1. Can’t afford, but really admire the work. Great job.

  2. WOW! Stunning – hard to believe it is an actual work of art! I want!!!!

  3. It’s beautiful…thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Wish I could afford this fabulous painting! I will have to settle for trying to copy it by hand with pencil. Zenyatta has such a spirit to her. She loks so graceful and happy as Mike Smith bestows his kiss on her! She is a magical horse. I love her and am so grateful God made her for us all to enjoy. I pray she will make a beautiful foal that looks and acts like her. Not exactly because there is only one original and unique Zenyatta!

  6. @Terry Crow: Johnny Mathis version. Kari made an exquisitely haunting and lovely video to that song, which even elicited the comment of “that was beautiful,” from John Shirreffs. I will try and post the link now, with apologies to Trina if I do it incorrectly, for the many friends of Kari who love her and treasure the gift of her talent:

  7. **Sorry, above comment was posted to this page in error.

  8. Zenny ~ Only in my dreams could afford one of these! Beautiful!! This, and the Nina Kaiser table top statue, would be nice additions to my collection :-)

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