September Shop Updates

New prints available today.

New prints available today.

Happy Tuesday!

We added new portraits of Zenyatta’s boys to the Zenyatta Shop today.

Additionally, “The Queen’s Dance” Poster by Jamie Corum is back!

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  1. I thought I would post this, which is sort of a talking animal joke, as i am way behind in doing so. My friend told me that he has a dog which talks in his sleep. Skeptical, I went to see. In front of the fireplace lay a hound, fast asleep. He muttered “I’ve just written a best seller.” Later, he also muttered “I’ve just returned from the moon.” I was impressed and said so. “But, he tells lies,” I told my friend. “Yes, he does,” my friend said, “but that’s OK. When you have a talking dog, you’ve got to make allowances. I find that it is better to let sleeping dogs lie.”

    1. Terry,
      Oh boy, that’s a groaner. too cute. hugs

    2. very good…my first and only chuckle of the day

    3. Thanks Terry,

      It is a groaner but it made me laugh just the same!

    4. Agree with the others – GROAN!!! But still chuckle producing. Thanks, TC.

    5. Oh, TC, that caught me by surprise. Thank you!

    6. Terry,
      Did not see that coming!
      Laughing out loud!! BGG

    7. I love dogs. Next to a small group of humans ( you all are included) I like dogs better than anything. I like the joke TC it was funny.

    8. Terry, LOL! Post more jokes.

    9. Dear TC GP:

      Thanks for the smiles. Hugs, JB

    10. Dear Terry,
      Good one!!! Love this joke!

  2. hi Zenny
    just checking in
    making sure you and LIS are keeping all your spa appts and esp the mud baths…
    also to let you know that your friend Jackson Bend is racing soon…
    he is entered in the Kelso at Belmont on the 28th…wish him well
    love and kisses to both your boys
    school has to be close for Coz
    Red will have time to run and play…and learn the basics
    kisses for your soft nose

    1. Carol, blessings and safe trip to your buddy, Jackson Bend.

      1. Dear Carol and Shirlee:

        Godspeed to Jackson Bend and safe and sound. Hugs, JB

  3. I have a question about Eblouisante, zenny’s half sister. Haven’t heard anything about her since she had that breakdown in the gate on her last race. what is going on with her? can’t find out any information at all on her.

    1. Dear Marcia:

      Ebby had a work on 9/4/13 at Saratoga. Don’t know where she will race next. Could be at Belmont or Santa Anita, I guess, depending on JS’s plans. Hugs, JB

  4. Al Kazeem Fit for a Queen
    Mahubah’s Corner By Avalyn Hunter (Pedigree Weekly)
    Thoroughbred racing and British royalty have been linked since the days of Charles II, who remains the only reigning monarch to have personally ridden a winner in an officially sanctioned race (he was the winning rider in the inaugural running of the Town Plate at Newmarket). The Royal Studs are the oldest Thoroughbred breeding establishment in the world. And the racing calendar at Ascot glitters with royal names: Queen Anne, Queen Mary, King Edward VII, and of course, the reigning monarch Queen Elizabeth II, who is an active breeder and owner.
    On Sept. 19, it was announced that three-time group I winner Al Kazeem would stand at Her Majesty’s Sandringham Stud following what is expected to be his final race in the Qatar Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe (Fr-I)—a major coup for the Royal Studs since Al Kazeem, who races as a homebred for John Deer, is one of the few top sire prospects in England not owned by either Coolmore or the Dubai royal family. As the first new sire to come to Sandringham since 2005 Vodafone Epsom Derby (Eng-I) hero Motivator (now standing at Haras du Quesnay in France), Al Khazeem offers the Royal Studs both a sire line that is an outcross to the Sadler’s Wells and Danehill sire lines now dominant in Europe and a female family of transatlantic interest.

  5. Tom Hall ‏tweet on Thurs. Sept. 26
    RIP Dayjur (Danzig-Gold Beauty x Mr. Prospector), 1990 champion English sprinter
    & Horse of the Year, at 26; sire of 30 SWs

    1. RIP Dayjur. Go be with the greats!

    2. I’ll never forget he lost the BC sprint when he jumped the shadow.
      RIP Dayjur

      1. RIP Dayjur. Hugs, JB

    3. RIP Dayjur, run and play on those celestial tracks and enjoy those heavenly meadows.
      Hugs to a beautiful soul

  6. Dear Z, COZ, Red Prince and Baby Z:

    Goodnight. Sweet Dreams. Love Ya. Hugs, JB

  7. This is a wonderful picture of Coz. The best yet. It gives some real insight into his cosmic dimension. Such a lovely young horse! The antic foal is growing up, but you can see that he’s still someone in love with the world and his life within it.

