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New prints available today.

New prints available today.

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  1. not only Ebby….Groupie Doll also for sale…and Awesome Maria too…I think….reading everything I can…..two major dispersals…

    1. lady of fifty….lady of shamrock…exectutiveprivledge…and more

    2. Always loved Awesome Maria, and R Heat Lightning. Ebby too of course. These are all first class mares and fillies. Hope that they all stay in the US. Coolmore has V. They might want to have E too. They have US operations.

  2. Thought some might be interested in this story
    . An awful beginning but wonderful ending.
    Also try to find the web site for NorthStar horse that was set on fire
    love hugs and kisses to all
    Keep these wonderful animals safe

    1. Trisha–thank you so much for the link about Autumn. Many of us were following her story. We have a Dumpling who volunteered at the rescue, Georgia Hopper, I believe.

      1. Trisha,
        This is a great story of a beautiful foal, Autumns Hope, love the name. I shall add her name to my list, Campona and my Betsy Rose, for prayers every night. These cases just haunt me and that’s the only way I can deal with it. hugs

  3. Hmmmm, so is Ebby being sold as a broodmare prospect or, racing prospect? So sad on all fronts. Let’s hope that she stays in the states and, finds a great home and future.
    Tomorrow is the Big Day and, I’ve just now got the jitters. Can’t seem to sit still for long, pacing and, not getting any chores done. LOL…. Geez, calm down, Heidi!

    1. Very best wishes Heidi. Hope you have a lovely day (stop worrying about chores for Pete’s sake!).

    2. Heidi, Congrats and have a happy day. All of your Zenny friends wish you both sunshine and rainbows. Best Wishes and post pics.

    3. Heidi,
      Just remember to breathe and relax. Every wedding has some little glitch and that is what makes it a special memory. Isn’t so fun when it happens, but you learn to laugh
      about it later.
      My husband broke his ankle a week before our wedding. He had to sit in a wheelchair with his leg propped up. My brother-in-law was going to wheel him out after the ceremony, but I said No, I got this. Gave hubby my bouquet and pushed him down the aisle. We still have people talking about our wedding,
      Have a great day!

      1. That’s a great story, Janet, I like the way you handled that, at your wedding!

    4. Heidi-The blessings of the blog are upon you.

  4. Dear Max Have’nt heard about Mike Marshall leaving! A shame for Lady Cecil. Moosie is busy, out on the gallops every day. He was congratulating Gud Day on winning at Perth fancy travelling all that way and actually run and win!!!Sad news about Ebby surely the Mosses could buy her given the family connection!hugs Sheena

    1. Sheena. Moosie is entirely irrepressible. There is no horse like him. He’s become famous for not racing.
      Sadly it may not make sense for the Mosses to purchase Ebby for sentimental reasons. Not being critical here, but E has not exactly demonstrated that she is in the same league as Z as a racer. Maybe it was just bad luck up to this point? As for breeding, the Mosses have Z, who is young yet as a mother, although as yet unproven. Her boys however look very promising. E’s certainly a beauty. Hope that she gets a really good home.

      1. Max, we agree with you about the Mosses and Ebby. It makes no sense for them to purchase her. Zenny is young as a mother goes and will give them many foals in the future. Ebby may not have liked the racing game…she certainly had the best trainer in the business and she would be viewed as a great broodmare prospect because of her mother’s already proven reputation in that area and of course, having Zenny as your half-sis is a plus.

        1. To all, I was truly saddened to hear Ebby is being sold and John may no longer be with her as a trainer. I pray she will be with a caring individual with patience and kindness like John.
          Sally B

  5. Dear Max Sometimes I feel I am too sensitive for the racing world.I too hope she will get a good home and an understanding trainer like John.Sadly, who knows.
    On a lighter note our Bruce is getting christened on Oct 23rd at the Chapel Royal, a break with tradition for heirs to the throne. Maybe you remember Princess Diana’s body lay there for a week after her tragic death.hugs Sheena

    1. Sheena. You are not too sensitive at all in my opinion. E certainly deserves only the best, like the others. I loved that Awesome Maria almost as much as Mo loved her, so that I am concerned for her too. It would be a sad world if we were not sensitive to the fate of these wondrous creatures. We will have to await events on E. Hoping that she will do well. Same for Maria. Pray for them!
      I had heard that young Bruce was being christened but had not heard about the place that it would be done. Obviously Diana has not been forgotten by her Wills. Good.

