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Zenyatta. Photo Kyle Acebo.

Zenyatta. Photo by Kyle Acebo.

Happy Friday!

A big stack of Zenyatta Stickers are in the mail and on their way to you! We’d like to thank all of the fans who continue to support Zenyatta and this site by visiting, taking part in the discussion, and shopping with us.

We’d love to see how you are using your stickers. Send photos of Celebration Stickers and Zenyatta Stickers in action to fans@zenyatta.com. We’ll feature our favorites in a blog post.

A note on holiday orders from the Zenyatta Shop:
Orders must by placed by December 18 in order to qualify for holiday delivery. Orders placed after this date will ship after January 1st.

Here are a few new photos of Zenyatta and 13Z to finish off the week.

-Team Z

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131106_lanesend_2481 131106_lanesend_2468

Photos by Kyle Acebo.


  1. Dear Judy Goodnight God bless you Lola Mae, Charlie,Hudson, Little Captain and all the Sweeties. Hope weather is warming up.Love and Hugs SheenaX

    1. Dear Sheena:

      Love and Hugs, JB, LM, PC, HT and all the Sweeties

  2. Dear Max Moosie was on Sky Sports News tonight and I missed him!!!!He says #moosieisatvstar!and he wants Sam to bring him some polos home.Hugs Sheena

    1. Sheena. Moosie thinks that it will run again unlike him. This ban has had the effect of increasing interest in the Moose, and therefore in racing. The powers that be should rethink that ban. Moosie’s an inspiration. His followers grow. Racing needs these types of charismatic heroes.

  3. Zenyatta my sweetheart, I look at your first picture here and I think of one worldly beautiful mare. I could say so much more mushy stuff, but in the end, from your beginning of racing to your retirement, you said it all Z!!!!
    Lovenkisses on your soft nose and to Coz (handsome you) and red 13z
    Love, Auntie Sally B

    Hi all; Our little Jo, the Hackney pony either slipped and hurt a front leg, or something. I report she can hardly step without hesitation with either front leg!!
    They are beginning to treat her with bute for a short time. I sure hope it would never be lamititis. I have been with her these past 3 out of 7 days and I do not see improvement. The vet arrived without acknowledging he could place her on his agenda so someone could meet him from our CVHS and then could not get to her to do a “real exam”. Dah!
    In the meantime we have closed her in a for the night in her stall. Now we have to devise a water supply for her because a bucket in her stall freezes within 2-3 hours starting at the top it seems. We do have a couple heated buckets but we fear any more demand from the electrical source there will trip the braker.
    Guess what, I said I would experiment with this. Perhaps I will become another McGiiver. Remember the McGiiver program..my kids always had to watch it. (probably wrong spelling).
    hugs, Sally B

    1. Dear Sally B.:

      Sorry to hear about Jo’s injury. Hope she improves soon. Love and Hugs, JB

    2. Dear Sally,
      Sure hope Jo gets better soon and without any problems.
      Take care , and good luck with the water bucket!
      All the best! Hugs

    3. Dear Sally MacGyver,
      I hope the sweet pony will be OK. Keep us posted, will say a prayer for her.
      Don’t know which was better, the real. TV show MacG or the Saturday Night Live skits featuring, MacG. Angus……
      Stay warm!

  4. Dear Mama Z, COZ, Prince 2 and Baby Z:

    Goodnight. Sweet Dreams. Stay warm. Love You. Hugs, JB

  5. @Sally B.–so sorry to hear about little Jo. Praying for her. I know you will keep us posted. Hugs.

  6. Has anyone seen a recent video of the red prince? Have the Mosses said that they were going to keep him for sure?

    1. Dear Roberta:

      It would be very surprising, I think, that the Moss’ would sell any of Z’s babies before they have a chance to grow and show their potential. It is a business, but I think they would want to keep all of Z’s babies.

      Hopefully, they will continue to make the fans a part of Z’s life and to give us updates on the boys as they train for racing careers and also on the new Baby Z (maybe Princess Z) and future babies as well.

      Hope you are doing well. Love and Hugs, JB

      1. Agree with JudyB. Red is probably very busy being a colt with his little gang. Team Z will keep us advised when they can.

    2. Roberta, I have to agree with Judy and Max — I can’t see them parting with any foal born from Zenny. It would make no sense.

  7. The owner of The Meadowlands, Jeff Gural, was interviewed about his out-of-competition testing at his tracks, and enforcement of his rules. Among other things, he said, “In all honesty, I look at it this way: I didn’t spend $100 million to build a racetrack so that dishonest people could make a living racing there. ” An interesting Q& A in Thoroughbred Daily News:


    1. Dear Vicki B:

      Wow, refreshing to see someone taking a stand like this. Good article.

