Thank You, Fans!

Zenyatta by Lib Berry, 2010.

Zenyatta by Lib Berry, 2010.

We’re thrilled that so many of you participated in the 2017 Zenyatta Celebration. Wrapping up the event may take us longer than normal this year. The winners of our grand prize drawing and other giveaways will be contacted this Friday, November 15. Celebration Stickers will ship at the end of next week. We appreciate your patience.

All Celebration results will be announced here on the blog. In the meantime, here are some of our favorite fan photos shared throughout the event.


Katie Brown’s pumpkin tribute to The Queen, left, and a Zenyatta wreath by Amie Martinez.


  1. I have to catch up also. I see that Debra from Oregon got several things in the auction. Way to Go! I’m from Oregon too. Congrats also go out to everyone else who participated. I’m soooo glad to hear that Hovis is home and doing better. I’m also glad to hear about Beholder and Uncle Mo’s upcoming little one. I also saw that Cozmic has worked out. Here’s hoping we get to see him run soon. If I missed anything or anybody I apologize, but I only get so much time on the library computer which is all I have these days. Oops I do remember one more thing. I also voted for Ben’s Cat. Here’s hoping the Z family both horse and human are all well.