Zenyatta and Vixana (Girlfriends)

Zenyatta with Vixana, her new paddock mate and former training partner. Photo by Ann Moss.

Zenyatta with Vixana, her new paddock mate and former training partner. Photo by Ann Moss.

We’re happy to share this much anticipated update. Zenyatta and her new paddock mate, Vixana, have become fast friends. Both mares are owned by the Mosses and they both trained with John at Hollywood Park. Dottie tells us that they learned to break from the gate together! This week brought beautiful weather to Lane’s End and Ann stayed at the farm to spend time with Zenyatta, who seems to be in good spirits.

Scroll down for two short videos.

Team Z

Z & V. Photo by Ann Moss.

Z & V. Photo by Ann Moss.

Zenyatta and Vixana out on a sunny day. Video by Ann Moss.

The mares go in for dinner, and Vixana has some fun. Video by Ann Moss.


  1. What a beautiful friendship! It’s clear Zenyatta loves the humans in her life, but a mare needs another mare to discuss the mare-ish things of life–like, “Do you think I should braid my tail?” “How do you keep your mane so silky?”

    Yeah, I’m trying not to think about how much it hurt to loose Baby. We know Z and her little darling had the best care possible, and most of all Baby knew love during his short life. Love to you all.

    1. Dear Glenda,

      Thank you for the smile! 😊
      “. . . the mare-ish things of life . . .” TOO cute.

      Hugs and Love

    2. Dear Glenda:

      Too cute! Love and Hugs, JB

    3. Dear Glenda and Marshal and Judy,
      Thanks for your words to edge us all along. Zenyatta always has love in her eyes and heart. Think she would smile at what you all have said. The memories never go away of the ones we lost, but it’s nice to know they’re not in pain and they’re on to whatever they’re really meant to be for always. Love never fails. I always love your posts – all three of you. God’s many blessings for you and Zenny and her whole family, and right now also especially Vixana – her confidant and comforter , with love Elizabeth

      1. Dear Elizabeth,

        Thank you for your kind words. Yes, Zenyatta does have love in her eyes and heart, and Vixana is a lovely companion to our Z.
        Love your posts, too.

        Hugs and Love

      2. Dear Elizabeth:

        Thank you. As Marshall said, love your posts too. Our Queen is a very special girl and because of her, we have all been brought together in this very special place. Love and Hugs, JB

    4. Cute Glenda!
      Sally B

    5. Glenda, Thank You for this!! As Dottie would say “Too Cute”

    6. Great post, Glenda! Thanks for the smile :-)

  2. This video makes my heart sing…after so much sadness it’s wonderful to see Zenyatta in good spirits with her BFF!!!

  3. Good to see Zenny out with her girlfriend,reassuring to see her today.
    Belated Happy Brithday to Judy B!!
    xo D

    1. Dear Debbie:

      Thank you so much. Hope all is well with you, Tully and Ash. Love and Hugs, JB

  4. Dear Judy B.,


    You are one of the treasures on this blog, and I am so glad to call you friend. I hope you have an utterly lovely day — you deserve the best ‘cuz you are the “BEST-EST”! Papa Charlie agrees “hooves down” with this pronouncement. Lola Mae does, too!

    Big Hugs and Lots of Love

    1. My Dear Marshall:

      Thank you for your sweet comments and birthday wishes. Love and Hugs to You, Bailey and Smudgie. JB

  5. OMG!!!! The Videos!!!!

    First One: Thank you for not rushing video and allowing us to watch them approach. So beautifully captured. Felt like I was there!

    Second One: Didn’t go unnoticed how Z went directly to her handler. Beautiful! Shows her intelligence and trust. Of course her girlfriend wasn’t ready but adorable how she tagged along at her own pace. Horses :)

  6. I agree with Denean you want a War Front foal you go for it, it is your horse. The spiteful comments about the foals on other sites is the “trolls” opinion and some people just have to try and stir the pot and get people going. You and your posse know your girl. We on this site certainly appreciate how much you share with us knowing full well you don’t have to say boo to anyone (would be easier if people didn’t know as much) alas too late for that. We need our weekly Zenyetta fixes. Zenyetta looks so fit and shiny out enjoying the grass, her pasture mate. A big high 5 to Team Zenyetta and Lanes End.

  7. This is wonderful news. Thank you Team Z for the update. It is very appreciated.

    I am so happy they have been reunited and are BBFs.

    How thoughtful of Ann to stay with Zenny during this time.

    Zenny, we love you.


