Post-Thanksgiving Blog Post

Photo by Alys Emson

Photo by Alys Emson

Happy Monday!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! These photos from Alys show how Zenyatta enjoyed her holiday.

Now that the festivities are over, we have some updates in the works including additions to the shop (sneak peek: we’re launching a new line of greeting cards) and news about Cozmic One and Ziconic. Make sure you’re on our mailing list for early access and December promotions.

Team Z

Photo by Alys Emson

Photo by Alys Emson

Photo by Alys Emson

Photo by Alys Emson

Photo by Alys Emson

Photo by Alys Emson


  1. Is she in foal yet? She has had some really beautiful offspring. Judith Jones

  2. Looking preciously pudgy there, Queen Z. ^_^ ♥

  3. Looking very PG there mama!

  4. That baby bump looks spectacular on our beautiful girl! She looks wonderful! ❤️

  5. Thanks for the pictures of our gorgeous girl! Can’t wait to see the new goodies in the shop. Love and happy holidays to all of Team Z and her fans.

  6. To whom was she bred this time?

    1. She’s in foal to war front again!

    2. The foal she is carrying is by War Front. :)

  7. Beautiful, beautiful Zenyatta, it looks like your baby is growing nicely! Sure wish there was some way I would be allowed to come and see you!!!

  8. Love the baby bump. Can’t wait to see this War Front foal!! The filly was a big beautiful girl. I miss her so!! Thanks again for all the pics and for sharing this wonderful mare with all of us!!!

  9. Hi Big Mama,
    You are sure getting an impressive baby bump, but you look so healthy and happy. I hope you got plenty of treats for Thanksgiving, and had fun with your lady friends. I sure hope to pet that velvet nose someday, I won’t lose hope of that happening.
    Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday… we can get ready for the big one in December. Love to all

  10. Hi Zenyatta!! may you live long, happy and well-loved. Thanks Team Z for the updates.

  11. Please tell me that her 2017 foal will be by American Pharaoh!!! Oh what a cross that would be!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!

    1. Yes Vicki, I agree with you, will be a perfect cross!!!!

      Please Team Z, American Pharaoh the next boy friend for Zenny!

  12. Beautiful as always!

  13. There’s our pretty girl in her beautiful surroundings… love your baby bump, Zenyatta!

  14. Dear Team Z and Zenny – once again, Motherhood is wonderfully agreeing with our Girl! We look forward to the updates on the Boys and spreading joy with your greeting cards. Love, Blessings, and Hugs – George, Linda, & Milyone

  15. Oh my Z’s tail has gotten so long! And she looks like muddy like she found a great muddy spot to roll in! She looks quietly content. And I couldn’t be happier for her! My only question is where is Life Is Sweet? Are they still hanging together?

  16. Thank you, Alys, Lane’s End, and Team Z!

    These are great photos of the Queen as all of them are. Zenny, you look wonderful, but then you always look gorgeous!

    Hugs and Love

  17. Please tell us the next Baby Daddy is PHAROAH ❤️❤️❤️

  18. Our Gorgeous Queen and her gorgeous baby bump!

  19. Always a blessing each and every day to see the beautiful Zenyatta.
    Looking marvelous as usual.

  20. Love her tummy ……. she looks wonderful !!!!

  21. Zenyatta, you manage to look serene and beautiful no matter what the season.
    News on Cozmic One and Ziconic is always welcome.
    Thank you Team Z for the heads up on new additions in the Shop.
    Happy Cyber Monday!

  22. Zenyatta…gorgeous as always!

  23. I don’t know if questions are answered on this site but is there anyway we can find out if the Mosses are even considering AP as a sire? I am 77 years old and I would love to live to see THAT ONE!!!!!!

  24. So good to see Z’s “mommy belly”!!!! I have her due date around the end of March. The calculated 340-342 average gestation period comes out to around March 26-29. I guess it is also possible she could foal on hers and Ziconic’s birthday, April 1!!!

    Some in our Facebook group reported that Zenyatta’s full brother, who I believe several of us have called him “Monty”, born 2013, owned by Coolmore, is going to Aidan O’Brien to train at Ballydoyle.

    Once again, we have so much to be thankful for, most especially to be in the same universe as Zenyatta. Always so appreciative that Team Zenyatta includes all Z’s fans in her life, and that of her progeny.

    There was a post-Breeders Cup Classic interview with Bob Baffert which he talks about Pharoah’s Classic and how elated and overwhelmed he has been with the success of Pharoah. Near the beginning of the tape, he talks about how “it was like a Zenyatta moment” when she won the 2009 Classic, and he relates to now he knows how John felt not only about her success but how it was to say goodbye to go on to her next career. Here is a link to that video, which is very moving:

  25. Looking good! ;)

  26. Thank you Alys and all of Team Z! So great to see her in all her glory!

  27. Who are you breeding her to in 2016?

  28. Made my day seeing Zenyatta so beautiful and content.
    Look forward to seeing the new items to the shop and definitely want to hear about Coz and Ziconic.
    Thank you Team Z for always sharing Z’s family with us.

  29. Looking very beautiful!

  30. Hi Zenny, hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and you got lots and lots of treats. You look beautiful carrying that soon to be baby. We love you Zenny and hope you have a wonderful Christmas with lots and lots of good things. Thanks Team Z for sharing Zenyatta and her two wonderful sons with us. Remembering Princess Z, we love you baby girl and you will never be forgotten.

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