Lane’s End Video Interviews: Part 3

Happy Friday!

We hope everyone is gearing up for the Preakness and some beautiful weather this weekend.

The third part of our Lane’s End interview series introduces you to Charles Campbell. He has been the Broomare Manager for four years, and he was with Zenyatta the night she foaled.

Charles Campbell, Broodmare Manager:

“I’m originally from a small hamlet in England, and I was brought up on a farm where my parents trained and produced racehorses. I was riding an jumping fences before I could walk and have always had a love for horses from this young age.

After graduating from university I decided to travel the world working with horses. I started in South Africa and made it to America. As soon as I arrived at Lanes End I fell in love with the farm and horses here. I worked with the yearlings and then did a season with the stallions before moving to the mares. I find working with the mares and foals the most rewarding aspect of all as it encompasses my interest for science and passion for horses.

As the Broodmare Manager my days are kept busy with reproductive work and insuring all the mares and foals are happy and healthy, including Zenyatta and Baby Z.”

Here are a couple photos that were taken yesterday at the farm.

-Team Z

Photo Courtesy of Alys Emson/Lane's End

Photo Courtesy of Alys Emson/Lane's End


  1. Zenyatta, how is your second pregnancy going so far? You’ve had some experience with it at this point. It shouldn’t be as hard as before because you have a little better idea of what to expect. How is your already born foal doing? Are you still chasing him around? Is he still making messes and getting into everything? Have you been watching horseracing lately? The Kentucky Derby and the Preakness, both of which I’ll have Another won. He is trying for the Triple Crown with the Belmont on June 9th. I’ll be watching. I still miss Hansen, however. I’m not sure if he’s going to be in the Belmont or not. We’ll see. I keep up as much as possible.

    1. @Paul…..I think …may be wrong….but Hansen might run in the Woody Stephens …again….got to check …but same day as Belmont?



    1. Mr. Migliore is an all-timer.

  3. Trina, you are just amazing. Thank You so very much for my poem. Love Ya. To everone, Barbara, Karen, Marty R.,Judy B., Shari, Sue Colvin, Sue Fredrick, Sandy,Carol, Eveline,Rosemary, Terry, Sharon in Seattle. Love you all . Hope I didn’t miss anyone. Love Ya Zenny and Baby Z.

    1. Back atcha!

    2. greetings and love from Seattle!

  4. Peggy N.:
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and Many more! Hope you have had a great day and that the year will be lovely! All the Best!

    Another fabulous poem! Well done!

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    1. Sign,
      It is a great article about a very independent horse
      Hollywood Park: Morning Line marches to own beat
      By Steve Andersen
      INGLEWOOD, Calif. – Morning Line can be described in several ways – millionaire, multiple stakes winner, independent thinker.
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      Morning Line was almost a quarter-mile away, at the top of the stretch, with jockey Joe Talamo off the horse.
      It took coaxing from a pony boy, an outrider, the track veterinarian, and Talamo to get Morning Line to the gate. He arrived a few minutes late, left the gate in front, and led throughout the Mervyn LeRoy.
      The win was Morning Line’s third stakes victory of his career in his first start for trainer John Shirreffs. The California circuit had a much-needed new member to the handicap division, albeit one with flaky tendencies.
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  7. @Doris–there was something about computers you didn’t know??? I don’t believe it!! Welcome and hugs to Tucker and McDude.

    Nighty-night dearest Z. and Baby Z. from hot, miserable, sweaty Texas.
    Love you always.

    1. Sign-Thanks for the link. Great picture of Hansen. I hope he runs well in his next start.

  8. @Karen, Marshall. Thank You very much. Off to sleep I go. I did have a great day.

  9. Hi Everyone: Hootie, Z’s pony horse, who resides in Monterey CA and is a spokes horse for has lost his sponsor. He also has some problems that keep him from being able to be ridden. He wants to very much stay at his current location. I received the following from the people who take care of his fb page. It reads as follows: ” Hootie has age related neuro issues that makes him unable to be ridden, but he is still bright and happy, and we want to keep him at Stonepine for the rest of his life. The cost is about $500 per month. I haven’t asked for John or Dottie’s help yet, but I will ask her to post Hootie’s need on Z’s page.
    Thanks so much for helping to share his need. He is such a great horse, and worked very hard at the track.”


    1. thanks, Fran. will do !

  10. Hi Z Family Oh boy I like then idea of a fieldtrip to one of the tracks to see Hansen or another one of our Horses run. The children would love it. This morning I introduced them to El Vino. He use to workout with Zenyatta. The children loved him. I asked them if we should adopt him and got a Great Loud YES !!!! They think he looks a little like our Mistletoe. They also think he likes Mistletoe and is another boyfriend giving Hansen a run for his money. Now how cute is that? El Vino is Gorgeous. I hug his pictures up on my horse wall. He is next to our Queen. I want to buy him and send him to Tim Ice for training. Then he could run at Arlington Park. Next year he will be one we follow : )
    I hope everyone has a good day. Love, Shari
    PS The children would love to have Hansen in the classroom. I showed them the video of Hansen rolling in the sand. That was AWESOME !!!! FLY HANSEN FLY !!!!!!