    1. What a beautiful way of expressing how our Coz looks today.

  8. Dear Judy Berube, I love the wheening(spelling?) of the horse and I hope she will be happy and at home until you find the perfect one! It is good news isn’t it?

    hugs, Sally B

    1. Dear Sally:

      Yes, it is good news. It’s remarkable how horses bond with one another and with their special person, but you know all about that.

      It will be difficult to say goodby to HT for good some day, but we have to find that special home and person for her. Love and Hugs, JB

  9. Terry, I like those type of jokes Terry, but I have always loved your Redneck jokes. We all here just have fun responding to them and it is not meant to be critical at all of anyone. I think the best person is the one that can laugh at him/her self!
    Sally B

    1. Sally-So glad you posted this comment. The various types of jokes that I “tell” are never meant to hurt anyone. This is all meant in fun and I hope it is being received in that manner.

  10. I am so happy to sit here a few minutes today and read a bit. It has made my day Zsters! hugs

    Zenyatta, our dancing Queen, our precious Mama, goodnight sweet Z.
    I hope to see you some day soon!!
    lovenkisses on your soft nose, and to your awesome sons

    Auntie Sally B

  11. Dan fans, here is news about the best miler on the planet. Dan’s ready to go at it again. Heard that the toughest part of the Woodbine Mile for Uncle Johnny was getting Dan to stop. Dan wanted to keep on going. Go Danny.

    1. Dear Max:

      Thanks for this link. Dan’s a very special horse. Hugs, JB

    2. Max,
      Thanks for post. GO DANNY BOY!!!!!

    3. Love the last line of that article as LoPresti indicates the only thing that makes Dan mad is when he can’t run – in other words when they start pulling up at the end. Wow. What a wonderful horse. Thanks for sharing the article.

    4. I think it is time to start including Dan in the all-time greats category, if we weren’t already. He is a once in a lifetime type.

  12. Hi Coz and 13Z, and of course our beautiful girl Zenny :
    Coz and 13Z, you guys look wonderful.

    Coz unless I missed the news, you will be going off to school soon. We are going to be very excited to hear how you are doing as you train to become a racehorse
    This is a very exciting time for you and for us. Your will need to take very good care of yourself.

    Zenny, how are you doing and feeling. I bet you are happy the hot weather is over and you can enjoy the nice cool days with your padlock friends.

    I will try writing more often.


    – Linda

  13. Dear Max Great piece about Dan. Looking forward to seeing him again. Hugs Sheena

    1. Sheena. Found this video of Dan’s win in the Woodbine Mile. Excellent shots of Dan. Fink is right. It was no exertion at all for Dan. Great shots of the Woodbine turf course too. Dan loves that course, lots of space to run like the wind. Go Danny.
      shirlee. Interview with Johnny V alert.

  14. Dear Judy Goodnight God bless You, Lola Mae, Charlie and all the Sweeties. Sleep well. Love and hugs SheenaX

    1. Dear Sheena:

      Love and Hugs, JB, LM, PC, HT and all the Sweeties

  15. I didn’t hear any reply from a name I was thinking matched our Red Prince. Because of the way he has always had such maturity and presence (a Zen quality) I was thinking this name would fit him, “Tap The Zen”; what do you guys think?