      1. Dear Sheena and Max:

        Praying for them too. Love and Hugs, JB

  6. Happy Birthday to the Grand Poobah himself, Terry Crow! I hope you’ve had a good birthday. I also hope I get to finally meet you at the BC this year.

    I’m in shock about Ebby and Groupie Doll too. I mean Groupie Doll wins all these races and sets a track record and what does she get for it? Sold, that’s what! That really surprises me because she’s owned and trained by the same people, the Bradleys, and they’re not some big conglomerate, it’s just a very small operation. I’m supposed to visit their farm in a couple of weeks to see Brass Hat. My stepdad knows the family. And poor Ebby! I just hope and pray that she’s bought by someone that will take good care of her.

    1. Dear Debbie:

      Me too. Love and Hugs, JB

    2. So well said Debbie

    3. Lets hope for someone like Mandy Pope to buy them. She has bought some of the best of the mares, Plum Pretty and Havre de Grace. It seems she is building a breeding farm. It Ebby ends up with her, I think she will be fine. As I said, we have to keep an eye on her and GD as best we can. Mandy Pope also bought the full sister to Afleet Alex at Keeneland last week.

    4. Debbie G-Thanks for the good wishes.

    5. Ditto!! And Happy Birthday Grand Poobah Terry Crow who has always been a blessing on this blog!
      Sally B

      1. Happy birthday, Terry Crow! I so enjoy your blogs from all your funny jokes to wonderful info on your favorite racehorses to answering all my questions! Hope you had a super day!!!!

      2. Sally and Pam-Thank you. Friday was a very good day for me. Now. I’m back to reality. Always pleased to answer any questions I can.

  7. Dear Max Yes ,the boys are determined to keep their mother’s memory alive. I like that about them.should be a good weekend of racing both sides of the pond. Safe trips for all.hugs Sheena

    1. Sheena. Agree about Diana. Amazing woman with a fantastic sense of humor. She had great nicknames for everyone. In many ways, the Spencers are more royal than the royals, certainly more English.

      1. Max & Sheena, I very much liked Diana, too, and am glad the boys feel the same way, publicly. She would be proud of them.

  8. Dear Judy Have a goodnight Sweet dreams for You Lola Mae, Charlie and all the Sweeties.God bless. Love and hugs SheenaX

    1. Dear Sheena:

      Love and Hugs, JB, LM, PC, HT and all the Sweeties

  9. Since Ebby is going to be for sale soon, Mr and Mrs Moss, you think you may want to buy her? That would be amazing!

  10. Dear Terry

    Wanted to wish you a wonderful Happy Birthday.
    Want say to much here tonight as I am so angry and heartbroken with some of these horsepeople
    Is it just a game with these people? where’s the heart and love for these horses, that have given us so much. What in the Bloody Blazes is wrong with these people.
    OK, I said I wouldn’t say too much.
    I can pray very hard for these mare’s though.
    Heard all the arguments. Don’t see the heart and love in this.
    Maybe if some do go oversees i will pray they get some people that love them like the Japanese seem to love Orfevre. Just want someone to love and take care of them. Hope they find that.
    I don’t think I will ever get over the loss of Sunday Silence from this country.

    1. Dear Peggy:

      I will pray for them too. Love and Hugs, JB

    2. Peggy-Thank you. The old joke applies in my case. If I had known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself.

  11. Ebby is for sale!!!!

  12. Very sad to see Groupie Doll, Ebby for sale and many more.
    This is what is so hard to take. It is a business and owners want to be able to profit.
    I could never do it, because I would never sell and I would go bankrupt.
    I just hope they can stay here in the U.S.

    1. Dear Janet:

      I agree with you; I would never want to part with my horses either. Could never breed, own and race them if I couldn’t keep them for always. Hugs, JB

      1. Ditto here, Judy!

        1. Second Ditto of Judy’s!! I have a hard time understanding too. My gosh, I have grown to love these four horses at the sanctuary and I don’t even own them!! I can not imagine giving up a race horse I owned, spent time with, watched them train, time at the barn with them; I guess it is about profit and moving on to another possibility.
          hugs, Sally B

    2. Dear Janet and Judy

      Agree with both of you completely. It could never be “just” a business to me. I could not be in this business if I could not keep the horse. Love them too much.

  13. Dear Mama Z, COZ, Red Prince and Baby Z:

    Goodnight. Sweet Dreams. Love You. Hugs, JB

  14. @Sue Fredrick–I saw your earlier post and checked on the babies. Betsy Rose had a party at Beauty’s Haven and got lots of gifts. Checked Panhandle’s FB page, and there’s nothing new about Capona. I’m taking that to mean she is holding her own. I may e-mail them tomorrow to ask. Hugs and thanks so much.

