September Shop Updates

New prints available today.

New prints available today.

Happy Tuesday!

We added new portraits of Zenyatta’s boys to the Zenyatta Shop today.

Additionally, “The Queen’s Dance” Poster by Jamie Corum is back!

Along with this update we’re offering a promotion on all small prints. Customers who order at least one large print or poster are eligible for a 50% discount on small prints. Enter promo code SMALLPRINT at checkout.

-Team Z


  1. Once again this is the place to come for smiles. Thank you, Team Z, for the pictures of Zenny’s boyz. They are magnificient…just like mom.

  2. I have always thought Coz was drop dead gorgeous, and now, this photo is proof indeed. That classic TB head, so elegant and already the wisdom his mama imparted to him is reflected in his eye.

    13Z is still a cutey- still looks like a youngster, especially compared to big brother, but the promise is there as well.

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos of our 2 princes.

  3. Beautiful photos of two handsome boys. Doing Mama Z proud for sure.
    Big thanks for these wonderful pictures.

  4. These lovely photos are a great new addition to The Shop!!
    Thanks bunches!

  5. These photo’s of our Queen Zenyatta’s Boys are just great. The boys are both so handsome and so like their MOM. I can’t wait until they hit the race track. When they do race I will always see Zenyatta in them, she puts so much of herself in her off spring, can’t wait. Love you much Zenny.

  6. Just love anything about Zen and her babies! Keep all info coming about all of them…. Thanks again for info!

  7. Both boys are beautiful, thanks for sharing

  8. Both boys are incredible gorgeous wonderful photos thanks lanes end.

  9. Both are beautiful boys. Coz has a little more of a soulful look in his eyes now. Little Red is full of mischief if just oozes out of him.

    Sending up prayers for the safety of my sweet Muchie and Paynter on Saturday. Of course, prayers for all the horses and riders, but you all know I am a fool over MMM.

    1. Always hope for a safe journey. MMM has proved that he likes the SA oval and I expect him to give a good account of himself on Saturday. Paynter, will be tough, however.

      1. They appear to be the class of the race. You can never tell thought who will jump up and run the race of their lives. Gotta say again, I am happy that Gray is ringing Sweet Muchie.

        1. shirlee. I checked. Uncle Johnny will be in NY on Saturday. Good luck with your 3M. I’m going with Paynter. Cannot ever go against him or Oxbow.

        2. Max, Thanks for the info. He is, of course, riding against two of my favs, Palace Malice and Orb. But at least he can’t beat lovely Muchie.

          Looked at the turf entries for this weekend. Here a kitten, there a kitten and in some more than one kitten. Just love Ken Ramsey’s spirit and Kittens Joy boys and girls.

        3. Saturday’s race is a perfect BC prep for MMM and, if he runs in the BC, Paynter. MMM is BCC material, while Paynter is better suited for the BC Mile.

        4. TC. I assume that you mean the Dirt Mile for Paynter? Dan’s got the Turf Mile under his control. If he stays well, Danny’s going to rain on a lot of these Euro’s parades. Cannot see any Euro taking Dan down. That chestnut is on fire.

        5. Max-yes, the dirt mile. If the purse weren’t so large, Dan might have the first walkover in BC history.

  10. Just have to show you the magnificent Barbara L pictures of my A P Indy doing the Zenyatta dance……….I hope she was watching. Remember he is 24 years old and looks fabulous.

    1. Looks for all the world like our Z. here.

    2. Great picture – thanks Sue! i think he was doing the dance just for YOU :-)

      1. Sandy,
        Oh how I wish. hugs

    3. Love it!

    4. Dear Sue,
      Thanks for this! How gorgeous is A.P. Indy?!!!! Poetry in motion with his wonderful groom! He looks fabulous for a 4 year old, let alone a 24 year old! Great care and love definitely shows. Lots of Hugs

    5. Dear Sue Fredrick:

      Thank you so much for sharing these photos of AP. What a gorgeous horse he is. Hugs, JB

    6. Glad you called me, to let me know you posted this picture of A.P.!! I need that picture too Sue! He looks better than ever doing our Z’s dance! I always thought he was a handsome grand horse when we saw him at Lane’s End. hugs, Sally

