New Photos: 13Z

Photo by Alys Emson/Lane's End

Photo by Alys Emson/Lane’s End

Happy Friday!

We’re kicking off the weekend with new photos from Alys! As you can see, Zenyatta and her colt have been out enjoying the lush spring grass at Lane’s End. We’re sure they’re also anticipating our visit (and lots of peppermints)!

Our trip to Lane’s End begins early next week. If you’re eager to keep up with us while we’re at the farm, follow us on Instagram (TeamZenyatta) and Twitter for live updates.

-Team Z

Photo by Alys Emson/Lane's End

Photo by Alys Emson/Lane’s End

Photo by Alys Emson/Lane's End

Photo by Alys Emson/Lane’s End

Photo by Alys Emson/Lane's End

Photo by Alys Emson/Lane’s End

Photo by Alys Emson/Lane's End

Photo by Alys Emson/Lane’s End

Photo by Alys Emson/Lane's End

Photo by Alys Emson/Lane’s End


  1. I don’t often have something to share, but I thought this was interesting. Today Pat and I were watching a segment on the Fox News Channel and the topic was security at sports events and their venues. The expert, I’m sorry, I don’t remember his name, said he had been in contact with the officials for the Kentucky Derby and there will be heightened security there. They may even ask some of the women to remove their hats to be inspected. Never dreamed things would come to that.

    1. It’s the price we all pay when a few sour grapes ruin it for everyone. Unfortunately, this is what it is coming to. I also read some where that unless you are certified to take picture for racing sites (ala Barbara Livingston) you can’t bring cameras with a detachable lense. So no fan shots either now. Only what you can take from a little digital camera and your phone.

      1. Pati, I think the expression you were thinking of is “a few bad apples.” Hardly seems adequate for perpetrators of mayhem, however.

        1. Yes, you’re right. A few “monsters” maybe?

    2. The Kentucky Derby has had its share of incidents, especially in the 60s and 70s. Anyone alive during that period remembers well the demonstrations, etc. that were being held. There were a lot of such things going on at the Derby, especially in the infield. Some spectators actually ran on the track before one of the preliminary races in 1967 and, in 1976, a smoke bomb was thrown onto the track after the horses passed the grandstand the first time DURING the Derby. Fortunately, someone retrieved the bomb before the horses came to the the stretch and finished the race.

      1. Bold Forbes- ridden by Cordero, 1976
        Cordero quipped..he thought the smoke ” was coming from my own horse.”

        Great guy!!

        1. Thanks for the anecdote, Ann. Cordero was always quotable.

        2. Thanks Ann. Cordero said it right. Bold Forbes was one of the few Derby winners I have picked.

  2. Dear Marty

    You and Pat are in my heart and in my prayers. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you. Praying very hard for all your family.

  3. Ruffian’s FB page posted this poem with a photo of Storm Cat yesterday, with no author. On researching, I found the poem was apparently originally about a cat, then modified for a dog, and now a horse. I shared with Trina, who suggested I post it here — I have to agree:

    You’re giving me a special gift,
    So sorrowfully endowed,
    And through these last few cherished days,
    Your courage makes me proud.

    But really, love is knowing
    When your best friend is in pain,
    And understanding earthly acts
    Will only be in vain.

    So looking deep into your eyes,
    Beyond, into your soul,
    I see in you the magic, that will
    Once more make me whole.

    The strength that you possess,
    Is why I look to you today,
    To do this thing that must be done,
    For it’s the only way.

    That strength is why I’ve followed you,
    And chose you as my friend,
    And why I’ve loved you all these years…
    My partner ’til the end.

    Please, understand just what this gift,
    You’re giving, means to me,
    It gives me back the strength I’ve lost,
    And all my dignity.

    You take a stand on my behalf,
    For that is what friends do.
    And know that what you do is right,
    For I believe it too.

    So one last time, I breathe your scent,
    And through your hand I feel,
    The courage that’s within you,
    To now grant me this appeal.

    Cut the lead that holds me here,
    Dear friend, and let me run,
    Once more a strong and steady horse,
    My pain and struggle done.

    And don’t despair my passing,
    For I won’t be far away,
    Forever here, within your heart,
    And memory I’ll stay.

    I’ll be there watching over you,
    Your ever faithful friend,
    And in your memories I’ll run,
    …a young horse once again.