    1. Roberta, we like it!

    2. Dear Roberta:

      I think its catchy. Hugs, JB

    3. Roberta,
      Very clever!! hugs

    4. I like it. Agree he has seemed mature from the start.
      Kinda like he has an old soul.

    5. I like it Roberta. I suggested Zen on Tap on the forum side awhile back.

    6. Great suggestion, Roberta! High hoof!

    7. My fav name that someone thought up was Tapdanzen.

  16. CAPPERS… came… many friends in race….
    Muchie…..Paynter….Rosie….oh my….
    just love Take Control’s pedigree …
    What’s a person to do

    1. Carol,
      You are so right……to many favs…….hard not to pick with your heart. I too love Take Controls pedigree. I guess I’ll get out the dart board. hugs

  17. Still trying to catch up on all the horse racing/horse rescue/horse news….. Goodness Zenyatta I remember when you had your Dottie helping you with all the news. It’s a big job for sure.
    I wish I could be at Santa Anita tomorrow for opening day, good luck to all horses and riders and safe trips for all. Such a huge weekend of racing coming up as they prepare for the Breeder’s Cup. They are all winners! I especially would like to ask of those of you who are attending to say hello to my beautiful boy Caracortado. He is running on the turf and I worry about that downhill portion.

    Thanks for all the wonderful videos/articles attached and to Lane’s End for these gorgeous photos of our Queen and her boys.

    Take care and have fun at the races. Everytime I do go to Santa Anita, I always , always remember you Zenyatta. It really isn’t quite the same, no matter how exciting. You were a once in a lifetime thrill to be there when you blew by.

  18. Hovis has been misbehaving again, but still has hopes of getting into show jumping. He has also put up a new photo of himself in his bright blue blanket. Enjoy his diary and the start of the weekend. Best to Sheena and all other Hovis fans.

    1. Hovis looks wonderful in his new blanket with all of his feathers showing. Can’t believe how I have come to look so forward to Friday morning and having coffee and Hovis.
      Thank you, Max.

    2. tea cosy things over the ears….too funny

    3. Hovis looks so cute in his blue blanket – you just can’t believe that someone who looks so serene could get into all sorts of mischief. I had to inquire on his FB page about the ASBO so if this will help anyone else – here is the explanation:

      ASBO = the UK’s Anti Social Behavior Order (usually given to disruptive/drunk/violent/threatening teens who haven’t done anything quite bad enough to be formally charged with yet)
      Dyson = a premium brand of powerful vacuum cleaner

      Also, has anyone here managed to purchase his second book and, if yes, how did you manage to get it? Just heard from Horse & Hound that they don’t ship to the US!!!

      1. Thanks for the helpful gloss, Sandy!

      2. Dear Sandy:

        Thanks so much for the translations. Just love our Hovis. Hugs, JB

      3. Max,
        Thanks for Hovis’s latest adventure and to Sandy for the translation. ABSO, ha , too funny, I did know about Dyson because I have one. This guy just lightens my heart, it’s hard to believe he’s not writing this. hugs

      4. Sandy. Horse and Hound UK does not ship to North America. However Bransby Horses does. It’s the charity for UK horses, which Hovis supports with his books. He was a little upset that all of his royalties from his books go to other horses and there are no treats from the sales for him. Just google Bransbygifts and you can order from their website. The mail cost is expensive, but Hovis is worth it. Life is just too short to care about mail charges.

    4. Dear Max:

      Thanks for our weekly Hovis treat. He does look handsome in his blue blanket. Hugs, JB

    5. Love you, Hovis!!
      Thanks, Max and Sheena! Hugs

    6. Great new look for Hovis. A modeling career may be in the offing.

  19. Hi Max, thank you for our Hovis update. He’s beautiful in his new blankie. He mentions Dyson…maybe they would take him on as their mascot!!! Seriously, someone needs to snatch him up with his good looks and his personality plus. Hello to Sheena. TGIF and a happy weekend to all.

    1. Kathy. Now compared to Sovereign or Big Jake, Hovis looks tiny, handsome but tiny. He might say that it is better for jumping.

  20. Carol, You are so right. Who would have thought that the Awesome Again would have so many good ones in it. I agree Take Control has a great pedigree and my sweet Muchie not so much. But, no way I would pick against him. Heart betting is so much more fun than head betting even if not as profitable. It MMM can’t win, Power Up Paynter.

    Some of you all will have to post the results as Comcast is not, as far as I know, broadcasting any of the races and does not offer HRTV.

    Godspeed to all.

    1. Dear Shirleeinindy,

      I was also amazed at the entrants in this race. I had to make my choice already because today I’m losing this loaner computer. I will be buying it and the computer doctor is going to take it home and get it all set up just for me and the easy things I do. He will also get my printer installed and hopefully, I’ll be back ” in the swing of things” very soon.

