Weaning, Before and After

Zenyatta and 13Z, August. Photo by Alys Emson/Lane's End

Zenyatta and 13Z, August. Photo by Alys Emson/Lane’s End

Happy Tuesday!

Zenyatta’s youngest boy was weaned last week, and it all went very well. Alys sent us some photos before and after, and as you can see the boys are quite large and independent at this time. Z is happy to be back with her old friend Life Is Sweet and they definitely seem to share a bond. We’ll have more photos to share with you soon.

-Team Z


Before weaning, August. Photo by Alys Emson/Lane's End

Before weaning, August. Photo by Alys Emson/Lane’s End

Before weaning, August. Photo by Alys Emson/Lane's End

Before weaning, August. Photo by Alys Emson/Lane’s End


13Z with fellow weanlings this week. Photo by Alys Emson/Lane's End

13Z with fellow weanlings this week. Photo by Alys Emson/Lane’s End

Zenyatta and paddock mates, including Life Is Sweet, post weaning. Photo by Alys Emson/Lane's End

Zenyatta and paddock mates, including Life Is Sweet, post weaning. Photo by Alys Emson/Lane’s End


  1. Dear Z, COZ, Prince 2 and Baby Z:

    Sweet Dreams. Love Ya. Hugs, JB

  2. Dear Sheena:

    Love and Hugs, JB

  3. Dear Max Yes, I’ve heard about Marty, he’s a 4yr old .Dave Arthur, one of Moosie’s owners, writes a blog,he visited them both in the summer.I can quite imagine Moosie having a chat over the stable door with him cant you?hugs Sheena

  4. Dear Judy Goodnight God bless You, Lola Mae, Charlie and all the Sweeties. Enjoyed Downton tonight. Love and hugs Sheena

  5. I love this site and the updates on Zenyatta and her colts. I can’t wait to hear what 13Z’s name will be. I am sitting on pins and needles waiting to hear. Also, excited to see Zenyatta’s newest foal next year. Thanks again for the great updates.

  6. Happy Birthday, Darlene. We miss you here, but we know you are busy and have your hands full

    Also, thanks to Trina/Sandy for posting. Hugs to you both and Darlene too.

  7. Happy birthday, Marilu! Here is an encore presentation of your poem from 2011, slightly revised and updated for 2013, and a new birthday card.

    A Birthday Poem for Marilu V.
    (September 23, 2013)

    I know you’re enjoying being alive,
    Dear Marilu,
    As you’re now sixty-five,
    Plus two!
    You say the years flew,
    And I believe you, I do,
    In fact, I know that it’s true:
    Though young ones may have no clue,
    As each year passes,
    Time seems to flow
    Like Zenyatta herself would go
    Charging to each race’s finish!
    Nor does one’s joy diminish–
    This September
    You’ll remember
    How it was so glorious
    When you saw Z and Harmonious
    Grazing on Barn 55’s green
    Shaded by their own tree.
    That day you were one of just three
    There to visit the Queen
    In the clear morning light.
    ’Twas such a beautiful scene
    And a delight
    You’ll never forget,
    A special opportunity
    Your beloved Zenyatta to see
    And even to pet.
    To you it has meant so much
    To be able to touch
    The greatness that’s Z.
    That memory with you
    Forever will stay!
    And to celebrate today
    And share joy in being alive,
    Will you go out on a drive
    Taking along your dog Eddie?
    For a ride he’s always ready—
    In the car that darling little beagle
    Feels totally regal
    And just like an eagle
    When he lifts his snout
    And sticks his head out.
    Yes, he feels he has wings,
    And his little heart sings
    As the breeze lovingly flings
    Those long ears back from his head.
    Now to you,
    Dear Marilu,
    As you reflect on the good life you’ve led
    And still more of life’s pleasures pursue,
    We say,
    “Happy Birthday!
    And may all your wishes come true!”


