May Photos: Zenyatta & Filly

Zenyatta. Photo by Alys Emson,

Zenyatta. Photo by Alys Emson,

Happy Wednesday!

Here’s a fresh set of photos from Alys and Lane’s End Farm.

-Team Z

Photo by Alys Emson.

Photo by Alys Emson.

Life Is Sweet's colt, left, with Z Princess. Photo by Alys Emson.

Life Is Sweet’s colt, left, with Z Princess. Photo by Alys Emson.

Photo by Alys Emson.

Photo by Alys Emson.

Photo by Alys Emson.

Photo by Alys Emson.

Photo by Alys Emson.

Photo by Alys Emson.


  1. Good morning sweet Zenyatta and Zsters
    News about Sir:
    Sir is in love with a big mare named Lilly who he can not be with because she lets him eat her food. (Sir knew this mare a few years ago when at another barn.) I am not sure how the set up is there. Sir will not eat his food in the morning because he is fretting over this mare, and all Sir has been doing is tearing up his stall, pacing, pacing and neighing out in the pasture. She said it is hard to keep weight on Sir. There is another gelding too who wants to be with Lilly and she can not have the three together as she is afraid the two geldings will fight.
    Needless to say the news is Becky is not happy with the “mess” our volunteer got her into as Becky was willing to take Sir back home.
    I will keep you posted!! Sir is sure not bored there!!

    Happy to know Zenyatta that the stallion barns are way far away from you!! You’d be driving all of them crazy and Lane’s End may have to repair fences.
    hugs, Sally B

    1. Dear Sally:

      Oh my, Sir is in a love triangle. Hope things get sorted out for him. Loved your message to Z. Love and Hugs, JB

    2. Sally. If Sir has found a mare who shares her feed, it’s definitely love. Hoping that she selects him as her BFF. He deserves a good life.

      1. Very true Max on all comments. Cheers, KathyR

    3. who is Sir? i just started looking in to this

  2. Dear Z Fans:

    Here’s the Belmont Stakes Past Performances. Love and Hugs, JB

    1. Dear Judy,

      Thank you so much for all your great links.
      Love, Ingrid.

      1. Dear Ingrid:

        You’re so welcome. Go Chromie. Love and Hugs, JB

    2. Thanks so much for posting this, Judy. A Study of this stuff just substantiates my earlier read on this race. First of all, you have three horses which are still eligible for non-winners of two other than. (Mattuszak, Matterhorn, Commanding Curve). The two M’s appear to have no chance, while Commanding Curve could get a minor award. A lot of people like this horse, but I feel that he benefited from a fondness for Churchill Downs. He will have to lay much closer to the pace in the Belmont. In my mind, the contenders, other than California Chrome are Wicked Strong, General A Rod, Ride on Curlin, Samraat and Tonalist, in that order. Mud would move Tonalist way up. Take this for what it is worth, nothing.

  3. @Vamp–hugs and prayers for you.

    @Sally B.–I am so sorry about the dilemma. These things happen, but they are never easy for the humans involved. Will pray about that too.

    With apologies to anyone who posted this earlier, our own JUDY BERUBE is now a star on the Paulick Report. Great story about Papa Charlie and Hudson Township. You will love it. For some reason, the link won’t post, but it’s, and it’s in the OTTB Showcase. Hugs to you, Judy!

    1. Thanks for sharing the link to the story about Judy! It was well written and such a positive for this site also. There are doubters out there in the regular world who do not take seriously those of us who bond through the love of a horse as a common interest, whether it is the Fans of Barbaro or the wonderful world of Zsters, and this story proves that we can become a force for good – especially the good of the horses.

      1. Dear Barbara and Celeste

        Thanks for posting that link – terrific story. And Celeste, your comment is so true.
        Cheers, KathyR

      2. Dear Celeste:

        You are spot on. That is the whole point of this Blog and the OTTB Showcase. The gathering and bonding of people who love and care about horses. Love and Hugs, JB

    2. Let’s see if this will work.
      Beautiful article, JB. Luv ya! Honored to know you, beautiful lady.

      1. Meant to thank you, BWood. Thanks for the heads up.

      2. Judy, Judy, Judy!! This was such a beautiful article about you and the love for Charlie and Hudson. Such a happy ending story. You are in deed a very special Zster friend I am so very happy to know.

