Photos: The Boys of Summer

Happy Wednesday!

We’re quite excited about the upcoming Breeders’ Cup Zenyatta Celebration. Have you purchased your tickets yet?

Alys sent us a great new batch of photos of 12Z of the boys having fun, so we thought we’d share them with all of you.

Team Z is headed to Lane’s End, so we’ll be posting more photos and fun updates in the coming days. As of today, we’re also on Instagram! Follow us (@teamzenyatta) for updates throughout our trip. Even if you don’t use Instagram, you can see every photo we post through our Twitter feed. Our most recents tweets are always on the right side of the blog.

-Team Z

Photo courtesy of Alys Emson/Lane’s End

Photo courtesy of Alys Emson/Lane’s End

Photo courtesy of Alys Emson/Lane’s End

Photo courtesy of Alys Emson/Lane’s End

Photo courtesy of Alys Emson/Lane’s End

Photo courtesy of Alys Emson/Lane’s End

Photo courtesy of Alys Emson/Lane’s End


  1. Dear Peggy N.:

    Gabbiano had another workout at Monmouth on 8/9/12. Here’s the link to Equibase.

    Hugs, JB

  2. WHOOOO HOOO !!!!!

    Got my bet in and listened to the talking heads this week.

    There is one “hot” horse I did not bet so we will see.

    1. With my luck….watch that long shot Surfrider set a pace,dig in and love winning on this wet turf. Maybe the other horses will pull a Shack and say….yuck,I hate this stuff!

      I am still perplexed.

      1. i listened and researched and think i found a “mudder”…but so many of these guys are on my list of watchables….only time will tell…still think i could end up at the end with zero…but sure am learning a lot…and saving my research for the breeders cup races….that should help

      2. Lots of talk about Corporate Jungle !!!!

        He is still in.

        1. Upgrade looks good. Ran the second highest figure, and closes with a devastating kick!

  3. Quick note to let you know that G-Ten, the horse at Emerald Downs, is safe and is going with his owner to a track in AZ shortly. The owner says he just obtained G-10 and likes him. I have asked our team mate in AZ to watch for him and keep us all posted, just in case. Thank you.

    1. Dear Skip:

      Thank you so much for the info on G Ten. I and other Z’sters can breath a sigh of relief. Good to know that his connections are aware of many fans’ concern for this son of Giacomo. Hugs, JB

    2. I have been following about G Ten. I am glad he is being taken care of : )

      1. Shari V:

        I would love to follow G Ten is there a certain link that i need to know about, can’t seen to find ANY infor on him? I would appreciate any help or advice you could give me.

        Thanks GirlSaratoga

        1. GirlSaratoga….if you go to you can build a “virtual stable” and put G Ten in it. You will be advised every time he runs, works out, etc. by the way you set it up. That is the way I follow all of the Moss horses, John’s horses, etc. after they have been claimed. The little filly Lamurelle is another one that I keep an eye on this way.

          Check it out — it is really easy to do and you’ll enjoy it!

    3. thanks for posting this information here, Skip!

    4. Always good to hear from Senator Grimaldi.

      1. Great and appropriate title, TC.

  4. Zentastics…….Data Link just scratched from FourStarDave….
    Hey Zenny….his is your visit with Team Z going?

    1. Oh great what happened ??

  5. I received the special DRF issue on Old Friends yesterday and it is a beautiful collection of beautifiul photos of the retirees as well as Michael Blowen’s descriptions of how they found their way there and little tidbits on personaliies, etc. There are also some tributes to those retirees who have passed. There is a nice piece included on Team Moss and how instrumental they were and are to Old Friends. If interested in getting an issue go to for details.

    1. Thanks Mary P,
      I am going to try and get one.

    2. Thanks………I just went and ordered mine, too!

  6. I got to visit Thunder and Oscar today and fell in love with both of them. They are both beautiful horses. Thunder is big like Zenyatta, 17.2 hands, but he’s just a big baby. He’s so sweet. Carol brought him out so I could get a good look at him and I saw where his injury is on his right hind leg. She couldn’t bring Oscar out because the sun bothers his bad eye. He had a fly mask on so I couldn’t really see his eye that well, but it’s obvious that something is wrong. These two precious babies need help and I know how kind hearted everyone on this blog is. I’m hoping some of you can pitch in to help them. I gave her a small donation. It wasn’t much, but every little bit will help. Carol is trying to take care of them by herself and her vet bills are piling up. I’m not sure how to post a link, but I think there’s one on a previous page.

