Life at Lane’s End: Time for a Trim

Photo by Alys Emson/Lane's End

It’s that time! Baby Z just had his feet trimmed for the first time. Dr. Scott Morrison is the farrier that trims all foals and yearlings at Lane’s End. He is a veterinarian who specializes in podiatry, and he was kind enough to write this piece explaining the importance of foot management in young horses. Thank you Dr. Morrison!

-Team Z

Photo by Alys Emson/Lane's End

The Horses foot provides several functions such as support, shock absorption, traction and proprioception (ability to feel the ground and negotiate limb position).  In the foal however the foot also plays an important role in limb development.

At birth the hoof is covered with a soft, feathery unpigmented tissue called the perinychium.  This tissue forms a soft covering to prevent the hard hoof capsule from piercing or damaging the mares’ reproductive tract during gestation and the birthing process. This tissue quickly dries out and is worn away during the first couple days after birth.

The newborn hoof is fairly soft and pliable compared to a mature horses hoof. But over the first month it dehydrates and matures to more closely resemble that of an adult horses hoof. The newborn hoof is also perfectly symmetrical at birth. Over time the hoof changes shape in response to the forces above. Limb conformation dictates the shape of the developing hoof. The foal’s hoof goes through various shape changes during the first several months of age. These shape changes closely follow changes in limb conformation and posture.

Photo by Alys Emson/Lane's End

The hoof is designed to serve as a protective barrier for internal sensitive structures as well as provide a base of support and leverage for proper bone, tendon and ligament development. Therefore the shape and integrity of the hoof can have a significant effect on the development of these structures.  The relationship between limb conformation and hoof shape plays an integral role in the conformational development of the growing horse.  Therefore, maintaining a healthy hoof and intervening with special foot management when necessary, is important in the development of the young horse’s limb.  

Routine, proper trimming is the most important element of the foal foot management program. Maintaining a healthy balanced foot is the goal.  Simply preventing a foot from breaking up or becoming misshapen or distorted will go a long way in promoting proper limb development.  However some foals, in spite of routine proper hoof trimming will have a tendency to develop a crooked limb.  In these instances shoes or extensions can be used to provide additional support and influence the forces on the growth plates and encourage straightening of the limb.

The first trim is usually done at one month of age.  But the foal’s feet should be handled and cleaned daily; this will make the first experience with the farrier less stressful. Typically trimming at 3-4 week intervals is sufficient for most foals.  If there is a tendency for the limb to grow crooked or with an angular deformity, the hoof may need to be trimmed more often to prevent the hoof from developing a distortion or adverse shape in response to the abnormal forces, often a 2 week trim schedule is then recommended.  Various shoes can be used to help a hoof support various developmental abnormalities such as: club foot syndrome (contractures), weak tendons (laxity) and angular deformities.

-Scott E Morrison, DVM


  1. Dear Debbie G.:

    That joke is so bad and funny. Hugs, JB

  2. Dear Z Fans:

    Have been reading all your funny and interesting posts and links. Really enjoy then all. Hugs, JB

  3. Dear Z Fans:

    More wonderful stories and beautiful photos from Barbara Livingston’s latest blog. Enjoy. Hugs, JB

    1. Thanks, Judy. I like the look of that grey, ON FIRE BABY.

      1. Dear Vicki B.:

        Yes, she’s a beauty; but aren’t they all, each one in their individual way. Even Chumlee, the stable pony. Hugs, JB

    2. Thanks Judy, what a great story. I love reading about the horses and their personalities. That is one thing Queen Z is very good at.