      Beautiful photo of Denman on the right of the page. I first thought it was Bernie. Love and Hugs, JB

      1. Judy, Yes, I like the way Jeff Gural just figured out how to go about it, no messing around, and not at the mercy of outside agencies.

        And Denman is looking good. Love and hugs to you too.

  8. Happy New Year, Hovis!

    Great to hear from our Hovis, again! We sure needed his musings after a week of very sad events. Thanks and Hugs

  9. Sheena and Moosie fans. Moose explains why he won’t race. He wants assistance from girl power!


    1. Thank you, Max. Love it!
      Great way to start the day and all of my pups are staring at me wanting in on the laughs!
      Crown Jewels! Moose, you and Kristy would be just fine together.
      Free Moosie Now!

      Fly’s mane is Rockin!

    2. Very funny – thanks Max. Just wish they had “closed captioning” for us accent-impaired folks :-)

    3. Dear Max:

      Too cute. Sounds like a plan to me. Girl Power. Love and Hugs, JB

  10. Dear Max If only we’d thought of that a female jockey!! The Moose is getting more famous by the day!!!hugs Sheena

    1. Sheena. Yes! So true. I love talking horses. With his pedigree and accent, Ireland is the place. Katie Walsh is there too.

    2. Sheena. Check this out. Daily Mail writer supports the Moose. According to article, Moose is banned for only 9 months. Maybe he should race in Ireland until the ban is over, or better: free the Moose now.


      1. Max and Sheena,
        X marks the horse! Agree with this. FREE MOOSE NOW!

      2. Dear Max, Ann and Sheena:

        Agree; FREE THE MOOSE NOW. Love and Hugs, JB

        1. LET MOOSE LOOSE! Love and Hugs, Lola Mae

        2. Lola Mae, you are one smart pup.
          Let Moose Loose!
          Wiggle, wag, woof, love ya, Mikey minus one twoof.

        3. Dear Auntie Ann:

          Love you too. Lola Mae

      3. FREE MOOSE NOW! LET MOOSE LOOSE! What are they waiting for?

        1. Let the X (potentially dodgy betting proposition) RUN!

        2. Or maybe they could use M for Moosie!

    3. More support for the Moose from Sam, his ginger haired jockey. Glad to see him publicly back Moosie. Free the Moose now.


      1. “It’s sad he’s got nine months off when a horse who takes steroids only gets seven months,” Twiston-Davies told the Morning Line on Saturday. “They [BHA] said it’s because of the punters but everyone knows Mad Moose. If you were to back him you’d only be having £1 each-way in the fact he might jump off at a massive price.” Good on him!

        The BHA are only demostrating their stuffiness, self-importance, and lack of regard for the public fans, as well as disregard for Moosie and his merits.

  11. January 11 Cherokee Devotional

    The owls call to each other early on a midwinter evening. Just as the last rays of sunlight sink into a rosy glow, a silence settles over the countryside. For a short time, everything is hushed. In that near-dark hour the wind lays and no sound is heard-as though the whole forest listens. The moment is brief as daytime creatures find their nests and those of the night begin to awaken. It is time to rest from our own activity, to find a quiet hour to let pressures ebb away. One of the greatest wonders is the rhythm and order of nature. But even greater is the flexibility of human nature-that we can move, think, project, plan and see all of it in perspective. And as the day wanes we can put it all down and take on the peace of nature.

    Heed little the melancholy nights that keep tune with sorrowful thought.
    Chief Runs-The-Battle

    1. Dear Kathy:

      Beautiful. Thank you. Love and Hugs, JB

      1. You’re welcome, Judy.

        Hugs, Kathy

  12. Dear Max and Sheena,

    The BHA really needs to rethink that ban on Moosie. I can guarantee he’s doing a lot more for racing than any of the other horses they’re still allowing to race. Power up Moosie!

    1. True!

    2. Dear Kathy:

      I agree and I said that very thing in my protest e-mail to them. Love and Hugs, JB

      1. Excellent! Thanks, Judy.

        Hugs, Kathy.

  13. Dear Max Am sure the BHA will soon realise what a big mistake they’ve made about Moose! have you heard about Moose’s boy Sam,he’s certainly” the man of the moment” got the plum ride on Big Buck’s is a snub to stable jockey Daryl Jacob.Ruby will be riding Annie Power I expect.Ruby and Mullins are over here today, not going well so far! Hugs Sheena

    1. Sheena. I read about Sam riding for Paul. I like Big Bucks, but will be cheering for Annie if she runs. She’s a wonder mare like Z, a very big girl with those same Roberto ears. Her chestnut coat is impressive too.

