Z Princess, Always in Our Hearts

Z Princess. Photo by Kyle Acebo.

Z Princess. Photo by Kyle Acebo.

Two years ago today Zenyatta delivered a curly maned filly we called Z Princess. She was on this earth a mere six months, but her memory will be with us forever. Happy Birthday, Z Princess.

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Zenyatta with her 2014 War Front filly, Z Princess. Photo by Kyle Acebo.

Zenyatta with her 2014 War Front filly, Z Princess. Photo by Kyle Acebo.


  1. Dear Z, COZ, ZI and DC:

    Hope you’re all enjoying peaceful days and restful nights. Goodnight. Love You. Hugs, JB

    Z Princess, Dubai, Baby Z, will always love you.

  2. Dear Judy.Glesni’s 3rd egg is practically white Monty thinks a duck may have visited!! Blue caught her own fish this evening she hasn’t eaten since Wednesday.Betsy is preparing for them to reconstruct her jaw this week her leg still looks very sore but the wound is clean and her head is really healing well.Hope Willow is doing well.Goodnight God bless you LM PC HT Cap Hercules Frank Bentley and all the sweeties.Love and hugs SheenaX

  3. Dear Z, Coz and Ziconic,

    Goodnight, sleep tight and always sweet dreams.
    Hope Z and V have had a lovely weekend with good weather.

    All the best wishes, always.

    Hugs and Love

  4. beautyfull Zenny Vixana Zi Coz and mates sleep in deep soft straw, slowly drink clean not cold water, eat green light hay apples oats pears sweet potato carrot juice, Zi and Coz have bath care of back neck legs hooves health, walk on air with groom, Zenny and Vixana walk on air in paddock, enjoy green grass green trees flowers, care of health too, beautyfull Zenny Vixana Zi Coz and mates stay comfy and cozy, eat apples, kiss your soft noses, lil 16z i think your mane is curly too, lil 16z, lil 14z filly Dubai im remembering you

    1. Dear andrej:

      Lovely post. Love and Hugs, JB

  5. RIP King George hero Opera House who has died following a paddock accident at Shizunai Stud aged 28yrs.The son of Sadler’s wells had been pensioned off 3 yrs ago.He won 3 races at the highest level in the summer 1993 when trained by Sir Michael Stoute.He is a brother to jumps sire Kayf Tara SheenaX

    1. Dear Sheena:

      Oh no, another tragic paddock accident. RIP beautiful boy. Love and Hugs, JB

    2. Another is lost. So sad. RIP Opera House
      After 28 years, you deserved a more peaceful end, beautiful fellow.

      Hugs and Love

  6. Congrats to our wonderful Zenyatta. She is being inducted into the Racing Hall of Fame this summer. And going in with her is Rachel. How fitting that these two champions are going in at the same time. We really can love both of them.

    1. Dear Shirlee:

      Yes, Congrats to our beautiful Queen and to beautiful RA. Both so deserving. Love and Hugs, JB

  7. Dearest Zenyatta,

    Congratulations on your induction into the Hall of Fame, you and all the Z team are so deserving of this great honor.

    Donna XX

  8. Wonderful news about Zenyatta’s and Rachel Alexandra’s election into HOF. No surprise of course. Ramon Dominguez and Steve Asmussen are the other inductees. A little surprised Victor Espinoza didn’t get in this time.

  9. I still can’t think of Z Princess without getting all misty-eyed. :'(

    Congratulations on the Hall of Fame induction!!!!!!! ♥

  10. Dear Sheena, Marshall, Elizabeth, Sally and Z Fans:

    Peggy just called and told me she found Jordan. She will post soon to thank you for all of your prayers. Thank the Lord. Love and Hugs, JB

    1. Dear Judy.I am sooo happy for Peggy and Jordan.I have prayed for them both every day.God is good.Love and hugs SheenaX

      1. Dear Sheena:

        Yes, indeed! Love and Hugs, JB

    2. Dear Judy B.,

      Thanks for the great news! So glad and relieved that Peggy has her Jordan back safe and sound. Prayers of thankfulness and cheers all around.

      Hugs and Love

      1. Dear Marshall:

        Yes, prayers answered. Thank God. Love and Hugs, JB

  11. Beautiful, beautiful girl! Steve Willard is looking after her up at the Rainbow Bridge, with
    our dear Lord in Heaven. :)

    God’s blessings to all in the Zenyatta Nation!

    Kathy from SoCal (San Diego) xoxo

  12. Beautiful Baby Girl, you left this world way to early, but you touched the Hearts of so many in your brief time on earth.But now you have a newjob in Heaven taking care of your Tiny Baby Brother. I picture you both running in the beautiful green meadows in Heaven. HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY IN HEAVEN BABY GIRL.XO

  13. Bonjour Zenyatta,

    So sad that you lost your only girl. I was so happy when she was born.

    A double whammy! It was Easter Sunday, too.

    She is so beautiful.

    Lots of love to you!

    Lise from Maine

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