    7. Great photo of Coz’s grand daddy.

  11. Zneyatta’s boyz are beautiful and Cozmic 1 is truly his mother’s child. He is georgeous.
    Hello to everyone, just , returned from KY and Secretariat’s Festival. Got to meet Penny Chenery, Ron Tuncotte and Charlie Davis. . Penny Chenery is a “class act” at 91 after all her autograph tokens were sold , she kept signing and she looked exhausted. I have so much admiration for her and all she did for Big RED.
    I also took a box of goodies to Lane’s End and dropped them off at the guard gate. We visited Old Friends and it is something. . Each TB has his own acre or 2 acre paddock. Please, send donations to this wonderful charity. All farm help are volunteers , caring and loviers of the horse. We also visited the Ky horse park. If you go to Ky to to the horse park amazing. We also visited Clairborne Farm. I saw War Front and he is a pretty boy. I talked to Blame and told him I was not mad at him, that he had to run his race and it was just not meant for Zenyatta to win. We talked to the man
    who groomed Zenyatta for War Front, he said she is one beautiful magnificent animal and a lady through and through, everywhere we went everyone had nothing but praise for Zenyatta. I am so glad I got to complete a few items on my bucket list . Oh and I almost forgot we went to Keeneland and saw an auction. Those little babies did not know what was expected of them and some of them they had to back them into the ring. So beautiful, It makes you sad and mad when you hear of mistreatment of these wonderful animals.
    Love, hugs and kisses to all

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your Ky. adventures with us. My hubby and I made a similar trip last year and especially enjoyed the Ky. Horse Park and Old Friends. I agree that everyone we met at these facilities had nothing but admiration for our Queen, Zenyatta. Sometimes it’s easy to think her “fans” are contained within this site but it seems she has touched people worldwide and continues to inspire others.
      If I had been the person who got Zenny ready for her date with War Front I would know what heaven on earth is…can you even begin to imagine it?
      Your post also made me pause and remember it’s time to make a donation to Old Friends where every horse there is treated like royalty…as it should be.

    2. Trisha-I was at Santa Anita for the first Vox Populi award and Ms.Chenery along with the Mosses were present to sign autographs. When it came time for the awards presentation in front of the grandstand, the group left to participate in the ceremonies. There were still a lot of people in line. Ms. Chenery and the Mosses came back from the ceremonies and continued to sign autographs. This group, in toto, was a class act and everyone cheered at the end. One of the best days I ever spent at the races. All of those places you mentioned are on my bucket list along with the Kentucky Derby Museum at Churchill Downs where I will be able to see my old friend, Swaps.

    3. Trisha – I am so jealous of you being able to go the the Secretariat Festival! I’d LOVE to be able to do that, but I haven’t got any one in my family that would want to go with me.

    4. Glad you had this experience.
      I am in my planning stages to visit KY next fall, only time I could
      get approved to leave work. Old Friends is definitely on my list along with the KY Horse Park and many farms. I have been in contact with LE, Three Chimneys and WinStar so far and they have responded back quickly with good info on arranging my visit. I know I want to go to Claiborne, Gainesway, Hill’n Dale, Taylor Made, Adena Springs.
      Not sure about Darley, heard they are not fan friendly.
      Needless to say, Trisha, you met a true lady of racing to cherish for a lifetime.

      1. Janet,
        We had a great time last year when we went. Definitely, LE, Claiborne, Adena Springs, we also went to Airdrie and they were very nice, even let us wander around alone…….we heading for the weanling barn and saw all the crying babies.
        Couldn’t get in Darley,Winstar, Taylor made because of the pending races. Most of the barns are super friendly. If you get to Old Friends, try and get the tour with Michael he is just the greatest and so humorous. I wanted to get down there again this year but I don’t think it will happen. Have a great time. hugs

      2. Janet, the horse royalty in the graveyard at Claiborne will take your breath away. I always take roses to the little spoken of Swale who died before he could show all his talent.

        1. I’ve probably told this story before, but when Swale died I sent a letter to Seth Hancock expressing condolences. At that time, the public could not visit Claiborne. I never expected a reply but, indeed, I got one. A handwritten note was sent to me by Mr. Hancock thanking me and added that i could present the note at the gate to gain admission to the farm to see the stallions at any time. Unfortunately, I have not been able to do so but I framed the note and put it on my wall.