    1. Dear Barbara,
      Thanks so much, I’ll wait to hear. You had mentioned in an earlier post that my Betsy
      had woke up lame in one foot, so I was very worried about her. I’d appreciate any news of her and Capona too. hugs

  15. Dear Terry Crow,

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Grand Poohbah!!
    Best Wishes for today and for many, many more to come!!
    Lots of Hugs

    1. Marshall-Thank you. If the redneck club ever starts meeting again, you are still the president of the NC chapter.

      1. Thanks, Terry! Hope you had a good day — ice cream and cake, too!

        ‘Bye the way, where is Ann NC, I wonder. I have not seen a post from my fellow North Carolinian lately. Ann should be a co-president, I think.
        Hello, Ann! Hope you are okay. We miss you!


        1. As a matter of fact, I did have cake and ice cream. Ann is on a trip and will probably post as soon as she returns. She is a special ;person, as are you.

  16. Stonestreet has a photo on their facebook page of some of their horses loading up to go South to Ocala for breaking and training. Taco and Chili have not left yet, but they assured us they would let us know when that happened. With their pedigrees, they might be flying rather than riding the team bus (trailers) like the others. Guess this means that Coz will be heading out soon. Hope Team Z will keep us in the loop about his progress.

    1. Dear Shirlee

      I know how much you love MMM. I met his breeder this past March. When you have a moment go into Google and ask who is Carole Rio. A Wonderful story there about her and her husband. She tells about Poncho De Leona who is MMM’s Dam. Such a nice article. She is such a nice lady. Poncho De Leona seems like such a nice horse.
      I thought you might like to read it.
      Such an uplifting story.

      1. Thank you, Peggy. Will do. I know that they thought Muchie was born dead but after a few minutes, he jumped up and took off. Since he has brought so much fame, and fortune (over $2 million) to Reeves Racing, I hope and pray they will take good care of him when he retires (hopefully to Ky.) He really really needs a Grade 1 win for his resume to get the good mares.

        1. shirlee-Today may be the day. I am rooting for him.

        2. Dear Shirlee and TC GP:

          I’m rooting for Muchie too. Hugs, JB

      2. Dear Peggy:

        Here’s the article on Carole and John Rio. Thanks for telling us about it. Love and Hugs, JB

        1. Peggy and Judy, Thanks for the article on the Rios. It is a comfort to know they have retained an interest in him and seem to be the kind of people who will love and care for him no matter what. Nothing against Reeves Racing they seem to be quality people too and have never had a horse like him. But after Ebby and Groupie Doll, I just fear for all of them.

        2. Dear Judy

          Thank You so much for posting it. Such a nice article.

  17. Zsters,
    Penny, From the rescue Skip Over Trouble has rescued a new horse (for those you don’t remember she tried to save the pinto mare Faith) and she needs your prayers and financial help if you can. Here are some pics and if you close the “x” in the right hand corner it will take you back to her face page and address.
    Anything you can give will help, hugs

    1. I could not find an address, I want to send what I can to help.

      I am just so angry that people will let this happen to a horse.
      If you are having money problems and cannot afford them, do
      the right thing and find a home that can.
      If you are one who is under the illusion that you love your horse
      and do this, then there is a place for you in eternity.

      Okay, glad I got that off my chest.

      1. Janet,
        Bless your heart, their address is: Skip Over Trouble Rescue
        17465 NE 37th Ct
        Citra, FLA 32113

        For every $5.00 donated you can submit a name for this little sweetie. Thank you so much.

        1. Thanks Sue, will get some money on the way.

    2. Hi Sue; This picture is heartbreaking. I could not find the address either so I am glad you posted it. I will see what I can do though I have sent out west and I do donate alot to my own horse santuary, so it can’t be a large amount. Sorry!

      Tell us how Little Frederick is, he is probably not so little anymore!!

      hugs my friend, Sally B

      1. Sally,
        Bless your heart, any amount will help and like I said above you can submit a name for her with each $5.00 donation. If you go to Skip Over Trouble Rescue on facebook there are many pictures if you click on photos on top. Fredrick is getting so big he is in that skinny, lanky stage, and can be a little dickens sometimes, but he is very cute. Penny has pics of all her adoptable horses who are now really healthy. She and her husband are truly angels. hugs

  18. Very upsetting that the Kronfeld horses are up for sale. I hate to think of what might happen to Ebby. Maybe the Mosses will buy her. I sure hope so…

    1. Is it at all possible John might buy her? I just don’t think she has been given a real chance! OMG! Why can’t I win the lottery!?!