    1. Dear Debbie G.:

      Thank you for your post on Thunder and Oscar. Wonderful that you got to visit them. Hugs, JB

    2. I think (not sure) it’s

      1. Evidently that didn’t work. Does someone else have it?

    3. Thank you for visiting Oscar and Thunder – Debbie.

      It’s wonderful you got to see them. Glad you had a good time.

      Thanks again, Marilu

  7. At least they will be in their own barns. I think that is a good thing. The number of horses that died at tracks in a year’s time is staggering! That is a sad statistic.

  8. Turf track boggy at Saratoga !!

    Changing bet !!!!

    3 scratched in the Fourstardave,

    I am anticipating Wise Dan will scratch as he likes
    Firm turf, no word on that yet.

  9. Scratches are

    Data Link
    Right One
    Cross Bow

  10. Betting these races is stressful !!!!

    1. I am just going to have fun and the BC, no betting !!!!!

  11. GirlSaratoga, I am not able to get on here as often as I would like but I was glad to see that you had found my note from earlier and, again, so glad you came back! I really enjoy your posts especially about dealing with “big” horses. I love big dogs so I like to imagine I would be good with big horses. Ha! Probably couldn’t handle it, but will pretend I could! I enjoy your stories so much!

  12. Sign, Thank you for the links about the whip and the links to Zenyatta’s people. Really interesting stuff! Hard to believe Zenyatta was not perfect always. LOL! I do understand everything you were talking about, though, and agree with everyone else that none of us love the whip but realize it is sometimes necessary! As always, love your posts!

  13. Dear GirlSaratoga and Z Fans:

    Here is a link to the Thoroughbred Times Tribute Issue to Zenyatta from 2010 in case you’ve never seen it. It’s quite lengthy but well worth reading. Really well done. Hugs, JB

  14. New picture from Team Z on instagram. LOVE it!

    1. I signed up for Instagram, but annoy receiving

      Any ideas???

      1. I signed up too just because of Zenyatta and I don’t get them either i just go to the home page and check twitter to see if there are new pictures.

        1. Thanks Amanda,

          The twitter Home page right ????

          Thanks for posting the pictures, they are TOOO CUTE !!!

          He is such a big boy now.

    2. Dear Amanda and Z Fans:

      Thank you for this latest photo of The Prince and Z. How tall he is now. Remember when he used to walk under Z’s tummy? What a beautiful boy. Hugs, JB

  15. Horse racing: Chantal Sutherland in suspension fray
    Geoffrey Riddle The National Aug 11, 2012
    Ascot, England// Chantal Sutherland was among several high-profile jockeys who fell foul of the Ascot stewards at Saturday’s Shergar Cup jockeys competition.
    Sutherland received a four-day suspension for using her whip above the permitted level, which appeared to rule her out of her ride on Game On Dude in the Pacific Classic at Del Mar later this month.
    Game On Dude, who ran in the Dubai World Cup in March, is entered in the US$1 million (Dh3.6m) contest on August 26, but as it is a Grade 1 contest the ban does not apply.
    Cristian Demuro, the Italian rider, was also handed a four-day ban, as did Yutake Take, the Japanese jockey, which Kieren Fallon, the captain of the Great Britain and Ireland team, found distasteful.
    “It’s sad really. All Chantal was doing was giving a couple of little taps,” the Irish rider said. “Both riders tap the horses to encourage them. It is not as if they are hurting the horses. It should have been overlooked for today. They are foreign riders who are not used to our style.

    1. Too much American training, did not follow the
      New British rules.

      Maybe Mikey will ride GOD in the Pacific Classic
      Wouldn’t that be fun !! N

      1. If Mike gets GOD in the Pacific, ooooo, that will just put another thorn in Chantel’s side! LOL

        1. I didn’t find that particularly amusing, Heidi………sorry……….

          Game On Dude is CHANTAL’S mount and since JILL Baffert “controls” more things in the Baffert household than most people THINK, Mikey probably wouldn’t get the mount even if Chantal couldn’t ride.

          Maybe I missed it but this is the first time I have actually seen anyone here take sides (even humorously) in the Chantal/Mike Smith breakup. I am biting my tongue since I don’t think you are aware of all of the facts behind their breakup……………

          Again, sorry, it is just a touchy subject with me. I apologize.

        2. Thanks for sharing Judy In South Carolina.

          All in jest, what is the story ????

      2. According to the article the ban does not apply to the Pacific Classic so while it “appeared” Chantel would lose the mount, she won’t.