        2. Thanks for the story, Terry. The Hancocks are all quality people. So good to know that someone else remembers Swale.

    5. So glad you had such a wonderful trip. It is beautiful country as well. Hugs.

    6. Trisha
      When I met Blame I told him the same thing!! You can’t ‘blame’ him for winning a race – that’s what he’s bred to do! It just happened to be against The Queen.

      When I met War Front I soaked in his beauty since he’s the daddy of Zen’s next foal :-) I also saw Bernardini (from afar), and Zen’s daddy, Street Cry, (from afar) when I visited the other breeding farms.

      ♥ I loved my trip to Lane’s End as well since I got to meet Red and revisit the Queen. I told her how much I missed her here in California but she’s gorgeous as ever!! She was as loving as EVER…

      I love Old Friends!!! It was like a 100 degrees and the humidity was a killer when we went. Z Dumpling Debbie G and I stayed longer even as hot as it was with a bucket of carrots, apples, and peppermints to feed the herd. That was a blast!!!

      Thanks for sharing your experience. I’d go to Kentucky once a year if I could. I love it there, plus I have quite a few friends who live there. The KHP is a fun place, too!

      1. Dear Auntie Judy:

        Sounds like a dream trip; getting to meet little Red and seeing Z and COZ. Wonderful. Hugs, JB

      2. Hi Auntie Judy, my, how were you so lucky to visit Zenyatta!! I am so happy for you but I wish it had been me. I know that sounds selfish, I can’t help it! I’d run down there in a flash to see her. Happy to know she is doing so well. I love her too!

        Sally B

      3. Dear Judy,
        Lucky you!! How on earth did you finagle a visit with our girl and Red. We’ve all been wondering how we could steal in LE and sneak into her stall, ha, ha. I bet
        that trip will give you memories to last forever!

    7. Trishy, Thank you for sharing your trip with us. You just got me antsy to get down to horse country again!! It will be two years since I have been there and I begin to yearn for that green grass and TB’s!!
      Sally B

    8. Dear Trisha:

      What a wonderful trip and memories you will have to treasure. Thanks for sharing with us. Hugs, JB

    9. Wow! What an awesome trip to Kentucky and getting to visit such wonderful places. Thank you for sharing your adventure with the rest of us. Thanks!!

    10. Trisha
      What a great recap of your visit! Sounds wonderful.
      Thank you so much for sharing BGG

  12. Thank you so much for the newest updates to the Shop! I love all the photos and wish only that I had more walls! As always, your kindnesses in sharing Zenyatta our Queen and her beautiful sons goes so far above and beyond generous and I am so grateful. This site is such a welcome space to just dwell in the beauty and goodness of our Queen. Thank you!

  13. Wow! How did I miss this yesterday? (and where were all of my “friends” who send out “new blog alerts”?????)
    Anyhow, not many adjectives left after what has already been said. Thanks to Team Z for the absolutely gorgeous photos. I can’t believe our little baby horses are so grown up! They both look wonderful, and I’m sure that Zenny must be very proud.

    Also hoping to hear soon something about the long-awaited DVD AND how Coz is doing at “horse school” (I’m betting that he’s already there). As others have said, I SO hope I can be there for his first race (wherever that turns out to be). Does anyone know at what point (generally speaking) young horses move from their early training to the trainer who will work with them long-term? Is it weeks? months? I know some horses race as two-year olds but not sure how soon.

    PS – Nice to see your hoof-print here LauraJ – wish you would visit more often.

  14. Here is a little clip from this year’s Secretariat Festival. I don’t see any Dumplings, but there is a glimpse of Mrs. Chenery.

    1. Dear Sandy:

      Thank you. Looks like such a fun day. Will always love Big Red. Hugs, JB

  15. Well, they sure have her ears!! Could the red come from his great ancestor……Secretariat!! Hope so

  16. These beautiful darlin’ boys take my breath away, as do their Mama, the QUEEN. I miss her so much. My cousin bought me the Dreyer of CoZmic One, CoZZy, for my BD, he is so handsome.

  17. more plushies please!

  18. Max, thanks to Trina, I became aware of Big Jake and the video you presented. I found your post!!
    Golly!! I ditto Terry’s Holy Moly and Shazam!!! I’ve got to visit this BIG sweet horse.
    Thanks a bunch Max. hugs Sally B

    1. Sally. Hope that you get to meet him. Apparently Big Jake does appearances in Wisconsin and elsewhere. I love how Jake listened so attentively in the video when his owner was talking, especially when he mentioned food. The other horses at the farm look large too.

