Spring Holidays and Celebrations

Mother's Day cake with Zenyatta and her filly. Photo by Ann Moss.

Mother’s Day cake with Zenyatta and her filly. Photo by Ann Moss.

Happy Monday!

We thought we’d share some photos of spring’s special moments. The Mosses celebrated Mother’s Day with an incredibly sweet cake representing Zenyatta and her filly. The Easter filly, who now has a special foal tag inscribed with her nickname “Z Princess,” was recently reacquainted with her Easter Bunny and other birthday spoils. Alys sent us these photos.

-Team Z

Photo by Alys Emson.

Photo by Alys Emson.

Photo by Alys Emson.

Photo by Alys Emson.

Photo by Alys Emson.

Photo by Alys Emson.

The new "Z Princess" foal tag.

The new “Z Princess” foal tag.


  1. Mary M Meek tweet Sat. May 24 2014 PHOTO
    @CalvinHBorel cools off his Race 9 wnr FULL DANCER @ChurchillDowns 5/23

    1. Dear BGG:

      Thanks. Nice photo. Love and Hugs, JB

  2. TheGoldencents tweet Sat. May 24 2014 :PHOTO
    Why do I hear “I’m sexy and I know it” whenever I am on the track in the mornings?!!
    @DougONeill1 @WCRacingInc

    1. Dear BGG:

      Too funny. Handsome Dude. Love and Hugs, JB

  3. KathyR
    Good to know how well he is doing!
    Aga Khan Studs ‏tweet on Saturday May 24
    Redoutes Choice currently leads the Australian Sires’ Rankings,
    right in front of his own son Snitzel!

  4. Here is one to tide us over until next week. The little boy’s mother could not bring herself to tell him that his dog, Paddy, had been run over by a car. When he came home from school, she talked with him for a few moments, and then he asked “Where’s Paddy?” “Paddy has been run over by a car and killed,” the mother replied. “Oh,” said the boy, as he ran outside to play. At dinnertime, the boy said “Hey, mom, where’s Paddy?”
    “Darling,” the mother said, “I told you this afternoon that Paddy had been killed by a car.” The little boy burst into tears. “When I told you this afternoon,” she said, “It didn’t seem to bother you.” The boy then said “This afternoon I thought you said daddy.”

    1. Dear TC GP:

      Oh my TC; did not see that coming. Love and Hugs, JB

      1. @Judy, Barbara Wood, shirlee, Marshall and sheena-Glad you enjoyed it.

    2. @TC,GP–too funny! Thanks. We needed that.

    3. Oh Terry. Groan!

    4. Dear TC,
      Like Judy B., I didn’t see that coming either! Poor Paddy and Daddy!
      Thanks for the laugh. Hugs

    5. TC, you keep us in smiles! Thanks.

      1. Ann-If you approve I must be doing something right.

    6. Once again, rolling of eyes! Kinda sad all the way around.

  5. Dear Terry.A good ‘un!!Poor Daddy!!!Hugs Sheena.

  6. Dear Marshall.Great to hear that your beloved Reilly is back home with you.Enjoy happy times with him.Love and hugs to you both and Huey.Sheena.

    1. Dear Sheena,
      Thanks! We are doing okay, I think. His appetite is still good, and we had a nice walk this evening. The weather here today has been just perfect — wish it could be like this for summer. Hugs and Love

      1. Dear Marshall:

        So happy for you and Reilly. Power Up beautiful boy. Love and Hugs, JB

  7. Black Onyx was 3rd in his race. Not bad in an $85,000 race and his first in over a year.

    1. Dear Shirlee:

      Good for Black Onyx. Not bad at all after a year layoff. Love and Hugs, JB

    2. Shirleeinindy,
      Happy for Onyx, he’s such a pretty boy. hugs

  8. Remember Spring in the Air aka Little Zenyatta? She had a very bad bleed after the Breeders Cup in 2012, but she is back to form. And she’s winning just like Zenyatta.


    1. Dear Max:

      Thanks for this great news. She’s a cutie; so happy for her. Love and Hugs, JB

    2. Max,
      Good to see her back and doing so well……hope she still struts. hugs

      1. According to the Bloodhorse story, she’s still doing the Z dance, both before and after the race. Her peeps are happy that she has picked the best for a role model.

        1. Great to see her. What a beauty! Dance and race on, pretty girl.

  9. Dear Judy.Goodnight God bless you LM PC HT Ruby Diamond Little Cap Hercules and all the Sweeties.Our Scoop 6 was finally won today,there are 8 new millionaires in the UK tonight! Love and hugs Sheena.