        1. In the article KETA posted, it says she will NOT be able to ride in the Pacific Classic.

        2. Sign, respectfully, look a little closer.

          “Sutherland received a four-day suspension for using her whip above the permitted level, which appeared to rule her out of her ride on Game On Dude in the Pacific Classic at Del Mar later this month.

          Game On Dude, who ran in the Dubai World Cup in March, is entered in the US$1 million (Dh3.6m) contest on August 26, but as it is a Grade 1 contest the ban does not apply.”

          “Appeared to rule her out of her ride…” (appeared too, not “Rules her out”)

          “But as it is a Grade 1 contest the ban does not apply”

          I agree the language is a little difficult but it reads that due to the technicality of the Pacific Classic being a Grade 1 race, the suspension ban will not apply

        3. Yes, I see what you are saying.

          Why would they say she may be out when PC is Grade 1 ???

          Very strange, anything to get a line in the press.

  16. high hooves to all :)
    just love all these pics & info :)
    havent felt well lately but wanted to pop in & say hi.
    i’ve been thinking/praying for every1.
    god bless & take care

    1. I hope you feel better : ) I am sending you hugs.

    2. Dear Vampressqueen Sue Colvin:

      Hope you feel better soon. Hugs, JB

    3. Thank you Sue. Will pray that you are better real soon. Blessings to you.

    4. Glad to hear from you Sue C.

  17. Awesome Maria retired….there goes another beauty…tendon issues

    1. Guess the filly’s and mares are not holding up so well

    2. Maria is one of my favorites. I hope that she enjoys her retirement. She is a beautiful horse.

      1. TOO BAD for AM, she is a very nice mare. Thought their might be an
        issue with her run in the Delware, she is really much better than she ran.

        Thanks for the link Max.

      2. I love Maria. She used to drive Uncle Mo crazy. Maybe they can get together : )

        1. That would be great Shari, now their hormones can go crazy, she seemed
          to be aloof around him, though. Guess she was playing coy like some women.

    3. Dear Carol, Sign and Z Fans:

      OMG, so many injuries this year and too many early retirements. Better they’re retired though than risking greater injury or worse on the track. Hugs, JB

  18. Now the TH are talking about Get Stormy, who likes
    Soft turf and Saratoga. Data Link has not done well
    On soft turf he “got lost”.

  19. Zentastic’s

    Very Muddy track ! Watching the races, they all need baths except Hoist! Next race is ours, it should be interesting! The track is so sloppy! Hope I picked a “mudder”!

    Good Luck Cappers!

  20. I’m glad that I was made aware of the scratches for the FSD, today. It should be coming up by now, right? I can’t watch it live but, does Saratoga have live feed like

    1. Right Heidi

      Wise Dan
      Corporate Jungle
      Get Stormy


    2. Dear Heidi:

      They have Replays, not live feed, that you can sign up for free on

      Scroll down to Broadcast on left side margin. Click on Video Replays to sign up. You will see Live Audio also, but that doesn’t seem to be activated anymore. Hope this helps.

      Also on under Entries, Todays Scratches and Changes will pop up and you can get early and late scratches there. Hugs, JB

  21. Wise Dan wins !!!! Great ride by JV, guess he does
    Not mind the yielding Turf .

    Took your advice Ann, bet Corporate Jungle to
    Place, we won something.

    And surf rider took the lead.

    1. Dear Sign and Zentastic Team:

      Congrats to all who chose Wise Dan in the Four Star Dave. I chose the Exacta of Get Stormy and Guys Reward. Finished third and fourth, just like last week. Hugs, JB

      Sign and Ann,
      Good capping picking Corporate Jungle. Hugs, JB

      1. Hi Judy:

        I had the exacta box! How long does it take to post? I’m getting worried my bet did not count! Does it usually take awhile? I am sure I am not the only person that won! We are a smart bunch, there must be multiple winners!


        1. Dear GirlSaratoga:

          I got an e-mail with the time of 9:17 PM (EST) stating the results were posted. So I guess it takes about three hours after the race is run for them to set up the results on the Fantasy site. Hugs, JB

        2. PS: Great handicapping. I really thought Wise Dan would not like the soft going on the turf, but he really showed he was the Class in the race. Thought CJ ran a real good race too. Hugs, JB

        3. WHOOO HOOO !!!!

          Great choice, I probably would have chosen Get Stormy and CJ for the exacta.

