May Visit from Ann and Jerry

Photo by Alys Emson/Lane's End

Photo by Alys Emson/Lane’s End

Happy Preakness Day!

Zenyatta and her colt got to see Ann and Jerry this week! Alys took photos of their visit, and Mike Cline and Charles Campbell stopped by.

Also, at the end of this post, see a conversation with Ann and Charles about the night of the foaling. They discuss Zenyatta’s inclination towards motherhood and the special bond she shares with her foals.

Team Z

Photo by Alys Emson/Lane's End

Photo by Alys Emson/Lane’s End

Photo by Alys Emson/Lane's End

Photo by Alys Emson/Lane’s End

Photo by Alys Emson/Lane's End

Photo by Alys Emson/Lane’s End

Photo by Alys Emson/Lane's End

Photo by Alys Emson/Lane’s End

Photo by Alys Emson/Lane's End

Photo by Alys Emson/Lane’s End


  1. Hollywood Park: Amazombie sidelined with a wrenched ankle
    By Brad Free Daily Racing Form 05/28/2013 9:56AM
    INGLEWOOD, Calif. – A training-track accident at Betfair Hollywood Park has delayed the comeback of 2011 champion sprinter Amazombie, who will miss the summer season and possibly his entire 7-year-old campaign.
    Amazombie has not started since Nov. 3, 2012, finishing eighth as the favorite in the Breeders’ Cup Sprint at Santa Anita, a race which he won in 2011. This winter, Amazombie was plagued by quarter cracks.
    Owner-trainer Bill Spawr was targeting the Grade 1 Bing Crosby in summer at Del Mar until the mishap early this month.
    “He was just getting ready to breeze again,” Spawr said. “We got the bar shoe off and he was going good.”
    Amazombie was coming off the Hollywood training track following a morning gallop when Spawr said an over-eager pony ran in front of him and cut him off. Spawr said Amazombie “wheeled and almost went down . . . he wrenched his [left] ankle.”
    X-rays did not reveal a serious injury, but as of Monday morning Amazombie still had swelling in the ankle. It is unclear when he will resume training.
    “”We’re on hold right now, he is going to miss Del Mar,” Spawr said.

    1. Get well soon Zombie…..amazing story….basically a “throw in” in a sale as a youngster…amazing animal

      1. carol in Arkansas
        It really bothered me that he was injured. What a freaky accident!
        Had just recovered from cracks in hoof & was training well.
        Hopefully, the ankle will heal and he’ll be back to racing
        Hugs, Keta

    2. What an unfortunate mishap! Power Up Amazombie!

    3. Hope you get well soon, dear Amz.
      Hug Ingrid.

    4. Was sad to read about his injury, I was just thinking about him the other day. Get well and hope you get some extra yogurt that you love.

  2. TakeChargeIndy ‏tweet with PHOTO–Laugh for Today
    I told Chivalrous it was time to get up and go jogging.
    He said, “Five more minutes!”

    1. Funny picture! Now, I have ANOTHER question! I’ve read that horses can’t sleep lying down, yet I’ve read plenty of articles where people say that horses DO sleep lying down. Obviously, by the picture, they can. But, my question is – do they only sleep on their sides for short amounts of time before they have to get up?

      1. Mary from Michigan
        This article gives a good explanation of sleeping horses
        Why Do Horses Sleep Standing Up While Many Other Species Do Not?
        Posted: 12/18/2012 11:57 am Huff Post Science
        This is somewhat of a myth. Horses can get a lot of sleep while standing up, but they lie down when they require REM sleep. Typically, the amount of REM sleep they require is very small, so they don’t need to lie down often. However, many horses lie down just because they feel comfortable or want to do so.
        The reason horses can sleep while standing for most of their sleep cycle is because it allows them to quickly escape an attack by a predator without having to waste time standing up (which can be a slow process compared to a predator attack). The method by which horses stand while sleeping is called the “stay apparatus,” and it’s a system of ligaments and tendons that keep them upright with relative ease.
        Horses also like using the buddy system for sleeping, where one horse watches over the others while they’re sleeping. The role of watch-horse will rotate as each member of the herd gets the sleep they need, including lying down for necessary REM sleep. Many horses adopt this kind of rotation when they’re in their home barn setting, either in a paddock or in a stall next to their regular neighbors.
        When I used to show, I often had to stall my mare overnight in someplace unusual. I knew the travel and new sleeping environments would be rough on her sleeping schedule, and I could often gauge my performance on how well she slept. There was a pretty good correlation between her performance and whether or not I had to brush stall shavings off her belly. If she had shavings on her belly, I knew she had a good night’s sleep. If not, then I figured she hadn’t slept well and might have problems.