    1. Dear Sheena:

      Wow, that’s great. Love and Hugs, JB, LM, PC, HT, Cap, Herc, Ruby, Diamond and all the Sweeties

  10. KathyR-Barbie Update
    Magic Millions tweet with PHOTO Sat. May 24 2014
    Two highlights of the National Broodmare Sale:
    Estelle Collection & Miracles of Life enjoy a pick.
    Note: Magic Millions! is Australia’s most popular thoroughbred sales company –

    1. Greg Irvine tweet with PHOTO Sat. May 24 2014
      Miracles of Life gets a part from @ArrowfieldStud’s Jack Buckley.
      Such a beautiful filly.
      Note: think this should read “pat”. Either way, great photo.

      1. Dear BGG:

        Thanks for this. She is a beauty. Love the blond mane. Love and Hugs, JB

        1. Oops. Blonde mane. Love and Hugs, JB

      2. BGG,l
        Thanks for the news…..our Barbie Doll looks great!! hugs

      3. BGG, Barbie is as pretty as ever. Thanks for the post.

      4. So good to see her, such a beauty.
        Wishing her all the best.

  11. Dear Mama Z, COZ, ZI and Z Princess:

    Stay comfy and cozy. Sweet Dreams. Love Ya. Hugs, JB

  12. Hugs and Love to all Z’sters!
    Thanks again for all the continued prayers and good wishes for Reilly. I intend to enjoy every moment he is here and happy. There is no cure for this, and I will not let him suffer.
    Just hoping for a little more time — like the song “One More Day” by Diamond Rio.
    Hope everyone has a nice weekend! Lots of Hugs and Love

    1. Dear Marshall:

      Prayers and licks from me and General for you and Reilly. Hugs, KathyR.

    2. Marshall-Nobody could have said it better. Good luck to you and Reilly.

    3. Marshall, beautiful song. Thinking of you and Reilly.
      Love and hugs.

    4. Dear Marshal:

      Keeping you and Reilly in my prayers. That’s the way to do it; enjoy one day at a time. He will let you know. Love and Hugs, JB

    5. Right on Marshall!! Thinking of you both. Hugs and pets from Ohio.

  13. May 25 Cherokee Devotional

    Greatness is in having a purpose-not in just having a personality. Purpose shapes personality, not the other way around. Chief Joseph, Chief John Ross, and Sitting Bull were all great leaders, but their central purpose was even greater. Every seed of knowledge, every ounce of wisdom, was to lead and guide their people. They were constantly reminded of how much was yet to be learned. When a purpose and a goal stand for the good of the people, it carries a seed of greatness. In its simplicity it has no time for constant limelight, but only to accomplish more and reach farther. In areas of service, doing something to help other people humbles willing workers. They know they only scratch the surface of what there is to do-and unbelievable barriers are set in their way by ignorant people.

    We are peaceful, we are not aggressive. In this lies our strength.
    An Indian Elder

  14. Zsters,
    Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day, let’s remember our beloved troops, their families, and all those who have left us after giving their full measure.

    Barb Wood, sending good wishes to you Texans for some nice rain for the drought you’ve been experience……hope it’s not too much too fast.

    Love to Mama Zen, Lily, Ziconic and CoZ and to my Indy.

  15. Dear Kathy.Hope you are enjoying the holiday weekend.I missed you by about 5-10 mins yesterday.It’s a better day in Wales today, a little glimmer of sunshine and blue sky.Looks all quiet on the Dyfi but Blue 24 is still hanging around!
    Sad news about Fubu,he didn’t eat anything yesterday!!I pray he makes to his birthday would be awful to lose him now,maybe better news today!Poor Marty hates the thought of a baff!He was just too cute winking has had a plate from Hungary his fame is spreading worldwide.Don’t know if you saw my message that horse video was wonderful it’s so great to see our 4-legged friends happy!Such sad news from Santa Barbara again that stupid video he posted on you-tube!!It was very hot with miss Dolly yesterday 106F and counting!Love her new bows.Off to visit the rest of the furbabies now!Have a peaceful Sabbath.Hugs to You,Kisses for Holly, Nikko and Sugar.Sheena

