Welcome to the OFFICIAL website for Zenyatta!

We are very excited to have an interactive community that provides something for everyone interested in our beloved Zenny. Our goal was to create a destination that catered to the likes of Zenyatta’s fans but also include an element for racing fans and children alike. You’ll be able to find current news and video content the moment we have it, as well as download Zenyatta’s race cards paired with videos of each race for her 18 consecutive wins in the Racing Section.

Check back soon for the launch of the Children’s Section that will include interactive games, puzzles, and a comic strip! Hope you all enjoy the site and thanks for supporting Zenyatta.


  1. i am hoping that I can get the chance to go see Zenyatta at lanes end one day.I never got the chance to see her before,I live in New York.I am such a huge fan of hers and think shes the best race horse ive ever seen race before.Im glad to hear shes doing well retired,but I do miss her racing.I love her so much and wish her and her connections the very best.

  2. ZENYATTA is the best horse to EVER race, period. there has never been one like her. the people that are associated with her are one of a kind. john sherriffs is bar none the best horseman these days. no one could have done what he has. a true horseman and great human being. im glad i saw her in my lifetime. there wont be one like her for many decades to come. long live the greatest horse ever “ZENYATTA”

  3. Zenyatta… we miss you so much! i hope I
    can buy one of your babes.
    Ingrid from SoBe.

  4. Zenyatta, I miss you terribly, but I follow your news and photos, and I’m happy that you are living in such a beautiful place, with friends to run with, and impressing everyone you meet with your charming adorable ways. I will love you always. Jean.

  5. We all love you! I look at your website every day. Thank you for everything. You are definitely the Queen. I look forward to all your news. Maybe someday it will be possible to visit you.
    Best wishes Joyce

  6. Zenyatta is the most beautifully proportioned living being I have ever seen. If there is any example of Platonic perfection, she is it. I never tire of watching her , I am awestruck.She is as breathtakingly beautiful whether standing still or moving. Add to that her playfulness and sweet character…she is a touch of heaven here on earth….just amazing…

  7. great news for Zenyatta and her family…and for all her loving fans! I know she will have the best of care. Zenyatta, I wish you and your baby health and happiness! Jean

  8. I agree with the poster who stated that Bernardini should pay Zenyatta instead of the other way around. After all, Zenyatta is paying the Van Fare to get to Darley.

    Oh what a year we are all going to have waiting for your foal. Just want to offer a prayer in my heart for the health of all concerned before, during and after this date. And that goes for Zenyatta, the foal and Bernardini also!! :)

  9. I have loved watching Zenyatta. Such personality in a horse is wonderful. She loves to be Queen. It sounds as if a decision has been made who she will be bred to, but I have not heard it yet and I am anxious to know. Who is it??? Please post it on your news portion of the website Zenyatta.com or do I need to go to another website???? Thank you.

  10. zenyatta you didn’t just run to be queen.you were a danceing queen befor every race. if you and bernardin have a fillie ,i know you like sting but how about zen danceing queen ardin, thanks tl

  11. Please tell Zenyatta that, because of her, I am supporting six horse rescue organizations, and have been for some time now. I hope she knows how much good she is doing. Love, Jean.

  12. Thank you for creating a website for Zenyatta, and thank you to my friend Julie for introducing me to it! Kate

  13. Zenyatta, Zanyatta…You are like
    a dream, you caime to this world to
    be womans pride… You are my
    dream!!!! I miss you so much…
    Ingrid from SoBo.

  14. Congratulations to you on your upcoming birth. We are all excited. We’d like to make you and Rachel a joint baby shower. We truly hope you both give birth to fillies like yourselves and hopefully they will be as outstanding as you are.

  15. My dear Zenyatta, Do you ever get to see your mother at all? I wonder if horses recognize their mothers after so long a separation? Can they tell by memory or by smell? You talked about Ingordo getting to see your mom and you were enthused about that so it made me wonder. I am afraid I know little about horses ….but I enjoy everything I learn about you, you wonderful and inspiring girl! I look for news of you every day.
    Thanks for any help with this.

  16. Thank you Zenyatta! You helped me be an “A” student in first grade, both on and off the track.

  17. I still wish Zenyatta’s owners had raced her for at least another year and maybe two. The grueling Grand National Steeplechase in England is often won by older horses. They start horses too young and retire them too early from racing in the US. Zenyatta stayed sound
    because they started her later than most.

  18. Dear Mr Moss. I just heard the news about Zenyatta not being in foal.I am very disappointed that this has happened. I would like to offer My Stallion Noble Sound undefeated son of Vindication.A 2.8 million dollar yearling purchase for Darley Stud.It would be free you can take him to any farm of your choosing and I expect nothing in return. Sincerely. Dr. Lopez 623-556-7416.

  19. Hi zennyatta, I hope you have a great day tommarrow

  20. Hi sara

  21. Hi hello just want to say good luck on the kentuky dur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ya lets go zenyatta

  22. Just wanted to say CONGRATS again. I can just see you teaching your little one some things they don’t teach in racing school such as how to DANCE to the starting gate and how to pose “just so” in the Winners Circle. I know you’ll be a FABULOUS Mom!!!!

  23. Ok Z ! Tell Mario to have some pickles and ice cream around for your new mom cravings! :)))

    Luv Ya!

  24. Has a name been submitted and approved for Baby “Z” yet?

  25. Does Zinyata Have a Baby

  26. The name should be zensational

  27. The name should be zensational …