        1. Remember how Tasty Temptation used to stand vigil while Z was snoozing in their pasture?

        2. Trina. I well remember that. Tasty was always on guard for the Queen, even going so far once to chase John Shirreffs away on a visit. I guess that you need to show ID to Tasty.

        3. Trina & Max
          Also how Zenyatta would graze inches away from baby Coz
          when he would take a nap in the paddock
          It was too cute!
          Hugs, Keta

        4. Keta Thanks read to the children. Very Cool : )

    2. This is short video of Tiznow getting some zzzzs. Might be dreaming of the BCC when he outran Galileo and others? Tiz, you’re great.

      1. Thanks for the video,
        He was a great race horse!

      2. Thanks, Max,a beautiful sight. Love his straw bed, fluffed up to perfection….skills.

      3. Max Thanks I showed the children : )

  3. Thank you, Keta! I always wondered about that, and now I know. I guess the ‘wild’ instinct hasn’t left horses too much, unlike our pampered pet dogs. I always thought the sleeping while standing up had to do with their large frames making breathing difficult, but I guess that’s not the reason at all. :)

    1. Mary from Michigan
      Glad to help any time I can
      Hugs, Keta

  4. Carol from Arkansas…..thanks for the update. I don’t know that much about War Front
    but I can see why he might be a good choice.

    1. I don’t believe anything 100% til I hear it on this site

      1. I’m with you on that Carol.

  5. sheena & Max–great win by baby sister! Hugs, Keta
    Racing Post ‏tweet
    Joyeuse, a half-sister to Frankel, made a winning start to her career at Lingfield –
    check out our picture story at
    Excerpt from article
    Joyeuse will have to be exceptional to match the exploits of her half-brother Frankel, but the juvenile filly made an instant impact on her debut at Lingfield when winning
    the 6f maiden in style.
    Trained by Sir Henry Cecil for Khalid Abdullah, and ridden by Tom Queally,
    Joyeuse stretched clear by three-and-a-quarter lengths, and racing manager
    Teddy Grimthorpe said:
    “Any winning filly is nice, but that was great. With a filly like this you are always a bit apprehensive as the weight of expectation is so enormous.

    1. Keta. Fantastic news. She’s wearing the same Zorro hood as her other brother, Noble Mission. Judy B will be happy to hear this too. She researched and discovered her name. Her sire is Oasis Dreams aka Brad Pitt.
      Joyeuse is another filly for the memory of Kari B.

        JOYEUSE wins the Maiden Fillies’ at Lingfield..28/05/13
        Trainer = Sir H.Cecil. Jockey = T.Queally
        Keta Note: Special thanks to AmandaF for this find. It is interesting watching
        the gate loading. Some of these babies do not want to go there.
        Impressive win by Joyeuse!

        1. Thanks for the video! You’re right – some of those little gals did not want to go in those gates. I was happy to see there was no ear-pulling or no whipping with the lead lines that we see over here so much. Looked like the gate crew knew what they were doing and had as much patience as you can when dealing with inexperienced young horses.

        2. Are these horses learning to race? They look so young?

        3. Watching the patience and kindness displayed by the gate crew (and the jockeys) getting all these girls into their gates was something. I’d never seen a hood used before nor the gizmo they placed around the hindquarters instead of grasping each other’s hands behind the horses to scoop them into the gates. I also can’t help thinking that the helmets are a great idea… I’ve never seen those used here.

  6. ♥ Dumpling Diana S from Arizona asked that I post this news video for Judy Glore.

    Please keep the HEART of Tucson in your charities. Thank you.

    God bless.

    1. Dear all, in the TV clip from Friday’s services, our dear Diana Stuart speaks about how special Judy Glore, the loving heart of HEART of Tucson (Happy Equine Acres Rescue and Therapy) was. Ride now in peace through heaven’s green pastures, Judy. We will keep the heart beating.

      1. Thank you Trina and Judy, A beautiful tribute for a wonderful lady. Boy, will she be missed!

      2. Thank you for posting this Trina, she was one special lady. It was really great that Diana Stuart could be there for the service. I shall keep her Heart of Tucson on my list of favorite charities. Blessings to her family. hugs

      3. When I tried to access your link I was warned that a threat existed. Just letting everyone know.

        1. Terry, that’s strange. I opened the news link on two computers with no warning. Perhaps it has something to do with your spyware? It’s only about 2 minutes long.

        2. That wasn’t very nice;
          Just blow him off !!!

          Help the guy.