    1. Dear Sheena,

      Enjoy the nicer weather! Blue 24 is incredibly tenacious. Very worried about Fubu. Doesn’t look very good when they stop eating all together. I feel so sorry for his mom. Of course it will be so hard on her when she loses him, but you’re right…it would be awful if he dies just short of his birthday. That’s an awfully big baff, the swimming pool at the Bellagio! Loved the pic of Marty winking. He’s doing great accumulating all those bizness licenses. Yes, I did see your message about the horse. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a horse enjoying himself so much. It was just marvelous! Horrible what the Santa Barbara community is going through. So senseless and tragic. Poor Dolly. 106F. We’ll probably get to that as the summer wears on. I dread it! Good Sabbath. Hugs from me, kisses from Holly, Nikko and Sugar. Kathy

  16. Dear Sue Fredrick.Barbara is welcome to all our lovely? Welsh rain.We don’t need anymore for a while.Hugs Sheena.

    1. Sheena,
      Send it over, sweetie, they can sure use it. hugs

  17. Dear Max. So excited Noble Mission has won the Tattersall’s Gold Cup at the Curragh Huge congrats to Lady Jane,she has worked wonders with this horse! The sky’s the limit for him.Cirrus has beaten OG at Longchamp,was too soon to race OG really.Heard Riposte won in Belmont last night,she’s with Bill Mott now remember how emotional Jane was when she won the Ribbensdale last year at RA,glad to hear she’s doing well stateside.Hope you are having a lovely holiday weekend.Free the Moose.PU Dan.Sheena.

    1. Sheena. Thank you for this news. I am happy beyond belief. This is extraordinary news. Lady Jane has indeed done wonders. Mission was called names by many and criticized for bring a backward kind of horse. He’s shown them all now that he’s group 1. Lady Cecil says that he does not really need that hood. It is his comfort blanket, kind of like Linus. Bravo Mission. And bravo to Lady Cecil. A lot also did not think that she had it in her to train. This is a major win. Kind has produced yet another champion.
      Riposte did win at Belmont. Bravo to her too.
      Alas Olympic Glory stands little chance against the old warriors like Cirrus and Dan.
      Weather here is spring at last. Weekend is good so far. Threat of hail but none appeared.
      The Moose must be free! Power up Danny.

      1. Sheena. This is a replay of Cirrus winning today. 8 years old and he annihilates the hopes of everyone else. Beau travail indeed. Trainer says that this was like a workout gallop for him. Alors!


        Free the Moose! Power up Danny.

        1. Dear Max:

          Wow, what a race; he really turned on the jets at the finish. He was wearing a full hoodie? Love and Hugs, JB

        2. Thanks for that, Max — Cirrus really gave no one else a chance, and handily.

  18. Dear Max.Glad you are enjoying your weekend.The long winter ,hopefully,is over for you.Just seen the re-play of NM’s win,lovely to see him with his hood removed at the end.He has stepped out his famous brother’s shadow and had his day in the sun.He and the team thoroughly deserve it.I’m sure Sir Henry is looking down with a smile on his face.Aidan won the 1000 guineas with Marvellous,devastating turn of foot at the end.Free the Moose.PU Dan.Sheena.

    1. Sheena. Yes, I saw that they removed the hood at the end of the race. He did not appear to be tired at all. Mission looks like his grandfather and great-grandfather with that crooked Blaze. Agree that Sir Henry set him on the road to victory. It just took longer with Mission. Doyle seems to be a good choice too for a jockey. He was Abdullah’s choice to take over.
      Did you notice that Palladin Bay’s grandfather is Sadler’s Wells? Keep your eye on that filly.
      Will check out Marvellous.
      The Moose must be free! Power up Danny.

      1. George scott ‏tweets May 24 & May 25 on JOYEUSE and NOBLE MISSION
        Warren place has the flag flying high once again! Incredible team effort.
        We can do it….
        That was an INCREDIBLY SPECIAL weekend. Joyeuse first, and then –
        a GROUP 1 win for the iron horse Noble Mission!!!
        Earlier tweet read:
        JOYEUSE was brilliant today. She’s not been straight forward –
        magic bit of training from Jane. Can’t wait for Noble Mission deserves a shot
        George Sott :Assistant to Lady Jane Cecil. Intend to train one day.
        Working hard and feel very lucky.Warren Place

        1. Not straightforward means that Joyeuse is not easy to train. Have read that she is “quirky”. Morpheus might be that way too. She is a full sister to Morpheus. Mission is her half brother as is Frankel and Bullet Train. Frankel and Mission are full brothers.
          The Moose must be free! Power up Danny.