    1. Happy Birthday to Marilu, also!!

    2. Happy Birthday Marilu! Hope to see you in November.

      Welcome back to Trina! Thanks for another great poem :-)

      1. Happy Birthday Marilu! Have the best one ever!

      2. Trina
        Happy to see you back with a Happy Birthday poem–beautifully done.
        Marilu, hope your day was filled with special moments.

  8. A very Happy Birthday , Marilu. Have a wonderful Day. Hugs Sheena

    1. Dear Marilu:

      Happy, Happy Birthday. Love and Hugs, JB

  9. Happy Birthday, Marilu! You may read your card now–lol!
    Hugs to you and pats for Eddie.

    1. Add my voice to those wishing you a happy birthday, Marilu

  10. RIP The victims,including 4 British Nationals , murdered in the shopping mall siege in Nairobi, Kenya.”For evil to triumph, it is only necessary for good men to do nothing”Hugs Sheena


    May your year be filled with laughter, love, friendship and the best of health.

  12. Some interesting news from the California Horse racing Board. The closing of Hollywood Park has necessitated some reshuffling of racing dates. Santa Anita will now run December 26, 2013 through June 29, 2014 and September 25 to Novembeer2, 2014 while Del Mar will conduct its 2014 racing from July 6 to September 3 and November 3 to 30. The rest of Hollywood park’s old racing dates have been awarded to Los Alamitos, which will conduct meets in 2014 July 3 to 13 and December 4 to 21. Los Alamitos is a quarter horse track which is about 30 miles from Santa Anita and is a venue that I often attend. A lot of things had to happen for this to be agreed upon, among which is the expansion of LA’s track from 5/8 to a mile. This will go a long way in alleviating the shortage of barn space because of HP’s demise. LA had to agree to separate the barn space between the quarter horses and the TB’s. Seems like a good solution, but a pox upon those who allowed HP to go away.

    1. Terry,
      Saw that this was in the works as a possibility. Glad there was one, but like you
      I do not share a fondness for those who were behind the closing of HP. It just will not be the same.

      1. Lucky that LA stepped up. The biggest problem was barn space for the horses that will be displaced. There were wildly different amounts being bandied about for the use of the stalls at various locations. LA now has a vested interest because of the racing that will be held there. I still can’t get used to the fact that Hollywood Park is going away. A part of my childhood will be gone.

        1. For the past 40 years whenever I’d fly into LAX I would always look out the window and look for Hollywood Park. When Zenyatta was stabled there I would wonder if she was at home. The thought of it being gone… by the wrecking ball, being plowed under, whatever they’re going to do, is still something I can’t get my head around. I never went as often as I wanted to but I will miss it terribly.

          Terry, do you think you’ll go back once more (or several times) before it closes to say good-bye?

        2. Terry
          What surprised by about the closing is that there wasn’t more of
          a push to do a race-casino or some combination that would keep
          Hollywood Park and add more usage/revenue.
          It is so sad seeing this landmark being plowed under.
          Have all the details about moving statues/artwork and the horses buried there been worked out?

        3. Randy-I intend to visit and go back to the barn area where my mother’s horses were stabled when she was active in racing. I just can’t imagine this place will be gone. I’m sure that my mother would be quite disappointed, but I will describe to her what things are like there now. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to see Bill Shoemaker who was so nice to me when I was a little boy. One of the best times I ever had there was on Gold Cup day a few years ago when I toured Barn 55 with some of the Dumplings. You’re right, Randy. I, too, cannot get my head to accept the inevitable.

        4. BGG-I cannot understand the lack of action by our elected officials. It would have been quite simple to allow the tracks to have slot machines on the premises as so many other states have done. But, then again, our elected officials have been bought and paid for by the Indians who, for some reason, have been granted exclusivity as far as gambling goes. I’m sure it has nothing to do with political contributions. As far as horses buried there goes, it is my understanding that Native Diver will be reburied at Del Mar, where he won his last race. As for the other horses and the items you mentioned, I have not heard or seen anything in print about that.

