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Dreams of riding Zenyatta…

Happy Tuesday!

We had a great time at the Breeders’ Cup, and we hope many of you did as well. We’d like to put together a special gallery of fan photos from the event. If you have photos to share, please send them to

Photos should:
• Be related to the Zenyatta events in some way
• Include your name (for photo credit)
• Include a caption (who, what, where) if you would like it to be published
• Be under 1 MB in size

Please note that all submissions will be considered, but publication is not guaranteed. We will not reply to emails sent to this address.

We can’t wait to see your photos!
-Team Z


  1. Sign, thanks for the MOW video. He was truly magnificent. I remember hearing my grandparents talking about him. I read that he and his groom were so attached to one another that when one died the other just greived themselves to death.

    Also read that one reason he retired so young was that no one would run their horses against him.

    1. Love it Shirleeinindy !!!

  2. Oh my isn’t Eblouissante BEAUTIFUL? I hope she does well in her first race . Wouldn’t that be something?
    Good luck to her and may she stay safe and healthy.
    What at beauty.
    Love hugs and kisses

    1. Dear Trisha:

      E is just gorgeous. Hope she does well and wish all the horses safe trips. Hugs, JB

  3. I had forgotten how magnificient Bernie is. This is a lovely reminder. Keta

    Bernardini: Selected by Team Zenyatta
    Uploaded by bloodhorsevideo on Feb 1, 2011
    An exclusive and insightful video on the stallion selected by Team Zenyatta

    Special Thanks to Backside 55‏ for the following tweet:
    Great video featuring Bernardini, sire of Eblouissante and 12Z.
    Thank you for posting this Deana

    1. Dear Keta:

      Love this video. Have it saved in my favorites. Hugs, JB

    2. Dear Keta, thanks for the video.

  4. Ok I have caught up on all the posts, and have realized that Quiet American was related to Real Quiet!

    Real Quiet or as Bob Baffert called him “The Fish” was one of my all time favorite horses, I cried for days when he died, my heart was literally broken. I watched old race video’s and cried even harder.

    Now forgive me if I don’t get this story completely correct, as I have been up most of the night waiting to hear if my daughter made it to Alaska! I remember when Real Quiet came on the seen, Bob had found him for Mike Pelgram and Pelgram only paid like $17,000 for him, he was skinny and not well cared for according to Baffert.. I remember Baffert saying all he wanted to do was eat, and that he was kind and very gentle. When he came to the track ALL the talking heads bashed him saying he didn’t belong at the Derby or on the track, he had no pedigree! But if Real Quiet is or was related to Quiet American there is pedigree there! Of coarse I didn’t care what everyone was saying about him, I just loved him and his story and his connections! I went onto alot of the links that many of you have provided and I see Real Quiet’s name, so I am guessing there is relationship to Quiet American?

    Wishing Ebby a safe trip home on Friday, hopefully first across the finish line! She does look an awful like her big sis!


    1. Dear Girl Saratoga:

      Quiet American is Real Quiet’s sire. Real Quiet ran three terrific races in his Triple Crown attempt in 1998. Here’s a wonderful video tribute to him. Quiet American is also the sire of Cara Rafaela, who is Bernardini’s dam.

      Hope you are doing well. Love and Hugs, JB

      1. Real Quiet is such a beauty. OK now i’m crying. Sure can see his daddy in him. Worry about Quite Amercan because he’s getting on up there in years. But, he is with us now. Love to him
        He seems to have been overlooked a little, but he’s special and it seems to have really came through in his children and grandkids.

      2. Judy, can’t wait for you to see the picture of Quiet Ameican.

        1. Dear Peggy:

          Can’t wait to see the picture. Yes, he is the sire of some wonderful horses and his daughters have been very successful broodmares. Cara Rafaela, the Dam of my favorite (after Charlie of course) Bernardini, for one. Here is a link to his progeny page from Pedigree Query. He has a few millionaires and quite a few offspring that have earned six figures in their careers. Love and Hugs, JB

      3. My Dear Friend Judy:

        Thank you so much for the beautiful video of Real Quiet. The minute it started I cried, he has such a special place in my heart and always will! I am constantly looking for his babies to see if they look or run like he did? I had forgotten how much he had lost the Belmont by, a nose hair! It’s nice to know he had a nice place to live and retire at before his untimely accident..