  19. Dear Max The popular Sky Lantern is back to her best winning at Newmarket, they are thinking of Hong Kong next for her.Sadly Joyeuse seemed to forget she belongs to Frankel, French filly Vorda won, seems she is coming out to the BC.Somewhat son of the big D just got beaten in the Royal Lodge by Berkshire Hugs Sheena

    1. Sheena. Like Sky, beautiful gray. Doesn’t Joyeuse belong to Oasis Dream? Brad Pitt is her father? She was ridden this time by the new jockey. She might miss Tom? Vorda may be best to stick to the Filly and Mares at the BC. Dan’s looming large in the Turf Mile. Cannot see Dan giving any ground to a filly or any other horse.
      Disappointed too about Somewhat. Love to see those Big Ds win.

  20. Dear Heidi Thinking of you on your big day Sept 28th. Good health and happiness to you and Cindy. Love and hugs SheenaX

    1. Hope all goes well for you, Heidi. Enjoy the day.

  21. @Sue Fredrick–Oh my goodness! How can anyone do that to that poor baby? What is this world coming to? I wish I had much money to donate, but I am donated out right now. Hoping others who can will step up.

    Betsy Rose must be better, as she is still getting presents. She is quite the celebrity at BHFER.

    I have an e-mail in to Diane at Panhandle about Capona. will let you know. Thanks for caring.

    1. Barbara,
      You don’t have to thank me for caring how could anyone NOT care. I’m so happy to hear my Betsy is okay and is such a celebrity sure wish I could have her she is just adorable.
      This little rescue mare at Skip Over Trouble also has the cutest face, and I heard from Penny and she said “she is a fighter just like Faith was.” I certainly hope that serves her well as she is just a skeleton, and I’m surprised she can even walk. I too am short of funds because of vet bills for Cisco and Hosp bills for my hubby. Sure wish I’d win a lottery so I could help these blessed people who do this dirty rescue work, I’m sure there is a special place in heaven for them.

      Hope to hear good news about beautiful Capona too. hugs

  22. Sue Fredrick,

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an emaciated horse. Heart is breaking. Prayers going up. The people who did that will have a lot to answer for one day.

    1. Kathy,
      Thank you so much, prayers are very important and have gotten many horses through dangerous health issues……..just look how our prayers saved Paynter. hugs

  23. Good heavens! The start times of the races at Santa Anita are pretty late. I might have to set my alarm to get to see MMM’s race. Thanks to all of you who told me about Cal

  24. I’m sure there are many people who like to race, but don’t want to become breeders. So it’s probable better that they sell the broodmares and prospects to those who do want to breed.
    When Eblouissante didn’t race much until she grew (like the Queen), I wasn’t surprised. And I believe they were being careful with her when she had the 1st injury. But the incident with the gate? That one really bothers me. I wonder if there were indications that maybe she’s just not cut out for racing. In that case, it’s better she go to someone who wants to breed her. Terrific pedigree, after all. Broodmares are valuable.

  25. Peggy. Did you know that Leroi is moving to England?

    1. Dear Max

      Yes, I know about it. Called down there the day I found out last week. I talked to Richard. I was so upset because I am going down there the later part of October. i asked him if he could tell me when he was leaving as I was just going to go on and go down. But he told me he was done gone. Just heartbroken, I told him that and he told me that their were a lot of tears about it.

      He said that they wanted to do what was best for the horse. He was telling me about the European mares and that’s where they want to go with him.
      So hard to talk about this. So upsetting but I’m getting to the place where I do understand it.. Don’t know if i’m saying this right but they say his pedigree will do really well with the mare’s that are over there. They seem to be very optomistic about him. I do believe he will be taken good care of .

      One very good thing he told me. Don’t know if you remember me telling about her before But I met his little daughter. About 1 and 1/2 years old now. About the age of Coz. She is just a beauty. Looked so much like Leroi and Animal Kingdom. I asked Richard and He told me she is still there. That relieved some of the pain.
      So happy she is still there. He told me I can come see her. And I’m going soon.

      Hey its Orfevre next weekend. Can’t wait.

