Remembering Tasty Temptation

Zenyatta and Tasty Temptation, 2011.

Zenyatta and Tasty Temptation, 2011.

Today’s post is dedicated to the memory of Tasty Temptation, who passed away in late 2013. Tasty was by Zenyatta’s side during her early days at Lane’s End Farm. They carried their foals together and shared a special bond. Tasty will always be remembered fondly by the Zenyatta community.

Further information about Tasty’s passing has been released by Lane’d End. Statement

Lane’s End has been very generous opening their doors to and her passionate fans. Their experts have shared with us the inner workings of the farm and granted unprecedented access to the breeding and foaling process. We ask that our fans respect the privacy of Lane’s End and the privately owned horses they care for. All information that Team Zenyatta and Lane’s End Farm wishes to release to the public will be available here or at


    1. Dear Judy B.,
      Great photos! So glad to see ” littlebigred” and Mama — looks as though they are doing fine. Thanks for the pics! Love and Hugs

      1. Dear Marshall:

        Yes, they are doing great. She’s grown so much since I last saw her. Love and Hugs to you and Reilly, JB

      2. Dear Marshall:

        Actually, littlebigred, is my account name on the photo upload site, Dropshots. I chose it in honor of Zi. My nickname for Diamond is “Pookie”. Love and Hugs to you and Reilly, JB

        1. Dear Judy B.,
          Pookie — I love it! She is very cute and a “real gem”.
          Thanks for the updates!
          Happy Independence Day! Lots of Hugs and Love

    2. What a LOVELY baby, Judy!

      1. Dear Abigail:

        She’s a real cutie and so sweet too. Love and Hugs, JB

  1. Dear Z Fans:

    The photo of Jackie, Ruby and Diamond on the trail ride is on Page 7. Page switched over just as I was posting. Power Up CC, CDA, ROC, Beholder, Treve, Reilly, Sir and all who are ill or injured. Beast, Max is watching you. Tasty, love you forever. Love and Hugs, JB

  2. Dear Judy,

    You make my day. Wonderful Picture. Reminds me of my rides on the farm. Oh Happy Days.

    1. Oh Judy, One exception. My Rebel would be going in the water with me on Board.
      No getting him out either. Well, Untill he was ready to come out. He took me in the pond with him many times. Lo, But oh wouldn’t I like to get those days back.

    2. Dear Peggy:

      Oh, I’m so glad you enjoyed the photos. It’s so funny you should mention the pond. On Tuesday, Alex and three of her young friends were going in and out of the pond while riding their horses. It was so hot and they were having a heck of a time. Love and Hugs, JB

      1. So much fun. How I so remember. My Rebel just wanted to stay out there in the water. Oh my this hot weather. It’s been l00 here. I bet they had a lot of fun in and out of the water. Too Cute.

        1. Dear Peggy:

          Yes, we haven’t reach 100 yet, but the humidity makes it feel like it. The girls and the horses had a great time. Love and Hugs, JB

  3. On You Tube there is the Video Diane Lane Music “Secretariat” Oh Happy Days. It is wonderful. Could someone pull it over here. Sure makes you smile. Just wonderful. Love for the horse all of this. Makes you happy

    1. Dear Peggy:

      Hope this is the one you meant. Love and Hugs, JB

      1. Yes, Yes that is it. Thanks a million. I think this is just For the Love of all our horses. Love them all so much. Just gifts. I just loved John Malkovitch in this movie. I thought he should have gotten an Oscar. He played such a wonderful part. Did ya notice his Red White and Blue Tie. Loved it.
        Only thing I think could top this is a movie about Our “Zenyatta’s ” life. I’m waiting and hoping.
        Thanks you Dear Lord for our wonderful horses. All of Them.

        1. Dear Peggy:

          Oh what a great movie could be made about Z. Hope it happens. Love and Hugs, JB

        2. Peggy-When I was a contributing member of society, unlike now, I had an encounter with John Malkovich over the phone. I will post the story someday when the blog is slow. Suffice to say I was surprised to hear from him.