      I wanted to let you know you can watch the California races on the computer for free by signing up with You would have to provide a user name and password, pretty standard for websites, and they are case sensitive. I’m hoping to have my “new” computer back in time to watch the Awesome Again Stakes race. There is also the option to watch replays of races on calracing.

      Wink, wink…..I had to go with MMM and Gary Stevens for the ‘Capping for Saturday. Good luck to all and hope to be back permanently very soon. Marty R

      1. Thanks Marty. I will try to get that done. Have drive up to the casino in Anderson to finally cash in my Derby tickets and lay a little money down on Muchie.

    2. I too registered online to Calracing and it’s great. All races on the card are live and if you miss any you can get replays, free of charge.
      I recommend it to anyone who cannot get the broadcast on their TV service.

      1. I’ve been watching Cal Racing for years. They show things that the racing channels don’t show :-) I’ll be watching One World in race 5, and Blu Jon in the 6th, both trained by Shirreffs. Both owned by Ann & Jerry. Good luck Boys!!

  21. Dear Max Diolch Yn Fawr Hovis looks especially lovely in his blue blankie.The showjumpers and eventers just don’t know what their missing!!!Thanks ,also, for the Wise Dan video. Am loving this boy more and more!!Gobeitho byddwych yn cael ddywrnod braf!hugs Sheena

    1. Sheena. Glad that you liked the video. Shirlee might like it too. After the race, Uncle was out of breath and excited, but Dan was totally serene. It looked like hard work for Uncle Johnny, but just a stroll in the park for Danny. Dan has tons of charm like Z’s Red. They look alike too. Chestnuts!

      1. Max, Unless something really weird happens, I see Dan as HOY again this year. He has traveled and beat the best.

      2. Max, Dan looked as if he was telling JV ” I can do this by myself, don’t need you sitting there giving me orders!”

        1. Shirlee. Ha! Agree. I read somewhere that Dan was so happy after the race that he nearly tossed Johnny V in the winner’s circle. Dan also got a very rare standing ovation for his race. The crowd loved him. The Canadian commentators were super impressed by Dan as an athlete. Uncle Johnny will just have to accept it: Dan’s in charge.

    2. Max – you must be quite a linquist!! I keep looking at those words and absolutely nothing comes to mind :-)

  22. September 27th. Happy birthday to our Terry Crow. thanks for keeping all of us cheerful during the year with your good humour and jokes. Have a great day. Hugs Sheena

    1. Happy Birthday, Terry. Thanks for all the joy your jokes bring to our days.

    2. To TC….hope you have the greatest day ever!

    3. To Terry C,

      Wishing you a happy birthday and many more happy and healthy ones! Thanks for sharing your humor with us. Hugs.

    4. Happy Birthday TC – hope it’s a very good year for you. Will you be showing up at the BC?

    5. Happy Birthday Terry! You add so much knowledge and humor to this website and I always look forward to your posts. Wishing you a wonderful day.

    6. Happy birthday, Terry! Here’s a repeat appearance of your poem from last year.

      A Birthday Poem for Terry Crow
      (September 27, 2012)