    1. We will all be pulling for Hansen in the Woody Stephens on Belmont day.

      1. Thanks Terry : ) Love those jokes !!!

    2. So cute. Shari, you could write a book…Hansen goes to school.
      It will be a great day of racing ,come on Belmont Day. I bet those kids are precious.

      1. Ann they are. If you go on Ice Racing FB page my Homeroom is posted on the page. You can even see our little angel : )

        1. @shari….looked up IceRacing page a few days ago and saw the picture of you and homeroom 215…..WOW….can not wait for Belmont day….get to see the gorgous Hansen again….

        2. I typed Ice Racing into the FB search box and got about a hundred possibilities. What am I missing here?

  11. I never got to reply to the comments on the Calfder rent-charging issue. This is just another example of the unprecedented greed we are seeing almost everywhere we turn. It does not serve our country well, and all animals will definitely suffer more if it is unchecked.

    1. “It needs to be taken into consideration that the sport of horse racing employs 24 times more people [per million of gross gambling revenue] than casinos, so there is room to say we need to look at this differently from a mathematical gambling machine.”

      Rian du Plessis, chief executive of Phumelela, Africa’s largest horse racing betting company.

      Wake up America!!!!

      1. Barbara and Ann-In the words of long ago-Right on!

        1. Right on!!
          Sorry, I was wound up. I had just learned of a young man,turned 18 and his parents said…see ya, you are on your own. The young man worked all thru his senior year of HS,paid his own bills,etc.
          Good ending…he is graduating. Sad, we don’t know if parents will be there.
          So, it was a double whammy. I just wish I’d known of him sooner.He will not be alone on big day…we will see to that!!!!!!

    1. Regardless of what you think of O’Neill, this was a measured response.

  12. Jerry Bossert NY Daily News tweeted on Wed. May 30
    Belmont Stakes horses will be forced to move into detention barn starting June 6th.
    Jerry later tweeted
    No nasal strip. Not his exercise rider for a week and now detention barn. You got to bet against I’ll Have Another now especially at 4-5
    Keta Note: Move to detention barn is part of the new security measures/rules for Belmont. Haven’t read them yet.

  13. Seems like strange timing for all these articles and accusations against Doug O’Neill just before IHA prepares for the Belmont. Even if there is some dirty laundry from his past what does that have to do with the fact that IHA might just win it all and show that he is the best horse out there without a milkshake? I feel like some people out there are trying to put a damper on a really feel good story about IHA, Mario G., Lava Man and their team. I’m hoping for a triple crown winner this year.

  14. @Vicki B – I’ve been battling computer problems the past few days and am just now getting caught up on the posts. I can definitely relate to all of your postal redneck jokes! In my years at the PO I have met people that fit every one of your jokes. I’ve worked with my share of creeps and jerks over the years, but I’ve also made some life-long friends. I guess you have to take the good with the bad. I’m sure you could tell some stories about working at the PO. The guys at work still tease me about the day several years ago when I was carrying overtime off of another route. I knocked on a lady’s door to give her a package and she opened the door wearing nothing but a necklace and a smile! No one bothered to tell me that she was a nudist. Talk about a jaw dropping moment! Do you have any funny stories to share?
    @Terry Crow – I love your idea of a dog poo dance! Maybe we could dance to the Dead Skunk song.

    1. It sounds like this lady was expecting the regular carrier.

      1. Wow! That’s really nice of you! We’ve been lkoniog at a flip so we can record all of our new parent moments after we have a baby in March. I’m crossing my fingers (and I hope the baby has her fingers crossed, too!)

    2. Nudist!!!! Y’all need to get on that book stat!!!!
      So, we have a date,song,treat,maybe,and dance,maybe. I’m lovin the RN club!!
      Over Flowing w/ spirit!!!!!

    3. Thanks, Debbie G. — I will post this one more reply on this page, where it fits with all the other Postal stuff, before moving on to the new page. It’s interesting that you can similarly match every one of my “experiences”. I always felt, and sometimes said, that the Postal Service is a big outfit, “We serve EVERYONE, from the cream of the crop, to the scum of the earth.”

      I never got greeted by a nudest at the door, but there was a postal pool party, carriers and clerks together, and amongst the chatting, drinking, eating, music, and swimming, I was in the pool, and saw a guy (clerk) who always leered at the women in the office, made suggestive comments, and clearly fancied himself more than anyone else did, lounging in a corner of the pool. I did not gravitate, but later happened to swim nearer that end, when I discovered he had opened his trunks, and with everything hanging out, he was smilingly trying to entice the women to “come on over” to him. Unbelievable.

      In another office, I remember a Super, who was a bit of a romantic seducer (altho a nice guy), who came out of the loo, walking down an aisle, and I noticed his fly was actually gaped open. I caught his eye, and looked down, then looked him in the eye again, and looked down. After the 3rd time, he looked down, and embarrassed, turned around, and closed up. But it seemed just a dumb mistake, he came over and thanked me for cluing him in, so he didn’t keep walking around like that, broadcasting. And it was funny.

      1. We call that…letting the cows out of the barn. Zipper down!

  15. Dear Trina, thank you and I’m glad you enjoyed the special box of cards. You do mean so much to everyone on here. Thanks you for making everyone on this site feel so special on their birthday, I hope we did the same for you.

    Gloria Jeanne.

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