        3. Peggy. John Malkovich acted very well in the film, but it was not an accurate portrayal of Lucian Lauren. According to Ronny Turcotte, Lauren was a very conservative dresser and he never played any golf. He only fished for relaxation.

        4. Thanks for this. Loved the movie and the song.

        5. Dear TC GP:

          Can’t wait to hear your story about JM. Love and Hugs, JB

      2. Love that song. I was stunned that they used it in a secular movie. Beautiful.

      3. Thanks Judy – really need to see the movie again. I forget – do we know who played Secretariat?

        1. They had at least three horses playing Red, probably more, but the one that was on screen most was named Trolley Car, I believe. The movie makers didn’t even bother to try having their horse actors simulate Secretariat’s spectacular looping rush around the field in the Preakness. That would have been impossible as well as dangerous. They solved the problem by showing the Tweedys in Colorado watching the race on TV. The footage that was used was of the real Secretariat in the real race from 1973.

        2. Thanks very much Deb E :-)

        3. Dear Heidi and Sandy:

          You’re so welcome. Love and Hugs, JB

      4. I enjoyed the movie Secretariat very much and the performances of the actors were uniformly great. I especially liked Nelsan Ellis as Red’s beloved groom and best friend, Eddie Sweat, probably the best groom in the history of horse racing. John Malkovich was great as Mr. Laurin, but he was too tall! Lucien Laurin was quite short (Penny Chenery towered over him!) and he always reminded me of Santa Claus without a beard. That was never more evident than during the Preakness when Mr. Laurin wore a bright red suit coat. With his snowy white hair, he sure stood out!

  4. Dear Kathy R and Z Fans:
    Kathy, you probably know all about this gentle giant, Holy Roller. I had never heard of him until today when AJ sent me this article and video. What a great story. Enjoy. Love and Hugs, JB—The-worlds-biggest-racehorse-_130907/

    1. WOW!! 18.1 hands — that is some big boy! Holy Roller is definitely ‘outstanding”. What a gentle giant, too.
      Thanks, Judy and JAG! I had never heard of Roley, either, but I shall certainly remember this Australian beauty.
      Love and Hugs

    2. Dear Judy,

      Thank You, he is absolutely beautiful

      1. Dear Marshall and Peggy:

        He was gorgeous wasn’t he! Love and Hugs, JB

    3. JudyB. Thank you for sharing this. Very enjoyable to read this horse’s story.

    4. Dear Judy,

      The article and video were wonderful. I really enjoyed learning about Holy Roller! Thank you so much!

      Hugs, Kathy

    5. Thanks for such a cool story! Such a beautiful big boy!

    6. Thank you so much Judy…what a wonderful story…and a Big Big Guy

      1. Dear Max, Kathy, Celeste, Barb W and Carol:

        HR was a beautiful boy. Glad you enjoyed his story. Love and Hugs, JB

  5. July 3 Cherokee Devotional

    We are always rich when we have courage. It is not the circumstance in which we find ourselves but how we handle it that makes the difference. If nothing ever challenged us we might not know our strength-we might never feel the power to overcome something that gives us courage to tackle another o ta li, mountain. Giving up does not come on us suddenly, but we cultivate it on a daily basis. Everything, success or failure-or even mediocrity-settles on us as we get ready for it. When we think and talk failure, it happens. When we think we can do something, we can do it. It takes as much effort to lose as it does to win-sometimes more. But to think courage, to think strength, is the breath of life.

    Why don’t you talk and go straight and all will be well?
    Black Kettle

    1. Kathy–on that note, I heard something neat this morning already on my favorite radio station. Someone decided to make all his passwords positive words from his faith, so that every time he logged in to a site, he was reminded of who he is supposed to be.

      @Judy B.– love Holy Roller. He proved them all wrong.

      @All East Coast Dumplings–stay safe in the threatening storm. Praying it doesn’t hit where Sandy landed.