      1. Dear Raylene:

        You’re so welcome and you’re so right; nobody does it better than Z. Hugs, JB

  4. Dear Z Fans:

    Here’s more wonderful photos from BL. One of them features a dance pose and BL references Our Z. Hugs, JB

    1. Judy, how are you doing? The picture of ” Le Bernardin:” Looks just like his daddy!! The determination and fire in his eyes!! Need to keep an eye on him for sure! Love the Bernie babies. OMG, look at the Prince. Bone, balance, curious, attentive and has Zens dance moves down pat! What a smart lil guy!!! Well, not so small anymore! LOL

      1. Dear Heidi:

        Love all the Bernie Babies too. Le Bernardin is gorgeous. I’m doing OK and thanks for asking. The prince is going to be so handsome when he grows up. He’s so beautiful now. Hugs, JB

        1. Judy, I’m sending you a Big Virtual Hug!!! :)

        2. Dear Heidi:

          Thank you. Never have enough hugs. Hugs, JB

    2. Really love all of BL work, she captures the
      TB in their most delightful only TB moments.

      Love the rearing up one, those young “guy”
      Are really something, crazy, cute and a little

      1. Dear Sign:

        Yes, BL is my favorite. She takes unique and wonderful photos of horses. Her stories are always great reads too. Hugs, JB

    3. Dear Judy B what a beautiful photos, thank you so much, hugs Ingrid.

  5. @Debbie G.,
    Loved the “rings a bell” joke! Thanks!

    @Sandy (Northeast Ohio),
    I left a reply to your earlier post. Take care!

    @Dawn Conrad,
    Hello, where are you? Hope all is well. We have missed you lately!
    Take care and Hugs!

    @All Zsters,
    Thanks for all the interesting links. This is the BEST place!
    Goodnight to All and pleasant dreams, too!
    Love to Z and Baby Z!

    1. Ditto Marshall! THIS is the best place. I dont know what I would do without it.

    2. Got it! Thanks. Was just sort of taking inventory on the Who’s Who of Dumplings thread (under Community & Events). Lots of people changed their names from what they used here.

      1. Sandy,

        I am just plain old plain,old Darlene_Daniels as usual. The forum is just too”high tech” or “busy” for me.

        1. I second that! Way to much to read. Hopefully they will put another entry for the blog up soon. All of us making comments on this one is slowing it down. To bad they could not put a blog entry up everyday with just the date so we can keep using the blog. But, we are eternally grateful for team Z taking care of us.

  6. Love, love Dynaformer!
    and yes, I haven’t seen Dawn Conrad post in such a long while. Hope you are ok.
    Getting so excited about the Derby. Thanks one and all for the great links. Keeping me up too late at night.

    Take care all Zposters.

  7. Terry, you need wait no longer! For here is a new crop of Redneck Relatives jokes, as usual, all true:

    You might be a redneck relative, if when you got your house reroofed, you felt lucky to hire someone “real cheap”, who neglected to use roofing liner, and you were surprised when the rain just came right through, all over inside your house. You might be a redneck relative, if you went out to put garbage in your trashcan, and as soon as you lifted the lid, a snarling possum lunged up at you from inside the can, but you quickly slammed the lid back down, so the critter couldn’t get out. You might be a redneck relative, if you refused to pay the property taxes on your apartment building, because the increase “made you mad”, and that stubborn policy continued, until your property was re-possessed for non-payment of taxes.

    1. Vicki B.

      Good ones! The one about the garbage can brought back memories. Years ago when hubby was driving over the road my then very young daughter and I were left alone quiet alot. One night. quiet late, I heard this peculiar sound coming from the back door of our very small house. My blood ran cold. Armed with a baseball bat I went out the front door and peered around to the back door, where the “sound” was coming from. It souded just like someone trying to use a crowbar to pry open the back door. I discovered a stray dog trying to get into the garbage can which was strapped down!. Whew was I relieved!

      1. You should have given the dog some tomatoes.

      2. Darlene, I’ll bet you were relieved, and I’m glad only a dog, not bear or who knows what.

        My mom (who has moved into the great beyond) was the one who found the possum in the garbage can, about 50 yrs. ago. I would’ve screamed or died, terrified out of my gourd, so to speak — but my mom was raised on farms almost a century ago, so she didn’t miss a beat.