    2. Sally. Here is a video of Big Jake at one of his appearances. He’s very nimble for a big guy. WOW! NEIGH!

      1. Thanks for the video Max! Big Jake is reeeally big!!! He’s absolutely gorgeous.

      2. Dear Max:

        Wow! Isn’t Jake graceful for such a big boy. Just beautiful. Thanks. Hugs, JB

        1. Dear Max and Z Fans:

          Hudson Township is back at Angela’s Farm. She came home yesterday. We are going to be looking for a permanent home for her that will be just right. So much has transpired since she left for Connecticut that it is too much to go into here. I did want to share this touching and poignant photo that Angela took of her and her Buds reunited. Angela told me she could here HT whinnying in the van as it came up the road to the farm. Horses are truly amazing beings. So glad she is back home. Hugs, JB

          HT’s on the left with the beautifully arched neck.

        2. Judy,
          Don’t know if this is a sad thing for HT or a good thing that she’s come back. If it wasn’t working out then she’s better off back at your barn. I hope she can work on her issues she certainly a lovely mare. Isn’t it sad that these horses make friendships and then get torn away only to go to a new place and start over. I hope what happens is for the best. hugs

        3. Dear Judy B.,
          Lots of love and hugs to Hudson Township! All the best to her and to Angela, you and all connections in your search for the “just right” home.
          Hugs to all

      3. Max-Thanks for posting. I am not familiar with this wonderful horse and there seems to be some disagreement as to whether he is rideable. Is He?

        1. Dear Sue Fredrick:

          I think it’s a good thing that HT is back at Angela’s farm. I wish she could stay forever. But, we are going to try to find the right permanent home for her so that she will finally be settled. She is a sweet girl when she has the one on one attention and affection from the right person. Will keep you updated. Hugs, JB

        2. TC. There is a video of Big Jake with a rider, but it’s bareback. Big Jake may have same issue as the UK horse, Sovereign. They’re too big in girth for saddles. Saddles would have to be custom. WOW! NEIGH!

        3. JudyB. Glad to hear that HT is enjoying her return. Maybe she should just stay there? She looks nice in the photo.

        4. Dear Marshall:

          Thank you so much for your kind words. Will give HT a big hug from you. Love and Hugs, JB

      4. Max, Thankyou!! Big Jake has to be well trained and have a nice temperment don’t you think? ha (the owner said he was) Imagine leading him around the arena, so big and tall, and there I am 5 ft. 3 1/2 inches. haha My friend teases me saying I love and am drawn to big dogs and big horses, and in some ways this may be true.
        I always had heard that the larger the dog the more docile and sweet. It all comes with age and training I believe, because Mia, the German Sheperd I have here every week in the last 3 months is sweet but a little wild yet!! Neighbors say who is taking who for a walk! ha
        Thanks again Max and I am looking forward to Hovis!
        hugs, Sally B

        1. Sally and TC. Here’s Jake high stepping with a rider. He’s very agile for a big guy. I agree with Sally. Good and kind things do often come in big packages.

        2. Dear Max:

          I wish HT could just stay at Angela’s farm too, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. Will keep you posted. Hugs, JB

  19. Barbara Woods, I have not been on too much here but I saw the great news from you about Capone. That is just wonderful!!!
    Sorry to hear Betsy Rose still has problems and I truly will pray for Betsy.

    God, please watch over all the beautiful horses! hugs, Sally B

    1. Thank you, Sally B. You are a peach.

  20. Hi all Zsters, Some of us volunteers at the horse sanctuary are determined to get an enlarged pasture once again for Sir. Sir just needs a bit more room to move as well as graze. Recently some of us close off the other three in the paddock for a while. Then Sir is released into the lower large pasture. Sir is so happy to have this freedom! I can picture him because I have seen him.. Sunday’s volunteer states “he ran, kicked, rolled and farted with much pleasure”. Now that is a real good time. ha
    Sir is good coming back into the area by his stall so we can get him back where he belongs as he still likes to be part of the herd. I love all our older horses, there is something special as you know about Sir…I just love that horse!
    Wish everyone a wonderful tomorrow! hugs, Sally B

    Zenyatta, Sweet dreams! No other could ever take your place in my heart.
    lovenkisses on your soft nose, and to Coz and 13z
    Auntie Sally B