        Thanks for posting again Ann, NC

        For the love of the horse, lovenhugs, Sally B

        1. Dear Sally:

          Nobody deserves recognition for helping horses more than you do. Sir’s story and your love for him would be a wonderful OTTB Showcase. God Bless you. Love and Hugs JB

      3. Thanks for the link, Ann, and BRAVO to our Judy B. This is a great article that doesn’t say nearly enough about all of the hard work and caring that Judy put into this project! It should have included a picture of her with these horse that owe so much to her efforts.

        1. Dear Sandy:

          Thank you very much. Love and Hugs, JB

      4. My Dear Ann:

        Thank you from my heart. Love and Hugs, JB

    3. Very nice article about our Judy. She certainly deserves this recognition. Good photos.
      There’s also a video of Wise Dan grazing. He looks great.
      Free the Moose! Power up Danny.

      1. Dear Max:

        Thanks so much. I have to look for the video of Danny. It’s a new one since he came home? Love and Hugs, JB

        1. Dear Max:

          Thanks for referencing the new video of Dan. Here’s the complete article and video from The Paulick Report dated 6/3/14. He looks very good. Love and Hugs, JB

    4. This is a great story, but we all knew/know that. Judy is a wonderful human being, but we all knew/know that. All kidding aside, great story about our Judy.

      1. Dear TC GP:

        Thank you for your very kind words. Love and Hugs, JB

    5. Thanks, Barbara! What a good article about Papa Charlie and Hudson Township and how our Judy Berube was most instrumental for saving them. Brava, Judy B. and all helpers!
      Hugs and Love

      1. Dear Marshall:

        Thank you and I thank all the wonderful ladies that made rescuing Charlie and Hudson (rescued her twice) possible. Love and Hugs, JB

    6. My Dear Barb:

      Thank you so very much. Love and Hugs, JB

    7. My Dear Barb:

      Love and Hugs, JB

  4. Dear Max.Ryan Moore has chosen to ride Geoffrey Chaucer in the Derby.Torrential rain has been forecast for the day a yellow weather warning.Thunder is a bit of a hit and miss affair in the UK so hope it won’t be as bad as forecast.
    Ruler of the World tweaked a muscle and is out of the Coronation Cup should be a stroll for CDA given his form of late.
    Her Majesty was out and about in the new Gold coach today a pageboy fainted during the speech but she just carried on regardless.The young royals have a lot to learn.Dave and Ed were happily chatting away!!Free the Moose.PU Dan.Sheena.

    1. Sheena. Chaucer may be a real contender with Moore. However Australia has the breeding to win it. Think that loss in the Guineas belongs to young Joe, not the horse.
      Hope that the forecasters are wrong about the rain.
      Roll on Cirrus, you are golden.
      Maybe Dave and Nick are breaking up? Surprised that it lasted this long.
      Check out the video of Dan grazing in the link with the article on JudyB. That Dan is incredible. He’s hanging out at that beautiful farm with quarter horses.
      Free the Moose! Power up Danny!

  5. Dear Judy.Wonderful to see you in the Paulick report.No one deserves it more than you.Love and hugs SheenaXX

    1. Dear Sheena:

      Thanks so much. Love and Hugs, JB

  6. Dear Terry

    Just back from walking the hound – thankfully none of Sheena’s fog this morning. I’ve seen stories on the Monarch butterfly – they are an impressive creature. I think mine are more likely to be what we call Painted Ladies – but like the horse, they are mostly chestnut. Butterflies are delightful – unfortunately too many get destroyed by zealous gardeners who think they’re bad bugs. Cheers, KathyR

    1. They may be insects, but they are well worth the effort. Keep up the good work. You are making a difference.

  7. Dear Judy:

    You’re spot on : jump time is 8.30 am Downunder. Oh my, the butterflies are stirring again at the thought! Congratulations on the Paulick story – excellent. Hugs, KathyR

    1. Dear Kathy R:

      Thank you so much. Love and Hugs, JB

  8. Dear Max.Oh,Nick is enjoying the perks of being in government too much to give up on the coalition.He’ll hang on until the bitter end!A typical politician.
    Yes ,I saw the video of WD,he looks fantastic so happy he has recovered so quickly.There was a lovely piece about Noble Mission on Frankel’s website he may run in the eclipse.Free the Moose.PU Dan.Sheena.

