The Zenyatta Collection

A portrait of Zenyatta by Neil Latham.

A portrait of Zenyatta by Neil Latham.

Zenyatta’s Portrait the Payoff in Story
“American Thoroughbred,” a fine art photography collection shot by Neil Latham that showcases Zenyatta’s portrait, has been earning accolades in top sports, horse racing, photography and news media. Not only is Zenyatta’s portrait often featured, but her iconic prowess and presence are brought up again and again.

In a recent story, she fulfills the photographer’s quest to capture the essence of the Thoroughbred, no small feat as more than 100 top-name racehorses had been unable to do so. “She was the most glorious creature I had ever seen,” says Latham. “All of my photos portrayed the power and dominance of the breed, but it wasn’t until Zenyatta that I was able to reveal the emotional, fragile side,” he explains.

“American Thoroughbred” also earned a full page story in The New York Times sports section with a mention on the front page, as well as stories in Blood-Horse, Vanity Fair, The Paulick Report, and more. See a few in the following links:

NYC Gallery Exhibition ending this week
Zenyatta’s portrait in “Neil Latham: American Thoroughbred,” can be seen through July 30 at Steven Kasher Gallery in New York City. Gallery hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Address: 515 W. 26th St. in Chelsea.

Limited edition prints
Available in sizes ranging from 24 x 30 inches up to 50 x 60 inches for maximum impact. They are numbered, finished on archival paper with museum framing, and signed by the artist.

Coffee table book
Zenyatta is also a highlight of the limited edition fine art coffee table book “American Thoroughbred” by Neil Latham published by Twin Palms. It features 182 pages with 80 duotones, and is casebound and slipcased for quality presentation. It retails for $95 and is available from the publisher at or from Amazon (ISBN: 978-1-936611-12-6). It can also be purchased at the Steven Kasher Gallery through the end of July.


Photographer’s website

Click below to view the complete Zenyatta Collection by Neil Latham:


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