    2. Was the roofer also a redneck relative? These are priceless.

      1. Terry I might not respond everyday but LOVE those jokes. You need to write for a TV show : )

      2. Terry, I don’t believe the roofer was “related”, except by being on the same level of lacking-horse-sense, as the one who hired him — and who is also the same one who executed the 3rd “family joke”, and lost several properties to stubborn non-payment of taxes.

  8. To Sally B., Darlene Daniels, Terry Crow, Jeanie, Eveline, Ingrid Arnone, Judy Berube, Keta, Sharon in Seattle, Signofthetimes, Vicki B, Especially Horses, Sandy in OH, Karen Gogue, Delrene in Carlsbad, Shari Voltz, Raylene So Cal, Sue Noel, Marshall (NC broad), the birthday lady herself, those who sent e-mail messages, and also others who may have sent positive thoughts my way: Thank you so much for your kind responses regarding the birthday poem for Barbara (Skip) Grimaldi. I very much appreciate your encouraging words. Thanks again!
    Gratefully yours in Dumplinghood and EAN,

    1. Dear Trina,

      You are so very welcome and deserving. I love each and evey one of your posts. What a blessing you are!

      P.S. my birthday is September 22, 1956. Ha Ha.

      Have a wonderful day, and who is your pick for the Ky Derby?

      Love, Darlene

      1. Birthday duly noted!
        As for the Derby, I love Union Rags and Hansen both, but how could I not root for Bodemeister with our MIKIE up? It will be a great race with a deep field–hoof ray for ALL the contenders, and may they all come home safe and sound!

    2. Trina-You have soared far past our ability to give you your proper due. We are so lucky to have you on this blog.

    3. You are such a very wonderful person
      In so many ways, Trina

      Thanks for sharing

    4. Dear Trina:

      You are a special, very caring and talented lady. Thank you for all the beautiful poems you give to us and for your friendship too. Love and Hugs, JB

    5. Dear Trina Oh, you are so welcome, hugs Ingrid.

    6. Awww, shucks, that’s so kind of you all! It is I who feels honored to be a part of this WONDERFUL community! You’re all the BEST!
      With love and gratitude in Dumplinghood,

    7. You are always welcome, Trina.

    8. No, thank you Trina; what talent you have is amazing! hugs

      1. Trina; I should say “the” talent you have, not “what” talent you have. Gee, I can not write a sentence and then look at you. ha

  9. @Vicki B. near Hollywood Park–does finding a dead skunk in one’s swimming pool make one a redneck? Oh, never mind, I already AM one!! Ha, ha. The Texas chapter.
    @Skip–we still miss you. When you’re “back”, I’ll re-send your card.

    1. Barbara,
      Does mixing blue with red make green? I think I am a green-neck. Half Blue neck and half red neck?

      Yes I think any animal in a swimming pool makes a redneck! Ha Ha.

      P.S. When my saga of the tomato plants (still not determined of plantings), I have a goldfish story to tell you all. True Story!

    2. A live skunk would be better but we’ll settle for a dead one.

    3. Definitely, Barbara! And better you than me, in that pool! Brings to mind that famous song “Dead Skunk” by Loudon Wainwright III, that I loved 40 yrs. ago. Really a Redneck Song, if there ever was one! It only reached #12 nationally, but was #1 for six weeks in Little Rock, Arkansas. The first two verses:

      Crossin’ the highway late last night
      He shoulda looked left and he shoulda looked right
      He didn’t see the station wagon car
      The skunk got squashed and there you are!

      You got yer
      Dead skunk in the middle of the road
      Dead skunk in the middle of the road
      You got yer dead skunk in the middle of the road
      Stinkin’ to high Heaven!