      I’d like all Z-sters to know
      There’s cause today for celebration:
      It’s the birthday of that marvelous chap,
      Our dear Terry Crow,
      The Grand Poobah of Dumpling redneck humor.
      There’s a rumor
      As the Breeders’ Cup does near
      That he may perhap’
      There appear
      In a “Dead Skunk” cap
      Most resplendent
      As he regales us with his jokes.
      Can’t you just picture that?
      Many folks
      Hearing his last name
      Do wonder
      If Terry Crow might be a descendant
      From one of the Indian nations,
      But he says his family name
      Is historically the same
      As that of Russell Crowe from Down Under
      Though the spelling be
      Without that final “e”
      And his relations
      Originally did from England come.
      To that let me add
      That Terry’s dear dad,
      A member of our Greatest Generation,
      As a soldier did return
      To that island nation,
      And he gave his full participation
      In the crucial D-Day operation
      For Europe’s liberation,
      When the Allies stormed Normandy’s beaches.
      The fighting was bloody and raw
      As his dad landed there at Utah,
      And then did advance
      Onward through France
      To Berlin’s outer reaches.
      His valor him many medals did earn,
      And by good chance
      He survived to again return
      When the war was won
      To stateside life
      With his cherished wife
      And dear Terry, his toddler son.
      Terry in turn
      As a very young man
      Was called in 1962
      To serve in Viet Nam.
      He did what he had to do
      And as he was bid
      Though of that war
      Terry was no fan,
      And what’s more,
      I think he’d say,
      The truth back then from us was hid
      And we got it all wrong
      When we went to fight the Viet Cong.
      Blessedly in 1964
      Terry was finally home from the war,
      And as he again started
      Living life as before,
      He to SoCal tracks did repair
      There good times to share
      Whenever he was able,
      For his dear mom
      Had early on
      A love of horses to him imparted.
      She had a small racing stable
      Headquartered at Hollywood Park,
      And he from her had caught the spark.
      One day Terry was hanging with young pals at Santa Anita,
      When a middle-aged lady, let’s call her Rita,
      His coterie approached
      And a question ‘bout the next race broached.
      She had his group observed
      And noted how very well their skills in handicapping,
      Which she herself was sorely lacking,
      Had them served.
      Only him
      Did she address.
      She asked of course
      Just which horse
      Did he surmise
      Would win.
      Now as it chanced,
      ’Twas a race which only maidens would contend
      And Terry had not at the entries even glanced.
      When he did, he not one name
      Did recognize,
      But all the same,
      Wishing only the lady away to send,
      He one horse to her did highly commend:
      “The Scoundrel,” said he,
      “Is by far the best—
      It will be no contest,
      He’ll for sure get the victory!”
      Imagine how great was Terry’s surprise
      After the race was run,
      And The Scoundrel, at odds of 30 to 1,
      Had indeed won!
      But wait, the story’s not yet done!
      When “Rita” came back to him
      With a huge grin
      And ever so glad
      For the great win,
      She did confess
      The reason why
      She with happiness
      Was ready to cry,
      And Terry would this never forget:
      On that race
      She had bet
      All she had,
      For she did face
      Imminent foreclosure
      And the winnings would now save her house!
      At this daunting disclosure,
      Terry managed to keep his composure
      Though perhaps his complexion did pall
      Since he had given that tip with no thought at all.
      This he did not to her reveal,
      For he had no wish her joy to douse,
      But did he perhaps inwardly feel
      In some way
      A louse
      Though all had ended well?
      This much I can tell—
      After that day
      Terry Crow
      Never again did deign
      To endorse
      Another horse,
      Though many would fain
      His opinion know,
      And that does you show
      That it is his heartfelt aim
      To keep his good name.
      Terry, as you now fifty years later
      Face again a time of transition,
      Nothing would be greater
      Than to take from long ago the message
      That hard times still can presage
      Better days to come,
      So make the decision
      Not to be glum,
      Remember, it’s not so bad as Viet Nam,
      And to yourself say, “As long as I am
      Here in personam,
      I’ll make hay,
      And the rest be damned!”

      Happy birthday, Terry, and many, many more!

      1. Dear Terry Crow,
        Happy Birthday and many more to our dear Grand Poobah. Still would love to see our fearless leader in that Skunk hat, maybe that can still come to pass, but never fear we still consider you to be the “leader of the pack”, and the best storyteller around. Blessings to you on this special day. hugs

      2. Dear Trina:

        Wonderful poem for Terry. Hugs, JB

        1. Dear TC GP:

          Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. Hugs, JB

      3. Very good and interesting poem. I must have missed this tour de force last year. Terry, you are remarkable in every way. Best wishes on your birthday.

      4. Way to go, Trina! I did miss this last year, too. Terry, have a very merry, happy Birthday! Hope to see you at the B.C. this go-round.

      5. Terry
        Happy Birthday!!
        Hugs, BGG

    7. Happy Birthday, Terry!!!

    8. Thank you, Sheena. I did have a good day.

      1. Shirlee, carol, Maryp, Sandy, Randy, Sue F, Judy B, Max, Vicki B, BGG and casey–Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I started out to thank everyone individually but my lack of computer smarts prevented me from doing so after I started with sheena. The good wishes certainly put a cap on what was an interesting day. The people on this blog are the greatest and make me feel like I am visiting old friends when I come here. As far as the skunk hat goes, Trina is the only person who has actually seen me in that hat. I did, indeed, purchase one last year and was prepared to wear it at BC when circumstances changed. I sent the hat to our old friend sign because she said she was coming to BC and wanted to wear it. That didn’t happen, why I don’t know. Trina-Thank you for an epic poem as only you could do it. I had forgotten a lot of that stuff and it was fun to relive it.