    2. I also bet Corporate Jungle…I knew that Wise Dan was one of the best…he just proved he can run on anything ….but CJ came up with more points in my “system”…so I bet CJ to show a couple of days ago and stuck with it….knew it had it when I saw him in the post parade….and he is only 4yr

      1. Dear Carol:

        Good going. Hugs, JB

      2. Carol,

        CJ looked very good in the parade, on his toes, but not too much.
        He made a nice run at the end and really has a nice turn of foot.

        One of the HRTV TH was betting on him last night as a 6:1 bet, but
        he was 2/5 at the time of the race and I kept him to place.

        Great strategy. Could not make up my mind about first between Wise Dan and
        Get Stormy, especially all the talk about GS when Data Link scratced, otherwise
        I would have bet the Exacta.

      3. Carol,

        The confusing thing for me with Wise Dan was they said he liked firm turf and I was not sure he would like yielding turf.

        Guess you are right he can run on anything, does not seem to mind the surface.

        Good luck to everyone in the Alabama Stakes next week.

        1. Dear Sign:

          I thought Wise Dan might not like the soft turf too. Even when you know, you never know. Hugs, JB

        2. Sign, I felt the same way so about Wise Dan so I went with the exacta box on Get Stormy and CJ. Sometimes best to watch prerace show with the volume off!!lol!

        3. Dear Judy,
          I was going to bet the exacta WD and CJ, then they
          Started talking Get Stormy, who I like, when DL scratched.
          I prefer riding rather than betting, too stressful.

          Especially when they screw you out of your money!!

        4. Great suggestion, Mary P.

          This handicapping is a real crap shoot !!!!
          unless you are Zenyatta right !!!

    3. Sign:

      Thanks for the link about Z-Girl, I read ALL the stories, what amazing people she has been surrounded by! I have a VERY dumb and embarrassing question for you…..How old is Zenyatta? I know she didn’t start racing until she was 3, I am guessing she is 7?
      Because Steve Willard said he lets her act like a 2 yr old filly even though she is 6! (and that was in Oct 2011) I now understand why they used a whip on her, but it seems like there should be a better term for the instrument, then whip, whip sounds harsh and gives a bad vibe! It’s like putting your kids in time out for bad behavior! This method was done to correct bad “habits” and by golly it worked!
      What a team effort by one and all to give us one of the greatest, if not the greatest filly we may ever see in our lifetime!

      Thanks Again, I really appreciate you re-posting it for me.

      1. Yes,
        You are right she was 7 January 1 and April 1 is her official B-day (foaling day).

        Have you seen her purchase link when she was purchased by The Mosses???

        It is very cute !!!

        1. April 1, 2004 is Z’s birthday. She is 8.

      2. I think they were using the term for the equipment they used which is a dressage whip. Dressage riders use it to tap and correct position while they sit straight,
        It is very long and thin and can be used to hit the hind quarter, the feet or shoulder. Have you not seen one??? It is a great tool just to get their position
        better, straighter and all 4’s (legs) lining up. It also has a more gentle touch so horses tolerate it better.

  22. Well, there went my exacta!!! I boxed Wise Dan and Get Stormy! It makes it more difficult to place picks when you can’t see the post parade etc… But, Yeah for Wise Dan!!!!

    Pati, how are you feeling?

    1. Better, but I still can’t eat certain things.

    2. Dear Heidi:

      So close. You were better at “capping” today than I was. Get ’em next time. Hugs, JB

    3. Heidi,

      That would have been my original bet, has I not listened to Jon White on HRTV.
      He talked a lot about CJ and has been winning the past few weeks.

  23. Z-Peeps:

    Does anyone know how long it takes for them to post on the leader board? We must have a few winners!

    1. Oh yes, I am wondering the same thing.

      I bet corporate jungle to place and he did.

      Did you see the Zenyatta’s people link I left for you on page
      5 with the dressage whip and Zenny’s riding personality.

      It was basically to throw everyone off.

      1. Hi Sign:

        I saw the link with all the different stories about Z’s trainer’s the owner’s, hot walker’s etc… yes I have seen and used a dressage whip before, it is a lot lighter, and we or I use it for correction purposes! Haven’t seen the link about her purchase, how do I get to that link? Would love to see that! I am happy Steve realized she had spirit, and let her express some it! Nice piece of info!

        Appreciate it as always, love learning new things from you!