  10. Hi Z Family I finally received my It’s a Boy Poster and brought it in to show the children. They loved it !! I also was showing it around to other teachers, my Principal. Everyone just thinks the Little Prince is Precious. I mean how could one not fall all over him. I hope all are doing well and thank you for always listening to me about the children.
    I hope everyone has a Wonderful day. Love, Shari
    Trina we are lucky to have You. You make our birthdays special : )
    I talked to Dawn a couple of days ago. One of her close friends just lost her father and Dawn had to have some tests done. She has been really busy.

    1. Dear Shari:

      Thank you for the info on Dawn C. When you speak to her again, please say hello for me.
      I love my “It’s A Boy” Poster too. He’s the most precious colt. Regards to the children. Hugs, JB

      1. Dawn and I try to talk once a week. I feel so blessed that Zenyatta brought her into my life. Zenyatta has opened up a whole new world for me. Jennifer Wirth Ice contacted me about the Peppermint Pal Project because of Zenyatta. I hope our Queen knows how special she really is. Have a good day, Shari : )

        1. Yes, please say hi to Dawn from all of us. Condolences to Dawn’s friend on the loss of her father, and we hope Dawn’s tests results will be nothing but good news.

    2. Shari,
      Thanks for the update on Dawn! Had been worried about her. Give her our love when you talk with her!
      All the best, always!

  11. I thought Lane’s End was going to give us pictures more often.

    Pictures please!!!

    Thank you!


    This is from last year but it makes me laugh. One of the RN gang.

    1. This IS typical redneck. I couldn’t tell from the video-Is this man from Florida?

      1. No he is not one of mine. I am not sure what poor chapter president has that young man to look after.

      2. He’s even dumber than most of my Redneck Relatives. He seems like a fair candidate for the annual Darwin Awards.

  13. A local business was looking for office help. They put a sign in the window stating the following: Help wanted. Must be able to type, must be good with a computer and must be bilingual. We are an equal opportunity employer. Later that day, a horse was trotting by the window. The horse saw the sign and went inside. The horse went up to the receptionist and pointed at the sign. The receptionist then summoned the office manager. The office manager invited the horse to come into his office. Again, the horse pointed at the sign. “I can’t hire you,” said the manager. “The sign says you must be able to type.” The horse went over to the typewriter and proceeded to type out a perfect letter. He took out the page from the typewriter and trotted over to the manager and gave it to him. The manager was stunned, but then said to the horse “The sign says that you must be good with a computer.” The horse went to the computer and proceeded to enter and execute a perfect program. By this time, the manager was thoroughly stunned. He then looked at the horse and said “I realize that you have some interesting abilities are that you are intelligent. However, I still can’t give you the job.” The horse went over to the sign and put his hoof on the sentence that said equal opportunity employer. The manager said “Yes, but the sign also says that you have to be bilingual.” The horse looked at the manager calmly and said “woof.”

    1. That was a good one. Keep them coming!! Woof!

    2. Loud woof and high hoof!

    3. I like that, Terry. Albeit, because of his silence, I was expecting his trouble might come in the language department. Thanks.

    4. Really good one Terry – I realized where it was going, but the actual second language was a surprise!

  14. As per VIcki B’s advice, I am pausing before posting today’s rednecks. The first one is a particular favorite of Trina’s. You might be a redneck if you told your husband to move over in bed so that the dog could have more room. You might be a redneck if all of the art in your living room was purchased at gas stations. You might be a redneck if your local funeral home has a neon sign in the window. You might be a redneck if you have to call the police more than once a week to remove your drunk mother-in-law from your front lawn. You might be a redneck if you have to put on boots to go to the bathroom. You might be a redneck if one of your relatives is named Cletus. You might be a redneck if your screen door has no screen. You might be a redneck if you have ever been pulled over for speeding with a mattress atop your car.

    1. Love the jokes!

      1. Thank you, Ashton. I hope your moma approves.

    2. Hi Terry…..our dog just pushes Jim out if he wants more room….
      I know I don’t tell you often enough but REALLY enjoy your jokes.

