Videos: Daily Routine

Z, this week. Photo by Alys Emson/Lane's End

Z, this week. Photo by Alys Emson/Lane’s End

Happy Friday!

We want to finish off the week with a few videos showing parts of Zenyatta’s daily routine. Alys’ footage shows her in the paddock, in her stall, and eating supper: the simple moments that make up the life of a happy and healthy horse!

-Team Z


  1. Zenny good videos where supper and other, Zenny smile: well eating racemare stay in her stall and is looking races on youtube, clean racetrack without stones and branches, race, herd of horses run to convenient water or to green grass, jockeys don’t work whips, they control comfortable distance between horses, horses choose quick and lead horse by themselves, quick horse run to prize and devide a little to last horse and other horses in race, Zenny how do you think is this like black caviar or some other way, zenny twelvz kiss your warm soft noses and horses

  2. miss you sweet darling……best of luck once again big mama. We all adore you

  3. Never get tired of looking at this amazing horse.

    1. I expect I’ll be still enjoying her for years to come too.

  4. What are all the blotches on Queen Z’s skin? They are really pronounced in the 3rd video where she’s eating. On pins on needles waiting for her new little one. I hope she has a safe and easy delivery. Can you provide any updates on our lady?

    1. She’s just dirty. they probably just brought her in from her pasture and she probably rolled.

  5. I don’t know how to bring a facebook post link over here so I will just say:

    A new post tonight on Zenyatta’s facebook shows a picture of Lane’s End paddocks at sundown with the message “We’re here!”

    That’s all it says and many comments have also been posted wondering what the meaning might be. I think it may mean that Ann and Jerry are there….meaning won’t be long now!!! Just my guess??!!

  6. Yes maryP ny The Mosses are there, they said Zenyatta is fine and her labor has started.

    1. Jan: Where did you find this out? I’ve looked everywhere I could think of.

  7. God bless mama Z. Bringing a new life to the world. A precious life to carry on a great legacy. All our best wishes and prayers.

  8. GREAT seeing the videos. Zen is the most beautiful soon to be mom and mom to Prince Z. Cant wait to see her new baby. Thank you and good luck everyone. Thanks for the videos.

  9. Heard we had a Princezz. Anything official yet?

    1. Lisa, how did you find this out? I’m going crazier than normal about this whole thing. Last year, we had Dottie reporting and knew what was going on every step of the way. This year, I feel a bit like the “red-headed stepchild”. Can you help with your source?

  10. THANK YOU for the videos. Any footage of Zenny never fails to bring a smile to my face. Greatly appreciated!

  11. Happy Birthday to you beautiful girl–on April 1, 2013. Wouldn’t it be something if your next baby was born on your birthday. I’m so glad to see your human mom and dad are there at Lanes End with you. It won’t be long now. 12Z is beautiful just like his mom. Can a boy be beautiful—-YES. I love you, Zenyatta. I ‘ll be praying for you to have an easy birthing and a healthy baby.

  12. I look forward to all the news about Zen, Coz and Z13!!!! Please keep the info coming!!

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