be very useful to someone out there who will adopt them.

    PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN. We don’t have her to have to make a Sophie’s Choice here on Mother’s Day! Thank you all so much. The place to go to view these horses and make a donation is:

    Thanks again so much!


  2. Happy Mother’s Day Zenny and all the Zensters!!! I’m waiting to call my Mom until later. I’m sure they’re in church or doing churchy things right now. High Hoof to Rosie and Mark Valeski!! That girl can ride!!! Reminds me a lot of Julie Krone!

    Also, I hope Paddy O’ Prado has a speedy recovery from his surgery!


  4. Hi Zenny and everyone, HAPPY, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY ZENYATTA !!! You and your son are BEAUTIFUL !!! Love all the pictures and videos. Wonderful picture of Baby Z doing your step Zenny!!!
    I’ve been in the hospital for two weeks and am now home recuperating. Slow but daily progress getting my strength back. Had to look at the Zenyatta site for a “couple minutes” which ended up in my missing lunch til 3 p.m. today !!!
    Love your Mother’s Day poem for Zenyatta, Trina.
    Love you all. Arlene

    1. Dearest Arlene, I had no idea you were in the hospital, and for such a long time. I’m so glad you’re home and recuperating now. There’s nothing like Z’s site to reenergize one, so I think those minutes that turned into hours were time well spent! Thank you for letting me know you liked the poem. HugZ, Trina

    2. Arlene,
      Hope you are feeling better. Two weeks in the hospital is a long time. Zenyatta diary/blog always helps pass the time. Funny how a “couple of minutes” can turn into a whole afternoon. Take care. ^-^

  5. OK, I have had time to review the end of the last blog. @Barbra Wood-You were the one who first brought a skunk to our attention, and that resulted in our election of The Dead Skunk Song as our anthem. Voting has been closed, and it was unanimous with the exception of Susan in TN, who was unable to vote because of an injury, and Rosemary McCauley, who received her appointment after the voting had closed. I would say that your contention that you are THE redneck when it comes to skunks is well taken. However, I must rule against you as far as the vote goes. You remain a charter member of the Texas chapter but no enhancement is awarded at this time. You also have a case if raccoons become important, bu that will be dealt with later. Sorry. I know this is a big disappointment, but i am sure you will recover. We are all brothers and sisters under the pelt. @Sue-I will post the entire membership roster tomorrow. @signofthetimes-Great redneck jokes.

  6. Today’s horse joke-Two show stallions were arguing about which one was the best of breed. The first stallion said, “I’ll grant that you are the closest I have seen to my equal, but my legs are prime and, no foot, no horse.” The second stallion said “I’ll allow your legs are just a bit better than mine, but mine are the ones I was born with. I know for a fact that you have had thousands of dollars of cosmetic work done. Your foals will inherit your natural legs.” The first stallion thought it over for a moment, then said “You’re right. I stand corrected.”

    1. LOVE THIS ONE, TOO CUTE !!!!!

    2. High hoof, Terry!

  7. Today’s redneck jokes-You might be a redneck if all of your four letter words are two syllables. You might be a redneck if you usually buy beer for less than $2.00 a six pack. You might be a redneck if your house feels a bit lonely after the last fly left. You might be a redneck if the clock in your kitchen runs backwards. You might be a redneck if you have two or more sets of bald tires. You might be a redneck if one or more gears in your car doesn’t work. You might be a redneck if you have had lovemaking interrupted by a cow sticking its head in the car window.

    1. Oh how funny; love the cow sticking its head out the car window; reminds
      me of my adolecent days.

    2. Terry,

      Does a cop sticking his head in the car window count?

      1. LOL

      2. Definitely. Was he looking for tomatoe plants?

      3. LOL, I’ve had that happen a few times!! Nothing like being interrupted by a cop!! Kinda, spoils everything!! LMAO

  8. @Terry Crow–I guess I’m confused. I haven’t said another word. Great jokes.

    1. I did not imply that you had, sorry if I gave you that impression. It’s just that I had not responded specifically since it was posted.

  9. I just saw the latest video of Z abd little Z. WOW! They sue put on a heck of a show in the paddock. Thanks to LE and the Mosses for continuing to give us the good stuff.

  10. Happy Mothers Day to the Queen. She sure looks grand in yet the latest video with the prince. The little guy sure has some legs on him!

  11. Happy Mothers Day to the Queen and to all my fellow Z’sters. The Lexington paper has a nice picture on the front page of Zenyatta and Z12 and Rachael Alexandra and her foal in honor of Mothers Day. There’s also a poster inside. You can get on and see it. There’s also a short video on the website. (Sorry, I don’t know how to post links!)

    1. Debbie,
      Posted below.
      Glad to help
      Hugs, Keta

  12. Mother’s Day special: Zenyatta and Rachel Alexandra
    7:53pm on May 11, 2012; Modified: 6:01am on May 13, 2012
    What’s Mother’s Day without something sweet?
    And what could be sweeter than pictures of two of the most famous four-legged mothers in Central Kentucky — Zenyatta and Rachel Alexandra — with their foals?

    Read more here:
    Videos of Rachel Alexandra & Zenyatta with foals
    Nice gift on Mother’s Day


    Matt Booth Betfair Head of Marketing tweeted on Sunday May 13th
    Im looking for a horse racing marketing manager.
    Please contact the Betfair HR team if you’re interested.
    Job will be advertised in RP soon

    Wondered if there were any candidates in our group?

  14. Lane Gold media horse guru tweeted on Sunday May 13th
    Creative Cause, fifth in the #KyDerby, is now definite for the #Preakness.
    He is expected to arrive at Pimlico on Wednesday

  15. @Arlene–we are so sorry you have been so ill. We do hope you are better soon. Please keep us posted on your recovery.

    Has anyone heard from Andrea about Blanchie, the mare, who was due to foal?

  16. @Karen Gogue– just now had time to go back and look at the photos of RA an Z. with their foals. They are marvelous. Thank you so much. What little characters they are. And their moms are so good with them. Hope you have had a great day!

  17. Happy mothers day to you my adorable Zenyatta, and to you Rachel A, I just love the videos, Ingrid.

  18. @Arlene,
    Hope you are improving and will be 100% soon! All the very best, always!

  19. Thanks to Lane’s End for volume 2….. What a great lady and a job to die for….. also, thanks to you Karen for the great updates from with RA & Z and baby boys.

    And Trina wasn’t that “My guy ” video the best. I put it into my saved and today it says the YouTube account is closed…. so no more adorable “My Guy” video. It was one of the cutest.

    Hope everyone is doing well after a lovely Mother’s Day. Just catching up today on the posts on all our various sights. It’s sometimes very time consuming – fun, but sometimes chores must be accomplished….. and my pets must think this computer is permanently attached. I have 2 cats laying on the desk. One on the floor and the dog over on the couch! Sweet babies.

  20. Great picture, thanks Lane’s End part 2

  21. cool! He is getting so big!!!! FROM YOUR BIGGEST FAN AMY.

  22. Really enjoying the videos and pictures, please keep them coming!! Love Queen Z and her little Prince!

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