  19. Intense Holiday out of Belmont….injury..condyler fracture….will be repaired

    1. Dear Carol:

      Sorry to hear this about Intense Holiday. Wishing him all the best. Power Up beautiful boy. Love and Hugs, JB

  20. Belmont Stakes Field Update
    Matt Shifman ‏tweets (2) Sunday May 25 2014
    Latest list @BelmontStakes field from @TheNYRA:
    CalChrome, Candy Boy, C. Curve, Commissioner, Kid Cruz, Matuszak,
    Ride On Curlin Samraat, Tonalist,
    C. Curve is Commanding Curve

    1. BGG, From what I have read, Tonalist stole my boy, ROC’s, jockey. Joel gave him his first decent ride. Don’t know who is scheduled to ride. Have heard a rumor it might be Johnny V. If so, that is great. Of course, pulling for a Triple Crown but if CC can’t do it, hope ROC does well.

      1. It appears to me that Tonalist is CC’s greatest worry in the Belmont. He has proven he likes the track.

      2. Dear Shirlee and TC GP:

        Here’s an article regarding JV getting the mount on Ride On Curlin in the Belmont Stakes. Don’t know how much ROC’s Preakness run took out of him, but I like him very much with JV aboard. TC, I think Tonalist will like the distance as well. Rooting for CC to win with some long shots in the Superfecta. Love and Hugs, JB


        1. Definitely rooting for CC.

  21. Ray Paulick tweet on Sunday May 25 2014
    RIP Hall of Fame jump jockey Joe Aitcheson Jr., who Red Smith once said was
    “held together by bailing wire & tape.”
    Jill Byrne ‏tweet @raypaulick Joe was the regular rider of Eclipse champ Soothesayer,
    trained by my Dad, Peter Howe…Joe was great rider and class act

    1. Rest In Peace, Joe Aitcheson.
      One of the best!
      Love and hugs.

    2. RIP JA. Love and Hugs, JB

  22. Dear Max.Thanks for the video of Cirrus.Tres bien!Another who is improving with age and he’s meant to be coming over to RA!Marvellous is by Galileo out of a Storm Cat mare so should be good.John Magnier has said they will be surprised if Australia doesn’t win the Epsom Derby but there’s quite a lot of money going on Geoffrey Chaucer he’s down to 7-1 something we don’t know maybe??The Moose must be free!
    PU Dan.Sheena.

    1. Sheena. Glad that you enjoyed that video. Our TC always says that a horse races better with age and experience. He also says that we need more racers and fewer stallions and broodmares. Too true.
      I wonder if Magnier basically saying that Australia will win the Derby will result in the wrath of the racing gods? You just never know. Did you notice that O’Brien said that he would have scratched Magician because of the ground, but left him in because there may be a risk of the Gold Cup losing group 1 status? Doesn’t change the fact that Mission won. Still very happy about that.
      Free the Moose! The Moose must be free. Power up Danny.

      1. Max-if a good older horse goes up against a good younger horse, for instance a three-year-old versus a four-year-old, the older horse will win most of the time, all racing luck being equal. Things do equalize late in the year when the three-year-olds mature.

  23. You guys listen to this group of probables for the Ogden Phipps on the Belmont Undercard. I thought it was a wow.
    Midnightlucky, Fiftyshadesofhay,Princess of Sylmar, Beholder, Close Hatches

    1. Peggy, Wow! What a lineup. There are some star studded fields racing on Belmont day. Hope CC can do it.

      1. Dear Shirlee,

        Yeah, I’m looking so forward to all of it. Go CC………………………
        I believe Princess of Sylmar went to the track today too.

        1. Princess of Sylmar will give a better account of herself on the Belmont track. When Beholder beat her in the Breeders Cup, there was a definite speed bias at Santa Anita.

    2. Dear Peggy:

      Yes, indeed. Love and Hugs, JB

  24. Post Position draw Early the Wednesday morning before the Belmont. I think something close to 7.30am.

  25. Dear Max.No,I didn’t notice that Aidan said Magician might be withdrawn because of the ground.As an Irish horse he should be used to soft going.He would never have beaten Noble Mission today.The flag flies high above Warren PlaceThe Euro results are coming out tonight I don’t think Lib-Dems are doing well no change in Wales’ MEPs. we have 1 labour,1 tory 1 plaid cymru and 1 ukip.There’s a rise of the Euro sceptics across the board some to the right and others to the left.The Moose must be free! PU Dan.Sheena.