      1. Dear Barbara,

        Very cool!

        Hugs, Kathy

  6. Dear Kathy.We are all stronger than we think.Enjoyed the “Secretariat” video,the film was on TV over here last Christmas.Great movie.It’s turned dull and damp in Wales today,Glesni’s got her “mumbrella” out.!Still hot in London the Ladies semi-finals are on.Zoe is all ready for the big day tomorrow,she mentioned storms somewhere.Ray loves his new pillow didn’t he look so cute as a pup.Loved the photo gallery on Joey’s FB and the pic of him with Momma/agent.Marty is giving out some good adbice especially about the sock!Have’nt had time to visit Fubu yet but he was delighted last night he’s put on weight think his Doc is amazed.Hope you are ready to celebrate tomorrow!Have a great day.Hugs to you,Kisses for Holly,Nikko and Sugar.Sheena.

    1. Dear Sheena,

      The Secretariat video was very good. Secretariat…my HERO! Have you seen the video Seabiscuit with Toby Maguire? It’s really good. Sorry it’s dull and damp in Wales. The heat is on here. That’s not at all unusual. We just have to be tough and get through the summer. I hope Glesni, Monty and the “Bobs” will be okay. “Mumbrella”…very funny! I hope all the ladies playing in the semi-finals will be able to stand playing in the heat. Zoe is such a sweet little girl. I missed where she talked about storms. Will go back and check on that. Ray and the pillow looked really cute. He was a darling puppy and he’s a darling adult. Very nice photo gallery of Joey. Loved Marty’s sock adbice. That’s wonderful that Fubu has put on a little weight. He’s truly a wonder-kitty! We’re ready for tomorrow. Will barbecue ribeye steaks for dinner. Kind of dreading the fireworks and firecrackers. The dogs are terrified of them. Will be here to comfort them. Have a lovely day. Hugs from me, kisses from Holly, Nikko and Sugar. Kathy.

  7. Dear Z (and Chromie) fans,
    Here is a little treat for today if the link works. This is a video of Victor E talking about his experience at Royal Ascot (there is some footage from there as well). Victor could really do “stand-up comic” work – he is so funny. Watch for the part about him giving Her Majesty tips about the horses :-) Sheena was absolutely right – The Queen DOES know everything about racing including Victor’s and Chromie’s triple crown run. Despite earlier comments to the contrary, I think she WAS at least somewhat impressed with Victor :-)

    1. Sandy. Questions remain about that Belmont ride of Chromie. After bringing home Big Kick to a win at a mile and 3/4 at Santa Anita last week, Vic is okay in my book.

    2. Dear Sandy:

      Thank you so much for posting this. Very likeable fellow is VE. Love and Hugs, JB

    3. Dear Sandy,
      Thanks for this link! VE is just too cute! He is very well-spoken, and as Judy B. said, very likeable. I enjoyed his comments about the conversation with Queen Elizabeth very much, too.
      Have a lovely Independence Day! Hugs and Love

  8. For a feel-good story about a horse who needed conditioning and became a great police horse in Oregon, check out today’s Horse and Man blog: Murphy is so handsome.

    1. Barbara. Very good story to read. Murphy is not only handsome now, but an accomplished police horse. He bagged that bad guy in good order after a long chase. It must have been something to witness. Probably showed some teeth to that guy too. Like stories like this.

  9. Thanks Sandy and Barbara! Great video and great story!

  10. Peggy. Here is a horse who threw his rider and got applause. These RCMP horses are very well trained, and this is unusual. This one decided to go solo. Might be channelling Big D or Gold Ship? The RCMP horses are always black and have a maple on one of their hips. This is not a brand, but is done with a stencil and a wet brush on the coat. Some of these horses are descended from Man o’ War. It takes 3 years to train them for the ride.

    1. That should read a maple leaf on their hips, a tribute to the Canadian flag and the song which the RCMP uses during their musical rides, The Maple Leaf Forever.