        Thanks again for the wonderful walk down memory lane, although sad, he was a very special guy to me.

        Hope you and Papa Charlie are well? It won’t belong before the snow will be falling! UGH!

        Chilly Hugs!


        1. Dear Girl Saratoga:

          Hope you are doing well. Real Quiet came the closest to win a Triple Crown since Affirmed. Very sad we lost him too soon. I don’t think he got the accolades he deserved. He was very special.

          Unfortunately, my Charlie clipped his hoof while running like the wind in the paddock yesterday. He was having so much fun, but those long legs are always causing him to clip himself. This time it’s in a tricky spot; just above the hoof. He gouged out a cut about the size of a quarter. His leg, thank God, is not swollen, but Angela has been cleaning the wound and applying antibiotic ointment and a spray med as well to keep it clean and free of dirt. I saw him today. He was out in the paddock and was taking it easy. We were hoping he would not run hard. Angela did give him some Bute as well to help with the pain. I gave him a kiss and told him to behave himself. Angela said he’s being very good when she has to clean the wound and apply the med. He knows she’s trying to help him. I’m going to visit him again on Sunday.

          Yes, the weather is cool, but I love the Fall.

          I posted Ebby’s race below if you haven’t seen it. She was brilliant and “dazzling”. Love and Hugs, JB

        2. Dear Judy B,

          Why is Charlie not wearing bell boots, they prevent clipping????

        3. Dear Sign:

          Asked Angela about that and it turns out she did have Charlie wear Bell Boots, but he was clipping himself higher up on the leg so she stopped using them. She has been using splint boots when she lunges or rides him. This time he gouged out a quarter size cut just above his hoof in the pastern area, so Bell Boots might have prevented this cut. She is not too keen on leaving any kind of boots on him when he’s turned out because of safety concerns with him running at full speed as he loves to do.

          Some of the Dumplings suggested having the farrier make adjustments to PC’s hooves. Will run that by her tomorrow. The good news is the leg did not swell and he’s being very good when she cleans the wound and applies meds. He was lifting his leg when it first happened on Thursday, so he was hurting. Angela gave him some Bute for the pain. Really upsetting when this happened. Hopefully we can figure out what to do to prevent further clipping cuts like this one.

          Love and Hugs, JB

  5. Yeah, John !!
    Steve Andersen‏ Daily Racing Form tweet
    Spring Bloom (9-5 fav) had a perfect trip to win the 5th.
    The first-time starter St. Malo’s Gate closed late to be third

  6. posted a very nice article on Ebby about an hour ago. Seems like many people are awaiting her first race.

  7. Sign

    Thank You for the post on Orfevre. I am looking so forward to the GoldCup. Going to have to have some coffee for that night. Japan lets see about l3 hours ahead. Bet its going to be sometimes late Saturday Night. Probably real late. Can’t wait to see him.

    1. Dear Peggy N,

      I will definately be watching, too.
      Hope very much on his home “turf” he she does get the win.

    2. Dear Peggy:

      Rooting for Orfevre. Hugs, JB

  8. I just love how that little girl looks up at Zenny’s statue and how fitting a yougster is standing in awe of her. She is the peoples’ horse and loves the little ones.

    Eblouissante (Bernardini – Vertigineux) wins a maiden special weight
    at Betfair Hollywood Park

  10. Zenyatta’s Half-Sister – Eblouissante – 2012 Hollywood Park Maiden Race

    Here is the Youtube Replay

    1. Keta

      Thank You so much. Just getting to see it. What a beauty. Yah Ebiouissante……………..