  8. Dear Judy.Hope you have had a lovely day.Poor Betsy has anaemia now but very slowly her horrific wounds are beginning to heal.Emyr on the Dyfi has been in touch with Rutland colleagues and someone in Minnesota.It has happened there,They are trying to find out if Monty will favour one nest so far he is treating his wives equally feeding both and incubating but it all depends when the chicks arrive.The one certainty is he’s going to be a busy boy!!Not unheard of but definitely an unique situation.Goodnight God Bless you LM PC HT Cap Hercules Frank Bentley and all the sweeties.Love and hugs SheenaX
    Try this link

    1. Dear Sheena:

      Thank you. Celebrated my birthday yesterday with my nephew, his family and my sister. Had a lovely day.

      Hoping both Osprey families survive. Poor Monty, he’ll have to keep fishing. Love and Hugs, JB, LM, PC, HT, Cap, Herc, Frank, Bentley and all the Sweeties

      1. Dear Judy,
        Happy Birthday ! One day late….
        Big hugs love Ingrid.

        1. My Dear Ingrid:

          Thank you so much. Hope you are feeling better and better every day. Love and Hugs, JB

        2. Dear Judy,
          Yes, every day I am felling better and better, thank God.
          Thank you for asking.
          Love and big hugs Ingrid.

  9. So tickled with the videos. My heart needed them tytyty.
    Zenny is such a lady showing obedience. She keeps getting
    more beautiful with each new update.
    Nice to her happy with her BFF.

  10. Am finishing up taxes and needed a break – was lovely to be able to see a video of Zenyatta. She looks great. I am still heart broken over her little one but am warmed to be able to come here and see her looking so healthy and relaxed with her girlfriend. Love you Queen Z.

  11. Thank you Ann Moss for posting pictures and videos of Zenyatta with her new BBF Vixana, it’s nice to have somebody there during the hard times as well as the good times. I’m sure that staying behind has helped Zenny through this transition much easier, and I hope it has for you too. Both of you are very strong females and your generous spirit shines through during this difficult time. Both you and Zenny are in my thoughts and prayers along with your husband Jerry.

    Vixana seems to walk to the beat of a different drummer: “Yes, I’ll come in for dinner, but it’s going to be my way.” Too cute. I’m sure Zenny is enjoying making friends again with her old training buddy. They’re probably talking about the good ole days when Zenny would buck off everyone until Steve started to ride her, or how Zenny’s big beam barely fit in the gate during her gate training.

    I also want to send along 2 birthday wishes.

    The first to my next door neighbor in New England who always has something caring, interesting, meaningful to say and is a welcoming friend to everyone on this blog – Judy B. Happy Birthday!!!

    What would have been his 26th Birthday – to the great Cigar!!!

  12. My Dear Doreen:

    Thank you for your sweet words and birthday wishes. Remembering Cigar; RIP Champ.

    Love and Hugs, JB

  13. Dear Beautiful Z, COZ, ZI and DC:

    Z, hope you had a wonderful day enjoying your paddock time with your BFF, Vixana. Love all of you so much. Hugs, JB

    Z Princess, Dubai, Baby Z, will always love you.

  14. I am so glad I glanced through the blog as I would never want to miss a wonderful person who has been my friend.
    So sweet Judy Berube, Happy Birthday with special wishes for you for many fun times ahead with all those you love.
    love and hugs, Sally B

    1. My Dear Friend Sally:

      Thank you so much for your birthday wishes. Love and Hugs, JB

  15. Zenyatta, I can picture you now enjoying your friend.
    Rest for tomorrow with the sweetest of dreams
    love you with kisses as well as all your sons
    loving z princess and my dear Sir
    Auntie Sally B

  16. It’s so good to see Zenny hanging out with her girlfriend. Everyone needs a BFF to hang out with, especially after such a tragedy. She looks as beautiful as ever.

    Happy Birthday, Judy Berube! I hope it’s been a good one.

    1. My Dear Debbie G:

      Thank you. Had a lovely birthday dinner with family yesterday. Love and Hugs, JB

  17. Dear Judy B,

    Happy, happy belated birthday. Since I’m so late wishing you this, I will wish you a great year ahead. I really enjoy your posts & the links you give us.

    Sorry to hear that Songbird is not feeling 100%, but am glad that her owner puts her best interests at heart just like the Mosses do with their horses.

    Zenny & Ann, I hope that you are feeling a little bit better each day.

    Amy & Cappy

    1. Dear Donna Z:

      Thank you so much for your birthday wishes and kind comment. Love and Hugs, JB

      1. Dear Judy,
        Happy Birthday! Hope you’ll have a wonderful week. Love your kind heart and generous spirit, with love, Elizabeth

        1. Dear Elizabeth:

          Thank you so very much and I, yours. Love and Hugs, JB

  18. ZENYATTA I no you have a huge whole in your heart and it’s a whole that will never be filled, I of all people no exactly how you feel. But I no have great friends can get you thew anything. Most importantly I can truly tell Ann loves you very much. You your little girl is taking good care of your baby boy. XOXO

  19. Glad to see Zenyatta is adapting to her sad situation. A good girlfriend is as good as any therapy out there. Let’s hope everything else goes well for the future. Best wishes and love to your human family.