      1. Carol and Trina-Thank you.

    3. Haha, Terry! So true! Those were the days…

    4. I have to give credit where credit is due. It was Sandy who told me that I should pause before posting the rednecks. Vicky said I didn’t have to wait any longer, but she was referring to her relatives of rednecks jokes, which were the funniest ever. Sorry, Sandy.

      1. Humph! Well, I was wondering if your staff had gotten too large to manage (and let me save you the trouble, by “large” I mean number of :-)

    5. Terry, Trina’s favorite is definitely a keeper!

      And “if one of your relatives is named Cletus”. Well, some of mine are named Elmer & Hazel, Cornelia, Gladys, Virgil, Chick, Ruby & Pearl. Not a bad redneck assortment.

      And thanks for clarifying the credit — as I was puzzling over not remembering advising you to pause for anything.

  15. NEW video of 12-Z

    1. Thank you for the link!! 12Z is too cute and it was wonderful watching him run around the paddock. Zenny looks great and happy!
      Hugs to all,

      1. At the end, the manager mentions that she has been bred already…We are that much closer to seeing Z13!!!

    2. Huh … conservative comments about Z 12.

      1. Zenyen, please elaborate. Your observations are always on target.

        1. Well, I don’t really want to pick apart what is a very polite and professional appraisal by the farm manager.

          But it’s just that, its a very polite and professional appraisal, no elaboration on any point beyond, he’s growing, he’s moving in a positive direction … which yeah you would hope he’s growing and moving in a positive direction.

          There is no comment about his personality or any strengths they’re seeing in him, in fact Cline gives us more depth on how Zenyatta is handling motherhood than any real commentary about the foal.

          You can tell that the sequence is heavily edited, probably for time but it just reminds me of the old adage that if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all.

        2. Thank you for replying, Zenyen. Would love to hear more about his personality, his interactions with Zenyatta and the other foal who shares the paddock.

    3. Thank you., Ashton! This video is so cute!

    4. Whoopee! Ahhhaa! ‘Ahhhh – that do feel good!’ First time EVER to see you rollin’ in the dirt girl! Awesome video – more! more! more! Star Prince is full of pisst n’ vinegar!
      LOL! You know what I mean girl! Too Cute!

    5. Thank you for sharing this, Ashton. Little Z12 is so adorable. I can’t believe how big he’s gotten!

    6. Thank you for the link he is so adorable, Ingrid.

    7. Thank you very much. That was outstanding. Baby Z is a spunky guy. Zenny looks great too. thanks again you are a good Zenster

    8. Ashton: Thank you for the link. Really enjoyed seeing Z and 12Z. I also liked the video of Giacomo, especially the clip of the Kentucky Derby win. It was rather like Z in the 2009 BCC.

    9. Ashton,
      Great link to the video of Z and 12Z! Love watching them and how he is loving running around — what pure joy he has!
      Thanks so much for the link! Hope you and your family are well and happy!
      Take care! Lots of hugs!

    10. Z12—and Ashton:

      “Thou dost float and run,; Like an unbodied joy whose race is just begun.” (Shelley)


      1. Oh, Cynthia, that is so beautiful!

  16. @Darlene Daniels – I might go to Court Days this year. I’m off work that whole week, so there’s a good chance I will. Are you going? Maybe we could meet there. That would be cool. Yes, I am a Cincinnati Reds fan. I have been since I was a little girl. I also agree with you about Joey Votto. HOT!!!
    @Heidi K – I love your dad’s joke. I’m with Terry, I love that kind of humor.
    @Sue Fredrick – There’s nothing wrong with having a warped sense of humor. I definitely have one!
    @Vicki B and Terry Crow – Great jokes!
    @Shari Volz – Isn’t that It’s A Boy poster adorable? I just love mine! Send our love to Dawn.

  17. NEW video of Zenny and foal in paddock. He is one spunky guy. Cuteness overload.

    1. sorry just saw somebody already posted it.