        3. “Remembering”… yeah, right! LOL What’s your real name… hiding as usual :-)

        4. p.s “Remembering” why don’t YOU help him ;-)

        5. Judy-You are probably right. Each computer is different.

      4. Thank you Trina and Judy:
        May Judy Glore rest in peace knowing that the HEART of Tucson will continue for her beloved horses.

        Now Judy is with Dyna King. She always wanted to ride him, and I don’t think she ever got that chance. So, I know he was waiting for her to cross the Rainbow Bridge, and together they rode off across the heavens.

    2. May Judy rest in peace – she did so much for the horses; will never forget what she did for Dyna King (Gifted).

    3. Judy & Trina
      Thank you for sharing the links.
      Nice coverage of the tributes & the gathering.
      It is so sad to lose Judy . She left a living memorial.
      Hugs, Keta

  7. dear keta was late getting on computer tonight have just seen the news about joyeuse what a great start she won in fine style a beautiful name they are already talking about next years guineas love and hugs sheena

  8. dear max a great start for joyeuse she has a lot to live up to bless her very convincing win. feel sorry for paul this past season hasn’t been his best losing his champion horses and dan skelton now ruby daryl is a worthy successor!
    have you see moosie’s girlfriend meg aka molly? she tweeted him a kiss but says moosie is shy! wonder when HE will decide to run againhugs sheena

    1. What a treat hearing about, Ruby and he having to put his children to bed before doing an interview. Good luck to him.
      Great race w/ Joyeuse and those fillies. The gate keepers had their hands full w/ that group loading,lol! Fractious fillies they were.
      Molly is precious!
      Fun stuff, Sheena. Night.

    2. Sheena. Is this Molly another Tilly? Moose is fast becoming a legend like Kauto only without Kauto’s records. Moose, you need to run to win. Still waiting for Ascot news.

    3. sheena
      Posted Race Replay video above.It was a great win!!
      Now if we can only get Moose moving.
      Hope he will feel like it soon.
      Hugs, Keta

      1. Maybe we should try the old fashioned method and have his jockey hold a fishing poll with a carrot on the end of it? They’re tried everything else. Maybe an extra bribe, we can coat the carrot with his favorite candy. ;-)

  9. carol in arkansas & Peggy (N) South Georgia
    Doing some catch-up. On page 11, you were discussing stallions
    Add to the list Americain (AU) who is standing at Calumet.
    I think he is a shuttle stallion
    Hugs, Keta

    1. Keta, imagine my suprise when at (can’t remember if it was HP or SA) they were parading a horse on the track in between races, it was Americain, almost fell out of my seat! He looked great. Sadly, half the people there were oblivious as to who he is!!! But I was thrilled to see him.

  10. dear max molly is at “new beginnings horses” they often tweet kauto as well don’t think tilly lives there romance by twitter!!!hugs sheena

  11. dear judy have a blessed night sweetdreams great run by joyeuse!love and hugs sheena
    dear ann I wish ruby all the best too.his young family need him twitter is such fun for the horses reminds me of Z’s diaries wish she would get her writing hooves on again!! night hugs sheena ps love to moose and goose!!

  12. Jim Rome ‏tweet with FOAL PHOTO
    Back from Kentucky, where I took the fam to check on Jungle Racing’s horses including this Surfer Girl foal

  13. Barbara Livingston tweet with ST LIAM Photo
    SAINT LIAM and Rudy Rodriguez share a moment,
    Belmont 2005, Breeders’ Cup week

  14. Hi Zenny, Coz, 13Z and all Z’sters:
    I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! It was a great weekend for horseracing. Very exciting races at Belmont Park! The Met Mile was so close between Sahara Sky and Cross Traffic! Cross Traffic was in the lead the entire way until the very end.

    Comma at the Top was magnificent at Golden Gate.

    1. Wasn’t that something between Sahara Sky and Cross Traffic? For clarification, Comma to the Top was glorious winning the Los Angeles Handicap — Gr. 3—at Betfair Hollywood Park. I bet JSmith was there in person to cheer for him—he’s a great favorite of hers, right, JSmith? High hoof, Comma!

  15. Sandy, Judy B, Pati, Sue
    My guess – Mr. Besilu’s trainer is Bill Mott. He was named Besilu Stables trainer (including Royal Delta) after Todd Pletcher was let go. This happened
    before the Dubai races.
    Mr. Besilu is stabled at Belmont as is Mott.
    Found this interesting article on Besilu Stables.