    1. You might also enjoy the page that has the version about a dog, and also another poem & stories dedicated to animal friends-gone-by:

      1. Thanks, Vicki. I have a few old friends that I look forward to seeing at the Rainbow Bridge.

    2. Thanks so much for sharing this with us all, Vicki! This is a KEEPER! Thanks again. Hugz.

    3. Thanks Vicki B.
      Trina is right,it is a keeper.

    4. Vicky,
      How beautiful this is. Thank you so much for posting it, I’m going to this site to print it for myself and friends and family that lose their pets. hugs

    5. Thank you, Vicki B. This is so appropriate for anyone who has had to let an animal go. I’ve passed it on. Hugs.

    6. Vicki, Thanks for posting. This poem expresses the feelings of those of us who have had to make those dreadful decision about our animals. Even thought you know they do not have quality days, the hurt is still there. I always end up holding them and saying “I’m Sorry” over and over again. We will see them all again over the Rainbow Bridge.

    7. Thanks for sharing Vicki (glad there’s nothing I have to do real soon until I can stop crying). This is a remarkable and comforting work.

    8. So beautiful, made me cry. Thanks so much for sharing.

    9. Vicki,

      It was beautiful and thanks for sharing.

    10. Good morning Vicky B,

      Thanks for that heart warming post!, it made me cry, no lie, I hope Peggy see’s this poem in honor of her beloved Storm Cat.
      Hope you have a wonderful day. It again will be the Best day yet, no matter what the enemy tries to tell us, it is Well.

    11. Vicky B.

      This beautiful poem made absolutely sob… at my desk… at work! I feel kind of stupid but it wasn’t until the third verse that I even realized it’s written from the animal’s point of view. I just hope my beloved — but very naughty — girl is waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge. Forty-two years later she still lives in my heart.

      Thanks for posting.

    1. TGIF-HD ( Hovis Diary)!!!!
      ” I have a bouffant so high the Supremes are asking for haircare tips.” Hovis
      Thank you Max for posting the Hovis Diary.
      This is the best way to start a cloudy Friday. Hovis is sunshine.

      P.S. Today is ” Fly ” Day?

      1. Yes. Hoping for victory.

    2. Thanks Max. Poor Hovis certainly has his trials doesn’t he? The line about thinking of becoming a politician was really funny.

    3. Thanks Max. A laugh first thing in the morning. Blessings.

  4. Is there any news when we can finally get a video of Zenyatta and her new beautiful son?

  5. Dear Vickie,

    Those are such comforting poems when we lose our precious animals. Bless you for sharing them with us.

  6. Maybe I’ve just missed it, but I don’t remember seeing anything from our friend Kathy R (Australia) in this entire post. Anybody know if she is OK?

    1. Sandy, good question. Where is Kathy R? Miss her.

  7. @Michele Moore–I was just alerted by another Dumpling that you had replied to my question about your whereabouts. Thank you so much for answering that you are in Beaumont! (I am perpetually playing catchup, so I missed it). I do hope we can meet someday. That would be awesome. I agree with you–Z’s blog is one of the best-kept secrets around. We are so fortunate to have met everyone here. I wasn’t in Louisville, but I was at Z’s last Apple Blossom at Oaklawn. She exuded such magic that is was palpable. I have never screamed for any performer except her. I have May 2 on my calendar! Praying for good report for you. Big hugs.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, sometimes I tend to be longwinded, Maybe it was because I was out for 4 hrs. of surgery, Ha Ha!!!!, Michele.

  8. dear max poor hovis seems to need our help again with his mother back on board and
    another BATH!!!! rooting for hurricane ! hugs sheena

    1. Sheena. Hurricane Fly!

  9. dear sandy have missed Kathy r myself .haven’t heard much from her since nelly retired hope all is well with her hugs sheena
    dear Vicki such an emotional poem felt exactly the same when I lost my cat Katie hugs sheena

  10. I know this is belated, but I hope Senator Barbara Grimaldi had a fabulous birthday and is feeling better. I call her senator because of her involvement in various causes. If our real senators were as conscientious as she, we would all be better off. Happy Birthday Barbara!

    1. Amen to that!

    2. I would vote for Skip.

  11. Dear Marty R,

    Good morning, hope the night was restful for you and your family. Just wanted to let you know you are in our prayers for Healing and strength for the whole family. Our God is always faithful and he hears our cries and our moans. He always knows what we need and he will provide even when we are too emotionally drained to ask. It is Well and this season will soon pass and put you in your season of Joy. Pat will be fine, Amen. Greetings to all..

