Zenyatta and Vixana (Girlfriends)

Zenyatta with Vixana, her new paddock mate and former training partner. Photo by Ann Moss.

Zenyatta with Vixana, her new paddock mate and former training partner. Photo by Ann Moss.

We’re happy to share this much anticipated update. Zenyatta and her new paddock mate, Vixana, have become fast friends. Both mares are owned by the Mosses and they both trained with John at Hollywood Park. Dottie tells us that they learned to break from the gate together! This week brought beautiful weather to Lane’s End and Ann stayed at the farm to spend time with Zenyatta, who seems to be in good spirits.

Scroll down for two short videos.

Team Z

Z & V. Photo by Ann Moss.

Z & V. Photo by Ann Moss.

Zenyatta and Vixana out on a sunny day. Video by Ann Moss.

The mares go in for dinner, and Vixana has some fun. Video by Ann Moss.


  1. Just wanted to wish you all the best from Ohio. As a two time breast cancer survivor…remember when life knocks you down, get back up and hit it back. Again if you have to.

    There are some people saying weird things on other web sites and I just attribute their nonsense to the fact that Queen Z has brought so many non-equine experts into her fan club due to her character and also the lovely fan friendly access her owners have allowed so we can continue to follow her.

    Please ignore anything hurtful being said or questioned about the loss of the foals. Everyone is upset, angry and confused. There is also no such thing as a jinx – if you like the way the babies looked and still want a War Front baby, I say GO FOR IT! I hope you get a filly from her someday and if its the only one, remember August(us?) Belmont didn’t race many of his mares. Whatever you decide….Have a beautiful spring and God Bless Zenyatta!

    1. Dear Denean,

      That’s the spirit! Way to go, girl. I have been there, too, but luckily, it was an early stage — 16 years ago and so far all is well. Continued good luck and good health to you, brave friend.
      I agree with everything you wrote in your post. We humans should keep our mouths shut about things we know nothing of. The Mosses, Team Z and Lane’s End are wonderful, caring people who certainly know more about their charges than any of us. Zenyatta is in the best of hands.
      Blessings to you, and of course, to our beautiful Z.

      Hugs and Love

    2. Denean,
      Well said. Thankful for your winning your battle against breast cancer and pray that you continue healthy.

      I don’t read things about Zenyatta’s loss other than here on the blog. Even thought I grew up in horse country, I sure am not an expert but know that Zenyatta and all the horses at Lane’s End are well cared for and loved. The Mosses have blessed us by letting us be a part of their wonderful mare’s life and no one has a right to demand answers from them.

      1. Dear Denean:

        Lovely post. All the best. Love and Hugs, JB

    3. Dear Denean,
      Bravo to you!! Nice to see another poster here from Ohio – hope you stick around – and thanks for saying this so well.

  2. The girlfriends sure made my day. So good to see Zenyatta and Vixana enjoying the beautiful weather. Having Ann and a special friend nearby is the perfect tonic for Zenny. Thank you for sharing this healing time with her many fans. Love Ya, Zenyatta.

  3. Goodnight Zenyatta, I hope you had fun with Vixana today
    Now rest with sweet dreams
    Love you with kisses and to all your sons & daughter
    Auntie, Sally B

  4. Thank you Dear Ann for sharing the videos with us and for staying behind for Zenyatta. Shows us how much you love her. Having you close to Zenny at this time is good for her. I am sure she feels and appreciates your presence. Sending you love and prayerful thoughts Zenyatta. Love and Hugs…………….

  5. Dear Judy B.,

    Thank you for your kind words. I left a response to your reply on page 4.
    Hope you have a restful night and a good week.

    Hugs and Love

    1. Dear Marshall:

      Love and Hugs, JB

  6. Dear Zenyatta,

    Love, love, love you! Stay cozy in your stall, and enjoy your friend, Vixana.
    Sweet dreams to both of you and to all your family, both human and equine.

    Hugs and Love

  7. Thank you so much for the update on Zennie. She and Vixana seem to be quite happy. I pray that Ann and the rest of Team Z are comforted by this. I know that I am!

  8. Zenny looks great and I am so glad she has Vixana to be with her. I’ve been
    following Zenyatta since the birth of Cozmic One. I hope when she’s ready,
    Ann & Jerry breed her back to War Front. If they don’t, we will never know what
    their offspring would be capable of. I for one, would always wonder. However,
    I respect Ann & Jerry and I know they will make the right decision for Zenyatta.

    I thank Ann & Jerry for letting us share Zenyatta’s life. The good and the bad.
    I love you sweet girl and you are lucky to have such wonderful owners.