    2. You aren’t kidding. Zenny sure has her hoofs full with this little guy but she seems to love being a mom. They are just TOO CUTE for words.

    3. I like your words “Cuteness overload”.

  18. Today I got Z’s breyer! So amazing how real it looks and so big!

  19. @Ashton–love the video of feisty Baby Z. Much longer video than we’ve seen in the past, I think. Thank you for posting!
    @Shari Voltz–thanks for the update on Dawn. Just routine tests, I hope? We always worry when she’ away for long.
    @TC–love the jokes as always. Think I”ll add “woof” to my language repertoire.

  20. We are so darn lucky to be getting these updates from a very busy staff at LE.
    The video is awesome…love seeing little Z zooming around and our Queen rolling in the mud. Life is GOOD in Ky.
    Thanks again to everyone at LE and Team Z for keeping our hunger for anything related to Zenny and her foal satisfied.

  21. I love this video of Zenyatta and 12z. Thank you, Ashton for sharing the link. Immediately to the left of that video is another good one: Remembering a Champion Giacamo.

    Did anyone notice on the LE Foal List that on 4/24 Mona De Momma had a colt by Malibu Moon? Zenny, Tasty and MDM were paddock mates for a while, then there were just Zenyatta and Tasty Temptation together and I don’t remember ever hearing where Mona De Momma was. Since she has foaled so much later, I’m surmising something went wrong after she was bred, maybe like Zenny or??? and she was bred later.

    Is anyone else having trouble getting to the end of the postings here? I gave it up for awhile then “back doored” in through Zenyatta’s FB page.

    Gelila raced today at Betfair Hollywood Park and came in third. Moss owned, John Shirreffs trained ridden by Joe Talamo.

    And, can you believe this? This morning my husband said it was reported on the news that there was a big fight at the Post Office. They caught a lady l i c k i n g a stamp. Groans are permitted. I did.

    1. Good one, Marty! Debbie G, our dear mail carrier extraordinaire in Lexington, KY, heart of thoroughbred land, had you heard that one before?

  22. Zenny, so good to see you looking 100% again. Hard to lose and regain that waistline isn’t it. EARnie looks beautiful, but I’ll bet he is a little stinker to keep in line. The video is such a TREAT ( thank you LE and Staff) we have been so anxious to see him racing around. He is going to be fabulous when he’s grown up, such a strong looking body.
    Terry, great jokes again…..the sicker the better!
    Trina, it suddenly occured to me, who is going to write your birthday poem, and when is your birthday. We certainly have to give you something after all the special gifts you have given us.

    Kisses on your noses Mama Zen and EARnie, love Auntie Sue

    1. Sue, That is so sweet! My birthday is May 17, but NO PRESSURE!

  23. @Judy Berube,
    Thanks so much for the links to those BL photos. They are absolutely gorgeous — that includes Chumlee, also! Barbara Livingston does a fantastic job!
    All the very best, always!

    @Terry Crow,
    Woof! Woof! right back at you! LOL

    Goodnight everyone! Have a good sleep and a very restful night.

  24. hope they post something new today…takes forever to load this….and then another forever to get to the bottom…
    best of luck to all today….safe trips for everyone
    peppermint kisses for all soft noses worldwide….
    gracie….happy retirement
    tasty….hope to see you soon
    TT12….and his adoptive mom
    SM and SM12….good friends
    and of course…the great Z and Baby Z

  25. I watched it at home, orlianigly, and the same went to Hero. But Hero was so astonishingly well shot, performed, scored, etc that I went to see it in the theatres when it came out. Same goes to Beat Takeshi’s The Blind Swordman Zatiochi. Saw it at home and 6 months later went to see it in theatres for the experience.Maybe I wasn’t in the love triangle, magic knives mood so I’m gonna rent it on Blu-ray and re-watch it this week. :O)

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