  12. VIDEO: Au revoir Eblouissante ♥

    I emailed this to some of you last night. I know this woman from FB. She and I hit it off because we have a mutual love and respect for John Shirreffs and Barn 55. Enjoy!

    I’ve had the pleasure of “feeling the love” of Ms Ebby :-) If you look in the archives there’s a posting by “Zenyatta” (the voice of Dottie) in it you’ll will find a picture of Ebby sniffing me during one of my visits LOL When Karen G. Maureen P. and I were at the barn on Sunday to way good-bye, Eblouissante let us kiss her on the nose. ♥ She’s a docile and loving creature of God!

    Have a wonderful weekend! Some of us Z’sters will be at Hollywood Park tomorrow to wish John Shirreffs the best of luck with Omega Star :-) He can’t rid of us that easy (wink wini)! LOL

    Love, Auntie Judy

    1. * that should read: ‘say’ (not way) good-bye ;-)

    2. Very nice. E’s a beauty like her sister.

  13. Hurricane Fly wins at Punchestown. Bravo to Fly and his people, Ruby and Willie Mullins. Thrilled to pieces.

      1. Great race by Fly. Congrats!

      2. Way to go,Fly!! Great ride by , Ruby. I thought they were going to run him off course and then BAM,Ruby cuts him back to the inside. Incredible.
        I am so happy for Willie, Ruby and Fly!!!!
        Now, behave Fly, no nipping on the backsides!
        Wow,what a race.

        1. Ann NC. It was wildly exciting. The Fly has done the Northern Dancer family proud. He’s a little guy like his great grand daddy, but a mighty racer. The Fly now has tied Kauto Star and John Henry at 16 grade 1 wins. He could go to France for their Champion hurdle, but Willie thinks that he will just give him a rest until next year. Apparently, there were no bites. The Fly’s just bidding his time.

        2. Thank you, Max for introducing us to this great horse. Hoping my scarf arrives soon. At least I can smile when I look at it. You described it perfectly,wildly exciting,it really was. Ruby rode him superbly.
          No bites, good news, Fly knows how to mind his manners!
          Fly Hurricane Fly
          P. S. My all time favorite, Tuscalee was inducted into the Hall of Fame. he was my hometown trained boy. I am so proud of him. He was spring loaded at 15.3 hands.

        3. Ann NC. Congrats to Tuscalee. The small guys are often the best jumpers.
          The great thing about both Quevega and the Fly is that they both won on hand rides. No whips. I liked the last few yards of the Fly’s race. Ruby gave him a few big ole pats on his neck to congratulate him before the race was even over. I thought of how how much that you would like to see that.

        4. Thanks for bringing that to my attention, Max. Will watch the race again. I was so caught up in that huge move, I missed the ole pats on his neck.
          Calvin ALWAYS delivers his love pats to his rides and I just love it.
          Quevega and Fly just put us on cloud nine. I can’t imagine where Willie and Ruby are, I guess over the moon or further by now.
          It just doesn’t get any better, well seeing Z and her babies is nice!
          I will watch the race again, now. Willie is very special!

  14. was no WiFi net, races is not hats, horses sniff and leak videocams, clean racetrack without stones and branches, in light morning cruise horse is not tired and want to breeze, convenient distance between horses forward back and sides, breeze not near fence, if horse want slow glide to decrease speed, no prize better healthy legs, dullahan royal delta hay list, i was joy that they were well, 12z see apples walk on air with mates, Zenny is your mom too, Zenny lil 13z twelvz kiss you love you, stay cozy with horses near, well green grass for foals and fillyes

  15. @Michele Moore–I wrote a reply to your post to me this morning, but I got a note that it was “awaiting moderation” . I have never had that happen before. It didn’t contain any links or anything. Can’t imagine why. I hope it showed up on others’ computers. (It has a paragraph in pink at the top)
    Anyway–Michele, if you are there, I told you it would be great to be able to meet sometime. I have May 2 on my calendar as a reminder. Hugs..

  16. Oh gosh, I am just in love! The little guy looks like he’s got some personality. Beautiful pictures! Thank you so much!

  17. Very interesting information!Perfect just what I was searching for! “I live in company with a body, a silent companion, exacting and eternal.” by Eugene Delacroix.

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