    Besilu Stables front and center this weekend
    Published on Thursday, 28 March 2013 16:33 Tom Law
    Hugs, Keta

    1. I so hope that I am right in my guess & Bill Mott is Mr. Besilu’s trainer
      This is the press conference of the Ladies Classic 2012 with Mr. Leon, Bill Mott & Mike Smith. Listening to Bill is like a Master Class in training. Enjoy
      It was interesting reviewing this. Bill Mott talks about how Royal Delta gets better
      as the year goes on & expresses concern about Dubai.—ladies-classic-press-conference

    2. There is no trainer or owner listed in Equibase for Mr. Besilu;

      A mystery as Kathy R would say !!!

  16. A prayer for those who are overly sensitive

    Lord, let us pray today that we bring our overly sensitive thoughts to you.

    We thank you for renewing our mind and freeing us of worry about what
    others think of us.

    Give us the strength to look within ourselves and be strong instead of weak when reading and interacting with others.

    You are the potter, we are the clay and you will help us/mold us as we develop personal strength.

    AMEN !!!

  17. A Birthday Poem for Peggy N in Georgia
    (Revised for May 29, 2013)

    ’Twas on her adored Misty,
    A Shetland, black and white,
    That Peggy N first learned to ride.
    Those two did click—
    For Misty, Peggy was IT!
    No one else would she abide,
    So no one else could stay astride.
    I don’t know if Misty others would kick
    Or bite,
    But she certainly all other riders would fight,
    And she’d buck them all off, lickety-split!
    Thereafter came Rebel, a chestnut Welsh,
    Ridden almost daily
    Throughout those years,
    And Peggy had with Rebel no fears,
    Riding gaily
    Even o’er the freeway overpass,
    Till one day it came to pass
    That Rebel did rebel
    With a vigor that Peggy couldn’t squelch.
    As Peggy does the story tell,
    When they were out exploring,
    Rebel started to run—well,
    May I say like hell?—
    Straight back to the barn,
    Across two roads roaring
    At top speed,
    Taking no heed
    For their safety,
    To Peggy’s great alarm.
    When they at the barn
    Did arrive,
    Blessedly both still alive
    And having suffered no harm,
    Peggy, who’d been scared to death,
    First sought to recover her breath,
    And then it did employ
    To thank the good Lord for their luck
    In not getting by a vehicle struck.
    In subsequent years
    More horses, of course,
    Would come:
    Flicka, a bay,
    And Big Boy,
    A handsome
    Very light gray,
    Like Hansen today,
    Each a full-sized horse
    Who brought Peggy great joy.
    In recent years,
    It’s been her cats
    Who have brought her cheer,
    Most especially,
    By golly,
    The heaven-sent Holly,
    A loving dark calico,
    The sweetest kitty
    One could ever know
    And the darling of Peggy’s heart,
    Though one must confess
    That at the start,
    Holly wasn’t quite
    She’d found
    The right address,
    And her anxious purr
    Came mostly from distress.
    She’d arrived as a stray
    Late one night
    Looking around
    In Peggy’s carport,
    And in the usual way
    Of a stray,
    Scampered away
    In fright
    When approached outright.
    Yet all the same,
    Back she came
    Night after night–
    Peggy and she each
    The other did court.
    Then came the night
    When Peggy her did sight
    Not very far,
    Just beneath her car—
    Peggy down did reach,
    And by golly
    That dear Holly
    Decided ’twould be folly
    To take flight
    For this might
    Well be
    The very lady
    Whom she,
    From heaven above,
    Was meant
    To love.
    Thus did Holly relent
    From her fears
    And consent
    To Peggy’s soft caress.
    Thereafter she was ever present,
    And the years
    Did their love did cement.
    Holly saw Peggy through
    Her dear dad’s Alzheimer’s and death,
    Her mother’s ailments,
    And Peggy’s own
    Dreaded cancer treatment.
    In those years,
    Whenever Peggy felt blue,
    When she cried
    To being full
    Of fears,
    Or did with pain groan,
    Holly was by her side
    To cheer her friend in need,
    And industriously she’d
    At Peggy’s trouser leg
    ’Twas Holly’s way
    To beg
    Her dear Peg
    Not to be sad
    And to say
    You’re not alone—
    I’m glad
    With you to stay
    Come what may.
    Sadly, once Peggy was cancer-free
    Following her surgery
    (She’s now been three years
    Cancer free,)
    Holly exited this earthly sphere,
    Leaving Peggy in tears.
    Nonetheless to Peggy it’s clear
    That the Rainbow Bridge is no chimere—
    She and Holly will reunite
    When she too takes that angel flight.
    Till then when she will reach
    The heavenly stairs,
    Peggy does us beseech
    That we keep her in our prayers.
    And meanwhile,
    Our Peggy N
    Does smile.
    She tells us exciting tales
    Of her adventures at the Ocala Sales
    And her visits to see
    Pops at Old Friends,
    The great A P Indy
    At Lane’s End,
    And Quiet American at Darley.
    Peggy also delights in Z’s community,
    Therein to meet and greet
    Her twin
    Under the skin,
    The lovely Dawn Conrad–
    Both are people-persons without a trace of rancor
    And firmly anchored
    For many years
    In their happy careers
    As bankers.
    Both have fought the cancer canker,
    Both of course
    Love the horse
    And additionally have been so lucky
    As to visit horse farms in Kentucky,
    Which they again wish to do.
    We hope this dream for both will come true–
    We wish them longevity and all good things too!

