St. Paddy’s Day Swag

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from Team Z and Lane’s End Farm!


  1. Dear Beautiful Mama Z, COZ, ZI and DC:

    Goodnight. Stay comfy and cozy and Happy Dreams. Love You. Hugs, JB

    Happy Birthday Z and ZI. Enjoy your special day and extra treats. Love and Hugs, JB

    Z Princess, Dubai, Baby Z, will always love you.

  2. April 1 Cherokee Devotional


    Tsi law ‘nee
    Flower Month

    It seems to me that the rulers of the Cherokees have sufficient intelligence to see the utter imbecility of placing any further reliance upon the Supreme Court…
    Governor Wilson Lumpkin
    Georgia, 1831

    In ages past, our old ones were the storytellers. This was the way things were passed along to the generations that followed. For this reason the aged people made it a point to remember every detail so they could relate it at a later time. They were the word and picture carriers making history and spiritual values alive and important. In recent times we have made our old ones think they are not so important. We spoof their stories and make them feel foolish. The truth is that we are ignorant of what is precious and how to a da li he li tse di-appreciate age. Rigidity can creep in and set even the young mind if there are no soft memories, no laughter, no times too deep for tears. Age is grace-a time too valuable to waste.

    We can get over being poor, but it takes longer to get over being ignorant.
    Jane Sequichie Hifler

    1. Dear Kathy,

      Thank you for this absolutely brilliant devotional. Our old ones should be treasured and listened to with respect. I love the line “Age is grace – a time too valuable to waste” — it is so true. Also, the last quote by Jane Sequichie Hifler is a very wise observation indeed. A lot of us never get over being ignorant because we don’t try to understand.

      Have a good weekend!
      Hugs and Love

  3. Happy birthday Zenyatta and Ziconic!!! I hope you both enjoy some birthday cake today! Perhaps a visit from Ann??? Many happy returns of the day…

  4. Happy Birthday to our wonderful Queen, Zenyatta, and her handsome boy, The Red Prince. Stay warm dear girl as it has suddenly gotten colder. Perhaps the 1st Saturday in May would be a good time for the baby to arrive.

  5. Last night I was watching a re-run of an episode of a Canadian series called Heartland, and one of the characters mentioned Zenyatta!! Only it almost sounded like she said Zenyetta. Could be the Canadian accent maybe?

    1. Cheryl, I watch Heartland too!! I love that show! I have not seen that episode yet. I just started watching it.

      1. Hi Celeste, It comes in the episode where Amy is helping to train her dad’s 2 yr old colt for racing. My husband is addicted, too :-) He says there’s beautiful country, horses, cowboy hats, pickup trucks and motorcycles. What’s not to love? lol All the actors do such a great job!

  6. Happy Birthday Zenyatta and Ziconic! I am sure there will be a big party for you!! Looking forward to the pictures. Also looking forward to news of the new foal

    Love you both!

  7. Happy Happy!
    Joy Joy!
    Happy Birthday to precious Zenyatta and Ziconic. Zenny, have you pulled a prank on Alys?
    Zi, will you pull a prank on Mario? Have fun!!
    Out of all the horses, JB’s, Papa Charlie will surely be the one to enjoy this day of silliness.
    Love to all.

    1. It’s Guinness day! Happy Birthday to Zenyatta and Ziconic.

      1. Cheers!🍺πŸ₯•πŸŽ

    2. Dear Ann:

      As you know, PC doesn’t need a special day to be Class Clown. Oh, how I love that boy!

      Cheers! Love and Hugs, JB

  8. A very Happy Birthday to our Queen Zenyatta and her prince Ziconic who turns 4 today.Hope your special day will be full of treats and surprises.Love and hugs SheenaX

    Ryan Moore has had a double on the first day of the flat season over here in GB.And more importantly Glesni has arrived at the Dyfi!

  9. Two chestnuts in quarantine
    Gun Runner: Is Arro gone yet?
    Biscuits: Left for LA already.
    Gun Runner: You going back to training?
    Biscuits: Under control.
    Gun Runner: How?
    Biscuits: I’m in charge.
    Gun Runner: How?
    Biscuits: I go out to the track first thing in the am or not at all. If I get bored with the food, I won’t eat. They have to add apple sauce or garlic. I need selected rap music when I getting groomed. Sometimes if they take off my halter, I’m gone. After about 45 minutes, I usually let them catch me. Shakes things up.
    Gun Runner: I’m taking notes. Have to figure out how to win against Arro too.
    Biscuits: Got your back there. Told him to finish last or refuse to run. Makes guys look “complicated”. Mares and fillies love this.
    Gun Runner: Think he saw through that?
    Biscuits: Neigh!

    1. Delightful Max! Thanks for a Saturday morning laugh. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we knew what they said to each other? Think perhaps Biscuits and The Runner would perhaps plan a diet for Arr that gave his a slight case of what my granny used to call The Green Apple Quickstep!

