Zenyatta and Vixana (Girlfriends)

Zenyatta with Vixana, her new paddock mate and former training partner. Photo by Ann Moss.

Zenyatta with Vixana, her new paddock mate and former training partner. Photo by Ann Moss.

We’re happy to share this much anticipated update. Zenyatta and her new paddock mate, Vixana, have become fast friends. Both mares are owned by the Mosses and they both trained with John at Hollywood Park. Dottie tells us that they learned to break from the gate together! This week brought beautiful weather to Lane’s End and Ann stayed at the farm to spend time with Zenyatta, who seems to be in good spirits.

Scroll down for two short videos.

Team Z

Z & V. Photo by Ann Moss.

Z & V. Photo by Ann Moss.

Zenyatta and Vixana out on a sunny day. Video by Ann Moss.

The mares go in for dinner, and Vixana has some fun. Video by Ann Moss.


  1. Thank you Ms. Moss for sharing.

  2. I’m so happy that she is not depressed over losing her foal

    1. Me too….

  3. I’m so glad Zenyatta has a good friend at her side. Thanks for keeping us updated about our beautiful girl.

  4. So very sorry to hear about the loss of the new colt!!! Thank heavens Zenyatta is okay though!!!!!! Did Vixana lose her foal too? Hope not! Thanks for keeping all us fans in the loop – even with the bad news… Thoughts and prayers are with you all always!

  5. Watch how Zenyatta just comes up to the people when she notices them walking up. She looks good. Relaxed on a beautiful day.

  6. Thank you so much for the update, and for being so considerate of her fans to share.

  7. Thank you so much for the pictures and videos. I’m glad she is with a gal pal. She looks good. 😙😙

  8. So touched by all of this.

  9. Thank you for sharing these video’s of the “Girlfriends”! It is good to see Z in good spirits. We all love her, but no one loves this mare more than Ann Moss. I do hope she didn’t let some of the negative things I saw written after the loss of Z’s foal bother her. Those of us who have loved Z from the beginning know that Ann has nothing but Z’s best interests in her heart! For Team Z and all of you to share her with us is priceless! Please give Z a big hug from me and Ann too! My thanks to all involved with her care! Keep those video’s coming!

    1. Marilyn,
      Might I be remembering your name from a horse-related endeavor in NY?

  10. Thank you so much for sharing. So glad to hear these two girls have formed this bond. Zenyatta has no doubt taken comfort in being with another horse. She looks so beautiful as does Vixanna. Much love to all.

  11. It is wonderful to see Zenyatta enjoying herself with her new friend and in lovely weather too.If only we could learn from animals and live in the moment.All is well.Thank you as always for the updates Team Z.Forward by all means.Love and hugs SheenaXOXO

  12. Thank you Mr and Mrs Moss
    I am a Zenyatta fan from the UK and Enjoy getting Posts about her she was the queen of the track she still looks beautiful

  13. Beautiful girls. Does Vixena have any babies? Glad Zenyatta is doing well

    1. Mentor Cane was Vixana’s foal

      1. I saw that too.

  14. My sympathies to Zenyatta’s family at such a sad outcome. The resilience you all show in response is a tribute to your character. Good times will follow…

  15. Just so sad about Z16 death. Very pleased that Z has a friend that she knows beside her when Ann is gone back to California.
    Thank you for keeping us up to date with Zenyattas life.
    Blessed Be.

  16. So glad to see Z enjoying the beautiful day. She looks well and I’m happy Ann is still with her. Thankyou for sharing these peaceful videos

  17. Ahh, this warms my heart. The first picture makes me so happy. The videos are great. Vixana stays to close Zenyatta as she walks off to find a new grazing spot. Thank you Ann, and Lane’s End for posting all of this. I’m feeling better about Zenyatta now. Just love that girl.

  18. Thank You Ann Moss for posting these videos!! They are LOVELY. Both of your Mares look Wonderful and HAPPY to be out together. HUGS TO ALL

  19. This update makes me so happy!! Thank you!

  20. I am glad she a friend to hang out with and it’s so cute when they walk right up to their people to go into dinner although Vixana was having a little fun first.

  21. The Queen is looking exceptionally well. I’m glad that she is interested in having her dinner, always a very good sign.
    Enjoyed those videos. Vixana has given us a little reminder of just who her dam sire is: Big D. Dynaformers do it their way.
    All of the best to Zenyatta, Vixana and their people. Good fortune only to you all.

    1. Thanks for that reminder of Big D., Max.

      1. Vixana has the magnificent Roberto ears and blaze from Dynaformer. Zenyatta inherited them from Roberto via Kris S. These two are beautiful mares. Both are big girls, another gift from their distaff heritage. I think those coats are 100% cashmere too. May good luck smile on these girlfriends and their people.

        1. Dear Max,
          Loved both of these posts! “Dynaformers do it their way” 😄 This gave me a BIG smile. Thank you!
          Yes, I think the girls have 100% cashmere coats, also — they are indeed beautiful mares. Love the ears, too.
          I join you and everyone in wishing good fortune and good health to both and their people.

          Hugs and Love

        2. Yes, indeed.
          Thanks for the scoop on Ms. V and Big D.
          V has that spunk! Zenny will be a good influence.

    2. I love Vixana’s Dam side!

    3. Dear Max and Z Fans:

      Max, thanks for this info. Didn’t know Vixana was a grand daughter of Big D, That explains the “little vixen” Diva moves. 100% cashmere, indeed. Love and Hugs, JB

  22. Thank you for sharing.

  23. Thank you I will show the children. They keep asking me how she is doing. Zenyatta is so loving and smart. I think she needs the companionship right now❤️ God Bless both and May God comfort Team Zenyatta🌹

  24. This a heartwarming thing to see today. I am glad Ann Moss is staying on for a while. I thinks seeing Z and Vixana getting along so well, will give her the peace she will need after this loss.

    I love the second video. Oueen Z walks right up to the groom, gets her lead on and Vixana not wanting too, and being wise, they just started to lead Z away and Vixana followed. Isn’t that like our Z? Making equines and humans feeling secure and comfortable.
    Zenyatta is truly one of a kind!

  25. Thank you Ann…we all love your girl almost as much as you and the updates make my day.

  26. Thank you so much for the update on Zenny and her friend. They appear to be very happy to be together. Zenny looks healthy and calm which is wonderful to see. I admire Ann for her commitment to not only Zennyattas care, but also her happiness. Prayers for only the best going forward.

  27. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou for these peaceful videos and picture. Ann Moss, you are a wonderful broodmare mother. I hope I can be as good a broodmare mother with my foal that was born early A.M. on Valentine’s day . Our maiden mare had her difficulties at first when the foal came but she learned pretty quickly and is now a perfect mom. Again thankyou for your gift of these videos which have brought peace to all of us worried Zenyatta fans.

  28. Thank you for the pics and Video. Zenyatta looks great!!! She’s such a lady. Vixana wasn’t having that though, but then again, who wouldn’t follow Z.

  29. Thank you for the videos! Zenyatta looks fabulous….as always. Zenyatta & Vixana going for walks, having lunch, sharing a moment & posing for a photo or two……girl friends spending time together………priceless!

  30. Thank you for the update! Looks like a beautiful day in Kentucky and two
    beautiful horses. I’ve followed this site since it started. Thank you to everyone
    involved for bringing us to a front row seat to one of the greatest Mares of our
    time. Every time I see a video, its like I’m in the paddock with them. Pretty neat.


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