  14. Dear Kathy Nothing can compare with the wonders of Mother Nature.Is another sunny day over here has been so grey for weeks can hardly believe it!Hope weather is improving in the US. Did’nt know Marty the rat lives in Southern California isn’t that your part of the world?Ray looked with smart with his new hat on!!Was watching a very touching video about 2 rescued circus elephants called Shirley and Jenny who recognized each other after 22yrs apart . It’s on you tube found out later Jenny died in 2006 and Shirley was heartbroken. Is true what they say “Elephants never forget”.Hugs to you,Kisses for the Puppy Pack. Sheena

    1. Dear Sheena,

      So glad you’re enjoying the sun! I think the Polar Vortex moved north into Canada. But it’s still probably pretty cold in the eastern US. I see Marty’s mom went to a taping of the Ellen Show so he must live in the Burbank area somewhere. He’s about an hour away from me. Loved Ray’s new hat with the ear warmers. He looks adorable! Will check out Shirley and Jenny. Elephants are very sociable and sensitive animals. It’s true they remember people and other animals from way back in their past. Amazing and so poignant.

      Enjoy your weekend, Sheena! Hugs from me, kisses from The Pack. Kathy

  15. News of Wise Dan and his bro Successful Dan vacationing and enjoying down time at LoPresti’s farm in Kentucky. Dan’s in his barn in this cold weather, but SD is out in his paddock.
    Sad news is that their mother, Lisa Danielle, miscarried her foal last week. She’s okay, but she had been retired from breeding. She was a truly remarkable broodmare.


    1. Dear Max:

      Sorry to near this news. So glad LD is OK. Wishing her a happy retirement. Love and Hugs, JB

      1. JudyB. Did you notice that Morton Fink is in the running for the Eclipse Award for Breeder of the Year? He has only Lisa Danielle in his broodmare band. He’s up against Adena Springs and the Ramsays. Pretty amazing.

        1. Dear Max:

          Did not know MF was up for Breeder of the Year. With only Lisa Daniel, he has had huge success; amazing indeed. Good for him. Love and Hugs, JB

  16. Max, Thank you for the return of Hovis. Sounds like he had an exciting Christmas.

    Just saw my Muchie is going to run in the Sunshine Million next Saturday if the weather is dry. Hope he has Gary on board.

    Safe trip to beautiful Lea today.

    1. Dear Shirlee:

      Godspeed Muchie. Love and Hugs, JB

    2. Shirlee. Good luck to both of these guys. Will be cheering for them

      JV alert. Apparently he is well enough to start to ride horses again. May be back to regular riding in awhile. Look forward to you keeping track of him. Always enjoy that.

      1. Dear Max, Shirlee and Sandy:

        Congrats to Lea. Max, good news on JV. Thanks. Love and Hugs, JB

        1. Good for, Lea and it gave his jockey, Luis Saez his 1000th win, I believe.
          Good boy, Lea!

    3. Yea Shirlee – your boy Lea came though (and surprised a lot of folks, I think :-). Bravo!

  17. Dear Max So sorry to hear about Lisa Danielle losing her foal.Very wise decision to retire her.Hope WD is snug and warm in his stable.Hugs Sheena

    1. Sheena. Agree. She has done more than could be expected from any broodmare. Wise Dan alone is a huge achievement. Some of her younger foals have yet to race. Dan’s younger sister Enchanting Lisa is promising. Hope that LD enjoys a long retirement.
      Bill Mott has been nominated for the Eclipse Award for trainer of the year. Has Morpheus left for NY? If so, I hope that he brought plenty of blankets. May need leg warmers too like Hovis.

  18. Dear Lola Mae Thank you, sweetheart, for your support of the Moose.I hope Mama shows you his video.Love and Hugs Auntie SheenaXX

    1. Love you Auntie Sheena. Hugs, Lola Mae

  19. To Honor and Serve’s First Foal is a Filly
    By Blood-Horse Staff January 10, 2014 Breeding, Kentucky
    The first reported foal for multiple grade I winner To Honor and Serve is a bay filly born Jan. 9 at Gainesway Farm near Lexington.
    The filly is out of the Dixie Union mare Tempest Treasure, owned by Gainesway Thoroughbreds Ltd.
    “The filly is strong with good leg, a lot of bone and substance,” Michael Hernon, director of sales at Gainesway, said. “She is good size and is very healthy and well. We look forward to seeing additional first-crop foals by To Honor and Serve in the coming weeks.”
    This is the third consecutive foal for Tempest Treasure, a daughter of stakes winner Tempest Dancer, who is a full sister to Kentucky Oaks (gr. I) winner Sardula and half sister to grade I winner Imperial Gesture.
    Tempest Treasure will be bred back to To Honor and Serve in 2014.
    To Honor and Serve stands at Gainewsay, where his 2014 fee is $20,000.
    Read more on BloodHorse.com: http://www.bloodhorse.com/horse-racing/articles/82766/to-honor-and-serves-first-foal-is-a-filly#ixzz2q7YUKIa8

      1. Dear BGG and Janet:

        Thanks. She’s adorable. Love and Hugs, JB

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