  9. Glesni laid her first egg at 4am.Life is going to be very interesting this summer!Monty’s going to be a busy boy.Sheena

  10. Wishing our dear Judy B a very Happy Birthday.A truly lovely lady I am proud to call a friend.Enjoy your day.Love and hugs SheenaX

    1. Happy Birthday to Judy B!!

      1. Dear Celeste:

        Thank you. Love and Hugs, JB

    2. My Dear Sheena:

      Thank you so much and I’m truly grateful to have your friendship. Love and Hugs, JB

    3. Have a super birthday Judy!!!!!

      1. Dear Pam:

        Thank you so much. Love and Hugs, JB

  11. Here’s an interesting development: Songbird is out of the Kentucky Oaks. A low-grade fever is keeping her from training.


    This probably means that Rachel’s Valentina will be post-time favorite.

    1. Oh no! Songbird is such a special filly. So happy however that her connections are putting her healthy first. Look at our Zenny. She didn’t run in any of the big filly races at 3 and was still a great champion. Get well soon Songbird.

      Could it be fate for Little Rachel?

    2. It is sad she won’t make that race, but I am glad her trainer and connections are looking out for her best interest and putting her health and welfare first. Comments at the Bloodhorse article were unkind from several and then I just quit reading. No time for negative at this point.

    3. Dear LauraJ.Very sad to hear this news on our RP this morning.Thank God her connections are putting her welfare first.Get well soon.Hugs Sheena

    4. This is a real disappointment, and I hope she will come back strong! Would be fun to see her beat the boys later this year. As has been noted elsewhere, the Oaks now becomes a somewhat more interesting race. Will have to go with the facts rather than my heart!

    5. Dear Laura J and Z Fans:

      Just read this news in TDN. Feel better soon beautiful girl. Love and Hugs, JB

    6. Disappointing development, but I join other Z’sters in saying that I am glad they are putting Songbird’s welfare first. She is a wonderful filly, and her connections are doing the right thing. Get well and Power Up, Songbird!

      Hugs and Love

  12. April 18 Cherokee Devotional

    Go outside, remove your shoes, and put your bare feet on the ground. Close your eyes and feel the difference. Somewhere deep inside somethings changes, and we experience a sense of well-being. Lean against a tree and catch the scent of wild plum blossoms. Hear the birds sing and the frogs croak. Expose yourself to freedom. Breathe deep and let your spirit soar.

    It is the general belief of the Indians that after a man dies his spirit still lives.
    -Chased-By-Bears, Santee Sioux

  13. Happy Birthday, Judy B!

    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you.
    Happy Birthday dear Judy,
    Happy Birthday to you…and many moooooore!

    Have a wonderful day and year.

    Lots of love,
    Kathy XOXO

    1. My Dear Kathy:

      Thank you. Love and Hugs, JB

  14. Dear Sheena,

    Oh my gosh, Dr. Jill has adopted ANOTHER pom! Beautiful little white puppy. She calls her Ms. Mouse. 4 poms plus Dexter. She says their house is full now. Ya think??? Oh well, they all get lots of love and the best possible care. Wookie is doing well at the moment. The ratties aren’t participating in Monday. Very wise! I hope you have a great day. Love and hugs from me, kisses from Angel Holly, Nikko and Sugar. Kathy XOXO

  15. Dear Judy B,
    Belated birthday wishes. It has been a blessing to get to know you through this blog. You always have kind things to say and find great posts for us. God bless you today and everyday.

    1. My Dear Shirlee:

      Thank you for your birthday wishes and kind words. I am blessed to know you. Love and Hugs, JB

  16. Thank You Ann for the videos. Looks like Zenny is doing well, I am sure having you there with her has a lot to do with it.. Looks like Zenny and Vixana have really bonded. Thanks again for keeping everyone updated.

  17. Dear Kathy.Monday again and I am full of cold.My voice is disappearing fast(although some may think that’s a good thing!)Nature is a wonderful healer.Gosh,another pom.Dr Jill is very wise really for we never know what could happen to Wookie in the future.Did you see the pic of Arkle and the Duchess?Julie had quite an eventful journey home from Ayr but thoroughly enjoyed herself.Such a shame about Songbird’s fever.
    Well it’s an unique situation at the Dyfi Monty seems to be coping so far but I worry about the chicks when they hatch.Blue finally got her man!!!They had noticed subtle changes in their behaviour this year he’s been mating with her since he returned.Pity they didn’t have a camera on the “new nest”Remember to turtle.Have a great day.Love and hugs to you,Kisses for Angel Holly,Nikko and Sugar.SheenaXOXO

    1. Dear Sheena,

      So sorry you’re not feeling well. Feel better! When I had 3 dogs it seemed like a lot, but with Holly gone now I’m very glad to still have 2, also glad they are company for each other when Steve and I are gone to work. Yes, the pic of Arkle and the Duchess is very endearing. So glad Julie had a good time. What happened on the way home? Yes, I’m worried about Songbird. Good to know they’re making her overall health the priority. Lots of drama at the Dyfi. I hope the chicks will be okay! I will be turtling along with you. Love and hugs from me and puppy kisses from Angel Holly, Nikko and Sugar. Kathy XOXO

  18. Adding my good wishes to one of our foundation Dumplings, researcher extraordinnaire, and super nice person who makes our world here a better place on so many counts, Judy B!
    ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you
    ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you
    ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday dear Judy
    ♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫ ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫
    Hope you have a great day!