      1. Peggy. Sorry that you were not able to say goodbye. Leroi however has landed on his hooves in a very good place. Newmarket is a beautiful part of England. He is now under the care of one of the richest horse women in England, Kirsten Rausing. He’ll have access to the best mares, and should have a good life. Maybe you could visit him one day? He’s already got his plans in place to meet breeders on November 14.

        1. Dear Max,

          I was devastated to start with. Thank You for letting me know about the area that he is at. He is there already, but they told me he is in quarantine right now. And, Thank you so much for letting me know about who is caring for him.

          Janet, Judy, Shirlee, I do feel better about him now. I know in my heart they will take care of him. I have actually been worried before about him not getting enough top quality mare’s here.

          Maybe I can still see him again one day. I will be optimistic.

      2. Peggy,

        My heart sunk when I read this and thought of you right away.

        Leroi was under his value here, even though AK brought him some more attention for breeding. I hope he is well supported over there and maybe some of his babies will make it back here.

      3. Dear Peggy:

        Sorry Leroi has left the US. Hope we can keep track of him in the UK. It’s wonderful you’ll be seeing his little filly again on your trip. Love and Hugs, JB

      4. Peggy, I am sorry about Leroi leaving and your not being able to see him before he left. At least you know he is going to a good home and is somewhere that will let you keep up with him.

        If they were to sell Muchie or Lea out of the country, I would be devastated.

  26. I really hope Ebby and Groupie doll get good homes to be brood mares some day – we all have enjoyed following their racing careers.

  27. The last reported son of Northern Dancer dies. Wow, I had no idea that the great ND still had a son at stud, though very limited, in 2013!

    1. To clarify….last reported son…standing at stud

      1. Dear Especially Horses

        Thank You so much for the article. Loved Northern Dancer

    2. RIP Shotiche. Hugs, JB

  28. OMG, Princess of Sylmar beats RD…….unbelievable!! This little 3yr old beats the Queen. Congrats to her. I love them both.

    1. Last week Laffit Pincay predicted that POS would beat RD. The little filly is on fire.

    2. Dear Sue Fredrick:

      Wow, that’s impressive. Hugs,JB

    3. I love Royal Delta, but I think “the Princess” might be VERY special!!!!

    4. Thanks! Be interesting to see whether POS goes to the BC, and Mott and Mike Smith see no problem for RD. May make an exciting BC race.

  29. Regarding Ebby: I agree it probably doesn’t make sense and is highly unlikely the Moss’ would buy her (although I bet Ann wouldn’t mind having her and it would not surprise me if the thought entered Ann’s head, if even for a nano second). Do I think the Moss’ have the inside scope on John’s perspective of her racing ability and whether or not he’d keep her in training…yes I do. Since I can only go with what I’ve seen, unless Ebby has racing injuries unknown to me, I see no reason not to keep her in training…even at five, which is not over the hill. I’d throw out that last race (she should have been a late scratch), and while I’ve heard some say her first two races were against lesser company, my goodness, how does winning your first two races translate into “she may not be interested in racing?” I’ve never expected Ebby to be another Z and never would put such a burden on any of Z’s siblings, but Ebby, great broodmare prospect aside, deserves a chance to demonstrate if she has the prowess to compete with stakes quality mares. Yes, she is worth buko bucks as a broodmare, but I still hope someone buys her who would like to see if she can earn some Black Type on her resume.

    1. Dear Especially Horses:

      I agree with you. Unless there is an injury that we are not aware of which could endanger Ebby if she races, than I think she should have a chance to show what she can do. I guess we’ll have to wait and see who purchases her and what decisions are made.

      I was so hoping she could stay with JS and race again. Sad over this development. Hugs, JB

    2. Count me in complete agreement with your post. One thing some folks seem to be not keeping in mind is that Mr. Kronfield passed away and there has been nothing said about his heirs wanting to remain in the breeding and racing business, at least that I ever found. Dispersing the stable is not unusual at all in these circumstances. Ebblouisante’s being in the sale catalog is not a reflection that she is not going to go on to race in the future – that will be strictly up to who buys her. One of my fantasies is that she will be purchased by the owner of Royal Delta and will be able to stay with John Shirreffs, or failing that, go to Bill Mott. I’m a dreamer – lol! Just because she is cataloged in the sale doesn’t mean her racing days or over – she just barely got started. However it all turns out in the end, I do sincerely hope she will be in good hands and loved.

  30. Preakness Tickets On Sale Tuesday

    Whoa! Can you believe this…already time to think about the Spring Classics.

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