Training Days

Cozmic One on the track at Mayberry Farm. Photo by Kyle Acebo.

Cozmic One on the track at Mayberry Farm. Photo by Kyle Acebo.

Happy Thursday!

As promised, we have some photos of Cozmic One in training at Mayberry Farm. We were in Florida on a chilly March day to witness Coz gallop around the track. He spent the morning grazing and romping around his paddock. Post-workout, he was back in his stall for a video chat with Ann. A photo of Cozmic One as a foal, standing in a Lane’s End paddock with Zenyatta, hangs in his stall.

We didn’t leave without sitting down with the staff of Mayberry Farm. They generously answered questions for our Ask The Experts feature. We’ll share their answers on the blog over the next few weeks.

-Team Z

Photos and video by Kyle Acebo and Tyler Matson.

Coz get a quick morning workout.

Coz get a quick morning workout.

Coz and his rider.

Coz and his rider.

José washes his legs.

José washes his legs.

Coz heads back to his stall.

Coz heads back to his stall.


  1. Coz has grown into a very handsome young colt! He has a very confident and regal look to him. He looks great, it’s so nice to see him progressing in his training. I also enjoyed the DRF article on him from a bit ago. He seems to know he is special! :)

  2. name for a new filly –“Moon Goddess”==since Zenny likes to foal during full Moon cycle.

  3. Coz is growing up nicely. He is such a physical carbon copy of his mom. Prayers he continues in her footsteps.

  4. He is such a good boy and still such a baby, You can see it in the way he moves.

  5. I hope Coz will have the same gentle training that Zenyatta had with John.
    One lady wrote” velvet hands” and that was a reminder for the man riding Coz.
    The bit should never become a power struggle or overused,,let his spirit remain in tact.
    It is known that Coz has been a gentle soul since her arrived at Mayberry..
    Glad he is out with his pals and still allowed to be a young horse with room to run and play.

  6. Hi!

    This was very nice but “too” short.

    Love to watch Coz in training.

    How about more videos for his fans? There are great expectations of Coz to follow in his mother’s footsteps.

    Does he have large strides when he runs?

    We heard that about Zenyatta before she raced, and the owners were asked to name her with a memorable name because she will become something special.

    More videos, please!

    Still awaiting the birth of Zenyatta’s 3rd child.

    Wouldn’t it be something if she had “her” on Kentucky Derby Day?

    I want a girl this time.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  7. Hi!

    Coz is so cute and baby acting when he attempts to play with that lady in that video
    while getting a bath.

    This is so sweet.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  8. Love sseing CoZ. Z’s firstborn is so special. Love you always, Z; safe delivery, my Queen.

  9. Her name she be from a great Police song called Roxanne.

  10. Coz looks wise for such a young one. Need more Ziconic photos and of course the baby gets all the attention, as it should be. Her name, Grace of Zen, or Gracie!

  11. He is so gorgeous to watch he looks so light on his feet he just seems to floatover the track just beautiful

  12. He’s so beautiful and I noticed just a bit of Zenny’s dance steps there in the video….Here’s our next Triple Crown winner!

  13. Zenyatta/Secretariat/Seattle Slew all in his blood. Oh, boy…looking forward to 2015 T-Crown campaign! 37 may be the number.

  14. What a lovely foal of the great Zenyatta. May you carry the power of your Mama.

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