  24. They are not showing the payouts yet ??? Did it take this long last week???

  25. Hi Z Family I wanted to let everyone know that I have been reading the posts just not posting as much. When school starts again I am going to have new children posting. I hope that is OK with everyone. The children will be involved with the Peppermint Pal Project again following Brown Almighty. He is the son of Big Brown. I will allow them to post to Zenyatta because she is always being followed in my room. They love following Baby Z and Zenyatta’s pregnancy.
    I hope all have a good night. Love, Shari : )

    1. Dear Shari:

      i think that;s great!! But what is “The Peppermint Pal” would love to know, very curious!

      Happy Posting with your children!

    2. Dear Shari:

      So good to hear from you. Will look forward to future posts from you and the children. Hope Miesha is doing well. Hugs, JB

    3. Looking forward to it, Shari.

  26. Z-Peeps!

    The Leader board is posted, we had a lot of winners! Congrats team Zentastic, Nice Job!


    1. Indeed. I had no opinion in this race and it showed! I need to step it up in the Alabama!

      1. Dear Pati, GirlSaratoga and Z Fans:

        Congrats to all the winners on our Zentastic Team. Pati, I need to do better too. I Exacta Boxed Get Stormy and Guys Reward. Same result as last week’s Exacta Box, third and fourth. Hugs, JB

    2. They posted my winning amount wrong.

      I bed CJ to place, which should have been $29.00 How can I complain ????

      1. Sorry, should have been $40 not $29.
        Will e-mail them daily until it is resolved!!!

  27. Happy Belated Birthdays to both Mike and Dottie. (Lots of company this weekend) Heck of a heatwave in California ( as elsewhere of course) and first opportunity to look at computer.

    So good to see Cynthia posting – enjoyed your lovely story of the ever gracious Dottie.

    Take care on and all, all two-footed beings and 4 legged animals. Stay cool.

  28. To All, Be sure to look at the latest Twitter Pic, “Turnout with Charles” Mom and son are still together, at least for today.

    1. Love that picture with Charles. He has the greatest job in the world…bar none.

    2. Dear Marty:

      Amanda posted the link to that photo. They both look so beautiful and you can really see how much he has grown. Hugs, JB

    3. Really a cute photo, both from behind, BA !!!!

    4. Oops. I missed that the link had been posted. Sorry, Amanda and thanks, Judy.

      1. Dear Marty:

        Just wanted you to know that I had seen the photo because of Amanda’s link. The Prince has grown so tall hasn’t he? Hugs, JB

  29. Max:

    The article I read by her exercise rider dated Oct 2011 said “she was a 6 yr old filly acting like she was 2”! So if he is right she is 7! But you say her B-Day is April 1 2004?
    I guess it doesn’t really matter I was just wondering!

    Confused GirlSaratoga

    1. Dear GirlSaratoga:

      Max is right. Z was born on April 1st, 2004. She was eight years old on April 1st of this year. All TB’s no matter what month they are born in, are considered to be a year old on the January following their birth. Another words, if a foal is born in March of 2012, he/she will be considered a one year old in January 2013 (The Prince and Jess’s Dream) and that’s why some of the three year old horses in the Kentucky Derby actually haven’t had their foaling birthday, but are still considered three years old. Happened to Mucho Macho Man last year. He was born on June 15, 2008 and he ran in the 2011 Derby on May 7, 2011 as a three year old, but didn’t actually turn three until June 15th, 2011. Did I confuse you more? Hope not. Hugs, JB

      1. Dear GirlSaratoga:

        Think I found the reason for the confusion. The article Sign posted on Steve Willard is actually dated 11/4/10. That would explain why he said she was 6 years old. Here it is again. Hugs, JB

    2. GS,

      Be careful with the years.

      The article I posted (Zenyatta’s people; Steve Willard )was before the 2010 BCC, she was 6 then.

      January 1, 2011 she became 7 yo like all TB
      and April 1, 2011 was her foaling day, actually 8 years old.

      She is actually 8 this year, January 1, 2012 8 years old at all TB;
      April 1, 2012 her foaling date, acutal 8 years old.

      1. Dear Sign:

        We did it again. We both checked the date of the article. Ha, ha. Love and Hugs, JB

        1. Like minds, between me, you and Keta.
          We will keep everything straight.

        2. Dear Sign:

          Yes, hopefully you can get this corrected. Hugs, JB

        3. OOPs, Sign, meant to post this comment on Page 7. Referring to getting the $29.00 mistake corrected. Hugs, JB

        4. Judy & Sign,
          Flattered to be included with the two of you,
          I do my best to keep facts straight
          Sometimes it’s the fingers that get in the way