    1. My Dear Sandy:

      Thank you. Love Ya. Love and Hugs, JB

  19. For all of the Hovis followers, I wanted to share a post from his Mum today after reading about the death of our littlest prince on the Horse and Hound website:

    “I know so many of Hovis’ trans-Atlantic fans are also Zenyatta fans so my heart goes out to all her fans and connections. Our thoughts are with you all xxx
    If any of you go on her fans pages then please pass on Hovis and I’s kindest regards x”

    1. Dear Sandy:

      Thank you so much for this. So sweet. How loved is Our Queen! Love and Hugs, JB

  20. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Dumpling sister Judy B!

    May the day be as lovely as you and the year ahead as gracious and kind.

    Much love! Abigail

    1. My Dear Abigail:

      Thank you so much. Love and Hugs, JB

  21. Ménage á trois!!Glesni on the left looking daggers!Sheena.

    1. Dear Sheena:

      Couldn’t access the link, but you have me laughing out loud. Well, at least this year the girls will be busy looking after their chicks and not fighting over Monty. Love and Hugs, JB

  22. Happy, Happy Birthday, Judy B!
    Hope your day is extra special, just like you!
    Papa Charlie will be wearing his party hat today.
    Lots and lots of love and hugs….MWAH. ☆♥☆♥

    1. My Dear Ann:

      Thank you, Dear Heart. Love and Hugs, JB

  23. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the photos of the ‘girlfriends’.
    I’m so heartbroken. My heart aches for the Moss’s.

    Ann, thank you for being there for Zenyatta.
    Love and Prayers for all

  24. Best birthday wishes, Judy B!
    Your posts are always so thoughtful and well informed – I appreciate you and wish you a wonderful year!
    Annie B in MA

    1. Dear Annie B:

      My sweet New England neighbor, thank you for your birthday wishes ad kind words. Wishing you a wonderful year too. Love and Hugs, JB

  25. Thanks so much for posting the videos. It helps heal the hurt that we have all been feeling and thanks for sharing that beautiful day with that beautiful blue sky. It made me wish that we could just all take our chairs out there and join you sitting in the sun watching the girls.

  26. Donna C. Thank you Ann and Team Z for the updates and especially the videos of Zenyatta and Vixana bonding. To see them so happy together lifts the spirits.
    I know the Moss’s will do what’s best for Zenny…but I see no harm in saying I would love to see a foal by Zenny and Medaglia d’Oro….maybe someday.

  27. THANK YOU, for sharing the beautiful photos of Zenyatta & Vixana hanging out together. It is good to see Zenyatta has a friend & I’m sure the company of a girl friend helps her, carry on.

  28. Dear Zenyatta – and all her fans and friends and especially Mrs. Moss. Thank you so much for posting these two videos with Z and Vixanna. They are so uplifting after such sadness I’m noticing that Zenny is in the lead! Returned last this morning from a vacation in Italy and trying to catch up on Zenyatta and updates. I am so very sorry for the loss of the baby Z16. I really have no words to comfort. These videos helped everyone I’m sure see that Z is recovering and I hope all goes well for her and know the Moss’s will do everything in her best interests.

    Thank to Lane’s End for keeping us apprised of her welfare. I know some of you who follow the Horse and Man blog and are aware there are some baby orphan foals that need help. I think for me ( and this is just me, since I have no land to keep a horse or donkey as much as I would like to, the best thing will be to send a donation in memory of sweet baby Z16 – Just a little to hold his memory dear to my heart.
    I know the next time I’m at Santa Anita I will probably cry when I see Zenyatta’s statue. Such heartbreak and loss for all of us who treasure Zenyatta.

    I hope everyone has a nice day and especially Judy B – Happy Birthday. You are another one of the treasures I have been fortunate to find….. all because of Zenyatta and her loving family.
    This is a ramble, still sleep deprived after being in airports and planes for more than 24 hours.

    1. Dear Delrene:

      Speaking of treasures, the feeling is mutual. Thank you for your birthday wishes and sweet words. Love and Hugs, JB

  29. Dear Denean, Congrats on winning the war with breast cancer. U sound like a strong, positive woman & could be a great example to others. I’m still crying over the loss of the little one, but wanted to tell u I agree with everything u said. Thank u for posting & God bless.

  30. Nothing more perfect than to see these two girls together enjoying a beautiful bluegrass spring day! It looks like Vixana is a perfect paddock mate for Zenyatta. A big thanks to Ann Moss sharing these delightful photos and videos with all of us. We can always count on Zenny to bring a smile to everyone.

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