    2. Dear Terry,
      I totally agree with you. A pox, indeed!!
      Curses upon those who are licking their chops to demolish Hollywood Park, a legendary landmark, to put up an architecturally deprived, poorly constructed mess of “mixed-use” junk. It is so sad and extremely unnecessary. What a travesty!
      Take care, GP!

      1. Marshall-You have described the situation accurately. Anybody familiar with Hollywood Park knows that it is in a depressed area. My apologies to those who live there, but facts are facts. I can’t imagine this development being successful.

  13. Happy Birthday Marilu

  14. Happy Monday Zenny and all of my wonderful Z family.

    Thank you so much to all of those that wished me a happy birthday. It was a great day, only sweetened by all of your good wishes.

    Happy Happy Birthday to Marilu. I hope your day is wonderful.

    Love and hugs to all of you.

    1. Darlene-If the redneck club ever starts meeting again, you are still the president of the Indiana chapter.

      1. Thanks Terry. I am glad to hear that. I am sure I am still quite qualified for this illustrious position.

        1. Darlene-You are, indeed.

      2. Terry – I hope the Redneck Cub does start meeting again.

        As for Hollywood Park, I agree with everyone that closing Hollywood Park is a very sad for racing and after all, it was the Queen’s home during her career. I hope there will be a plan pit together for meeting there before it closes, never to open again.

        1. Rosemary-A horseman such as you must be especially sad. Your plan has merit.

  15. To my sweet friends who were praying for Capona–just learned she was able to get up on her own this morning.

    To those following Betsy Rose–she came up lame on one leg this morning. She needs our prayers and good thoughts. Hugs to all.

    1. Prayers and good thoughts coming your way for Capona and Betsy Rose.

    2. Barbara,
      Such good news for Capona……a major accompishment for her, rescuers must be cautiously optimistic.

      I pray it’s nothing seriious for my girl Betsy…..she has come so far climbing that mountain I’d hate to see her stumble now.

      Sending prayers, love and hugs to both these horses.

      1. Prayers for your Betsy too.

      2. May St. Francis bless all of our animal friends who are ailing.

    3. Barbara,
      Good news-prayers continue for both.
      Hugs, BGG

    4. Dear Barbara,
      Healing thoughts and prayers for Capona and dear Betsy Rose. Hope they both continue on the road to health. Hugs

  16. The boys are getting soooo big!!! Just like their Momma! Thank you for the beautiful photos! They are greatly appreciated.

  17. Dear Barbara So happy to hear about Capona . Will keep Betsy Rose in my prayers ,hope it’s not too serious. Hugs Sheena

  18. I’m wondering if we will be hearing when Coz leaves for Florida training or if he is there yet.
    I also wonder if Team Z will update us on his progress there…..just wondering because it’ that time. My, how it flies!

    1. Maryp NY,
      Those are my concerns too, I know the Mosses can’t have a crew down in Fla to follow COZ too. I would be so disappointed if we lost track of him now. hugs

      1. Dear Sue,

        Oh, the thought of losing track of him is one I don’t want to think about. I really believe we will be briefed from time to time by TeamZ here and that’s about the most to hope for, don’t you think?
        Zenyatta’s “kids” will always be of interest to us.

  19. Hope you all are having a good day! Especially you Mama
    Zenny and boys! Kiss, kiss ;)

  20. Dear Max Maybe you have already heard, Lady Cecil is to carry on training at Warren Place.Joyeuse is running in the Cheveley on Saturday.hugs Sheena

    1. Sheena. I had not heard, but this is good news. I hope that she does well. Any word on whether Juddmonte will stay with her? Hope Joyeuse wins. She’s a beauty like her mother and her dad, Brad Pitt.