  20. On this day in 1957 Arkle was born.He lives on…. Sheena
    But never again on a racecourse if for centuries we wait
    Will we see your equal,Bold Arkle the Great;
    So,from all of us now who loved you so well,
    We’ll remember you always.

    1. Dear Sheena:

      Very nice. RIP Arkle. Love and Hugs, JB

  21. April 19 Cherokee Devotional

    You cannot rise above what you allow yourself to think or say. If you think you are limited and you say so, then that is the way it is. It is impossible to talk one way and have things another.
    You form your life word by word, thought by thought. If things are not the way you want them, them change. A little listening and keeping score on yourself will tell you what your thoughts are and how your words work. Stray thoughts will come in, you can count on it. But mark them down as stray and let them go out again. But be honest in marking what is yours. Pull bad thoughts out like weeds.

    When people live far from the scenes of the Great Spirit’s making, it’s easy for them to forget his laws.
    -Walking Buffalo, Stoney

    1. Dear Kathy,

      Great devotional and SO true! Bad or negative thoughts may be our worst enemies. Very wise approach to forming one’s life: word by word, thought by thought and pull out the “weeds” — I need to work harder at that; although, I am mostly an optimist.

      Thank you so much!

      Hugs and Love

  22. Good morning Big Girl & Vixana, as well as (of course!) Team Z and all my friends here.

    I hope you ladies are enjoying Spring in Kentucky and be glad, Zenny, that you’re not stabled near Montreal here in Canada: We went up to almost 76 degrees on Sunday — Monday it poured and was down to 50-52 degrees and today it’s sunny but still around 50 degrees! The whole of April has been like this. Mind you, as long as there’s no S _ _ W around, we’ll take it.

    Love to all and peppermint kisses to Zenny & Vixana.

  23. Dear Ann, Jerry and TeamZ, I think of you all often and hope you are feeling better. It seems as if Zenyatta is coping well. You are all in my prayers.

    It is comforting to read the other posts. I agree with many of the others who feel that ZPrincess in watching over Z16. She was such a sweetheart and so was he.

    We will continue to cheer on Cozmic One and Ziconic. They are very special.

  24. Dear Sheena,

    Hope all is well with you. Enjoyed reading the article on Wookie’s care following the tracheal collapse last summer. So glad he’s doing well right now. The ratties have only a few states to go for licenses for internashunal bizness. Have a great Tuesday. Love and hugs from me, kisses from Angel Holly, Nikko and Sugar. Kathy XOXO

  25. Judy The Beauty,
    So glad I checked in even if it’s to wish you a belated Happy Birthday, so sorry I missed the exact date. You have been a blessing to know and a fun correspondent, a very caring friend to all on the blog and especially to all our horses. I hope you had the best birthday and If I lived closer I would have treated you to lunch. love and hugs

    1. Dear Sweet Sue:

      Thank you so much for your birthday wishes and kind words. Wish we were close enough to go to lunch too. Love and Hugs, JB

    2. Dear Sue Fredrick,

      I totally agree with you about our Judy the Beauty! If we lived closer to her, she would be treated to lunch with one of us every day all year round!!

      Golly, I love Zenyatta country and its inhabitants!

      Hugs and Love

      1. Dear Marshall,
        The Three of us could have gone to lunch, what a fun hen party that would be, none of us could get a word in edgewise, LOL. Love the people on this blog too…..so caring. love and hugs

        1. Dear Sue and Marshall:

          It would be so wonderful to meet you. Yes, we would have so much to talk about. Love all the Z’sters and Dumplings too. Love and Hugs, JB

      2. Dear Marshall.Did you know Judy’s namesake has a brother?Hope Bailey and Smudge are doing well.It was wonderful to see Betsy wagging her tail and eating today.Little improvements every day.Hugs and woofs Sheena.

        1. Dear Sheena,
          No, I didn’t know — what is JTB’s brother called or has he been named yet?
          Bailey and Smudge are great! Still enjoying wrestling and chasing around the backyard, and they loved being hugged, also.
          So glad to hear that sweet Betsy is wagging her tail and eating — prayers for complete recovery and a loving forever home.