    2. Fabulous video Keta. This one goes in my keepers file for sure. I LOVE the commentary about Zenny’s fans turning up and going crazy for Ebby – that WE GET IT! Well duh! Do you believe yet? Great shots of the Z Dumplings in the winner’s circle – I felt like I was there too. WooHoo!
      diastu in tempe but my heart is in SoCal

      1. Dear Diana:

        I thought I recognized some of the Dumplings near the Winners Circle. I was watching the race on a small TV at our local casino with my sister. We were in awe of the way E closed. Just so reminiscent of Z. Love and Hugs, JB

    3. Dear Keta:

      Thanks for this link of E’s win today. Much clearer than the one I found. Hugs, JB

  11. Yay for Ebby Lou – I wish I could have been there today. Good girl!!

  12. Dear Keta: Thanks so very much for the YouTube race post: have not heard anything about the race down here, so am very grateful to you. What a wonderful win, and a great way to start the Saturday racing here! (By the way, Capital Commander came in second in the Snake Valley Cup, but another horse I know, Best As Zariz broke down in the race – am still trying to find out if it was the worst possible, or hopefully an injury).
    Thanks again for the post. Hugs KathyR.

    1. Kathy
      So glad you found my post. I was hoping you would see it.
      Sounds a little obsessive-but I posted it on 3 places in the Blog area.
      A new Ask the Expert was put up today–so posted there.
      Then there is the Poster Blog-posted there
      And, i posted here. Just wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to see it.
      Ebby was incredible. So professional that it is hard to believe this was her first.

      Sorry to hear about Best As Zariz. Hope that it is an injury that can be treated.
      Kudos to Capital Commander!

      1. Dear Keta: Just found this bad news regarding Best As Zariz:
        I know people say that’s racing, but I’m very sad about this. Hugs KathyR.

  13. I loved Eblouissante’s race! Congratulations to all her connections. Saw some Dumplings in the winner’s circle picture. How fun for them.

    1. Marty
      What a great day they had!
      Ebby was “dazzling”

  14. OMG Zenny!

    Your younger sister (we can’t call her your baby sister anymore!) Ebby was magnificent today! I watched her debut while at Turf Paradise and was yelling so loud as she came from way behind – just like you always did – that I thought they would throw me out! But others around me were cheering her on too! We were watching history today and it gave me chills. Even the TUP track announcer was talking about her!

    Congratulations to TEAM E! John, Dottie, Mr. Kronfeld, Corey, and the whole Barn 55 group – for a fabulous first effort! (And hugs and love to my SoCal Z Dumpling pals who got to stand in the winner’s circle! WooHoo!)
    diastu in tempe

    1. Diana
      Ebby ran like a girl
      And, you shouted like a Dumpling-which you are !!
      Like you, it would have been great to be in SoCal–but, TUF is a nice substitute.

  15. My Dear Ebby:

    You may look like your Daddy, but you Ran Like A Girl we know and love. Just “dazzling”. Love you. Your big sister must be so proud. Love and Hugs, JB

    1. Dear Judy B.,
      Love your “look like your Daddy”, but “Ran like A Girl” comment! Yes, Ebby lived up to her name — dazzling! I agree that Z must be beaming with pride.
      Cheers and hugs!

      1. Dear Marshall:

        E was just wonderful. So glad for her, John S. and all her connections. Love and Hugs, JB

  16. Dear John Shirreffs and Crew:

    Congratulations to all of you and to Ebby. Just wonderful to have Z’s sister to cheer. Hugs, JB

  17. Dear Z Fans:

    For those of you who may not have seen Ebby’s race, here it is with a nice article as well. Don’t know if someone has posted it previously. Hugs, JB

  18. Dear Peggy N.:

    Left you a message on Ask the Experts #16 Page 3 about your Gabby. She won her Maiden Race today. Congratulations! Hugs, JB

  19. Dear Keta: Have just heard Andrew Bensley on Skysportsradio with the news that Gerry Ryan (part owner of Americain) has finalised a deal with a “stud in Kentucky – but is still to finalise details on an Australian stud – most likely in the Hunter Valley”. Mysterious in that no name was given for the Kentucky farm. I’m still wondering if it is Coolmore? Maybe the whispers are stronger over there? Stephanie Nigge will go with him to Kentucky to settle him in and stay there as long as it takes (according to Bensley’s information) and will visit from France on a regular basis. What a lucky horse he is! Hugs, KathyR.