  21. Zensters,
    Just found this article. If this isn’t enough to make your eyes bleed, I don’t know what is. Prayers for this guy too. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/06/130617142051.htm

    1. Sue,

      I recall reading about this horse around the time that it happened. His owners found him out in the pasture with these hideous burns by unknown person(s). Last I heard they were sending him for treatment out of state.
      Thank you for finding and posting this as I have so often thought about him. Thank God and those wonderful medical people helping him get well. Many prayers for all the voiceless.

    2. Dear Sue,
      Prayers in abundance for Northstar. What a brave boy! I will never understand how anybody could do such a thing to an innocent being — humans have a sickening bent toward meanness, it seems. We are the only animals who appear to have a malicious streak. How can we be so cruel?
      Hugs and best wishes to this sweet creature for healing and a brighter tomorrow.
      Many thanks to those who are performing the restorative grafting and other procedures.

    3. Thank you so much for posting. I couldn’t bring myself to look at it, but I can certainly pray. You cannot imagine what comes across my desk on a daily basis. Horrible, horrible.

    4. Such a sad story Sue, but what an amazing job they are doing at OSU! Prayers and best wishes for the horse and all those who are caring for him.

    5. Sue-Thanks for posting this. I recall when this first came up and I have been hoping that the pukes responsible for this would be caught. His owners and doctors deserve the highest praise.

  22. Sue and other Wisconsin Z peeps. This is a follow up to the story of Sovereign. Found this video of Big Jake, who lives in Poynette, Wisconsin and is the world’s tallest horse. WOW!!! NEIGH!!!


    1. Dear Max:

      Thank you. What a handsome boy Big Jake is. Hugs, JB

      1. JudyB. He has a nice blaze. Not certain that he agreed with the no sugar policy. He probably would like some peppermint. Hovis doesn’t turn away treats.

    2. Dear Sue Fredrick and Mary:

      Will pray for this poor boy. Hope there’s a special place in hell for whoever did this to him. Hugs, JB

    3. Max,
      Jake certainly is a beauty! So glad he has a loving owner and other companions, too.
      Big Hugs!

      1. Marshall. I noticed in the video that most of the horses along with Jake, except for that one small one, are really big. They are all great looking horses.

    4. Max,
      Thanks so much!! He is beautiful!! He lives in Poynette which is not too far from us and they do give tours so you can see this big guy for a nominal fee. Maybe I’ll get down there to visit one of these days. hugs

    5. Holy Moly!! He is amazing. Hope you get to see him Sue (and any other Wisconsin peeps). Great find Max – thanks!

      1. Holy Moley? The only thing I can say in response is Shazam!

        1. Holy Moley and Shazam! Love it!

  23. Dear Max Wow that’s one mighty big Boy!!! aren’t they just gentle giants though. Think the tiny horse in the film was more my size!!!Thanks for posting. Hugs Sheena

    1. Sheena. Here’s one especially for you. Notice the presence of the little chestnut standing before The Queen for the first time.


      1. Dear Max and Sheena:

        Great find. Thank you. Hugs, JB

        1. JudyB. Glad that you enjoyed it. Love that little chestnut. He or she looked right at The Queen. Lots of confidence in that one, like our Red.

  24. Dear Judy Goodnight God blessYou,Lola Mae, Charlie and all the Sweeties.Hope you got to visit Charlie over the weekend. Love and hugs SheenaX

    1. Dear Sheena:

      Love and Hugs, JB, LM, PC and all the Sweeties

      1. Judy-How is Lola Mae? Has she recovered from the extraction? Even when you know, you never know.

  25. Animal Kingdom has his first mares in foal
    By Bloodstock World Staff RacingPost.com 10:58AM 22 SEP 2013
    KENTUCKY Derby and Dubai World Cup hero Animal Kingdom has had six of his first mares scanned in foal at Arrowfield Stud in Australia.
    The five-year-old son of Leroidesanimaux was retired this year after a glittering career for trainer Graham Motion and owner-breeder Team Valor.
    Arrowfield operations manager Sam Fairgray said: “He’s the smartest first-season stallion I have seen in the barn, an absolute natural and a pleasure to work with.”
    The high esteem in which he is held by Australian breeders is reflected in the quality of his early coverings this year. They include Queensland Oaks heroine Vitesse Dane, Merlene De Lago, a Group 2-winning daughter of Golden Slipper winner Merlene, and stakes scorers Armed For Action, Gibraltar Campion, Miss Bussell and Suspicion.