          Hugs and Love

  26. Dear Kathy.Day off?Walking Buffalo is very wise.I get many stray thoughts.It’s sunny here today .Life continues on the Dyfi with Monty sharing equally so far!The girls seem quite happy with the arrangement.Monty must have blueblood flowing through his veins.Mrs G laid an egg this morning only 6 days after Aran returned but she was well into ‘breeding mode’He was also mating with Blue 5F yesterday.What is it with the Welsh boys?must be something in the water!
    My throat is much better today.I had saved catching cold all the winter but weather has been so changeable this month.Poor Zoe had so many to pray for last night Mattie has had her teeth extracted and poor Cody has been ill too.Mr Fibbs come across the pond to bisit us and found out it was a bery big pond.He also bisited Buckingham Palace and took doughnuts but Her Majesty was not at home so he gave them to the men with furry hats.I saw Dr Jill’s new pom what a sweetheart she does have a houseful now.Mullins is sending over his big guns for Saturday there is even talk of Douvan taking on Sprinter Sacre and maybe Vautour will run as well.An exciting prospect.Tom put a message up he is still on dialysis but always remains cheerful.He has had sooo many tests but nothing has shown up and he is dying to get home to Atticus who is much better.Have a great day.Love and hugs to you,Kisses for Angel Holly,Nikko and Sugar.SheenaXOXO.Take a look at Glesni’s expression on the Dyfi FB!!

    1. Dear Sheena,

      No, I’m working today. Have to leave pretty soon. Sugar and Nikko are sleeping in. I guess Holly was the instigator for getting up super early! Hats off to Monty sharing in duties. So glad to hear your throat is better. Yes, many of Zoe’s friends are ill. Prayers for Mattie and Cody! Poor Fibbs…the pond is BIG, indeed! Ms. Mouse is so pretty. Best wishes for all of Mullins’ “big guns!” Enjoy all the racing. Best wishes for Tom and Atticus. Have a wonderful day. Love and hugs and kisses from Angel Holly, Nikko and Sugar. Kathy XOXO

  27. Hi, can someone please tell me who is DC that someone always sends love to. And who are the ratties? Thanks. Then I’ll feel I’m up with things on the blog. again thanks.
    Marilyn from L.A.

    1. Dear Marilyn:

      DC is Z’s full baby brother, De Coronado. He is owned by Coolmore and training in Ireland with Aidan O’Brien. Love and Hugs, JB

      1. Dear Marilyn and Judy B.,

        I have been wondering who DC is, also. I thought it would come to me eventually, but I am glad you asked. I should have figured it out; however, please remember that a few old brain cells are not working full time!

        Of course, De Coronado! Best wishes to DC. Thanks, Judy B.

        Hugs and Love

        1. Dear Marshall:

          Some of my brain cells are on strike. Love and Hugs, JB

    2. Dear Marilyn,

      The ratties are actual rats on FB. Their page is Marty Mouse House. Their owner is super imaginative to say the least! If nothing else they will make you smile.

      Hugs, Kathy

  28. RIP Doris Roberts

    She passed away peacefully Sunday night in her sleep at age 90. She had a long career and some memorable roles (e.g. Marie Barone, “Everybody Loves Raymond”).
    Thank you for the laughs, and for entertaining us all these years. More recently, thank you for “Mrs. Miracle”, the sweet Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel.
    We will miss you — a great character actress, indeed. Loved her!

    Hugs and Love

    1. Dear Marshall:

      Oh, I really was a fan. Rest In Peace sweet, talented lady. Love and Hugs, JB

  29. A very happy belated birthday to our dear Judy Berube–not only from me, but also Barnaby, Traveller and Boss Mare Sue !! It sounds like your day was wonderful and you got a lot of marvelous messages. And–what could be a better gift than those sweet and reassuring videos ? I continue to marvel at the blessings we receive as the Mosses share Zenyatta’s ongoing life with us.

    So happy that she has been reunited with her old friend. After some of the beautiful reunions of old friends we’ve seen on this blog, we KNOW that horses do not forget their old friends. It must be very comforting to her to have Vixana back with her. What an interesting personality Vixana has–loved finding out that she gets it from Big D !

    Have been wondering about dear Violet Rose–would love to hear if she has had her foal, what it was, and, how they are doing. She seemed like a real sweetheart and she must be missing Zenny. Hope she has a sweet foal to focus on now.

    Just loved Doris Roberts in the Mrs. Miracle movies–I LOVE reading Debbie Macomber’s books–especially the ones that are part of a long series, where you can follow continuing characters.

    Spring is definitely here in our beautiful Valley–the ski mountain closed Sundayand folks are biking around in their shorts ! Barnaby and Traveller are almost shedded out and the daffodils are blooming in my yard. May you all have a beautiful healing day and may ZPrincess, ZAngel and Steve feel all the love drifting up their way!!

    1. Dear Sue:

      Thank You, Barnaby, Traveler and Boss Mare Sue for your birthday wishes. Love and Hugs to all of you, JB

  30. Dear Zensters, Your flood of love and renewal brings joy to my quiet life. Thankyou for your warm and embracing thoughts during this time. Zenyatta is a” once in a lifetime” horse, unique by all accounts. I feel the Mosses are special in that same way. We are all lucky to have such special owners continue this blog in an open and caring spirit. Through these trying times they have given just the best moments to help the healing. o More than grateful, Jan from LA

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