    Happy Birthday, Peggy, and many, many more!

    1. Happy Birthday dear Peggy and we pray you’ll be with us for many more! Hope you have a wonderful day and can get to Kentucky to visit the farms again. I hope to get down there sometime this year too. Hugs Sue

      Trina, you do us all proud.

    2. Happy Birthday, Peggy! Hope you have a wonderful day!

    3. have a very happy birthday Peggy…..just the bestest day ever

    4. A very happy birthday, Peggy. Keep those birthdays coming. Your love of horses is infectious. Always enjoy your enthusiasm. Have a great day!

    5. Beautiful poem Trina and Happy Birthday Peggy!

      1. Happy Birthday, Peggy.

    6. Peggy. Best wishes to you. May Big O win the Arc as a gift to you.

  18. amazombie get well and eat yogurt that you like, be not too quick in recovery, have rest, filly joyeuse, if you can, breeze some races half range like black caviar groopy doll or sigar spoone, breeze races not often, have rest, glide increase and decrease speed, keep distance in herd, don’t cross way of left or right horses too near, don’t breeze close to fence, if one horse spilled near fence back horses can spill too, healthy legs and green grass is well, zenny breezed 18 races, black caviar 25 short races, beautyfull zenny lil red 13z coz kiss your soft noses, walk on air with mates

  19. dear peggy a very happy birthday to you.a year full of love and happiness for you love and hugs sheenaX
    dear trina is wonderful to learn so much about the dumplings through your poems a great one! again hugs sheena

  20. In the Gate a video series on Secretariat and the controversy over the time of
    his Preakness win and other information – Great series with Penny Chenery, Ron Turcot and others so important in Secretariat’s life

    Part One

    1. Thank you, Remembering, for that link to ESPN’s In the Gate! It was a Five Part video, and I watched all five sections. I liked the last part, where Ron Turcotte said of Secretariat’s run during the Belmont, “if he would have had wings, we might have taken off and flown.”


  21. AK and JV get acquainted with Ascot -paulick report
    Wishing them the best of racing luck.

  22. I am going to have a wonderful weekend. Going home to Kentucky and going to Churchill on Saturday. Can’t wait to see the blue blue grass of home! (Yeah, I know it isn’t really blue.)

    1. Have a great time and a safe trip.

    2. Shirleeinindy,
      Oh I envy you, Kentucky is my adopted state. Have a great time. hugs

    3. Dear Shirlee:

      Have a great time. Tell us all about it when you get back. Hugs, JB

  23. Here are a few of redneck jokes to get us started on the day. You might be a redneck if the taillight covers on your car are made of duct tape. You might be a redneck if your dog can’t watch you eat without gagging. You might be a redneck if you can tell your age by the number of rings in the bathtub.

    1. Terry,
      That’s why I always take a shower……..I don’t want to know. Ha,ha.

      1. Dear TC GP and Sue Fredrick:

        Too funny. Hugs, JB

      2. Very good, Sue — spoken like a true Redneck!

    2. Thanks for the laughs Terry.

    3. Dear Terry,
      Thanks for this chance to laugh! We need all the chuckles we can get.
      Take care and lots of hugs!

  24. Dear DeniseC

    Where do you live?

    1. Vicki,
      I would guess, though I should not presume, that DeniseC and Remembering are most likely in Texas. Just a hunch.
      Take care

  25. Sorry if that is too personal a question.

  26. Dear Trina,
    Thanks for the great poem in honor of Peggy for her birthday! You are simply the best!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Peggy!! Hope you had a wonderful day and that you will enjoy many more healthy, happy years. Bless you! Hugs

  27. Beautiful pics and adorable video! Thanks for this great stuff. Zenny always looks so happy to see her parents Ann and Jerry. I wonder, based on the colour around the new prince’s eyes, if he will indeed go grey? Hmmm. He is adorable either way! So cute. :)

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