    2. Dear Max:

      That was the most amazing thing; he continued with the performance. What gorgeous horses they are. Glad the rider was able to get up and out of the ring on his own. Love and Hugs, JB

      1. JudyB. Yes, that was amazing. He was pretty good too at keeping up with the others. At the end he was in no hurry to leave either.

  11. Despite the heat I still have blueberries. I can’t believe it. Never had them still in July before. To hear a new voice in fiction I sometimes read juvenile fiction that looks interesting. New book entitled Paperboy set in south in 1959. Delightful. I remember 1959 and I remember our paperboy for the Port Arthur News. We also had an attic fan. The book was inspiring and entertaining. Julie June you made me smile and tear up. The sight of beautiful Zenyatta’s head always fills me with peace and pleasure. Princess Z Is so much her Mama’s little girl. Look at that mouth!

  12. Here’s wishing Ruler On Ice a long and healthy retirement.

    1. Agree. Any horse who can win the Belmont Stakes commands respect.

    2. Dear Allen:

      Thanks for this info. Happy retirement ROI. Love and Hugs, JB

  13. Sheena. Check out Teddy Grimthorpe’s comments on Mission. He’s certainly not blaming the horse for that loss in France.

  14. Dear Max.I never believe a horse loses I tend to blame the jockey!I’ve been watching the interview with Victor Espinoza Sandy posted don’t you have whip regulations in the US?.I had to laugh at him in his top hat and tails!!
    Australia is going to have a break now there is some doubt as to whether he will run a mile and 1/2 again ,I can see him retiring this year John Magnier is all for breeding.
    Kauto and Laura are appearing at Barbury this weekend,there’s a competition between the eventers and the jump Jockeys.
    Toast looks magnificent getting ready for his big race Hurricane Arthur is causing some problems to say the least.I just hope all goes well for him.Free the Moose!Niss4 Senate PU Dan and all sick horses everywhere.Sheena.

    1. Sheena. Nothing like the beak in a federal system. Rules are set by various jurisdictions, like the Triple Crown, three different states govern those races. I also liked that part of the video about the top hat and tails. He said that he got them in London, proving again that you can find practically everything there.
      Read Osborne’s diary in the Racing Post about Toast. No direct flights to US for horses. And Toast had to fly with some Jaguars. He seems to have come through the travel well. Had a snooze on the flight. Now settled at Belmont. That hurricane looks like it may eventually hit Nissy land.
      Free the Moose! Power up CDA, Chromie and all others who are sick. Beast, batten down the hatches. Same for Cozzy. Reilly and Sir, waiting for updates. Dan, keep training. Tasty, never forgotten. Hoping to hear from you in my dreams, anytime between 9 and 4.

      1. Dear Max,
        Reilly sends his very Best Wishes to you! He seems to be doing quite well and is very good about taking his pills, thanks to a cheese cube as pill carrier. He and Huey got bathed and clipped last Thursday — they both like their short haircuts!
        Reilly has lost some muscle mass in his hindquarters so he looks a little scrawny but very still very cute. He still jumps around when food is in sight and when a walk is certain. Huey always feels younger after his haircut in spite of his stiff joints.
        Have a wonderful July 4th weekend! Love and Hugs

        1. Reilly, you are a wonder dog. Keep going.

  15. R.I.P. Tasty! ;( You were and are a beautiful girl. Now you are running free in Heaven! ;)

    Peace, Love & Blessings,
    Kathy from SoCal xoxoxoxo

  16. Thank you so much for sharing this about Tasty. She was a beautiful gray mare that was very easy to fall in love with. Thank you to Lane’s End and her owners for sharing her with us. I am sure it is unusual for there to be so much interest in the broodmares. Just because they no longer race does not mean they are not still in our hearts.

  17. I am sadden to hear of Tasty’s passing. RIP pretty girl and friend of Zenyatta. I hope she did not suffer.
    Love hugs and kisses Tasty . Thinking of you

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