    1. I am so glad for him. It is a joy to see when they experience freedom to run.

    2. Dear Sally:

      So happy for Sir and you. Nothing more joyous than seeing a horse run free. Hugs, JB

    3. As you say Sally, that IS a good time.

  21. Dear Judy Goodnight God bless you, Lola Mae, Charlie and all the Sweeties. Sleep well. Love and hugs SheenaX
    @Sally B So glad to hear Sir is a happy boy! Born Free! Hugs Sheena

    1. Dear Sheena:

      Love and Hugs, JB, LM, PC, HT and all the Sweeties

  22. COZ looks like his daddy Bernardini! And I don’t know who Red looks like!!!! ;) But he sure us drop dead gorgeous!

  23. Dear Team Z,
    What a beautiful photos, Coz looks so gorgeous, when he was a baby he looks like Zenny now he looks like his dad.
    Z13 so beautiful.
    Love youuuuuuu!

    1. Ingrid-Good to see you posting. I hope things are getting better for you.

      1. Dear Terry,
        No, I still heart broken; I do not think this terrible pain will ever go away…
        The only thing that makes me forget a little is Zenny and her boys, and playing the horses…
        Thank you, hugs Ingrid.

        1. Ingrid. Pain of that kind sadly never really goes away, but you will eventually learn to live with it, and you will get some peace as time passes. Give yourself time to cope. This is the price that we all pay for love. Remember that your mother wanted the best for you and that includes embracing happiness when you are able to accept it. In the meantime, it’s a day at a time.

        2. Ingrid,
          Sending prayers for peace and acceptance for you in this very hard time.

          That was a beautiful explanation, very good advice. Hugs to both of you

        3. Dear Ingrid:

          Thinking of you. Love and Hugs, JB

  24. Dear Mama Z, COZ, Prince 2 and Baby Z:

    Sweet Dreams. Love You. Hugs, JB


    I just was sent this and it is so cute.
    If it was posted before sorry but it’s worth a look again.
    Good morning Zensters love you Sue

    1. I had this sent in an e-mail and it is precious. Always nice to see it again.

    2. Great story Sue. Are you going to post the link on the Hovis FB page? Seems like his English fans should see this ;-)

      1. No I did not but if you like copy it over for them.

    3. It is always good to have a friend. Bless Breeze and the people watching over him.

    4. Thanks, Sue! This is very sweet! The dear little foal looks so content sleeping with the Teddy watching over him. Hugs

    5. Dear Sue:

      Have seen Breeze and his Teddy before. Loved seeing them again. Thank you. Hugs, JB

    1. Sue,
      Amen sister. Inspirational. love and hugs

    2. Sue,

      Amen! Wonderful and a good way to start the day.

    3. Thank you for that, Sue.

    4. Dear Sue:

      Thank you. Love and Hugs, JB

  26. Dear Sue,

    That Breeze and Buttons story is so heartwarming! What an adorable little colt.

  27. Interesting video on recent Keeneland sale. There are lots of interesting
    videos that I looked at. This filly was followed from her foal days to the sales ring and that video is a nice one too.

    1. Janet,
      Thanks for posting, fun to watch them get all pretty for the ring. What a pretty Bernie filly. hugs

    2. Dear Janet:

      Thank you. Beautiful Bernie filly. Hugs, JB

  28. Mike E. Smith Entries September 28 –
    Belmont Park
    Tourist Wgt-120 Race 2 Maiden Special Weight
    Behedeman Wgt-120 Race 3 Maiden Special Weight
    Royal Delta Wgt-123 Race 5 Beldame Invitational S.
    Easter Gift Wgt-116 Race 6 Kelso H.
    Kissable (IRE) Wgt-119 Race 8 Flower Bowl Invitational S.
    Little Mike Wgt-126 Race 9 Joe Hirsch Turf Classic Invitational S.
    Palace Malice Wgt-122 Race 10 Jockey Club Gold Cup Invitational S.
    Live Life Fast Wgt-120 Race 11 Maiden Special Weight

    1. Mike should have a good day with mounts like that. AND he could very well beat that dratted Johnny V with Palace Malice. Good luck and safe trip to all.

  29. DRFBreeding ‏ on Thursday Sept. 26 2012
    Champion Leroidesanimaux, sire of #KyDerby winner Animal Kingdom,
    to stand at Lanwades Stud in Newmarket in 2014. Story to follow.

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