    1. Sheena. I do not know exactly what Lady Cecil has done to change around both Joyeuse and Noble Mission. But it is just great for them and for her. I was concerned about how it might go at Warren Place after Sir Henry passed. She seems to have pulled it all together and done well. It’s a tribute to them both that these horses are successes. I recall that Joyeuse was very green in her early races. Same for Mission. Now they both look good in their matching monogrammed headgear.
      Lady Cecil said that Mission runs on all surfaces. The Prince supplemented him to the tune of £21,000. to enter the Gold Cup. No worries about the ground. The Irish horses are not doing so well in that race. Last year the Gold Cup was won by Doyle and the Welsh wonder, Al Kazeem. Hoping for a return to form from Al.
      Interested to see the results of the Euro elections. It’s possibly ominous for Dave and Ed.
      Let the Moose run free. Power up Danny.

    2. Dear Sheena and Max:

      Congrats to Noble Mission. His Big Brother must be proud of him. Love and Hugs, JB

      1. JudyB. He’s got two big brothers. Don’t forget Bullet Train.

  26. Happy Memorial Day to Everyone.

    “Thank You” to all our Veterans, Living and Passed..
    God Bless You All.
    Thank You Daddy, Love Ya

    1. Dear Peggy:

      I add my Thank You to yours to all of our Veterans. Happy Memorial Day. Love and Hugs, JB

  27. Remembering all our wonderful horses that helped in War Efforts and with the Miliary in General. So many statues for you all too. In US Europe and all over this world.
    Traveller, Sgt Reckless, Black Jack. So many wish I could list them all. Thank You.
    I was reading a peace that said Mare’s and Geldings were preferred in the l9th Century over Stallions. For their being easier to manage.
    That’s OK all our wonderful Stallions, We love Ya.

    1. I will be going to the ceremonies at Riverside National Cemetery tomorrow. They have ground set aside, similar to Arlington, for those who have been awarded the Medal of Honor. You don’t “win” the MOH, you have it awarded to you. I am eligible to be buried in Arlington, but I don’t plan to move in too soon .

      1. Dear Terry

        No, Don’t move in too soon. We’ld miss you too much here.

      2. Happy Memorial Day Terry

        1. Thanks, Peggy. I don’t often think about those days, on purpose. Tomorrow is the exception.

      3. Thanks for your service, TC.
        My Daddy is buried in Arlington.
        Happy Memorial Day. Hope all Z fans are having a safe weekend.

        1. Ann-your dad is/was a hero. If you will send me his full name, I will mention him tomorrow.

        2. Thank you, TC GP.

      4. Dear TC GP:

        Glad to hear that. Happy Memorial Day. Love and Hugs, JB

        1. Thanks, Judy. Your Russ was a hero. I will mention his name tomorrow.

        2. My Dear TC GP:

          Thank you so very much. Love and Hugs, JB

      5. Dear Terry C.,
        So glad to hear that you are not planning to move in yet! Not for a long time, I hope! I join with Ann in thanking you for your service. Hugs aplenty

        1. Well said Marshall so I’ll just say “ditto from me.” Will be thinking about you TC, and don’t be making any reservations at Arlington (did not know all of this prior to today).

  28. Have a question
    With Black Caviar having her first foal this year due in October.
    The guys on TVG were talking about the age of foals with the foals born early year and the foals born late. Would there be any favor to either.
    I always wished Black Caviar would have come here. But, she didn’t. She did go to England.
    About her offspring would this be too great of a disadvantage her foal being born late to come here to maybe a Breeders Cup. Maybe after it was 3 or older. I sure would like to see one of her’s come here to the Breeders Cup.

    1. Peggy-When you talk about the Southern hemisphere, the usual wisdom is reversed.

  29. Dear Max.The great British public have shown tonight what they think of Europe.There is talk Nick will have to resign and Vince Cable become leader has been a disastrous night for them.Better night for Ed conservative votes have dropped but not too significantly.Results for Scotland and London haven’t come in yet.
    I must admit I was worried for Jane too but she couldn’t have had a better start.Henry would be so proud.The Moose must be Free!PU Dan Sheena.It’s 1.30am now time I went to bed!!!Sheena.

  30. Dear Judy.Goodnight God bless you LM PC HT Ruby Diamond Little Cap Hercules and all the Sweeties.Love and hugs SheenaX

    1. Dear Sheena:

      Goodnight. Love and Hugs, JB, LM, PC, HT, Cap, Herc, Ruby, Diamond and all the Sweeties

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