    1. Dear BGG:

      Thanks for this update on AK. Can’t wait to see these babies. Love and Hugs, JB

  26. Super Saturday Storylines
    Horse Racing Nation September 23, 2013 1:14 PM
    The line-up on Super Saturday at Belmont Park features five grade one stakes races and a grade two, all six are part of the Breeders’ Cup Challenge “Win and You’re In” Series. The stakes have combined $3,400,000 in purse money. Here are the specifics for each race including their respective Breeders’ Cup event followed by some of the interesting storylines for Super Saturday.
    The Beldame – 1 1/8 miles – 3YO and up F/M – The Distaff
    The Flower Bowl – 1¼ miles (T) – 3YO and up F/M – The F/M Turf
    The Joe Hirsch Turf Classic – 1½ miles (T) – 3YO and up – The Turf
    The Jockey Club Gold Cup – 1¼ miles – 3YO and up – The Classic
    The Kelso (G2) – 1 mile – 3YO and up – The Dirt Mile
    The Vosburgh – six furlongs – 3YO and up – The Sprint

  27. It’s count down time. 5 days to go until the Big Day!! Yikes. :)

    1. Dear Heidi:

      Wishing you all the best. Hugs, JB

    2. best of everything Heidi…have the best day ever

    3. Heidi-Nothing but good wishes for the rest of your life.

      1. Thank you my fellow dumplings!

  28. Hi all Zsters! I drove up to see and bum with my dear friend for the week-end; now I am really behind all that has been written. Sometimes one has to prioritize and seeing her was special. I am hoping that everything is all roses for everyone.
    hugs, Sally B

    Zenyatta, Goodnight & sweet dreams!! I must get up early to take care of Sir, Fancy, Frito & Jo. Wish I could take care of you Zenyatta!!
    lovenkisses on your soft nose, and to your kids Coz and 13z

    Auntie Sally B

  29. James O’Brien ‏@LauristonTbred tweet with FOAL PHOTO
    LTF is pleased to announce the arrival at 9:00PM 23 Sep 2013 of a black/grey
    by Lonhro from Gold Edition

    1. Dear BGG:

      Thanks for sharing. OMG, how alert this baby looks; beautiful. Mom’s a beautiful grey girl. Hugs, JB

    2. Awww – what a beautiful baby. Thanks BGG (I assume this is in Australia? Or somewhere in the southern hemisphere?).

    3. Thanks, BGG! Mama and baby look wonderful, don’t they?
      What a handsome, alert colt he is. Hugs

  30. So Many Ways Sold to Northern Farms in Japan
    By Blood-Horse Staff Updated: Monday, September 23, 2013 9:20 PM
    Owner Maggi Moss said Sept. 23 she has sold grade I-winning 3-year-old filly So Many Ways to Katsumi Yoshida of Northern Farms in Hokkaido, Japan, for breeding purposes. The purchase price wasn’t disclosed.
    A release indicated So Many Ways will no longer race. She won five of 10 starts for earnings of $717,148, and in her most recent start Sept. 21 won the $400,000 Charles Town Oaks at Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races.
    The Pennsylvania-bred filly by Sightseeing out of the Dehere mare Happy Scene was purchased for $22,000 at the 2011 Fasig-Tipton Maryland sale. She was trained by Tony Dutrow and then Tom Amoss
    Read more on BloodHorse.com: http://www.bloodhorse.com/horse-racing/articles/80849/so-many-ways-sold-to-northern-farms-in-japan#ixzz2flzQWkxK