      Safe trip to all the horses today. A special blessing for the two Gs!

    2. Dear Max.I love these posts.You have a great talent.Just as our Anna Sewell you have given the horse a voice.Hugs

    3. πŸ˜‚ Rap music for Biscuits.

      1. The rap has to be from the early 2000s. He doesn’t like the newer stuff.
        Biscuits is a real character. His trainer says that they just work around his quirks.

        1. Dear Max:

          Gotta love the independent thinkers! Chestnut’s are unique. Love and Hugs, JB

    4. Max, Thank so much for this wonderful writing. Makes me smile .

      1. Gun Runner is an improving horse. I don’t see that he’ll be discouraged by a 2nd in Dubai. He’s a tough horse who will keep going. He and Biscuits are good looking chestnuts. Biscuits is a real handful.

    5. Dear Max,

      You have done it again! This is hilarious — thanks for the laughs. Mind Your Biscuits is a hoot! Got to respect those quirks — not just any rap music! 😊

      Thanks again for sharing your talent for writing.

      Hugs and Love

      1. We’re lucky to have 3 horses like this who are racing beyond 3. It looks like Gun Runner could race until he’s 5. Same for Biscuits. That’s very good for racing.

    6. Dear Max:

      Just love these. Keep ’em coming. Love and Hugs, JB

  10. Treble for Ryan woo-hoo!

    1. None of these wins were with Ballydoyle. Hannon and Stoute

      1. I know I was watching!

        1. You missed the point. It’s good that he’s riding with other stables.

  11. Happy Birthday to the one and only Zenyatta! Have a glorious day with your gal pal Vixana. Ziconic Happy Birthday to you as well. Treats all around. Linda

  12. Happy Birthday to the one and only Zenyatta! Have a glorious day with your gal pal Vixana. Ziconic Happy Birthday to you as well. Treats all around. LindaπŸŽˆπŸŽˆπŸ΄πŸŽ‰β€οΈβ€οΈπŸŽ‰πŸ˜Š

    1. Speaking of Vixana…I haven’t noticed her in any of Zenny’s pics lately. Does anyone know if she had her own baby already, maybe?

  13. Since it appears that it will be a while yet before Zenyatta delivers, how about warming up your pacing shoes and do a few steps for Vixana. Has anybody heard anything about her? May Zenny and Ziconic have the best day ever on your birthday.

  14. Happy Birthday Zenyatta and Ziconic!!!
    I hope you’re celebrating today with lots of peppermints, carrots, apples… Thinking of you with so much love!!! Hope to hear about your party and baby news!!! XOXOXO Z, Coz, Ziconic, ZPrincessAngel, ZPrinceAngel

  15. Happy Birthday Zenyatta and Ziconic! Hope you are feeling well and are ready to enjoy birthday treats. Maybe we will be treated to some pictures of your special day.

  16. Happy Birthday Zenyatta, and of course, your best Birthday present to all your fans, and yourself, Happy Birthday to your stunning son, Ziconic. Love you!

  17. Happy Birthday Zenny!!!!!!
    Wishing you a day filled with sunshine, lots of carrots, and maybe even a Guinness. Today I hope you receive lots of love and attention.

    I wish both you and Ziconic many, many more birthdays to come, with a life of happiness and contentment.

    Again Happy Birthday to you and Ziconic.

    With so much love.

    Linda in NJ.

  18. Bravery wins the first part of our Spring double and saves the bookmakers millions.He is by Galileo out of a Rainbow Quest mare and trained by David O’Meara.Ridden by Danny Tudhope.

    1. Congrats Bravery. Cool name! Love and Hugs, JB

  19. Monty’s back!!!Such excitement at the Dyfi.These ospreys always fool us!!!

    1. Welcome back Monty. Glesni must be next to arrive. Love and Hugs, JB

  20. dear Peggy i hear , thank , happy birthday beautyfull Zenny :-) and 13z Ziconic :-) , i think on your birthday will be carrots apples pears and other taste food for you , Vixana :-) , Coz :-) and stablemates :-) :-) , horses will celebrate your birthday too and will be joyfull :-) :-) , horses like to be in herd or near with each other

  21. Coz :-) and Zi :-) walk on air with groom eat apples pears care of your health say to mates too :-) :-) , beautyfull Zenny :-) do all quietly and not quickly walk on air when weather is good for horses eat apples pears care of your health say to Vixana too :-) , beautyfull Zenny Zi Coz dC Winx and mates stay comfy and cozy in your stalls eat apples pears care of your health kiss your soft noses like you , lil 16z lil 14z filly Dubai im remembering you

  22. Praying all is well with team Z FAMILY. Love them all, Stay calm Mama Z, Just crazy weather, Blessing to all, love all of U.

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