  9. Dear Kathy R.No fog only heavy rain which threatens to spoil our Derby.There’s a programme on the BBC sunday evening about Australian wildfires with Kate Humble.I will be watching.Hope General enjoyed his walk.It’s about IIpm over here.Hugs Sheena.

    1. Dear Sheena:

      I hope everyone enjoyed the golden coach that Jim Frecklington built! This bloke has been constructing this carriage for over eight years had a $250,000 federal government grant, which soon ran out, and Jim tried for $5million, which was turned down, so he mortgaged his house and got craftsmen to work on it as a favour. I’ll try and find some more details, but he’s got timber in the construction from all over the UK – bits from the Mary Rose, the old royal box at Ascot, and so on. Talk about dedication and love of the monarchy. Jim was born on a sheep farm in Parkes, in NSW and built his first carriage when the family Shetland refused to be ridden. Hope it’s a comfortable ride after all that effort! Hugs, KathyR

  10. @Judy Berube,

    Terrific article about Charlie and Hudson and how you and others got together to keep them from harm and find them a home. I enjoyed it very much. God bless all.

    1. Dear Mary:

      Thank you very much. Yes, had a lot of help from some wonderful ladies who are dedicated Zenyatta fans. Love and Hugs, JB

  11. In the forum there are photos of Coz at Belmont under John’s watchful eye. He has taken the next step in his racing career…John, Mario and the gang must be so excited to have him!

    1. Dear Suew:

      Thanks for this info. Will check them out. I agree, JS and the whole team must be thrilled to have COZ at Belmont. Love and Hugs, JB

  12. Just been watching the Weather Channel showing the Tornado warning area over the entire state of KY.
    To all the folks at Lane’s End and all the horses in your care prayers for everyone to be safe.
    Love and hugs,

    1. Dear Maryp:

      Agree – prayers for all in harm’s way.

    2. Yes, prayers for Kentucky and especially all living at Lane’s End!
      Sally B

    3. Dear Mary, Kathy R, Sally and Z Fans:

      Oh, I join you in prayers for all in Kentucky. Stay safe. Love and Hugs, JB

  13. Dear Judy

    So wonderful to see you in the Paulick Report. Just wonderful. You are such a Guardian Angel.

    1. My Dear Peggy:

      Thank you so very much. Love and Hugs, JB

  14. Dear Judy.You are famous! God bless you for your devotion to ALL horses.Goodnight Love and hugs to you LM PC HT Little Cap Hercules and all the Sweeties.I was watching Monty bringing Glesni her fish supper about 10pm and taking over incubation duties.They make a great team.SheenaXX

    1. Dear Sheena:

      Thank you so much. Monty is a very good mate and Dad to be. Love and Hugs, JB, LM, PC, HT, Cap, Herc and all the Sweeties

  15. Judy B,
    Congratulations for finally getting the recognition you so deserve. Of course we here on the blog have known this for a long time, but now the world knows your story of dedication to these horses. You’re the best. Love and hugs sue

    1. Dear Sue Fredrick:

      Thank you from my heart. I really wanted to thank my Z Family for making me aware of the plight of some of our TBs through our shared love of Zenyatta and to celebrate the fact that Charlie and Hudson have found happy homes with people who love them. So very blessed to know all of you. Love and Hugs, JB

  16. Dear Judy and all CC fans:

    Have just heard Andrew Bensley from Skysportsradio interview Art Sherman. Delightful interview. Bensley tells me (and of course, other listeners) that the race will start at 8.52 am Australian time. But he did go on to say that the race is often late. Hugs, KathyR

    1. Dear Kathy R:

      The Official Post Time in the entries on Equibase is 6:52 PM New York time, so that would be exactly right. As you say, could be later with the large crowd expected. Love and Hugs, JB

  17. I’ve read on FB that Coz is in training now with John at Belmont?!

  18. Judy B,

    Wonderful article on the Paulick Report that was posted.
    Kudos to you and I know Papa Charlie and Hudson Township
    love their guardian angel.