  20. Hi Everyone, been gone forever and glad to be back to the exciting news of Ebby’s win!.
    Loved the video, just like the Queen’s race. I love that she looks just like her daddy.
    Any news about our young Prince???, any girlfriends yet? How is the Queen and 13 Zenyatta doing?. I trust they are both doing well.Does Prince even ask about his mama or is he too busy looking too cute around the gals???. How was Breeders cup? other than the section about the Queen, did anything exciting happen. I so do hope that a lot of Z’s fans were able to attend to show the Queen that we still got her back. LoL to all and God’s Blessings to the Queen……………..

  21. Hi everyone; It seems like forever that I have been on Z’s post. I think of her every day, my plushie always reminds me too. It is simply awesome to see “E”‘s win at Hollywood Park. Now who does she take after in her race!! Congrats to our John, the special and patient trainer of our Queen and now, “E”.

    Between volunteering at the horse sanctuary, babysitting and excercising my son’s big German Sheperd, and going to the chiropractor three times a week from an injury, I have missed being here.

    This past Thursday I received a call that one of our horses, who we give medication to for his problems, began coughing, his eyes, nose and mouth draining fluid, later, barfing green liquid. A vet was called in and yes, his was suffering from a bout of colic I believe. It was touch and go for this old horse. I saw him Thursday evening.
    He had green still by his nostrils and mouth and was listless. One of the head women came and said the vet had slightly sedated him and she was giving some medication orally to Frito. His eyes were half closed. I softly patted him and gave him a couple of kisses on his nose. After my chores, I went home thinking to myself, wow, I have come to love these horses and I may for the first time, feel the loss of one old horse gone!! I said prayers for Frito.
    Happy to announce that as of this Sunday, Frito had the will to live and was grazing in a separate pasture. Frito can not have any regular hay or dry grain so he must be separated from the others for about a week (per vet). Fritos food must be soaked in water first. Thank goodness for our above normal dry weather.
    If you would like to donate to help take care of these horses, here is the name payable to and address: Cedar Community-Cedar Valley Horse Sanctuary Fund, 5595 County Road Z, 53218
    Make sure you mention for the love of Zenyatta, 2010 Horse of the Year, from a Z fan, if you are able to donate at this time, or anything you would like to say. Any amount would help. I know Christmas is approaching, everyone will have extra expenses, but I thought I would ask at this time of year of goodwill.

    I wish you all a Happy Healthy Thanksgiving. I am hoping Zenyatta will have something special on Thanksgiving including seeing Ann and Jerry!!
    Sending love n kisses on Z’s soft nose, 12z too!
    Auntie Sally B.

    West Bend, Wisconsin

    1. Dear Sally B.:

      Praying for Frito and that he keeps improving. Hope you feel better too. Hugs, JB

  22. Hi all; In regard to my post above. Some how the full address got goofed up. The rest of the address is: West Bend, Wisconsin 53218

    God bless you
    Sally B

    1. Prayers for Frito. I’ll be happy to make a donation to help out. Love in Dumplinghood, Trina

  23. It’s so good to be back on the blog! I’ve been battling computer problems, so I finally figured out how to get on the blog on my phone. I’m thrilled that Ebby won! She’s such a gorgeous girl, just like her big sis. And it’s beyond cool that the Dumplings got to go to the winners circle! I’m so happy for them. What a thrill that must have been. Speaking of awesome girls, I saw on Bloodhorse today that if Groupie Doll wins the Cigar Mile on Saturday she will be a strong contender for Horse of the Year. That would be incredible if the girls got HOY four years in a row! Hooves crossed.

    1. Dear Debbie:

      Welcome back. Ebby was amazing; finished like Z. Hugs,JB

  24. I love this photo. It just shows Zenny bigger than life!

  25. Dear Z Family, Z Team, Lane’s End, Z and The Prince:

    Want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving. Love and Hugs, JB, LM and PC