  23. Dear Max and Z fans Official opening of the Frankel Lounge at Newmarket tomorrow. Lady Cecil and Lord Grimthorpe will be doing the honours. When are we having a statue and a DVD for Kauto I ask???hugs Sheena

    1. Sheena. Nice for Frankel to get this well deserved recognition where he raced often and so well, as in brilliantly. I guess that Kauto will have to keep up the pressure for that DVD.
      What is this news of Mike Marshall leaving Warren Place? Who is there now to help Jane Cecil?

  24. beautyfull zenny 13z coz kiss your soft noses, enjoy cool weather

  25. @TC, GP–Happy, Happy birthday, May you live long to entertain us with jokes and read Civil War books!

    @Max–thank you for posting our weekly Hovis “fix”. Whatever would we do without him and you? We are addicted now…..hugs to all.

    1. Barbara-The Vulcan blessing has worked for me in all areas except prosperity. Thank you.

    1. GASP!!!!! I don’t know what I thought was going to happen to her, but it wasn’t this. Apparently all of Mr. Kronfeld’s horses will be sold.

      1. I would really love to see the Moss’ buy her and for John to keep training her. Or how about all of us Zsters forming a syndicate to buy and race? What a dream!

        1. Especially Horses:
          good idea for Z fans to buy Ebby. If we could only win the lottery ….

    2. Especially horses/So Cal,

      That’s a great dream.

      I just hope whoever gets her keeps her here. I’m sure Mr Kronfeld would want it that way but we shall see.

    3. I’m so upset about this too. What if she gets sold overseas!! What if she goes to a different trainer, someone who doesn’t treat her as well. So many possibilities. I agree, I wish the Mosses would buy her. This is not good news.

      1. I’ve been thinking all of those “what ifs” too Sue. I realize I don’t know how any of this really works. Couldn’t the Mosses (or anybody) buy her outright from his estate?

        1. Sandy,
          I don’t know if they could take on offer outside of the Keeneland commitment. Too bad they wouldn’t offer her to John at a discount……wouldn’t that be great. hugs

    4. So sad for Ebby. I would have thought Mr. Kronfeld would have made provisions for all of his horses. Let’s hope and pray she gets a good new home. Lets also be sure to keep an eye on her. It doesn’t hurt if the new owner/trainer knows people are watching out for her.

    5. Mr and Mrs Moss, you think you may want to buy Ebby? That would be amazing!

  26. Again, sorry if this was already posted, but I just love this photo of A.P. Indy doing “The Queen’s Dance”.

    1. Especially Horses,
      I did post this on page 2, but it’s so beautiful I’m glad you posted it again, everyone should see COZ’S granddad. He’s magnificent. hugs

  27. EBBY for sale! I was hoping she would get to race, really race, for John.

    Happy birthday Terry.

    Gorgeous Coz. Very Johnny Depp in looks. Little Red is more Brad Pitt.

    1. Thanks, vicki.

  28. We just have to hope and pray that Ebby will get to stay with John. Maybe Ann and Jerry will consider buying her. Just hope she stays in the states, and doesn’t wind up in Japan.

  29. Heart is breaking. Just heard that Ebby is being sold as part of dispersal of Eric Kronfeld’s racing stock. Here is link to Keeneland’s Press Release:

    Let’s pray for her finding a good home and that she can stay in racing with John. Oh, dear, this is so sad to me.

    1. Blood-Horse article. Praying she is sold to a loving owner and that she gets a loving trainer like John Shirreffs. I’m sadden, but am hopeful all things turn out good for our Ebby.

      She knew love in John’s hands. His staff treated her like the Princess she is!

      {{hugs}} and kiss, ♥ Auntie Judy

    2. Dear Ann Maree, Auntie Judy and Z Fans:

      I so sad over this news too. Wish the Moss’ buy her. Hugs, JB

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