    1. Dear Janet:

      Thank you very much. Love and Hugs, JB

  19. Lovenkisses to you Zenyatta and sweet dreams Z Coz, Zi, and zprincess.

    Auntie Sally B

  20. Mike Smith Entries
    Belmont Park – 6/7/2014
    Race Race Type Horse Trainer
    3 Brooklyn Invitational Stakes – Gr. 2 Eriugena (IRE) Michael Maker
    5 Woody Stephens Stakes – Gr. 2 Top Fortitude R. Owens
    6 TVG Acorn Stakes – Gr. 1 Fiftyshadesofgold W. Calhoun
    8 Longines Just a Game Stakes – Gr. 1 Strathnaver (GB) H. Motion
    9 Metropolitan Handicap – Gr. 1 Goldencents Doug O’Neill
    10 Knob Creek Manhattan Stakes – Gr. 1 Rookie Sensation John Shirreffs
    11 Belmont Stakes – Gr. 1 Matuszak William Mott

  21. JudyB
    What a great inspiring & well deserved write up!
    Russ would be so proud of you.

    1. Dear BGG:

      Thank you so much. Love and Hugs, JB

  22. KathyR & Terry
    The Monarchs would fly through Manhattan on their trip south.
    It became a spring ritual sitting on the balcony and watching for them.
    It was a perilous trip through the city because of the birds.
    Reading about your Painted Ladies brought back a flood of memories.
    Hugs, BGG

    1. BGG-The Monarchs “resting” at Pacific Grove, California is truly an awesome sight. As I recall, the grove of trees where they take refuge contains about 50, 000 of them, but that number varies with the temperature. They are unable to fly if the temperature is below a certain figure, I can’t recall what it is. As the weather warms up, more and more of them take flight. I am glad I was able to see this during my lifetime. The citizens of Pacific Grove are very good custodians.

  23. YEAH!!!!! JUDY B…….great write up!

    1. Dear Carol:

      Thanks so much. Love and Hugs, JB

  24. Dear Mama Z, COZ, ZI and Z Princess:

    Z, Princess and ZI, Stay safe and comfy. COZ, thinking of you in your new surroundings. Love all of you so much. Love and Hugs, JB

  25. Dear Maryp:

    Any more news on the Kentucky tornado? Can’t seem to find anything on NYTimes or Wash Post – hope this means the thing fizzled and everyone is safe. Keeping up the prayers just in case. Cheers, KathyR

  26. spare Elms, Black Moon, allanthus may be live, Show Dancer, july Lad he is live in australia, youtube ” orange county p2p steeplechase jockeycam ” , sometimes horses stay up and continue race on broken legs themselves, Go for wand, Jotilla , horses believe to horses in herd, horses believe to us, they think that we will come tommorow and will continue to care of them and will to recover their legs if will be need, Barbaro, power up Danny, Zenny care of your health, Coz breeze carefully, see clean soft course, walk after in half hour, have joyfull bath and tuning, Zenny in matematics it is very low that Tornado will breeze along your stall, if you will see coming Tornado, better quickly open all doors then stalls like in fair and alow horses to be free in very very big paddock not to jump over fences in heavy wind, or better to be free in open field and then look for herd, hoping to instinct of horses, beautyfull Zenny lil 14z ziconic Coz and mates kiss your soft noses

    1. love your posts…..full of joy and good advice

      1. me too. :)

  27. Please, please, please give us an update on the BOYS. Things have to be getting exciting for both of them!

  28. Oh my goodness! Princess Z is growing like a weed! :D Z is gorgeous as always. ♥

  29. Hi!

    Beautiful photos!

    How about some videos of Zenyatta and her baby girl?

    So happy to hear that Zenyatta is getting a year off from breeding as
    she needs to stay healthy in order to produce more later on.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

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